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Thursday, 19 July 2018

Traveler's Path

Good byes
are like funerals without the body
funeral day cloth, colours are as you please  black, red, white or whatever
what does it matter

There are no bodies to cry over
no grounds soft enough to dig
save your crocodile tears
I am not that heavy, enough of that already

I have said soo many "MORE TIME"
and seen soo many friends fade
into distance with no contact
some I didn't even get to say good bye to


Some, distance was all it took
to break friendships bond
some broke the ice and stood soo close
yet so far in relations

I spent so much time on travelers path
I became homeless. My home, the travelers path; foriegn to my own kind
foriegn everywhere I went

Sometimes it hits me hard, with memories
Then echoes becomes the sound of
the deafening silence,
vision of people and places flash like PTSD.

So many doors open, like the gate keeper with keys that fits, all yet fits none
time and memory playing catch and release marks on the size caught

And photo opportunities,
click, then its memory,
These fishes belong to the river
not like, point and kill on dinner's plate

My fingures are running riot
out of control on key pads,
controlled by my thougts
that wakes the night up, in alarm

False alarm, who pulled the fire call point  to force an evacuation of sane minds.
I am guilty of all things
and innocent at the same time

Split personality blames the other
I am just here visiting,
wait if you want to make a case
wait for listening sessions

A grain of dust, makes it all spent
dust cleaners are only fighting
a loosing battle, against the Sahara
 a dust storm is in the horizon

Foreigners still learning tricks of the trade
It is only the novice without the first cut that feels a sense of invincibility
ask gulliver for explanations

Familiarity is the strangers place
I have ever been, like just going blind
having to learn to walk without eyes
and some still hold grudges

Old unsettled debts to be paid,
I lost the book keeper's book
in a hurricane along the line
so raise hands if you are owed

Rations, lets see how much will go around
and if it will get to you, it is only
God who makes it rain to appease thirst
when the air is without miost

But even the desert
is left raising issues
feeling ignored
awaiting on its turn for rationing

Please do not follow me
into the rabbit hole,
that is my mind on free flow
it is an unending waterfall

Sorry to say
You will need a shrink
on therapy lying on couches
trying to untangle it all
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