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Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Manchester Today

Oh Manchester today
we hear your cry
we hear your heartache

We see ur fresh scar
we witness your attacks
A cheap shot thrown at you

You have just been caught
in the middle of a
senseless debauchery

That feeds on hatred and fear
that targets the innocent
and celebrate horror,

Confused as to what is gained by it all,
a pathe unending of victimisation
a war with no cause,

No clearly drawn out battle fields
Out away, far away, where soldiers
bid fair well to their love ones

Find a safe field with equal measure
away from the innocent
and battle it out.

Why take on a civilian
and say it is just, for it is war,
All is fair in war

Who's medal of honor
is for hire so cheap,
placed with a discount reduce to clear

If for faith of religion
which God will welcome u with open arms preying on the vulnerable,

If for pride
such hallow deeds
will be deemed empty

By your own conscience
ones the arrogance of justification
dies out, so short lived

To have scarred a mother's womb
and robbed a life of it's time,
Her tears are acid rain on you

To have broken a father's heart
by taking away he's love,
His anger will huant you

And that of the children
left orphans by your acts
t hier loneliness will be your burden

A weight so heavy
you have just placed on your self.
A curse beyond this world

There is no justification
of war, for war of terror
none at all exist

If we accept each others difference
as the true beauty of God
for God is diverse

As his greatest attribute
and his hands are diverse
as shown through all of nature,

So why pin a mark on God
and insist on killing for such false cause
No one asked you for, no God needs

No God did.

Wednesday, 3 May 2017

The Time Clock

Liquid rain,
Will the rain melt in time
For supper?

Is the sun an hour behind time,
Forgetting to change the clock,
Winding it forward an hour

Would the moon collect its debt,
Being seen as nothing more
Than playing second fidel to the sun.

What keeps the clouds suspending
If gravity dictates that mass with weight Should come crushing down.

Oh and the havens would flood the earth, But I hear given the chance
So will the ice in the poles

And that of a mystery sea
Beneath the earth's crust, bigger in size Than all the oceans known to man.

So what is relevant, what is true,
Between life, love, sacrifice,
Religion and death.

What is the value of all we stand for,
Who's judgement is most needed,
For how long on relevance,

Who is right, who is wrong,
Who is a hero, who is a vilan.
Who is just pretending

Will time judge as well,
For all the straws we were given
Became short over time,

Even the once
That seemed long
At the time.

The rain forest
Will praise the rain and
Blame the rain for flooding it gardens,

The dessert will blame the rain
For not showing much care,
Not making time to visit

And water it's hungered thirst,
On emotions
Being all emotional

While they both insist
In  keeping their names as birth rites
Not compromising

And the morning
Will blame the sun
For being an hour late.

But at night
It is always the moon
That brings the tide in. #poetry

Tuesday, 20 September 2016


I am disappointed  in the Poets of Africa
I am disappointed  in the Priests of Africa
I am disappointed in the Politicians of Africa
I am disappointed in the Comedians of Africa
I am disappointed in the Philosophers of Africa
I am disappointed  in the Musicians of Africa
I am disappointed  in the Storey tellers of Africa
I am disappointed  in the Wise men of Africa
I am disappointed in the King's of Africa
I am disappointed  in the Queens of Africa

All this and more

For the poor look starved and malnourished
The weak look abonded and left alone
The young are without hope for the future
The youth risk their lives everyday
To migrate across dangerous waters to foreign lands

While the poet's words are empty of protest
The priest  preaches of oppulence
The politician makes promises he can not keep
The comedian makes jokes of the poor
The philosophers are without sage
The musicians make music to celebrate the rich
The story tellers misinform thier audience
The wise are without wisdom to share
The King's forget to serve their people
The Queens want to be celebrated for their flamboyance

My only grace, my joyfull hold
Is in e' natural beauty and smile of our kids
Who celebrate the sunshine
And the rain fall every day
Regardless of what our leaders do
Regardless of what our leaders do

Friday, 5 August 2016

Fleeting Moment

I have come to understand
That there is nothing to understand

In this world we live in
There is little that holds absolute in form

I have met good people in bad places
I have met bad people in good places

I have met good hearts in bad characters
I have met bad heart in good characters

And good friends become enemies, strangers
And enemies become good friends

I have met people I should relate to
But cannot relate to, given the circumstance

I have met people I shouldn't relate to
But I am forced to relate to, politics in play

There are those we got on like a spark
Like the brightest moon on a dark night

But just for one night
It faded quickly with the morning light

There were people I met on my journey
We shared a great connection

But no sooner I forgot their names and faces
Amnesia always plays it part like the clean up crew

Along the line a jolt in memories
Brings blurred sense of their essence to me

I have wondered how others rationalise it all
To hold value through the course of time

I realise it is all in the fleeting moment
Few moments are held past their relevance

If you are lucky you would be remembered
Long after your time, but not for you

Metamorphoses of caterpillars to butterfly
Shakespeare would not be welcomed in person

I have come to understand
That there is nothing to understand

It is all in the fleeting moment
Then it all goes silence until another moment

Treasuries in those fleeting moment
This is the value of life I have come to understand

Thursday, 4 August 2016

Poetry and Politics, Sakawa

I don't like to write poetry any more
As politics has taken over my lot

From parrots that sit and
Open their loud beaks, to profess nonsense

And be judged as guilty for being guilty
Only to have the pressure mount

On the sitting order to take a stand
Being forced to stick his hands in a blender

Oh what a blunder
When chiefs and ministers add their voice

How would the first Gentleman be seen now
Caught between a hard place and a rock

Betrayed by he's own that sits with him
Expected to stand in solidarity than to plunder

I don't like to write poetry any more
As politics has taken over my lot

What is to become of the order
When self interest and influence is to trump all

And trump mentality is becoming the norm
Loudish and flamboyant with empty shells

It's an election year, plugged off is the truth
The masquerading of false promises is in play

And the promise seekers are out
Like harvest seasons, willing to be false fed

By miracles of wonder
Man made manna from the heavens

The politicians and the priest
Are all in suit, it is hard to tell the difference

I don't like to write poetry any more
As politics has taken over my lot

Oh my lot
As politics like virus has taken over my lot

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