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Tuesday, 17 October 2017

My late Blossom

I am going through
A stage right now

A transformational
Stage right now

A long awaited
Stage right now

I feel it through thoughts
And emotional essence

I am in expectation
Of a new dawn as new

Awaiting a paradigm shift
Of self  awareness

Though it is dounting
It is also with anticipated joy

I am whole now,
No longer walking alone

On these pathes of life
On these narrow roads

I am transforming
Into grace of being

I am becoming
An increased value

Not with wealth
Of material gain

But with an inner
Peace of being

This is a late blossom
And spring is always welcome 

Sunday, 15 October 2017

Why I am Pie

No one ever wants
To know truth, be told

Because we are all a sum
Average of complexity, observed

With a narrowed down summary
That forms an identity

That we define as truly us

Plus or minus to a significant
Number, as we proceed

Oh but who is doing maths here
We are a summary of pie.

Pie r2 .  3.141592.......

Keep going and you will
Get to numerical codes

Your phone number and mine too,
Your bank account and mine too

Date of birth and death as well
And all inbetween on digits play.

Saturday, 14 October 2017

To the departed

Saturday is here again,
Find your funeral attire
And wear to attend

Many that have left us
Take their final journey today
Towards and beyound

Earth opens its bosom to take back
That which she gave so free,
But on time limit, to expire.

Feel a sense of humility
As u bare witness,
Put into context ur troubles today.

Appreciate the blessing
Of being alive,
As alive you are today

To feel, to touch, to smell, to smile,
To cry, to laugh, to yawn, to yell,
To sing, to talk, to whisper, to blink

And for all that you have
Taken so much for granted
For being about, as alive today

Grab some sand
And throw it down the grave,
Dust to dust, ashes to ashes

Here we part ways,
To be only held in memories
Of the living

Do not show your face here again
No ghost in form is invited to be
In this realm, not to be

No pride made it past ur last breath
Allow the winds to take
That which the soil left behind

Be light past a feather's weight
Ascend to life beyound and stay
Only as reincarnation return

Send our greetings
To those that went before
Be at peace, rest in peace.

To the departed

Friday, 13 October 2017

A witness statement at Atomic

Do I dare spit tongue on current affiars, on witness statements at Atomic junction

Cars parked in car parks
Bubbbles burst from baloons hanged.

Winds and fire swiveling
bond entwined in a hug
running up on heated romance

Case in point, case at a point
Atomic on a blast

LPG as life persons gone.

Abbreviations on roll call
as register of respondents
missing out on duties tasked.

School drop outs are NPA, EPA GNFS, GSA and the list is long for count.

RIP responsible incomprehensible persons at task

Still not sure where duty lies and responsibilities pinned on uniforms warn

Mushroom of fire in the air and that shocked us all in to asking questions

Who done it, seriously who done it
Who done it?

Riddle, riddles on the role the Chichinga seller must have played

You know naked flames and gas don't mix, you know, up in the air clouds do form

Then it is all a matter of time on clocks.

Where were you to have been made a witness of

Bearing testimony to a witness statement in a public court

The masses do find you
all guilty of neglect

Dereliction of duty as assigned

I attest, on witness stand, I attest

Sunday, 17 September 2017

City of Angels

City of angels but no wings are needed here, through the tunnels we all get dirt on our shoulders.

Those with wings shed them off
it is no use in the gutters of life.

We shed skins but that doesn't make us new as born, again born, clean slate

Snakes with bite marks crying out for fair play.. stones are thrown with guilty conscience, confessions to those that have more to confess to.

Do not wear white to an all white party, you will be the only one with the odd cloth on, at the end of the night.

I bleed but I have no cuts on, it is all internal, my cure is laughter.  Laugh out loud like a mad man on therapy

Don't ask the priest what I said, he is tongue tied to carry my off loaded burden. How fair is that to push my weighted average on him to carry.

Then day breaks, everything gets swept under the carpet. You have to learn to let go, it is the only way to make it to dawn.

Amnesia has more in blessing to give to help forget and carry on. Cold nights are a nightmare.

Shedding weight, and the fat guy looks like he who ate all the pie, trouble is, there are so many fat ones around.

Beggers strike in protest and Joseph is being economical with the interpretation of pharoah's dreams.
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