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Saturday, 22 February 2014

Signs on the wall

What is the sign, that says it all
Seeing in clear view, pictures perfect 

Alright now, we  finally here now 
We finally made it, summit holds form 

Reached our point of salvation 
What is the sign that holds our glory 

Goodness, gracious me 
We have finally made it 

We have been redeemed, blessed  
We grew wings mid fall, flight to fly, kingfisher 

To prove doubters wrong 
To wear a crown that fits

Made as ours not borrowed 
Holds ours as bespoke tailored and named 

What is the sign on the wall 
What does it say, that says it all 

Does it come out in the morning 
As the sun rise to highlight, spotlight 

In the afternoon, with a sudden door knock 
In the evening just before close of day 

Just before the light goes off 
What is the sign of accomplishment 

Is it birth as new, morning dew 
A paradigm of new life beginning 

Is it a material gain, solid as gold 
Or a feeling, recognition of affirmation 

What is the sign on the wall 
How do we know to appreciate its manifestation 

Blessed is a feeling 
Not of perfection but of appreciation 

What is the sign on the wall 
How do we recognize such symbols of joy 

This poem is written for and dedicated to 
Joel Klenam Avevor, welcome to the family 

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