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Saturday, 30 April 2011

I Get You (Song in my head)

# You don't have to say more
#Do more, yell out, frustrating 
#You don't have to act out
# Build things, break things, pull hair
#Just to show me your intentions 
#Now I get you, I get you, I get you...

Strip down, bare-less
All said, seen clear
Like day light
Now I get you, got you
You've got my attention

I know you, now I get you 
Powdered, make-up worn, off
Attitude, dropped 
Mask-less, crowd-less 

Crew,clan, your girls gone silence 
Its that you time
Rain drop, delicate senses 
And now I get you

Nature, now I get you
I know you, I get you
I see you, close up
Like morning wake
Before face wash
And now I know you
Get you, I get you

Now I get you
You is that is, this that you
Quite rooms, now I hear you
Words spoken out clearly
Act , body language, signs, is all you
Just you, now I get you

# I get you I get you
#Now I get you, get you

# You don't have to say more 
#Do more, yell out
#You don't have to act out
#Break things pull hair 
#I get you, now I get you
#I love you, I see you, you so good

P.S; I love you 

Friday, 29 April 2011

My Royal Invite

Should I have written ..
A poem for the Royals ..
I never got an invite..

Maybe best to blame the post man..
Dog chase or something..
I know I had an invite..

Why else did I get a tuxedo ..
To have my shoes polished, church seats ..
Watching procession on I do, lovelies..   

Blessed them, two figurings on wedding "cakes"..
Church bells and I do, I do..
I know I had an invite, just like Tony and Gordon..

Why else was I given a public holiday ..
The post these days, shoddy ..
I know the post man is to be blamed

So a date it is then infront of flat screens ..
I know a man with 50 inch ..
A date it is then,

Why else did I buy a tuxedo ..
I am sure I had an invite
I know I had an invite ..

Wet Blanket (free verse)

Free verse rambling, that means we on   
You see, we started from afar..
And we came fast, light speed..
You turtles, we see you, hide and seek..

We say breathe less, with tantrums..
On bullshit, back bites..
That means suffocate, your nonsense..

And when we say, be done with..
That means, lights out..
We bored now, yawning ..

We concentrating, meditating ..
So few see us, with wings stretched..
To know us, our wing span...

Don't test us, like poke and see..
To enrage sleeping beast, troubles ..
That begs to be caged, for peace sake ..

Run a mile on slow mo..
Its like you running backwards, thinking ..
With every move on progression, stalling..

And if a friend, in friends, says his friends ..
Has nothing to say, but negative tease ..
That is no friend at all, addressed to ..

Tell them to breathless on tantrum..
Scaredy cat and they see us coming..
Light speed ..

Hold on, door knock ..
Here we are, with entrance ..
On God speed ..

Thursday, 28 April 2011

In My Youth

I saw a thousand tears, roll off frustration 
In my youth I was a rebel, 
Canvas shoe worn out, 
On day trading, testify

Made beautiful birds 
With angelic voices, cry the heavens,
 Till it rained no more,
That was in my youth

In my youth 
I never looked back
I understood not emotions, 
What a bore, Doreen 

Oh why do women cry, like open tap
In my youth I blew off 
Many a candle light, 
And stole many in tears

Stepping on delicate pearls 
And left the night, on fortune lust
Like a cow boy on tip toe
To ride the night down south, 

Mama told me 
Not to be like that
In my youth I lived for the thrill 
And felt the excitement

Until I found, my heart stolen
To be brought alive, overwhelmed 
Shining new light, into old days, 
Emotions, I found a fortune 

And so I became a man
And left my youthful ways, behind
If you catch me relapsing
Just tell me a story about my youth 

Wednesday, 27 April 2011

A Word with the IT Team

Having a word with the IT team
On missing words, malfunctions 
Sometimes with glitch..

I know a thousand words..
Speeches endless and some more..

And my brain must be on auto-tune..
Cruise drive 90, effortlessly 
Electronic waves streams on disposition   

Sometimes I wander..
Where it all comes from.
With joy a'relish, a little bit of pomposity...

Shooting through my cerebro ..
Like high way speeds, shooting stars..
On autobahnen, spaghetti junctions 
A quick decision is made..

Sometimes, someone just turns the light off..
And its factory shut down, like closed shop..
Words stammering, sentence left with foolish holes..
Wider than canyons, reasoning in concision void..

And I tell you, that  this is frustrating..
More so, in the middle of conversations..
When points are just to be made..
And silly billy, thinks to pull the plug..

Lord have "mercy"
Those are times I wish I could..
Open doors, step into brain box..
And have a word with the IT team ..

Why the hell is my systems slow to day..
Upgrade, reboot, just get me going already
While audience await, perplexed 

And I am stood, 
Like a fraud mumbling, mumbo jumbo
Wondering what's going on inside my head 

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Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Behind Closed Doors

Early birds get the best spots, it is said...
To nest and have their young ones' ..
Safe, fed and protected..

Life is a run on  principles ..
Of early birds, chess games..
And survival of the fittest, wisest..

But as all things on earth ..
Are in a permanent state of movement change..
And nothing stays forever the same..

All depending on outside factors, influence..
Quantum, which is not always known..
To be protected against..

Sometimes, just sometimes..
Even t' early bird is shocked into reality..
To find no Islands, cliff edge and  tree tops..
Where once they were on migration path..

Centuries, to have stood the test of time..
Replaced in submergence  .. 
Another yard, of flight to have to go..

In expecting the best ..
Preparing for the worst ..
That is just life lessons, learnt..

And no one  is to play t' victim, blame..
That is just a waste of time..
On this account, quantum is undefined ..

Monday, 25 April 2011

Deafening Silence

Deafening sounds of silence
Like that heard by a king

In empty castles, ghostly surrounding

And we are not alone
Through drama, with excitement
Even sorrow has a value

For I grieve for the silence gone,
His would not utter another word
With his passing

And my world would be ghostly silence.
Noise, disturbance would have
More value than gold, someone to share with

To explain why the old, yearn to have
The crusade of the children's army around
It brings life to dying worlds, so let them play

Sunday, 24 April 2011

Easter Sunday

Oh heaven knows, heaven knows 
When palm branches, mark path ways, 
Hallelujah sang, I am the one knocking

And good Friday honoured 
With no meat,  to become vegans, 
Sacrifice of one, for  our souls to cleanse

I hope to God, I get a reprieve
In making omelets
I broke some eggs, may be one too many

To be the man, with mercy granted   
On his last breath, 
I am only human  

And on Easter Sunday
With chocolate to celebrate
And egg symbol of life, 

For new beginnings 
I am the one knocking
Dressed like a rabbit

Brown Eye Girl

Shine, sparkle, twinkle, your eyes
Oh what eyes you have, so lovely 
White on background, to adore 
Brown/blue/green eyes, dark in pupil
Reflection of beauty, it holds in powers

Oh what lovely eyes you have
Prowess, enchanting inviting 
I am enchanted drawn in
By it's seduction, just perplexed  

Made humble, engrossed 
To sit and stare, gaze in admiration 
And stare I do stare, consumed 

God give me all day and I am staring 
Mystery it holds to find understanding 
Discovery of, like door ways to infinite joy

I see the making, of your heart 
Through your eyes, shining bright
Then t' sparkle, twinkle on diamonds shimmer 

Like the sun, just went and cast a preview
To what it holds, I am yearning 
I will take my huts off for you my lovely you 

Oh what smile you have to bare with 
Your eyes do smile and I just have to smile back 
They do, they do just humble me

To enchant me, 
Keep me forever in your spell
A happy captive,  forever I will be
To you my brown eye girl 

Saturday, 23 April 2011

Decoding Life (Free Verse)

000, 111, 888         001, 011, 010        101, 100, 110      
801, 810, 180         088, 008, 080        818, 881 , 800
108, 018,081          880, 808, 100        811, 181,118 

Numbers keys, in plus signs
Options, variable, reverse 
Infinite ways, to think of , acts

In dimensions, confused intellect, 
Putting it down to, not sure best say Quantum
Bets, with the books, paddy power 
Its still purely based on assumptions

Unless, one is to be an in-trader
Not allowed, like crystal balls 
Its all just subjective, don't be fooled
Why hasn't he used those numbers drawn
Fortune telling, falsely telling

Any way, in quantum
Thus you and I, deeds in good and bad
Nah cancel erase, I and you
Nah I, I and you, you
Nah I and I, you and I
Nah you and you , I and you
Nah, us and them, against that
 Nah, it is all of the above and more in codes

In thinking, I must have been 
Something else, before this life
Not sure yet what, still pondering 
Something to do with an old soul 
For I think too much

But Bimbi  was a fish, I think
She could have been a fish, I think
With love for water, a swimmer, I think
She flips like Nemo
Crazy, I just fear drowning 

Decoded, codes entered
Arrows with neon lights, exit signs, 
Where roads end, we walk on air
Weightless, like butterflies 
Caterpillars decoded

0 plus1plus 8 equal to 9
Nine rows, by three column 27 codes
27 codes, divided by three in nunbers..9
Three sets, by three columns....9
That's like nine lives, choose one
In trials and errors, the others wait

Like cat's misjudgement 
Of two walls distance
Move over, next! decoding

Onto the next alternate, decoded
And that is life in codes
Numbers, funny talk, blah, blah, blah
And it goes on, decoding 

000, 888, 111
018,081, 108
180,801, 810......

Friday, 22 April 2011

Lover's Farm

On a place on a farm
Have you planted a seed before
As farmers do awaiting on germination
So frustrating and full of excitement

And then on one morning 
You wake to find green shoots
Such deep filling of joy

And for true love it grows
Nurtured in green houses of understanding
Fed and watered, onwards with trust

Like mother hen
With Patience sat on Easter's egg
Awaiting hatch

To be a farmer
Where emotions, and romance are nurtured
With dedication and commitment 

To have patience and care
Synergy in minds, like affinity
And thus to harvest love, in loving 

Thursday, 21 April 2011

Kiss and Tell

I will buy you flowers,
Scent you and serenader you,
To steal your heart, with old romance

Get close to you
Like the need on viewing
Screens on vintage box, analog

To be attached to you, in pairing
Like two head-moulds of clay
His and hers, embraced in permanent state

Close doors, shut curtains
And have you pronouncing
In foreign language

Cheery goes ripe
Pop, on summer's day
I will ignite your bare necessity

Be your yung and line you up
With all the happenings in spring
Bird's  love; to pollination

When I kiss can you not tell
The vibration from my heart
That I am so much into you

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Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Yell out!! Disturbances

Yell out!!, disturbances, what cleanse
Turn not to look in mirrors,
That is just a blame game,
The shrink has no business here

Aaaaaaah, eyes shut, like closed shop
Shop shut, the shop is shut!, no entry
Fingers in the ears, blocking access
Yell out!

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaah, yell out
And if that was to be stock, blame
Like stock take, in by products, 
Am full of it

I would be the man to see, 
Trading stories, like batter trade
See me, am stocked up, 
Yell out

And which do you want, sir 
From knead, I have many to make, sir, mate
Flour surrounds my hands in excess 
I am in the process, aaaaaaaaah

Yell out! aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah
Don't show me mirrors, not yet
Like a boxer, just after a match game,
With bruises

Deeds done in the past 
Just went blind, closed shop
Like a vampire's reflection in mirrors
In consequential

Yell out, aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah
I am shut down, eyes closed
Not that am cold, though
With cold blood, far from it

But am closed eyes, can't afford melt-down
Till we gone past the acid rain, do not
Not to do with, reflections, regrets, apologies 
Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaah, yell out, disturbance, life

Tuesday, 19 April 2011

In Dreams Had

I dreamt, a dream, seeing myself, on a moonless night  
Walking  through, foggy roads, of darkness
Lone tree stood in a distance

Long wild grass, invades minds with scare
Ancient roads, destiny cub-webbed  in doubt
Built long before time, left dormant

Steps I took dis-virgined these paths
Echoes, from the wilderness 
Gave fright to forest walkers

There are things out there, in the background 
Like opposing forces, sent to derail progress
While destiny lies, in abstract dreams

Success is torch light held, a touch away
Guided by motivation
Driven, by assertion 

Then suddenly the dark night
Became overwhelmed by  moon light
I dreamt a dream, a' saw myself in a house of glory

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Monday, 18 April 2011

Alabaster de Plume - My Curmudgeon

Alabaster de Plume, brings something very different to poetry and he is funny with it
On his web site      http://www.alabasterdeplume.com/ are some more of his video
I really enjoyed the unconventional spirit he brings to poetry, do enjoy

Sunday, 17 April 2011

Dear Life

Dear Life,

Mid way through and its life, this is life, so we here to live it; wake the morning face washed, food, kiss love and ready to face it all. New day, like new beginning, they say its new beginnings, but we here to make right the troubles we left from yesterday's excitement; or at least try to, it is a debt we can't run away from, and sin is just a part of it, and we live with it, like every day's breath breathed, that is why on Sundays, I am quick to queue, on queue, to unload in God's hands, that's me with confessions and prayers.

I pray to God, the week goes, better than before, so am less of sin, in my doing; like not being pushed to corners, and thus forced to cut them, and if you not cheating then you not trying, hard enough, forget winning. So I stand the risk of being caught, Judge faced, to face sentence; am all good though, to know my doing and be ready to pay the price, am all good though.

And this is through winter; spring, sparks, shots of germination, that means we have just made it through the mud, like mad men, mad women, with bruises, with purpose and we poking our heads up, still far from trees, worship-ing the sign, sun to climb higher, another master to serve, on the course.

I drop a verse, for the few who have passed on; it is the pain of growing up, to know more of those, and more becomes of more, as age accumulates. I just heard you gone, that was me, speaking to a ghost in pictures. Albums, flipped he looked so alive, he was so I live with life, last I saw of him.

Anyway, this is "dear life" so we celebrating, Christmas, Halloween, San-la, Hanukkah.  Birthdays, Weddings, football, basket ball, matches, Olympics, and just dance; possessed by the music to let loose and be alive; this is dear life, time out on the mountain climb, this is for the celebration, and I just heard you, passed your exams, got promoted, had a boy, a baby girl; you see, that means congratulations are in order, and you have poked another head up, through the mud 

This is dear life, a letter I wrote to life; dear life, even though we are in the queens land, let the summer be more than just rain. Winter was long, believe me, winter was so long, so let us worship the sun, another master to serve, before autumn comes, to show winter again. 

Yours Faithfully 
Kodjo Deynoo

PS: forgive any errors you may find

Saturday, 16 April 2011

Monday, 11 April 2011

Serving Two Masters

Public Announcement:

I have to concentrate on finishing the last few months of my studies 
Hence, I will not be able to post any new poems for a while.

I hope you continue visiting the site, joining and sharing with friends 
And leaving your reviews, which I endeavour to reply to
I appreciate, your comments and take them into consideration in my development.

Kodjo Deynoo 

Sunday, 10 April 2011

Hungarian Kiss

Love on skid-marks run
on clouds, bird's flight 
day count, nigh loves return 

Pink Shoes

Ballerina pink shoes
Click her knees together with joy
Like Merry Poppins, without wings 

Balloons to anchor, levitation 
Switching role play to fly without wings 
Gravity rules thrown to touch  

And the sun's, euphoria 
Will always give her wings 
Like red bull with flight 

Ballerina pink shoes 
She click her shoes to announce flight 
Like Marry Poppins, without wings 

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Saturday, 9 April 2011

Mambo Jambo (Freeverse)

My mambo jambo
For why I write poetry
Putting pen to paper 

One for my passion 
Constantly, forever like 
Fresh like cut meat, grass 

Two is for the place, 
On stages, I want to be on 
When I am done with the grass-roots  

Three is for the game 
Its addictive, poetry, consuming  
Waking up 3am in the morning 

Finger fix, on keys, thoughts exploding  
Key pads and I am relieving 
Words on screen, making it poetry 

This is the passion 
And I am hooked on gladly 
With excitement, like happy days 

Just give me some more outpouring 
Word play, poetry, olle he he
Give me some more essence 
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