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Sunday, 11 October 2015

Salt and Sugar

I have tasted salt and sugar
Not salt mixed with sugar, mixtures

Though I am known
For concussion, I rather rather not

I have tasted sweet and sour
Yes sweet mixed with sour

I don't know why, oh why
It came with a Chinese food, I had

Along the line
In fast lane, going no where,  stops

And bitter sweet is a song I know
But sweet bitter I would avoid, I rather

Spinning round I do enjoy
But the world gets awfully dizzy, just when I stop

So it is that I once had a cup of tea
A spoon I took of white crystal to sweeten

The wrong crystal, so white
Mistaken to be sugar

A sip of this, oh my God
Oh my God, reactions reactions

I cannot swear, swear
I cannot swear; I swear, oh my God

Like the world getting dizzy
As sweet bitter to have avoided

A spit out with such rush gush
And water to wash it off my mouth

Don't make me feel so hated
When all I did was to lend you a hand

At my expense a hand I lent
Bitter sweet, I can handle

But sweet bitter, bitter bitter spit
Sorry I would rather avoid

If you don't mind, my mind
Boggling on cause and effect,

Why so, so
Oh why

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