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Sunday, 31 January 2010

Instinct of Difference

Instinct, basic of all human actions
And reactions tells one that, ..
We are beings with the ..
Need for social habitation (Gathering) ..

So a common ground is found ..
And a bond is formed ..
Fire it is said, needs constant ..
Fuel to keep burning (oxygen)..

If a friend is found a foe is needed..
Negatives and positives, ..
The laws of nature says 

Every reaction w' equal opposite reaction

The closer one strives to affirm a bond ..
The more the presumed need ..
To establish a difference..
With a foe, to meet natures law

If there is none ..
One is formed, creating ..
Mirage of hatred allergy..

Or selfish intent

Compromise, common sense..
And harmony of peace of mind 

Are grounds found ..
Once the dust finally settles.. 

Saturday, 30 January 2010

Little Drops..

All men are born "without"..
Accomplished self-fulfilment..
Cannot be inherited..
And it is "without"..
Financial value or gain,..

It is what drives Philanthropists..
To give what wealth they have got,..
Yet it is still "
Monetary value...

He who climbs
Afadjato by foot,..
When he can fly up there,..
Knows his own worth...

Dosh (shika) is just paper thin..
All men are born "
It is the little drops that count..
Just .. walk the walk..

Friday, 29 January 2010

Inspirational minds

So it came to be ..
T’ the greatest ruins..
Of an empire,..
Could only be found in its..
Outpost colonies..

In a room full of familiar faces..
It was the stranger..
That heard my knock..

Sage chose,..
To stay up 
In the mountains..
He said,..

(It is there, 
that my worth is known)..
Among my own,  
I just am the farmer’s son..

How can one; 
Not born into Royal,..
Be the ruler of Rome?..

Well, were you not told ..
T’ all empires are built ..
By T’ common man..
And all men are born without..

Picture above is of Helen Keller

Fathers Love

Father's Love ....
Holding beloved toe
He asked for words..
From his love ones,..

Pictures across his desk..
Manifesting into conversation,..
tête-è-tête , from love ones..
.. ..
Smiles and twinkles in the eye,..
Like star light, Scarlett,..
Beauty as roses red,..
Yep red as a gemstone..
Rubys just right,
Made with colours of claret
That flows through the family's veins..
.. ..
Parental affection..
Is like the definition of God..
Still searching for answers,..
Best left unexplained and its unconditional....
.. ..
Admiration is with what eyes..
He is seen and the way he sits and stares,..
For his love for his family is...
Unmistakeable undeniable..

Thursday, 28 January 2010

Alo, alo.. Stars n Eagles

Alo alo..
Ring ring bells like church bells ring..
Going off , on and on and on..
A stage is set, await ends revelation..

Bring out your knights...
Yee from boarders beyond..
I heard your kinsmen ..
Whispering in corridors..
Of your greatness, ha!..

Fair enough..
But against the Stars..
The eagle’s flight..
Never reaches the heavens..

Beyond the horizon sun..
Shooting stars lines up..
The constellations of Mercury..
With lightning bolts ..
Shining victories into bosoms of pride..

Songs of the stars ring ring ring..
Like church bells ring

The star shines so bright to please 
For night and day 
Is heard far, far
Into distance lands far..
Alo alo 

Sunday, 24 January 2010

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Saturday, 23 January 2010

End of the Road, School is Out!!!

At the end of the road..
We all walk into..
Memories of a chapter..

Never to be seen again,..
Some only to be heard of..
Once a while....

This is when..
Good friends..
Become strangers...
Till our paths cross again..
I wish you farewell...Peace..

Smiles and laughters..
Memories of you..
Is what I carry with me..

Friday, 22 January 2010

On top of the Hill

Milestones of little drops in oceans..
Miles in distance travelled..
Through time and passage web..

Onto this day.. 
Finally reached..
Moved by thoughts..

Of inspirations challenged..

The edges, that threaten to let go..
Feeding me to oblivion..

Till the first acknowledgement..

Of kudos comment..
Into the addiction of renowned want..

Will today serve a platter,..

Greater than yesterday’s Kings?.. 
Nothing excite more than the kudos renowned..

This spare moment, 
Is a seat  back, look back with pride..

Oh, how far through time journeyed..

With aliens of acquittance , 

Familiar we have become ..
As friends, in galaxy’s web..

In this world, accomplished delight..

With 500 drops of ink, oceans were made..
To have a swim in my winning ways

No man can deprive me..
Let no man, deprive me
Of such glorious pride.. Ho Ha!…

Thursday, 21 January 2010

Adieu, adieu, adios

Adieu, adieu..
To you and u and u!!..
Oh my friend bon voyage..

Across the seas to new worlds found..
With the horizon, your daily light..
And the stars, your guiding Lantern..

Ciao, too-daloo..
Adieu, adieu..
To you and u and u!!..
Oh, oh friend bon voyage..

Bring back, Gold, silk and silver..
Bring back stories, of adventure..
Bring back, heroes made of ur deeds..

Too-daloo, too-daloo..
Adieu, adieu..
To you and u and u!!..
Oh my friend bon voyage..

Oh, oh dear..
Not to worry..
Véale pronto, just keep..
The kettle boiling..
And I will be back..
By your side soon,
Soon again, Soon enough..
Bon voyage

Wednesday, 20 January 2010

When I meet the Shaman

I will seek,...
Words from the Shaman,..
When we sit in common, ..

And ask, since he walks amongst..
The spiritual and earthly realms,..
What lies behind closed doors?..

Oh, why does time flies fast, so fast..
Once we LOOSE our innocence ..
And the curtain drawn, is left opened..

Most of all, I will ask if all religions..
Are the same in ideology 
Just with different names..

I will ask to know, in seeking answers.. 
Who among today’s churches ..
Are FALSE prophets? in it  just for my silver..

I will seek to know..
If tomorrow brings ..
More JOY, than pain to the weak ..

What happens to the man?..
Who takes another’s life? ..
In the name of what is PURE, ..

When we sit in common..
I will seek enlightenment..
From the Shaman..
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Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Choking on Air

Breathe, breath, breathtaking..
Gasping for little drops..
Of addictive oxygen,..

Like a coke head..
Desperately ready for a fix...
Sharp, nice...inhale, exhale..
Through exhausts pipes of lungs,..

Double cylinders..
Of the heart's beat,..
Gasping, gasping, jet sucking winds into my lungs..
Flapping wings on arms race..

I am not, to drown in..
These dirty murky waters,..

To be caught on hooks held by the trawler

My silk, too fine..
For this here..
Hangman’s rope...

Shore line..
Awaits my savior parade..
I will be a fish through..
These waters..
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Monday, 18 January 2010

Weakened Lust

Did I sneeze achoo..
My guts out on slippery floor..
And went slide skating..
On tempestuous traps..

Weak is my desire..
Fantasy and lust..
Honeys that melt, on my lips..

With such ease

What eyes don’t see..
Oh nice!..
Nose do smell..
Hands do touch, 

Feeling contours, 
Of heavenly sculpture..

Tempestuous tempting..
Seduction on slippery ropes..
I was only born a man..
With weakened lust..

Sunday, 17 January 2010

Treasures of Man

Is said to be in the eyes of the beholder..
Yet the sun shine sets, for all to see..
In gardens of all seeing eyes..
The allure of Roses in spring’s garden..
Is seen by all..
.. ..
The blind are told about it..
Poets write poems to celebrate..
Painters paint what words they can't find..
While symphony of melodies are..
Made by Orchestras, to..
Proclaim such beauty....

.. ..

I, like all seeing eyes,..
See what beauty is bestowed..
As it is of the lilly in spring’s garden...
For you are, man’s all treasure of beauty..

Saturday, 16 January 2010

Gossip Train

Allow daylight to vanquish vampire's whisper..
With rain drops washing off bogus mask..
Worn by the empty vanity of men..

Speakers, speak well..
As we decipher, corrupt sentences..
Stones turn naturally,..
Where to hide, hide less..
Like the headless medusa...

Truth stands, flashing lights on you..
What do you think you doing?..
Conjuring contempt, acid rain..
With dam, dammed proclamations..
Baseless, careless, case-less, case held void..

Found wanting..
In front of  the jury of your peers,..
Piercing you with eyes that stare..
Staring down on you, picking on hollow words said..

Allow day light to vanquish vampire's whispers..
Conspiracy planned held in darkened rooms..
Behind closed doors, to be shine alight bright upon..

You have now been found wanting,..
Eyes staring straight through you, like daylight..
And all that you have to say, is heard by all..

Gossip train, going no where 
Allow daylight to vanquish vampire's whispers 
We are all present, all ears listening 

Thursday, 14 January 2010

When Haiti Called

On Haiti..

Oh why did you choose..
To make a stand here..
Here on soils with souls..
That feels so weak..

What trees of man..
That stood alive..
Feels empty like shells..
Of crabs deserted..

This here is when..
The rain of man is asked..
To be ushered..
On the man that lost it all..

What prove have I to show..
Am humane..
Is on this soils where stand..
Weakened souls..
Who lost grounds in 7 sec

Who among priests
Said with sorow
I will give and gave
To the man who begged
On both knees

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Battle for Souls

How many wars has been fought
In the name of peace,
H'many peace, has been lost
In the name of war,...
H'many more is there to come...

W'difference has been made
By man’s resolve
In the corridors, of the dancing guns

Every war
Has its own particular
In the name of
War & peace,
In this dance a son
Looses a life..

Freedom is never free,
Ha ro ha
On deaths door we queue

Haunted scars
Are with the ones
We leave behind

Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Essence of Existence

I breathe, breath..
One last breath..
To my end breath..

For the worm..
That ploughs the earth..
Sown seeds of..
The tree that worships the sun..

The birds that nest the tree..
The mammal that..
Feast it's leaves..
Oh, the fish that swims aqua..

Time is timeless..
Rocks are, essence without..
Payola is paper-thin..
Only defined by breath..

I will speak well..
For aurora and dusk delight..
For their frame encompasses..
My breath’s existence..

Monday, 11 January 2010

Onto destined lands, Farewell oh friend

Steal your mind
Widen your ears
Walk the earth
Of muddy fields
Embrace the dirt
That glues your feet

Breathe the air
With morning dew
Find your base
Your platform spring

Say farewell to
Unfinished desolation
Uproot this anchor
Of barren lands

Sail the fortitude waves
Explore horisons
On destined lands 
And with a heavy heart 

Say farewell, oh friend
Until we meet again
In another cosmos
I shall
Await on you
To testify your savoir-faire

Saturday, 9 January 2010

Writing the Manifesto

Destiny destined
Are choices of parallel alternatives,

One way or the other
 24 hours in days 
The clock does tic

And a guarantee of
Birth and death, 
Set in stone...

Fill in the gaps 
Like an English test
With words of deeds done
By actions taken

Write your own report,
While walking on 
Paths chosen

Dance to the beats
Of the rhythm you feel 
Ho la la

For destiny is yours 
While breath resides 
In your body's encasement 

Friday, 8 January 2010

Avenging Transgression

Breaking chains in tweaks ....

Possessed and entranced....

with strength of the hulk....

Forward movement....

Stampeding, a runaway train....

.. ..

In his sight, is what he aims for....

Disruptions sent his way....

Quickly dealt with....

Instinctively weaving through them ....

.. ..

Opposite to the Kryptonite, ....

the closer he got ....

the more enraged he became....

Thoughts of cruelty to be inflicted....

excites him....

Hands raised high for impact....

.. ..

What comes next?....

Questions of the aftermath asked....

by the Voice within....

What comes next?....

Slowly he winds down....

.. ..

To be as one , of the likes,....

who caused the present situation ....

is to be no different a monster....

.. ..

Slowly he puts his axe of rage down....

In him lies the dormant hulk....

who goes back in his cave....

to be dormant ....

.. ..

Other measures to be taken....

They are still going to be....

dealt with

Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Bleeding Dead Rose

The brutal winter gave birth to you..
In nights the desert lost its voice..
No echoes heard from winds residing..

The unknown ghostly stood still..
Enchanted by the overwhelming chemistry..
Seduced in the smoked fog of mermaids 

This path, patch, has been walked before..
Many a time, but without so much, given 
This much meaning, of value to lose on risk..

Chemistry of instinct, synchronized emotions..
The vine yards of tranquil gardens, walked..
Bearing fruits for summer's wine..

Short sighted by lust of physical attraction..
Allowing rotten fruits passage, this way..
Into the perfect wine, here brewered..

Choking on willing drinks drunk
Fingers deep in throats request..
Bringing out, in regurgitation's act,..

Sullen mixture of old tarnished desire..
Long gone the trust of tranquillity..
Be leaguing in bleeding dead rose..

A dried out rose 
A bleeding dead rose 
In the rose cottage, a dead rose 

Monday, 4 January 2010

In My Corner

A lot of people play....
Their parts, only when it fits in..
Like key locks....
And key holds and the keys
Only when it fits in
So many words get said....
Without commitment, conviction....
It is just a recital,....
Left to decipher codes of sentences....
It is all mathematics....
Odds and evens, ....
Subtracting dead weights....
.. ..
Left with singularity....
Fascinations of mankind....
Immune to the treachery ....
Doing without the fog....
.. ..
Head lights on....
Stages set for chapters....
Done, to be written....
Paths, to be taken....
Cross roads, left behind....
Onwards, stride striving ....

Alot of people..
Play their parts, only when it fits in..
Watch them, observe,  see?
Only when it fits in..

Sunday, 3 January 2010

In Dream Dead

Wotton basset
Like wooden casket
Roads travelled by the absent

A possession for wet
Eyes to see
In my fine suit
Dressed to trill,

With gauged eyes to see
A parade for the absent
A parade in a casket
I had a parade
In Wotton basset

Saturday, 2 January 2010


Always in drive by
Always in jammed traffic
Always just a mile away

A mile too far
A mile in the wrong direction
Always just a mile

Resolutions, revolved
Boots worn to be worn out
Sweat glances
To be made use of
This last mile will be by foot

Friday, 1 January 2010

My Resolve

In the eleventh hour
On the last breath of yesterday
While echoing winds
Summon in a new day

I sat in wonder
Quietly in meditation
As a life play memories
Of a time gone by in movie marts

In abstract paintings slowly
It became clear
The gem I travelled the seven seas
In search of, was always so close
In the birth of a new day
I unblind the seeing eyes,
Beating my chest
To announce my resolve

She will know my love
And my heart will be set free
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