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Thursday, 30 June 2011

Defining Reason

Defining reasons, concept with a face
Every notion and acts that follows  
Can be justified on assertion  given

And here on earth, there is no right or wrong , choices  
Just what is done within the confine  
Of circumstance and all with consequences  

Like a price tag, 
Freedom options to dangle with 
Window shopping   

But know this,   
If you walk out of the shop  
With goods in tow, you paying that is the rule of law 

There is no right or wrong  
For even religion has picked up  
More arms and deaths, on unholy grounds  

In acts once justified by holy men  
Who preach peace on earth  
Pope Julius II stands among others  

And most we call  
Iconic heroes to look up to  
Would not stand for close scrutiny  

So subjective it all becomes  
To be challenged on notion in time  
Shifting patterns believes, like a face lift   

Did no one tell the foolish fanatic  
Of the changes in season  
That no one holds certainty   
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Wednesday, 29 June 2011

In The Trenches

In the trenches knuckle and bump 
Loosing one's self, faceless 
On fading guiding principles 

I will wear a robe one-day     
Be christened in rivers  
Washing trench mud off   

To be without my original sin and some   
And walk on clouds, float that is better   
Yeah I will float on clouds, weightless   

Leave no scare of emotion on love, on family  
In projectile frustration,
From illusive goals   

Genuine smile manifested   
Without the usual backdrop of worry  
 And sorry would be a foreign word 

In a foreign language, distantly 
Unknown to me,  from another galaxy  
And cause of such will be absent too

I would know no such thing  
As a sporadic outburst   
Of frustration on attainment shy of 

 My heart would hold its worth
 Lighter than a grain of sand 
On weighing scale 

And I would be young at heart 
Beating slowly in desired rhythm 
Allowing me time, precious time 

Like a wine connoisseurs 
Smoothing feel on taste buds 
To enjoy happiness deserved 

For I would not have caused pain  
To warrant plasters on wounds   
From friendly fire  

And be enslaved by the material world 
To be envoys of the nomad 
Who pays no compromising tax on virtues   

I will wear a robe one day   
To be christened in rivers   
I pray that day comes   

Before I become  transfixed 
A stranger to my own shadow 
In fading identity    

Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Blankety Blank, Raw

Is that all there is on the market floor   
Opposing the appreciation society  
Wanting more, in beggars strike  

When would appreciation be  
The honour of the greed  
Wanting more; extra, extra of the same   

Never stopping to appreciate value  
Always hungered for possession 
Is that all there is, wanting more  

Constant thirst , thirst, thirst 
Sends one from river's water so fresh    
To  ocean's  salt in wanting more  

Green eyes, blankety-blank  
Of the "never enough unending want"
The motto of the leach  

Is wanting more to become  
The death of the appreciation society
In starvation of gratitude, wanting more 

Is that all there is on offer  
When King Midas rules  Phrygia 
And  "beggars strike" on wanting more  

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Monday, 27 June 2011

More From Less

It is said that less is more 
 In substance  and value 
And minimalistic  is chic, did you know

Colored waves, subtle in meaning 
Pattern in abstract hanged to float 
Imagination left to populate thoughts 

So the greedy feels out of place  
And extravagant is called tacky  
Gouging without care   

I choose to weather the storm  
Diving down breath held to find 
A pearl sat against glass beads   

The peak of a man in value to attain 
Is reflected on his desire to establish  
And ambitions, wanting less for more  

So as less is held 
And more is strived for in substance   
I will be the man with less on more    

Cleaning dirt, dirt 
Off diamonds with finesse
Do you see the sparkle in a distance

Watch this, like magic 
Made to accentuate 
Accomplishment  of dreams we had 
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Sunday, 26 June 2011

Centred Energy

Rain drops, on nature's leaves
Holds bubbles like souvenir
Gifts from the heavens  

And I am to find energy 
Through these forest of wilderness 
My inner strength to harvest 

Wet as the leaves from rain 
That hold rejuvenated sights
Green shots from old  

And I am to be washed clean 
Like a car wash service 
Wax, hoovered and valeted 

I am to be found, converged in the middle
In once scattered randomness to formation 
Tia chi rebalances centres strength

This is the gift, that fuel my energy of life 
Rain drops on leaves 
To feed my awakening 

Saturday, 25 June 2011

Love Manual

I have kept a silent watch over you   
While my mind decides, like back to school   
How to approach your delicate blossom   

And I yearned to smell your scent   
Like a connoisseur, with patience    
To appreciate your intoxication  finesse

A rush of waterfalls and   
The pleasure, that brings to me  
Like an addiction, I am obsessed     

I have learnt to wait the right time 
To near you, hear you, step back and respond
Like with an approach to land on Venus   

So now I understand you, like an expert   
I know when to hug you, close and tight   
When to give you space, I need it too   

And just what puts the biggest smile   
On your face, I see you smiling  
I like that gorgeous smile 

I have come to know   
How to honour your being   
And treasure your love  

Like a florist I now know on recipe
How to make a bouquet 
With your bundle of  tulips flower 

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Friday, 24 June 2011

Bucket List

Painting by http://alisonjardine.com/draw365/
Shared with:Friday Poetical http://onestoppoetry.com/

Just so you know, friend 
As we proceed, steps steps     
Attention class, hamsters in suit  

Look here, look here  
Chatter box, on pontification  
I am talking, now you listen 

And as before on day break   
On dawn, to take up tools   
To sweat in worship of success 

After this day 
When shadows are cast 
On migrating birds   

Past the hour of working clocks    
Safety hats, telephones ring rings  
And hot tea at 7 am with biscuits, being "English"  

Okay still a day left in hours, granted
Maintain your position in role play 
Like a soldier on the front line

So as we proceed 
Bucket list in scribbles, 
Of tangos in acts to follow

Before sun rise,  and cock crows 
Becomes of let loose 
And stress balls are back into fashion  

As we proceed 
Just so you know, 
I am not saying 

As in saying, thus saying, 
As said of nothing 
Dramatic like kicking the basket

But just so you know 
To avoid confusion
I am on about the weekend's bucket list

Who is in, show of hands 
Getting off treadmill as we proceed 
Attention all, as we proceed

Ok now get ready for the 
Big kiss from me 
To seal the deal 

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Thursday, 23 June 2011

Love Bug

Delicate emotions
Soft like pillow
To lay my head on, for comfort sleep

How do I write a love poem 
What words do I use  
To spell out vivid emotions  

Will cast a spell, suffice as a metaphor ?
For the cold flu of infatuation 
Being felt in excitement "give me some more"  

Shivers and stammer 
Over whelms Mr confidence 
Rehearsed lines made void 

Excuse me miss
Aamh Aamh, I was, I was thinking aamh
Concentrated mind, found wanting

Awaiting connections 
Like her reciprocated love pill  
Gladly I will sallow   

Please give me one more
To slow heart beats to normality  
For I have caught the love bug  

Rolling tumbling, mystery be-folds in baffling wander 
What chemical psychological emotional 
Reaction she draws me into

And she is my nectar and I am her bee  
Awaiting to make honey juice 
With her love pill

How do I write a love poem
To express joyous emotions   
About being caught by the bug 
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Wednesday, 22 June 2011

By Definition, Being Defined


The foundation in parables 
Pulling straws the short straw 
Who pulled the shortest of straws 

The making of a man  
Building of a name 
Who knows what tomorrow holds  
Which is better   
To be a small fish in a Big tank   
Or to be a Big fish in a small tank?   

Mr Big man   
Throwing dice, for fortune teller's luck   
Tell me what is your number  

To be the part, crown jewel   
Or be counted as party  
To the part by association 

Making up the numbers
In roll call, marking the register 
What is your number, don't say 118 

And size do matter, does matter in efforts    
Like little drops in the part played
Transforming in substance

Elephant running scared of the ant 
Who builds mountains from mud
Who is throwing dice, spiders giving fright 

Was it not just a single man
That threatened to bring down an empire
Oh hail Marcus Aurelius

Shifting the balance of play
Building cities, on deserts
To be called a great marvel    

While legends are built on conquest
With stories that uplift and inspire  
In the making of a name 

Many an empire came to be
Made by men, the commoner with vigour
That few knew before history was made 

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Tuesday, 21 June 2011

The Basic Rule

Fly like a butterfly
Sting like a bee, be that it may be 
Camouflage, don't let them see you coming
Now for the impact, too late, got you, ha ha ha ha ha

Life always feels like we owe one back   
And happiness and fairness is just time out   
Like an hour of lunch in between hustle  
Before diving deep into oceans blue, beyond hostile line   

Fairness is religion, in that it is not    
As  thus built on Utopia   
But on earth glass do shatter  
And relationships are awkward   

Daily politics solder understanding   
With compromise if only temporary  
Lets agree to disagree, on status quo   
Letting sleeping dogs lie "and the rest"   

So then we owe one back   
On necessary evil, to keep the peace   
He got as this far, we have an understanding  
This is just how the rules work     

No one is perfect, hidden skeletons in closets     
Some are just recognisable by sway   
More efficient in polishing silver  
Then suddenly what they say matters 

Their words are gospel, hallelujah     
But do not test the subject on substance     
Like I said glass do shutter, "the laws of physics"       
When earth's gravity is called to play     

So who comes out to play in Serengeti
Like the next door neighbour's child lost 
And charity of the home he comes from 
Conflicts our stand, we owe one back on compromise 

But fairness is lost, on self interest  
On whose idea it was to find 
A balance playing field  
When survival of the fittest 
With step over is the basic rule
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Monday, 20 June 2011

Being Short Changed


This is a bubble of our creation  
A Picasso of our own hands   
The strength of the walls 
That surround in measure 

For endurance is determined 
By what value we place 
On the bubble we create, "gag" are doubts
To stand the test of voyage  

In bakers bakery
Knowing very well 
Obstacles are prescribed on condition 
Like a necessity of evil 

Natures balancing act to "maintain" equilibrium, 
Separating the deserved, with the test of courage  
Assurance that, there will be bumps on the way
This is rest assured, like ageing 

How long we are to last  
Depends on how much it means to us  
How much work got put in  
Cutting corners, "omit" and half baked will not stand  

Into preparation, determination and ultimately   
How rightful we want situations to work out  
In our favour, deservedly, seriously   
Truthfully, befittingly no half measures  

In ourselves we know  
What effort is required, is asked for  
In ourselves we know   
What effort we are putting in   

The balance outstanding, 
Rings bells like constant reminders   
On our subconscious minds  
Why short-change yourself    

Sunday, 19 June 2011

Blind Society

Eyes sees shut on site seen
Deaf  heard senses felt void
Society on voluntary blindness 
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Tear Drop

When good men go to war 
And the blue sky of paradise  
Turns grey with looming fright  

When politics ask good men to pick up arms
And they say it is for good reason, honest
This is a fight for our way of life

Our freedom, this is for justice 
For our right our honour 
Our democracy, right to bare arms 

When mothers hug their sons 
And send them off to the battle fields
Fearing the dreaded uniformed knock

We lost one, to the rose cottage 
Less one from deploring parade 
One less on the journey home, empty seats 

When good men go to war 
And death becomes of innocence 
Expect not the same man, to come back home
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Saturday, 18 June 2011

This Town

Lost opportunity 
This town is becoming like a ghost town
A ghost town
Austerity measures dem a fi call it

30 years on, still the same old story,
We wear props and costumes
To play a part in life's drama, you get me

Like a Shakespearian play, you get me, you get me
But this is reality staged
On ticking time, the hour glass

This town is becoming like a ghost town, a ghost town
The jobs of the promise lands
Turns into mirage of tranquillity in deserts

All the good clubs are closing down
No where left  for us to let our heads down
Steam engines about to explode, you get me, you get

Caution, raised and sent to the powers that be
The Unions are ready to march the streets
The Youth are without employment

Educational certificates are spat on by the employers
We are loosing our religion, you get me
Faith in the politics of the day, you get me

This town is becoming like a ghost town, 
A ghost town
Streets that echo's ghost of the boom time, you get me
Were we not told there will never be a burst again

This is the summer of discontent, you get me
Austerity is only known to the poor
The powers that be are delusional, you get me

Thinking we cry the same cry
Saying they feel our pain
This town is becoming like a ghost town,
A ghost town, you get me

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