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Monday, 31 January 2011

Monday's Tabloid

See if cash money, rules the world
That means am secondary
They say am secondary

Like my life, comes after the money talk
And it's the world trade, pyramid 
The three masons, who set the rules

Sunday mails say 6 millions bees in the world
And it's only 1% , that makes the queens
And she says, and it done, it's the money talk, honey talk

And I see, and I see, and I see brother bee starving
Bony head, bony ribs, and he is starving
Lord knows, he is starving, call him, him Marvin

Red cross, lay aligned charity trucks
And poverty stands, opposite cash money
Rush money, hide money, Swiss accounts opened

And the tax is not paid by the rich, the rich,
and the rich is  famous, famously selfish
And they want it all, greedy is in, green eye seen

You see, if cash money rules the world
That means I am secondary, void social mobility
They made me secondary, second class

Pure capitalist mind set secondary, 
Rich man, poor man, big gap
Then they say, they say shhh

We know best, we educated
Eaton educated, so we know best
Best believe we know best
We politicians, we know best

Sunday, 30 January 2011

Haiku Love

Sight enchanted awe 
Words elude to dazzle, oh
How splendor is love

Angels Walk

When I close my eyes
I see angels standing beside me
They guide me, they hold me safe

When I walk a mile
I see angels running beside me
They walk with me, foot print step by step they make

When I sleep the night
On the four corners of my bed
They stand guard, my holy, that's my fire wall

They guide me, like a convoy, protected, am safe now
This is my deliverance, I hear them, their whisper 
My worship, my stories told, it's a testimony  

Beside me; there is an angel, walking beside me
And he leaves, foot steps, foot prints
Hallelujah , he leave foot prints beside me

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Saturday, 29 January 2011

Home Coming

Home is where the heart is
I am safe now, 

My backyard so;

# I am coming home
# I am coming home
# So go tell love, I am coming home
# I am coming home

I have been gone, for so long,  too long, on too-daloo 
Compasses used, run out of directions to point
So we replaced them, with the stars and carried on

 It has been, layers upon layers 
Like a tree trunk circles with history to tell
And it all sits inside, few see

What bad weathers left on us
We laughed it off, and carried on 
The journey is long, and long awaited 
And now I am indeed I am 

# I am coming home
# I am coming home
# Some body tell love, I am coming home
# I  am coming

These times past, feels like journeys,
Gone past yesterday, reset today 
The memories takes us, run around circles
Faces and acquittance comes and go, in turnover

Like yesterdays birthdays
Few things I did share with love ones
Not all stories are to be told
So we blackout  sentences

This is the making of a man
We had our blessing and left home
This is the transition on ceremony

 We grew wings and left the nest
We went out hunting, and making waves
We found reasons, in new seasons and paradigms 
We made sense of it all, and then finally

# I am coming home
# I am coming home
# Send words to love, I am coming home
# I am coming home

There are things in these wilderness
Not to be spoken off, on scouts honour 
They lark in stone throw branches nearby

And we know their presence, we feel their threats
This is not for the vulnerable, boots  that shivers 
We lost that long before this stage reached

No longer scared of the darkness
It is the route we have to walk through 
And when it's all done, over and done with 
Tell love I am coming home

# I am coming home
# I am coming home
# Go tell love, I am coming home
# I am coming home

To be greeted, by what we fought for 
There has been doubters, stood with acid rain 
And we've seen them off, like dominoes 
Brushed off, like fluffs brushed off our shoulders 

We float on sinkable
We walked bare foot on fire balls
Sat on the front line of free fall

There has been sorrow with friends and love ones
And we've shared their pain,and ours theirs
Now I am coming home, end lines reached we made it 

# I  am coming home 
# I am coming home
# Finally it stands that, I am coming home
# Tell love I am coming home

We are there now, we see the horizons 
Close by, two steps away now
And we finally made it
So I am coming home

Friday, 28 January 2011

Silence Winds

Shared with: http://onesingleimpression.blogspot.com/

Today, these days, the air feels thin
A change nears, the silence is deafening
Words are not spoken, the evening seems close by

For there is no word 
That can carry such sensing 
To describe in true magnitude of what lingers

But no one says, so even in distance lands 
Where once enemies were made of one 
Old friends sits with apprehension

What are we to do, when the time comes
What are we to say, in time passing
Yet we know, we are only mortal 

And the only immortality that can be offered 
Is by name, the body is fragile, this body is weak 
But this is a giant in the forest, a silver back

So we will all notice his absence
Yet he is only mortal,
So we seat in silence, wary

For no word is strong enough 
To carry emotions felt 
To relive the soul of such burden

Of this apprehension, in sadness 
The lonely heart feels
Even before giants fall, 

Rivers of tears, that runs deep in souls
Know they will soon be called upon
To rain down, on the sight of man, in last rights

But for now we hold on
This is our fight with mortality
This is our fight to keep our grandfathers

Off on Two

As apples fall off, on Newton's law
Rotten to free seed for germination
And man lands on moon, in a race to plant flags
I ask of "sin" what was his role played

The unsung hero he cries
'Yet my image for my life will be
Tarnished by what necessity requires
Of me in sacrifice to do'

And sacrificial lambs are made of the family
Of the man held a hero by society
If only quantum mechanics, could allow in reality
Standing in two places at the same time

Folded flags and medals on honour
Seats in pride of place
As currency of what was lost in trade off's
We are sorry for your loss; "moving on"

But I say as sin, I am the unsung hero
And what is more selfish, sinful, 
And selfless, giving, for giving
To live for one, or the benefit of all

Oh, does the end justify the means
And goodness takes credit for germination
Brightness, cleanliness and holiness
No dust talked of, on work in progress

Like the owner of the building
Taking the credit for the builders work
'Did I not tell you, I was the unsung hero
But for my life my name will be tarnished'

For what has to be done
What got moved, changed, sacrificed 
I am the sinful means
That got us here 

Thursday, 27 January 2011

Tulips Stands

In a  field of daffodils
Bright as the sun bless
My tulip, still stands out with finesse

She turn dafadils into props
That stands, as platform background
To project her presence, of adoration 

Like the beauty of the rain drop
That seats on a fresh green leaf
Beautifully in grace, grace is tulips
And she is grace, with delight 

In a field of daffodils bright
Your tulip still stands out with finesse
Like the best dressed dancer
On a Brazilian carnival, samba

And the sun knows
To  shine the spot light on you
And man knows, and I know
To adore your presence 

Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Make A Move Son

So here we are, coin tossed in the air
Between genesis and revelation 
Asked to make a statement 

Show your intent, state your course 
What would be your path, your faith
Are you a right winger or for the left wing 

Some say, 
Destiny is the environment we grow in
We are the air we breath

Peer pressure is the defining attributes of society 
One way or the other, we all get involved
In communal spirit, for better or for worse 

Caught between genesis and revelation
Asked to make a stand, no one remains neutral
Not even the Swiss, you either swim or sink

What will it be
Tilting weights do sway, make a move son 
To the left or to the right, you decide 

Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Five Daughters

The White Powder; Happy Dust
In support of :http://www.iceniipswich.org.uk/

I am alone, lost in a dark place
It is my love of life, t' brought me to y'r door step
It is the excitement you bring
That lured me into your seduction

Then at night;  scooch, you broke me in two
On addictions, my nostrils bleed, for your nose candy
You made me walk in the cold at night, junky all alone
You sold me for cheap, to the devil's wickedness 

It is my love of life, the need  for joy
That brought me, desperate to your door step
It is my love of life, that brought me here 
Here, onto scared unhallowed grounds 

While I watch conniption, my hysteria of loneliness 
In outer skin, out of body, seeing myself 
About to comatose in sensation  
Felt betrayed by your ghostly powder 

Left on the coroner's lonely cold table 
Stripped of  my dignity, to bare 
Long before being bisected by autopsy  
To be identified by family, as empty 

Your white powder, 
Stardust, white lady, robbed me
You robbed me of my life, 
You stole away my dreams

The following below is written by the family of: Paula Clennell
I want your head on my shoulder
I want to breathe you in and know that you are safe
I want to see your, feet up watching telly
I want to tell you, not to swear
Angel girl, come back to me

Written by: R.I.P Annette Nicholls
Me and my adorable man
Will one day walk hand in hand
Away from this place
For the rest of our days
For the rest of our lives
No more this, no more that
No more the other
Me and my brave, brave man
Nights in with the telly
Days out with the family
A walk in the park
See me the sister
See me the daughter
Perhaps in time, a wife
So Proud
See me , a mother.

The Five Murdered in 2006 by Steven Wright ;
Gemma Adams, Tania Nicol, Anneli Alderton
Annette Nicolls and Paula Connell
May their souls rest in peace 
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Monday, 24 January 2011

Monday's Child

So we start again
The birth of a new week; Monday
The highs, the lows, the reluctant starts 

I am a Monday's child, the school bus que
Hence the name Kodjo, Ajao, Adwoa, Quajo, Kojo  
A Monday's child, name calling, roll calling; Kwadwo

But like the rest of them
The best of them,  with the Sunday's blues 
Oh, I hate Monday's car parking restrictions

But I am a Monday's child
So I put a lot more on my plate 
In self fulfilment, in self attainment

This time, this week 36 in hours and some
I will give to strive and traffic jam
Before my Saturday reach

Oh I hate Mondays
Like the feel of the shower 
Cold before entering    

As the week starts 
Oh Friday "are we there yet" 
But then mid week through

See me inside basking 
Loving everything else it brings
I am  a Monday's Child

Sunday, 23 January 2011

Meer Life

It is fear that makes us brave 
Eternity is not given to man yet
Few see, sat on flat top topography
That is why the meerkat stands on two legs

Simples, simples on tv adverts simples
And I am not gifted with the neck of a giraffe
The eye of the eagle, and the smell of a shark

But my senses are sharp, my instinct detect
My third eye in sixth sense, knows in my gut feelings
Before shut down on shatter and all is out for the taken

Sometimes I leave it to the had I known
Stupidity and regrets are words that exist for a reason
So some times I bite the bullet, a’ go dancing with the wolves

Barking mad at the moon, off with the wolves
Parting like a rock star, living it up, living it large
Swimming against the tide

Experience gives grounds to have word in know
What do you know, really what do you know
If without experience, what grounds to utter word

What do you know, call it an excuse
I am to be excused, excuse me while I strap my stuff
Ready to free fall, feel my nerves
Adrenaline is the epitome of existence

Let me wake, like dreams before impact of fall
So I can say I lived a life and survived to tell the story
And I did not cowardly stay away
Fear the rain will melt my soul

Wise enough to have left, before hypothermia
Got to the better of me
To have gained life experience
To have lived a life, I lived a life 

Saturday, 22 January 2011

Free verse, Money men

Shared with:  OneShotPoetryhttp://oneshotpoetry.blogspot.com/

Windows up, he is wind up, money not on trees
His wind up; he is, in after his paper count
Bundled up, wrapped up,stack up, decked up

His paper weight, paper thin
He said it's all about the money men
Wonga wonga, women, booze cash money men

See but we all about the game men
Game plan, set plan; strategies, strategized
We making inroads, head roads, this road

Sat on navigator's seat, sat, strapped up
It's monopoly, steady go, steady play
Call it real life monopoly, it's dice play

We've got cards, like get out of jail cards
Passs go, pass cops, pass courts
Lawyered up, case made on acquittance

We climb ladders,
To avoid snakes on free fall
Like bungee jump; we still safety strapped 

Seen; its not about the money
The coin count, cha, cha cha ching
Its all about the game, its monopoly
Real life board game

Friday, 21 January 2011

Drink Games

If I was a drunk, I did say 
Who is in; who's first, who's first to go
One shot, two shot, three shot
Happy Larry, tongue gone blurry 
Lardy lardy laa laaaaaaaaaaa

Who's got the party, get crushers 
I wanna dance with somebody, well hammered 
Some sambuka on cocktails, watch him
He's tail wagging, watch him, watch him

Typical me, typical Friday
Typical, drink, drink, drunk
One Shot, two shot, three shot,go Larry
Let me have my comatose 

Who is the one with
The projectile, spat
Sat on comatose, laa laa
Come on, one more  Larry 

Me name is Larry, hi Larry, me is a tanker
Pass me the vodka, shot, shot, shot
Hit me on the cider, add the shots now
Just another Friday night with a shot

Let me have my comatose
Waking with a hanger over, on morning break
Oh what a night its been, amnesia 
Repeat, repeat games on Saturday
Let me have my comatose

If I was a drunk

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Thursday, 20 January 2011

Field of Dreams

So there we are
Locked between dreams and reality
Blurry borders, of where one ends

Like earth and water
Mixed into Quagmire
Like muddy quick sand

Psychosis, in dream walk
So am I guilty for my sub-conscience
To be judged by the conscience 

And my dreams are filled with 
Characters played, in scenarios script
In my dreams, I can fly a plane

In my dreams, I am being chased, 
In my dreams, I am naked in a crowded room
In my dreams, geography has no boundaries

I wake and wonder
I try to make sense of
But I am always left pondering to know how

Do I chase myself with different faces attached
Did situations really happen in reality deja-vu 
Or was it, just an excerpt from my dreams 

Borders blur
And my sub-conscience holds secrets 
It denies my conscience the privilege of know

While all this time
I thought we were on the same team
While all this time, I look in as a third person
Trying to make sense of it all

Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Off On One

If a tree falls in a forest and no one sees it
In time, one walks in the forest and sees no fallen tree
The age old question, of old cliché
Then remains, did the tree really fall

If skeletons of dinosaurs were never found
Did they then have ever existed
"Killed" by nature's extent 
What of others not found yet

While man is said to be an evolution of monkeys
Who stopped the factory of change
Left monkeys in parallel worlds 
With humans in coexistence

Albert Einstein once  asked
If no one watches the moon
Is it really there

If this is the question in "surrealism"  then ask
If it is known today that atoms 
Are not the smallest indivisible particles

Yet with electrons, neutrons and protons
Then with protons comes 
K mesons, omega baryons
Pi mesons, electrons, neutrons
Just call them the particle zoo

In life, why are we still thought 
That atoms are the smallest particles of matter
And examiners, mark us right on "descent" lies

What is reality 
Is it what we see, 
On assumption calculated on choice
Of what our minds do show us in projections

What of the universe and 
What happens  to the gift of thought, soul
When I am no longer here
What happens to brilliant minds

What of ghost, levitation, illusion on magic
What is quantum mechanics
What is craziness

What secrets am I not being told
What does the other half of my minds holds
With fingers crossed behind on truth be told

I agree to live 
On the assumption of assumptions 
Made to normalise “reality”

My existence, my compromises to conform
To obey the laws of the land
But don’t ask me what is reality
I will just go off on one 

Tuesday, 18 January 2011

On Writer's Block

Sometimes I get tongue tied
Brain tied, caught in a smoke of fog
With no directional heads, like stage fright

Inspiration lost to the freak storm 
It blows me off course, at sea
And the stars have lost their way
Throwing tantrum, like my GPS on freeze
While Gypsies settle, and still demand to be called nomads
 Sometimes my mind just goes blank, like a blank sheet 

And wires plugged entangled are without power  
Of electric energy, they seat lifeless
Sometimes I am left with the writers block 

Bewildered, while ghosts lose their will to fright
On strike, on account of not being paid 
In the house of haunt, for work done

Sometimes I am bed tied, laziness, coziness, couch potato
Gather joy in indulgence, while still sat with frustration
Of the pondering mind, what can be done, what should be done 

This time the parrot is without words, 
Silence is bless, finally serenity 
Yet it seems all is not right, with tinkering minds 

And rain in rain forest becomes a rarity in the amazon 
Protesting on global warming, being taken for granted  
On too many scrambled papers thrown into the bin by conscience writers  

Some times, I am with the writers block
And the forest will hand me no more papers, on rationing 
To pen down my thoughts, set in abstract, on writers block

Still I sweat to deliver your daily dosage of
Enlightenment, poetry, demand a voice 
And my voice is to be the one heard, its a call

So sometimes I am left with the frustration of writers block 
While thoughts runs rampage in my head
Sometime it all just pours out, with no hold back  

Just when I think 
I am having a writers block 
What is that, a writers block? 
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Monday, 17 January 2011

Insomnia Haiku

Friend; oh friend dear
Help suspend sup-conscience 
 insomnia rest, dreams
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