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Saturday, 31 August 2013

Armageddon, A craze

We find each others self destructive button 
In times of war, I will bring war to your door step 
And we press push until we explode

Blaming games and ping pong battle, squash 
Hitting balls to the wall with rage
Announcing our displeasure pronouncing our war stunts

Battle lines drawn, war songs sang, war mask worn 
Drums beat to heighten our anxiety 
Pulling out all the daggers with stained old blood 

We are expected to act on instinct 
Taste the blood on our tongues of our enemies
Welcome rage, live in the moment of welcoming death

Death as pleasure theirs or ours
It matters not, no one is to live this 
Stained, drenched land, let no one alive 

We came with good intentions 
Now turned fanatics breaking all the eggs
In the birds' nest, stamping on wet shells

With yolk that sludge on the side. 
Squashing them like a blender 
Mixing their essence with the dirty sand 

There would be no tomorrow, today as judgement day
There would be no salvage value none wanted 
No common grounds to be left after this dance

In the center of the volcanic eruption 
No one is to go looking for gold 
Or any such rich minerals, tell phoenix not to rise 

No one is to go talking of peace 
This as a sacrilege to the cause 
Punishable by death a gruesome death it shall be 

Now would you believe me, if I told you 
This is a romantic poem, a very romantic poem, a peace poem 
A love poem, a heart poem, just in abstract settings 

A dance with the stars

To fly or to hang
Nocturnal fruit harvesters 
Dancing in the night    

Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Burnt memories

I had to empty my wardrobe, every nook and crannies 
The other day, clearing it all out, the other day 

I had to go down on my painful knees 

To open boxes with dust and cobwebs hold 

I had to empty it all out, all my worth and riches 

Not leaving any behind for nostalgia and its cronies 

Outside I stood over a metal drum in the darkness of the night

Filled with papers and pictures from past memories archived 

A few I picked and lamented over for a while, memories 

Occasions past flashed, drew projected pictures on me 

Sending me to that time again, that moment again 

With all the characters and their roles played 

Then a sudden sharp pain pierced my heart 

To let go, I dropped that memory the weight so heavy 

Into the metal drum filled with my treasures of time 

Awaiting spark to burn to ashes, I will watch it burn 

Obsolete memories no longer wanted, tainted 

No longer required to be remembered, with lost value 

For each with the pain it brings as constant 

I believe I am more angered by the time 

The wasted time and the treasures to be thrown away 

The hardest part of it all, that refuses to go away 

Even after being packed in the metal drum, set alight 

And burnt to ashes, it stays, it stays and stays 

A scent, an act, a resemblance, a flash back 

A word, a laughter, a song, a date in time 

These burnt memories seem never to go away 

They stay, the harshest of it all, they stay 

Sunday, 25 August 2013

Fresh as new

Bright, fresh as new stands 
The birth of a new day, green 
Seeds germinating 

Friday, 23 August 2013

Calling the bluff of botch

Calling the bluff of botch's threats 
I dare, I dare to, ha ha ha ha, I do dare 

To dare a stand on one's own two feet 
To jump off ships and ride the waves 

Swimming to shore, with each stride hold 
Can one sweat while swimming I wonder 

I saw a man doing just that, deep sea 
And I wondered if the sea would accept 

His salty sweat, if that would increase 
The sea level, and flood a small island 

Already endangered by global warming 
Sinking like the lost city of Atlantis  

Ok ok ok, back to being serious 
I have thrown down my gauntlet  

Called out miscarriage and his men 
Sent words home, I would be back before dawn 

So now lets fight, roll up your sleeves 
Welcome in sweat and blood 

I have called your bluff, you call mine 
A date set with destiny lets tango 

Lets tango to the beats and the rhythm 
I will sweat and add to the sea's level too

Monday, 19 August 2013

Trotro Stories #8 Trouble with the back seat

The back seat always feels right 
Not having to push or shove each stop by 

A post to be sat in, to the end of the journey 
The back seat always feels just right 

Until one has to alight just before the junction stop 
True you may say, true I would agree, true true then 

Bad idea I would agree, as well I would agree 
But it is done, rightly or wrongly it is done 

A jump off in traffic by the light 
In front of Ghana Telecom nearing Nkrumah circle 

Save me the run back up to cross the road 
The only option after the petrol station's stop 

Is to climb the foot bridge, a step at a time 
Overly crowded and steeply steep to climb 

The back seat always feels right 
Just not when I have to make a quick exit 

Stop mate, I draw his attention 
Can I alight here, just by the traffic light 

He looks, calculates position I am sat in 
Looks at the traffic light and goes, 

"not a chance, not a chance"

Saturday, 17 August 2013

Age of ages

Something between time 
Memory and space in line 
I have been through all 

Friday, 16 August 2013

The Money Factory

Count to ten on your fingers, air bubbles 
And each time you count 

A finger goes missing 
Like the count down of time 

What do you value more, breaths?
A finger? a finger? just a finger?

I know a girl that works 
In the money factory, if you do want links 

She is quite good you know 
A magician with funds, abracadabra 

Changing dollars into pounds 
And all the others comes easy 

I call her the key holder 
As many that are secretly spread around town 

In unassuming shops, the key holders 
Washing currency into different forms 

If all we chase is a piece of paper 
As it is, don't argue with me boi 

To kill for, to love for, drowned, submerged  
To hate for and to save, "just on occasion" 

Did we move forward or backwards 
In our essence to cheap-in our lives 

Bought with a piece of paper 
Thin on value, burns as easy, float as dead 

To kill for, kill kill kill 
Kill with greed, kill kill kill, murder 

Count to ten on your fingers, hold your breath 
And each time you count 

A finger goes missing 
Like the count down of time 

What do you value more in life 
A finger? a finger? really just a finger? 

I know a girl who works in the money factory 
So humble she is and nice as that, a key holder 

Did someone just drown here 
Floating on water with empty worth 

I see a bag of paper, sat as money 
Unattended looking for the next victim  

The money factory, the money factory
Life in the money factory  

Thursday, 15 August 2013

Prizes for knowing

If you find the connections 
Between two dots ......

You have found the 

Dark matter 

The noble prize 

Awaits you and all its glory 

If you find the steps 

Between dreams and goals 

You have found 

The secrets of life 

The prize is what you 

Want it to be 

What you my friend 

Make of it

Saturday, 10 August 2013

Ocean ocean depths so deep

Blue transparent sights  
Deep breathless fall into depths  
Swim or be fished out  

Thursday, 8 August 2013

Urban life (easy now)

Rush chaotic sounds 
Polluted lights, speed walks walks 
Concrete jungle, stress

We use to live on 
Trees now we live on concrete 
Trees suited monkeys 

Who is laughing now I ask 
Ha ha ha ha ha

Gosh, I just dropped  
My dentures on the floor here, here
Help me look for it

Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Losing an arm

Are there rules in this world 
That say an enemy is an enemy  

But a friend mighty just be the same 
I fear age and time, circumstances 

Turn more friends to the dark side 
To the dark side of desire 

Greed has an eye so green it radiates 
It raptures the serenity of our co-existence 

How can I afford a trust so dear 
To allow a weakness a' vulnerability into my realm

To open up my house to 
Alibaba and the 40 thieves  

Even uncle Sam has now adopted 
A sense of paranoia, best if I know 

Best if I know what you are thinking 
"Me old friend", and not by your own admission 

Trust is obsolete to the status quo 
Who needs burn marks to affirm suspicions  

I might have to strip search you 
And prod your mind, add a lie detector test 

Just to be sure I know your intentions
And even with that I would not call it trust 

I appreciate the honesty of an enemy 
The trust of his/her intentions so pure 

Oh but a friend brings worrying thoughts 
Dandelions of would he stub me would he not 

Who killed Caesar rings bills of trauma  
No enemy known got so close to Rome 

Losing friends, making enemies 
Living  happily ever after, don't sweat it 

Monday, 5 August 2013

A case in point

Sometimes I try, I really try, sweats attached believe me 
Sometimes not so much, with procrastination and sleep walking 

Sometimes I don't at all, no movement at all, deadbeat on time 
Sometimes I deviate, dysfunctional compass, spinning wheels 

But most times, in my most solemn moment, mirrors reflection 
I am reminded of what drives me, a beacon of light 

And what the vision holds, pictures drawn 
A goal in mind, realigning sentiments, objectives as sign posts 

The road is never a straight one, the compass still works 
And the focus will always get me there, foretold I can feel it 

Adjusting clocks, rewinding arms 
To tell the time, on tic toc of dreams, I aspire 

This is a case in point, an angle of thought 
A case in point being made here, as we proceed 

Friday, 2 August 2013

A curfew in place (a bat's story)

I found a reason to apprehend 
The wary acts of bats, funny flies 

Blinded by the light 

Turn your lights down low to comprehend 

Mystery of their being, scary face 

Perhaps it is best they roam at night 

Not sure what to make of them mammals on flight 

Something caught in the door way of transformation 

In transition between light and day 

They sure look like dogs weird with wings 

Head shape and even with fur 

With tooth as fierce to bite if dared 

If the nights should have them 

Then so be it, cast them away I say 

As the self proclaimed lords of earth 

Perhaps we can do without them and fear 

Like so many we have made extinct and dead 

We can do without them and fear 

Ouch a reaction from a mosquito bite I felt 

Someone let the bats out, quick now quick quick 

To clean this mess of enraged mosquito attacks 

That tries to place a curfew on me, on me

Sitting  outside at night relaxing and pleased 

Someone call all the bats out 

These mosquitoes can not be serious 
I tell you, they cannot be serious at all 

I tell you, trying to place a curfew on me
But for my fur friend fly, my bat friend to the rescue 

These mosquito would have  in deed had their way 
"having a curfew placed on me"

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