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Friday, 15 July 2016


Tear drops 
With blood dripping on the streets 
Rivers flowing into oceans of misery 

Why, I ask; so wrong 
What meaning justifies a deed so mad 
What philosophy holds this form to define  

Souls leaving the body, on exit clause 
Rising fast to the heavens 
Like rain drops in reverse 

Competing with God  
To see who is quick on the buzzer
Fingers on the buzzer 

The more souls he sends down 
The more souls we send back up 
Like back to sender, return address given 

Worst is, in his name, in his name 
Always we shout in his name 
We send back, in his name 

In his name 
We see a great divide 
In his name we hate on our differences 

No mercy for the weak 
No one is to be protected
No one to feel safe, be safe

Empathy lost to extinct, darwin
Sympathy replaced with excitement
Celebration of atrocity, as blessing

No where cool
No paradise, no sanctuary to seek refuge
No where safe, no where cool, manifest

No army, no police for defence
No priest, no Imam, cleric, no Buddha
To pray for our souls, back to sender

And when day breaks
The news is only worth, in a brief moment
A value in sensation, then we move on

Gun shot executed as ringtones
In the presence of witnesses, we bare
With panic, trigger happy as their defence

A truck to run wild
Through the crowd as justified
Children's body laid dead in the streets

Bombs dropped from the sky
In the name of a fight
Against a wrong, so wrong

Police confused
To defend or to attack
Fearful of those we are to love, to protect

No where cool
And Nice was targeted
For no just cause, no where cool 

Sunday, 3 July 2016

Life On An Island

Oceans depth deep so blue, 
On a paradise island, 
We beach to nest our own, 

Monsters lurk 
With their tails waggling behind, 
In this sea that surround our peace, 

Would the cold calm blue, 
Change with crimson eagerness 
To feast on our good grace, 

And leave behind 
Empty wishful thoughts, 
Full of what beauty would have been 

Could have been 
In this here paradise 
On our delightful bliss 

I pray to God 
His mercy to hold, 
To keep in a distance 

Far in a distance
The blood thirst of 
The vampire's tooth 

#art #culture
#poetry #philosophy

Saturday, 2 July 2016

A Love Poem

The enemy within, gives credence 
To modern day warfare and conflicts 
Suicide and Plane bombing as the norm 

Hostages taken with no intent for dialogue 
Women and children are not to be excused 
No safe passage for the vulnerable 

Rather as the prime target 
Children most wanted as toy soldiers 
More efficient on the battle field 

Conflicted ideologies enforced with fantasy 
Shifting sands of tolerance, 
No safe haven for victory parade 

Tits for tats, like two kids on a play ground 
Getting nastier to each other 
From a pinch to a punch 

Knifes and guns on display for options 
Make it to the next stage 
And it is yours to have 

Enemy combatants hard to define, 
Innocent ones infested like "shaun of the dead" Becoming deadlier to one's they cared so much for

Brothers slitting the throats of brothers 
No blood so thick, thicker than water 
The river is already full of it 

Relevance of names stood for, changing so fast
You would think the brand and advertising agents Are on speed, popping pills like it is a rainy day

Competing legacies of
Who has the most insane mind
And there is no sage

For even civilisation is to be blamed
The most with hypocrisy and double standards Back biting and racism

So rotten now, the pretend wisdoms
Fights openly on the roads and in the gutters
Out doing the worst from the insane asylum

And then I am asked
Why I do not often write love poems
Blue skies and red roses

Is it just to dumb down reality,
What would the point be,
Society needs awakening not more illusion

To know they are giving consent
And not to play ignorance
With a finger on an atomic bomb 

Monday, 20 June 2016

My Last Meeting

I was invited to a meeting 
Or was it a self invite 
Voluntarily I went to a meeting 

I went to the meeting 
For I had a meeting with the chair 
I was at a meeting, my reasons are mine 

You see the most important meeting
That would be had for you, 
You will not be present. 

The most important gathering 
That would be had in your name, 
You will not be invited in person 

The test of your essence 
Is on how many people would turn 
Up for you, in your name. 

Your last curtains call. 
#life #culture #philosophy 
#RIP Yes,  Rest In Peace 

This will be your testimony 
Your last testimony 
I came to bare witness 

I was at a man's meeting 
Met a few I knew already 
A few more I was introduced to 

And yet a few more 
Who sat next to me in the meeting
But remained strangers perfectly in form

As strangers do, indeed as strangers do
With half nods to acknowledge 
And almost a handshake to affirm 

A few who's last meeting am sure to attend 
A few who's last meeting I will be invited to 
But fail to attend for one reason or the other  

And a few, a few who are sure to attend mine  
Yes my last meeting, so happy to be present 
A privilege bestowed to come and witness 

Not all that will be invited would attend
But some more would self volunteer 
And come with agency a duty they hold dear 

There will be a last meeting for me
The most important meeting of all
But I will not be invited in person

I hope you are invited to bare witness
I hope you attend my last meeting
I hope you volunteer if you never get the invite 

Saturday, 18 June 2016

Being Self Assessed

Being self assessed
I am a wise hypocrite 
I know I am, don't follow me 

But the ying yang symbol, is not
It is the most poetic symbol on earth
I concur, truly I do, it stands as true 

 It shows a defined balance 
And the continuous war 
We fight within ourselves 

Between good and evil.
A good as evil
As evilly as good may have it be 

It shows in clarity and transparency 
That we can never truly completely 
Do away with one and be as one being 

No matter how hard we try 
Because we are bonded 
By the two as one, in the spine as one 

That the most absolute "evil" of men 
Ever known to mankind had a kind heart
To those that mattered to him, it mattered not

And the most "loving" of  men
Ever known to mankind
Had a dark side to match, poker face

Let no man take as set
Another as his mirror
So reflective to abide

For his hidden enigma, agenda
May be worse than yours
Cloudier than yours

He is only good, a deed so well done
So deligently to hide from you
That which is truly his reflection

#life #philosophy #culture
#morality #religion
#mirrors #mirrors on the wall

Be self assessed
A wise hypocrite
I know I am, follow me not

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