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Sunday, 30 June 2013

Prove me wrong; Nature's rule 101

The first impression in the picture above
Is from an instinct of view, subconscious landing 
Relying on observation channeling feelings, eye contact 

And is based on a jolt reaction, faster than the mind 

Can respond to in real time, faster than the speed of light 
On a referenced library of memory 
Built over time from experience. 

The second is rational reasoning of thought 
Based on the conscious mind of analysis at present 
Slow and developing an ideology, debating 
Defining where the nose is placed 

If you saw the man looking directly at you  
You are using your subconscious mind 
 If you saw the man looking sideways 
You are using your conscious mind 

To justify reasoning the forehead
The nose, the mouth, the hair 
And second guessing 
If the ear is in the right place 

Eventually you will agree with your first reaction 

Instinct, an eye contact a sense of awareness 
Yes just as it occurred to me a feeling 
An electric surge from the eye, to the heart to the mind 

Thus the subconscious relies on instinct 

And the conscious relies on reasoning 
The use of the memory bank
Nature's rule 101

Note: A flinch in a sleep a physical jump
from the feeling of falling in your sleep 
is the reaction of displaced upload into the 
subconscious, like the spilled liquid that pours 
on the outside of the bottle when one is pouring 
into the bottle. 

Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Dried Out Roses

A torn heart bleeds tears of sorrowful affliction  
When little angels die harsh to the bone 

Bleed is simple, cut and you see blood 
But not when emotional veins in the heart are ripped out  

She was only little, an angel with baby wings 
Bright as the birth of a new star beaming 

The winds have been rough and strong, dried out roses 
This weathers play has been wicked to the bone, dried out roses

To put off a young lit candle, innocent lights 
To take away a life with sparks, emotions lost  

Children rhymes now hold hallow 
The joy of hearing has turned to haunt 

And tears flow non stop like  larva 
Erupting from the sore of this wounded earth 

Your memory is with joy and intelligence, dried out roses  
Pain pierces the heart rapid  in succession, emotional bleed 

I heard your voice in my sleep last night, last night 
I felt your energy leave to join the universe 

And now you are the star I see up in the sky 
And each night I will see you shining rays on me 

Yet earth misses you, Nana Ama 
I miss you, to have gone so soon, dried out roses 

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

An Enemy Within, Our heroes never reached home

I was told to look out of the window
Keep looking south, friend
Our brothers and sisters that went to war
Are on their way back with victory

They have defeated the old enemy
And so we need not worry no more
Not ever again on this land 
Richly blessed our forefather's left us 

They were spotted in a distance
Crossing the rivers that stands
Tall next to our land the whole stretch
That means they are already home

For the river is on our land
The Gate way to the village
Yet it has been days now
No one has heard word from them

The celebratory drums has been played
It has been beaten hard to tiredness
With holes in its heart bleeding
Begging a reprieve for sight of our heroes

Cannibalistic manners being portrayed
Our leaders have betrayed us 
On all political front and civil heads follow
Both the right and left and those inbetween 

They ambushed and ate the flesh 
Of the sore wounds of our fighters 
Like maggots with greed hunger  
And corrupt deeds that leaves our land dry

The land as a skeleton without flesh
Stripping in a frenzy the very structures
That holds sanctity and value of our people
Our heroes never reached home

The enemy was not that which we conquered
When the river sits on our land once so rich
Yet we starve of thirst and import
From our distant neighbors fish and food

We are no longer able to raise our flags
That once glow through the night
And made us gods of the night
We sit in darkness, our leaders sold it all out

They sold a half piece of the material
The one so precious that holds our soul 
Now when we raise our spirit flags
It no longer shines in the dark

They sold it all for greed, an enemy within
Our leaders are cannibalistic in nature
Pillaging the land dry for greed
An enemy within, our heroes never came home

Sunday, 16 June 2013

On a day like this

There are no songs played, this day
There is no dance, on open floors 
There are no cakes to cut

There are no words for celebratory remarks
Glass raised in honour, a speech on toast absent 
There are no cards with personalized messages 

There are no flowers to be placed in jars 
There are no walks in the park after dine 
No embarrassing stories to tell 

There are just thoughts for the day 
Reflection and memories we hold 
And the heart sits heavy with miss 

Missing innocent smiles 
With each distant mile that lies 
Between you and I on this day....

On a day like this  
From a distant on a day like this 
On this day

Thursday, 13 June 2013

Things fall apart,pick a place

Pick a place, pick a time, pick a location
Pick a season, pick any given topography  

Pick a reason, with any explanation given 
Pick an assertion to stand by as a strong notion 

Pick a flag colour coded as representative 
Pick a cause as derelict which ever it may be 

Pick  a declaration, from this day forth
Pick an activity to devote to, fanatic 

Pick an affirmation as a resolve to medicate to 
Pick a dream, accompanied with visions 

Pick a character, strong as will 
Pick a route, well mapped out 

On occasion though, I apologize 
Gravity just has its day 

No matter what, strong chains break
And things fall apart..

Things fall apart, clouds gather, pick a place 
Any given day, any given day, on occasion   

Sunday, 9 June 2013

The Hunger Game

We sat in the living room in Dansoman 
A suburb of Accra, curtains all drawn down
To keep the uninvited happy sunny face, locked out 
This was no a time for jokes or playful games 

Us young and worrying 
If we worried as kids 
Then mother must have had heavy 
The weight of the world on her shoulders 

To carry the love and protection 
Of her four kids like mother hen 
With no corn harvest to pick on 
Cracked dry was the land, infested with hunger 

Rationing was an art work 
No one was above size ten to flaunt 
And ten would have been fat with affluence 
Or privileged with mystery of gain, mystery of gain 

Early sleep, to wake early at 4 am on queue lines 
Long for the water that cooked the kenkey 
To have the kenkey was a privilege so few
Could afford, if luck had them reach there in time 

Rawlings chain was the jewelry of the neck bone exposed 
Both the young and old wore to show and tell 
As statements of the state of affairs in the country 
Yellow corn and wheat was what was known 

Gari should be made a national treasure in Ghana 
Beans was all the protein one could get 
We hunted the fruit trees to make up the difference 
Hunger always asked his stomach to be belly fully paid 

We became expert tree climbers 
Hanging on the last branch a stretch 
To harvest and pull the bounty it held 
There are tricks to these things 

Ways of getting around climb 
If you know how to throw on targets 
And be quick to get your harvest 
Before eagle eyes that hover gains ground 

This was the hunger game, not Hollywood  
Script with fancy actors pretending to starve
With luxury trailer caravans to return to 
After the director shouts, cut! its a wrap 

We lived in the pulled down curtain era 
Of the 80's where the sun came out 
But for energy preservation of the little food ate 
The kids were not seen out playing 

We played the hunger game in the 80's 
Before today's fast food joints and wasted resources 
I wonder with the world population inflating so fast 
Would we be playing the hunger game again 

In this generation or the next, who is to tell 
Global village it seems brings global consumerism 
And global warming follows suit, global troubles 
Will we be playing the hunger game again so soon 

Who holds the keys to the farmhouse door 
Will it stay opened or locked by the owner to privilege a few 
Is there enough food in storage for tomorrow's demand 
Who holds the keys to the farmhouse, is this the hunger game 

The hunger game.

Saturday, 8 June 2013

I will, I will, I will

I will sing all those beautiful songs 
That you love to hear 
I will, I will, babe I will 

I will catch you when you fall 
From heights above 
I will, I will, babe I will 

And I will roll my sleeves up 
And get dirty with clay molding  
I will, I will, babe I will 

I will climb the height-est mountain 
And come down with a rock from its peak 
I will, I will, babe I will 

For you anything I will  
I will, I will, I will 
Babe I will 

This is is your sculpture 
Let me be your Leonardo Da vinci 
I will, I will, babe I will 

I will mold the perfect love life for you 
Just say how you want it to be done 
I will, I will, babe I will  

I will sing all those beautiful songs 
That you love to hear 
I will, I will, babe I will 

Wednesday, 5 June 2013

If it rains in Georgia, it rains in Accra

Rain drops on my window 
Singing melodies of distant memory echoing sounds 

I sing along to it, it rains down here in Georgia 
And it rains all around the world 

Each line drawn, codes 
Unraveling messages in a bottle 

The rain keeps me grounded 
It allows thoughts to digest 

We have been going for far too long 
Far too long now on cross roads 

Each line drawn out to hypnotize me 
Into a world I have long forgotten about 

It rains down here in Accra 
And I feel the age in time we have lost 

I am back now on your streets again 
Almost as a foreigner to find my way again 

You have changed in so many ways 
Guess I have too, in so many ways 

I have not yet visited my pilgrim home 
Down in Dansoman where memories were first made  

In my safe place my mind always takes me there 
I have not yet visited home Datus so close by 

Last I did it was walled like a prison vaulted entombed 
So different from how I knew it to be, free as before 

Strange, with strangers living there at present 
I have not yet visited home, last I did I got lost 

It rains here in Georgia, a rainy night in Georgia 
That was some old country and western song 

Drawing nostalgic emotions out of me 
Played on XYZ fm, dial on  the end tune 

This is me, sitting in a traffic jam in Accra slow 
Each light flash on my window takes me there and back 

It rains here in Accra, it rains all around the world 
It rains in Georgia too, it rains in Georgia too 

Monday, 3 June 2013

A bird in a shell; before birth

A mother's womb is all a foetus knows 
Waking, walking the warm colour pink of inside skin 

Birds do sing, echoing melodies that tingle sensations 
Beautiful but absent to sights closed 

Guess we are all blind before birth 
Yet for the nine months we live and breathe 

We hear and feel and kick, our mother's womb 
Did you feel that, he just kicked as kicks to excite 

Sounds and voices are familiar to the ears 
Meet and greet long before breath of air 

An "MRI" scan will give you the beautiful 
Bird sound, songs of the heart beat 

Each rhythm with an edge to count 
On count down to the day of birth 

Uniting our dimensions 
You are a bird out of a womb, protective shell 

With cries as songs and you sing songs  
I know you have your favorite song 

Mother played it for you long before this day
I know you know whose voice this is

You heard it sing to you 
Many moons before birth 

Birth, as waking walking singing 
A dimensional crossover, born this day 

Picture by:Waking, Walking, Singing, in the Next Dimension? 1979 by Morris Graves 
Written for:http://magpietales.blogspot.com/

Saturday, 1 June 2013

Democracy, democrazy; let my vote count

When my words are asked in demand 
When my hands are requested on alliance 
When my legs are borrowed for support 

To walk this journey 
To stand this ground 
To pledge an alliance 

Where my stakes do count, thumbprint 
Where a queue means possible change 
Where my presence has effect, dominoes  

And the puppet masters need me now, to pull strings 
And I am made a king maker with cast 
And I am thus destiny onto them as will 

Will I know what to priorities 
Will I know what my interest are 
Will I be wise enough to know in essence 

That the table has turned, favored positions 
That the value is on me, precious 
That I am with vote, a commodity sort  for 

A bargaining chip, to state my need 
An upper hand on chess game, to win a post 
A trading ground, a barter trade, for fair trade my interest 

Or will I just follow party politics 
Waving flags as my interest pledge, banners barmy 
To say it is them against us, foolishly with protest 

Two brothers on opposing sides 
Who is to build our father's house 
To say it is them against us, foolishly on stands taken 

Following party politics, Montague against Capulet  
Let my vote count, so not to demonstrate craziness 
As mine democrazy, my interest is to be seen to as mine 
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