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Monday, 31 December 2012

Coming of age

I will sweat more in this new dawn  
Climb higher, with each step taken 

Fill my palms with blisters I welcome 
Find steps in my dreams layer 

And bring to life such magic hold 
I will give skeletons their flesh 

Give footpaths their shape 
And live to my potential 

I will grow wings so colourful 
Bend my knees and fly off platforms 

I will see the moon and plant my flag 
I will come of age this dawn  

Saturday, 29 December 2012

How to welcome New

Birth to celebrate 
Dawn to awaken sunrise  
A count down to new 

Thursday, 27 December 2012

The End of Time

Another voice heard out from the box bellowing 
News media, another breaking news to follow 

News flash, heightened reviews  
Sound bites, every second that follows 

The cloud cover lost its greyness, blue sky 
It is all raining red, sky fall 

Meteorites falling out of the sky 
Rainbows fading in colour 

Panic buttons pressed on repeat 
Food hoarders out in force 

Guns loaded and packed with intent 
Do not call a man's bluff in anarchy  

Without a casket measured to fit 
Made by the undertaker just for you 

Own all, sell all, frantic markets, last request 
What rooms do pretenders have in these times 

Newsflash, I heard you came through the back door 
And your room is all packed up, lets have a toast then 

The fire place seems the only ground of refuge 
Not for escape, relief, but for the waited time 

Lets have a toast then, a toast  
Lets have a toast for the end times 
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Wednesday, 26 December 2012

St. Andrews Christmas Carol

St Andrews graced me with a   
Christmas carol last night   
On the park with Christmas lights  
And families that gathered to be serenaded  

Excited dogs and children  
Brightly bundled tumbled out  
Cold breeze with wrapped up jumpers  
Hands of wives and husbands in gloves 

On walks where joy was announced  
As lovers embraced to gather warmth  
St Andrews played me a  
Christmas carol last night  

Neighbours of old a' new en massed 
The music echoed out to distant blocks away  
And from further away many more came  
And followed the seasons festive call 

St Andrews played me a  
Christmas carol last night  
And on this night, this faithful night 
The weight of the day lifted and lightened  

St Andrews played me a  
Christmas carol last night 
And the magic of Christmas took form 
Hardened hearts softened a' the saddest faces smiled 

St Andrews played me a  
Christmas carol last night 
Last night St. Andrews played me 
A Christmas carol 

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Saturday, 22 December 2012

Christmas and Snow Angel

Fine sugar as white 
Flour smooth for bakers cake 
Christmas walks in snow 

Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Sending Out An Angel

I can not always, even with my magic
Pull a bright smile from your tears

I can not always make it rain, even with my magic
When the land around you goes so dry

I can not always make it daylight, even with my magic
Deep in the middle of dusk when nightmares surround 

I can not always bring summer, even with my magic
In the mist of winter, when cold besiege your world 

I can not always be there, even with my magic 
In person, even with my magic, even with my magic 

But in this special season, I am sending you an angel 
Stronger than my ordinary magic hold, a guardian angel 

To settle your heart, knowing distance will not stop me
From always loving you, for love is my greatest magic of all 

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Sunday, 16 December 2012

A Long Way Home

I have fought each day
I have broadened each road

I have crossed the valleys
I have sailed the wildest waves

I have witnessed Spring with its germination
I have watched flowers blossom

I have partied in the summer
I have reacquainted with old friends

I have traveled to festivals
I have danced and cheered this day

I have welcomed autumns fall
I have waved a sorrow wave to ones lost

I have dug a hole deep to prepare for winter
I have braced myself to voyage through the short days

I have, on the long road home 
With the rain and wet grass on my feet 

I have made it to the end of another calender's hold 
I have made it here again this far 

Saturday, 15 December 2012

Making A Wish

Blowing candles on cakes 
Dandelions with longing hope  
Pulling ox eye daisy 

Friday, 14 December 2012

Voices In The Wind

There is always a voice in the winds 
Blowing west to the south, east to the north 

There is always a whisper in the winds 
Echoing, distorted cacophony of chat 

There is always a ghost in the shadows 
Taking forms of the shapes to form 

There is always a scare a sense 
Of a presence, eerily and haunting 

There, yet when I look it stays empty 
There, thoughts and wander prolonged 

There and dreams are just the same 
Mystery that surround this world 
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Sunday, 9 December 2012

My route, mapped out

Found reasons on seasons  
To facilitate my observation's path 

Mapped out contours body art 
With topography on hills and valleys 

My palm is to be read 
As this tattoo of my habitation 

Earth is a line, drawn for directions 
Each is my own route map I take 

Jail break on thoughts baffles   
The avenue of my junctions 

Compasses are made from the stars 
On the globe I carriage on as a traveler 

Between time and space 
Each wrinkle, marks a passage drawn 

Tomorrow I will be with the cosmos 
As a stardust that once walked this earth 

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Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Statue At Prominent Spot

What makes a man a legend
Ordinary at birth, with no indications

Ordinary at school, never the star convection
Or the teacher's pet, no apples a day, table mount

Troubles is, what trouble, brings, gives, reputation  
He, oh he came with a bucket full and then some

Used up his three strikes rule as condition
And found a lop hole, just by a whisker of skin  

If skeletons were to tell tales, juicy to the ears  
Sat on Jeremy Kyle's show with gossip at hand

Lie detectors would have, I say
Their integrity questioned at length

Dead presidents would not make
Indeed, make him a frontline soldier 

Yet he became the fortune of legends
And had his statue at  prominent spot

Saturday, 1 December 2012

Stormy Windows In Utopia

Sometimes I feel soo
Close with excite, victory rains
Sometimes, storms brew haunts
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