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Wednesday, 10 October 2018

I Learnt Yoga, I Do Yoga

Pen to paper,
My mind is like river's flow,
Falls from mountains, liquid into vapour

And I am juggling, jiggling
Many situations, to have to deal with
Stress on my mind

Wisdom now needs
More packaging, repackaging
To be sold, on open markets

The jister is the most popular,
But never the one to be called
For reasoning, in times of crisis.

Christ! Lord have mercy,
Meaningless, irrelevant buffoonery
Bluffing with hands held up

When questions are asked
Still hoping you are never called
To answer on oath, to swear by

Eventually just a matter of time
Clicks and jittery-jitters,

Reality hits you like open season,
Begging for boots for confessions.
Priest on hibernation, taking time off

I am a King in my castle,
But my shoulders can't carry
This heavy load around,

So I leave my crown
When I travel out,
Safe, away from voyagers path

In another man's kingdom,
Small as it is, I have to abide,
Until I conquer to add to my own,

Humility is the acceptance
Of this arrangements
By the wise, am wisdom

No need ruffling feathers
When one can walk past an enemy
In the middle of the night on journeys long,

Recognise passage path
And that which is destination
Not to offload before due

So I learn to bite my tongue
After a while, I master the art
So I don't bite so much, so hard to bleed.

A time and a season
And relevance is all in the context
Of time and space, expiry dates

My pen bleeds
Through the fountain of endless flow
But I choose to break,

Allowing reading minds to digest
Situational speech, call this verses in Chapters in books, book markers

To be continued
Is a for gone conclusion
You will come to know

I learnt yoga
I do yoga
I am yoga, don't you see YOGA 

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