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Monday, 7 August 2017

Solid into nothing

Runners with cars, swimmers with speedboats, a vegetarian with meat. Quater pounder

A poor man with wealth, a short man as a giant. Gulliver's travel

Life gets confusing, bright as day when the moon comes out, full at night. The wolves sing

A ghost with skin, an  anorexia fat man, a dried up sea and the Sahara was once a forest, sex change. Who flipped it all.

Fact is fiction, plus a pinch of salt
Pandora left her box empty. The thief got tricked

Somewhere I read the south and north pole are flipping their magnetic fields. True story.

Some say miracles have lost their value "paper weight"

I swear I am taking a stand, this time firm on solid grounds, below me the tectonic plates are moving. Earth quake

Earth is moving at a speed of 67, 000 miles an hour, speed limits on school runs

Who called the sloth slow, sat in these speeds, are you serious.

Nothing is as it seems to be, past a given condition, every solid is liquid, heated up, past liquid is vapor, then beyond what my eyes can see.

I ask past my sight, does anything have meaning?

My third eye is without sight but wide to the views of conscious visions

Intelligence is never physical, that is just observation based on a given point of view. Assumptions

I breathe God everyday, I feel it in the weathers play, it is in the connection bond I have with others

It is the feeling in my heart the first organ made of me, made for me.

I am not what you see, solid into nothing
I am the feeling you have when you are around me
I am what you think of me in my absence.

So tell me, what does a rich man has of value
What does a poor man has so poor

Runners with cars, swimmers with speedboat. Who are you fronting , fronting. Do you see me or feel me.

Friday, 21 July 2017

Chester and Chris on loose strings

Chester Bennington and Chris Cornell on loose strings, one more light to the world then it is lights out, oh Linkin park.

But here is a story, a true story of life.

Every step that I take is another mistake to you.  This time I took one, one too far, this time beyond reach like a balloon torn from its string, flying with the angels

For my shadows tormented me and I fought these demons hard, but they kept appearing each time I thought I had won these battles, each time after I had found some peace, each time the devil visits.

My dreams were hijacked my visions made blurry, my thoughts were haunted but I had the biggest of heart, that fought so hard, these fights within.

I prayed to be free of this torture,
I prayed to be given my reprieve. But every step that I take was another mistake to you and this time I took one, one too far, this time beyond reach

And pay close attention I say, after I am gone to others like me, others like us, angels like us; the most gifted and the kind hearted of all

Those with the biggest smile of all, those with open arms to most,
theirs is with a bigger internal battle, insomnia is their unwanted guest at night, yet they mask it so well.

Every step that I take is another mistake to you and this time I took one, one too far. Gone with the angels

I found my wings again, but I prayed it would have been a different path, not like this to exit.
This time I took one, one too far, this time beyond reach.

Remember me well and heed my advice on lessons learnt too late, for too many of us have been lost to the winds on loose strings.

Thursday, 6 July 2017

Jay Z "Story of O.J" 4:44

Is Jay Z still on some "O.J story"?
 Ask Jay Z,  ask , ask Jay Z, 
Ask Jay Z, ask ask Jay Z

He said it, brought it up on tunes as the "Businessman" not a "Business man", 
so lets discuss at 4:44,  16 minutes to 5 guess before the close of the 9 to 5 modern day slave, working shift.

 And there is, always a string behind the curtains of Black success in America; states, be it in music, sports or any other  you take
You can't make these tunes, music and diss the hands that feeds you, you can't make this up

And if you do, that means they allowed you to and if they allow you to, then it is forever worse than not saying anything at all, because it is just self mockery, than anything at all

Just saying, no Black man or woman is ever successful, unless and until with their success story, they embrace Africa with pilgrimage and pride, visiting the place and championing its cause, waking up in it's arms

Ask a Jewish man why, why why why

This is the difference between the greats of yesterday and the prop shows " dollar weight, paper weight, weighted average, feather weight, secret societies ILT" of today.

Ask where was Colin Rand Kaepernick on the 4th of July?

Ask what society Jigga man belongs to, where does his loyalty lie? Hova over

Is Jay Z still on some O.J story, preaching on self mockery? Making signs and symbols with the eye and hands, meaning lost to the crowd, on some subliminal shit?

So do tell Jigga, are we still on the "Businessman" 4:44 platinum sold, juice for your conscience or we talking real talk on an O.J story.

Calling roll call at 4:44 just 16 minutes to freedom, on modern day slavery, calling out sleep walkers and the sharp ones who is still awake

Kanye, Future, Eric Benet, O.J Simpson, Bill Cosby.....37 in all and counting


Tuesday, 4 July 2017

Shody Please.

 Shody please, please, please
Shody*4 please please please
Shody*2 please please please

I am just a man
And sometimes I get it wrong,
get it wrong

Ego fooled me
And took me all the way up,

I tried to resist
But she just kept enticing me

Different hair, different body
Different eye color, different walk

I tried to resist
But she just kept enticing me

Now vertigo threatens to pull me
all the way down
Follow back, gravity is behind adding
its weight

But I am not a bird
So I don't have wings to fly
I left my parachute below,
going up, going up

Providence promised to look out for me
But it never came, never came, never came

Vanguard told me Son, be patient
Yea I should have listened to that
and that alone.

Now I have got my ego being bruised
As I fall tumbling down
off the face of the rocks

Something just went wrong along the way.

So shody please please please
Shody*4 please please please
Shody*2 please please please

 Food for thought
So now I am deep in it
digesting  it all

Was it a mirage
That brought us this close
to destruction

Did I really see paradise
Or was I day dreaming
While I was intoxicated

Or was I high on a bad seed
Or was it just me myself and I
Just being a man

Either way, what ever it was

Shody please please please
Shody*4 please please please
Shody*2 please please please

Monday, 3 July 2017

Cold Calling God

We don't pick all phone calls, we don't answer all door knocks, a poor man's wisdom means nothing to  a rich man's problem. How come if you knew better than best, please zip it, disturbing the peace.

But when God speaks it is bible, same wisdom  but we will swear by it's authentecity.

My priest replaced his color with suit and now we talking corporate, CEO levels, balancing the books, its money game and fortune favours the fool, who is richer, let me monitise my words and watch my bank balance get fat.

Confessions name changed to consultation f**k it, am charging to sit and listen to your bullshit, am charging. Cry babies needing a shrink, but acting cheap to pay the counselor, the golden word is "attack" and that gives me keys to your house and cars, signature on an open cheque. I am charging, call me Lutterodt, qualifications and certifications not needed. I am charging call me Lutterodt, I am charging

My mum stopped me, I was that close to build a cash cow and name it "Believers Shall Prosper". She said "Son, you will become a target, its a spiritual warfare" fair enough, but for now I agreed to keep it on poetry and philosophy, am still holding that card for when I get desperate. I will put on my suit and charge to consult.

God laughs when he looks down "seriously all this in my name?" I never choose you, called you, or anointed you, to speak on my behalf; half the things you say never came from me. You are  annoying me. Now where is my lawyer's number? I have poachers on my land acting like land guards (self appointed)". judgement day is too long to wait and deal with this.

We do not allow randomness to put thier hands on us in prayers, we don't say amen to any and all cold call sales men. We don't listen to negative false prophecy. We only pray, say a little prayer for yourself; amen, yes we only pray, say a little prayer for yourself; amen. #poetry #philosophy #culture

Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Captain Maxwell Adam Mahama Betrayed

How does one find the right words
To eulogies a young soul
Robbed of it's tender life

What are the right words to be used
To give meaning to the unexplainable,
Beyond  belief

Have you ever heard a nation angered
So much the clouds above
Would not thunder

And the lighting
Will dare not break the heavens.
Not this night

There are men
Who have signed thiers away,
Boldly their lives away

If to be young and to die
Let it be on the battle field
By my enemies in a foreign lands  

At least with that
I will have my honor,
Let it be known, I am a hero

Let it be by the sword or bullets
Of my enemy,
Let me gladly fall

My wife and children
Deserve that from me,
To die a hero for a cause so great

And have great stories
Told of my adventures
For I am a hero

Let my wife and children
Hold their heads high
Knowing I had a fair fight

And I fought well as a soldier
So well I was honoured
A hero, a brave hero

Let two officers walk to my doorstep
Knock on my door to announce my passing   To my family, as it is done with honor.

No, not like this, not by my own
By my own that I have pledged
An oath to protect and defend

No, not by betrayal
Not by a mob crowd striping me
And burning my naked body

With no modesty left
With pictures and videos
On social media going viral

No not like this on friendly soil
No not like this for I am a CAPTAIN
I deserve better in rose cottage

On a dying man's last wish,
I deserve better,
As a legacy

My wife and children
Deserve better
I am a Captain

I  am a Captain,
Not to be cheapened and die, murdered
Without my military attire

And with my name tarnished
As a common criminal an armedrobber  How dare you, I am a Captain!

I am a Captain of the 5th Battalion,
I am a solidier in the Ghanaian army
I deserve my respect on my dying breathe

I deserve my respect.

And in command

That is who I am.
A fallen solidier
A decorated Captain, that is who I am


Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Manchester Today

Oh Manchester today
we hear your cry
we hear your heartache

We see ur fresh scar
we witness your attacks
A cheap shot thrown at you

You have just been caught
in the middle of a
senseless debauchery

That feeds on hatred and fear
that targets the innocent
and celebrate horror,

Confused as to what is gained by it all,
a pathe unending of victimisation
a war with no cause,

No clearly drawn out battle fields
Out away, far away, where soldiers
bid fair well to their love ones

Find a safe field with equal measure
away from the innocent
and battle it out.

Why take on a civilian
and say it is just, for it is war,
All is fair in war

Who's medal of honor
is for hire so cheap,
placed with a discount reduce to clear

If for faith of religion
which God will welcome u with open arms preying on the vulnerable,

If for pride
such hallow deeds
will be deemed empty

By your own conscience
ones the arrogance of justification
dies out, so short lived

To have scarred a mother's womb
and robbed a life of it's time,
Her tears are acid rain on you

To have broken a father's heart
by taking away he's love,
His anger will huant you

And that of the children
left orphans by your acts
t hier loneliness will be your burden

A weight so heavy
you have just placed on your self.
A curse beyond this world

There is no justification
of war, for war of terror
none at all exist

If we accept each others difference
as the true beauty of God
for God is diverse

As his greatest attribute
and his hands are diverse
as shown through all of nature,

So why pin a mark on God
and insist on killing for such false cause
No one asked you for, no God needs

No God did.

Wednesday, 3 May 2017

The Time Clock

Liquid rain,
Will the rain melt in time
For supper?

Is the sun an hour behind time,
Forgetting to change the clock,
Winding it forward an hour

Would the moon collect its debt,
Being seen as nothing more
Than playing second fidel to the sun.

What keeps the clouds suspending
If gravity dictates that mass with weight Should come crushing down.

Oh and the havens would flood the earth, But I hear given the chance
So will the ice in the poles

And that of a mystery sea
Beneath the earth's crust, bigger in size Than all the oceans known to man.

So what is relevant, what is true,
Between life, love, sacrifice,
Religion and death.

What is the value of all we stand for,
Who's judgement is most needed,
For how long on relevance,

Who is right, who is wrong,
Who is a hero, who is a vilan.
Who is just pretending

Will time judge as well,
For all the straws we were given
Became short over time,

Even the once
That seemed long
At the time.

The rain forest
Will praise the rain and
Blame the rain for flooding it gardens,

The dessert will blame the rain
For not showing much care,
Not making time to visit

And water it's hungered thirst,
On emotions
Being all emotional

While they both insist
In  keeping their names as birth rites
Not compromising

And the morning
Will blame the sun
For being an hour late.

But at night
It is always the moon
That brings the tide in. #poetry
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