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Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Normality, Oh I Am Just Mad

What is normality 
Oh but, I am just that mad 
How would I know, what do I know 

The mad man does not want 
Society to cure his madness,
Believe me, I am one, I know

He only just expects society 
To understand and appreciate 
His madness, there is a method to it 

Unfortunately it is, as it is 
Long after the fact, that is
That society gets it 

Where he is coming from 
Not coco land, you know 
Set behind the mountains

Know this; am telling you
The average madness of society 
At a given time, is defined as normality 

Past that time it is termed as 
"what were we thinking" 
How could that ever have been

Fact is laws, laws
Would even be passed
To affirm the status quo,

Ask me how slavery
And Hitler's reign
Lasted so long a time

Ask me how was it ever possible
We got so close to a nuclear war
To burn the earth to ashes, ashes to ashes

And some say
The aliens stopped it, with prayers and UFOs
Just at the nick of time

What is normality
Oh but I am just that mad
How would I know, what do I know 

Saturday, 26 September 2015

I Am Forever Rasta

Take a glass of water and gently
Slowly sip through, feel all the senses
The taste, the wetness, the awareness 

The temperature, 
Feel the flow of it, as it is ...Yeah, Mon
As it goes through your throat

Feel the grip of the glass,
See the colour of the water,
Memorise every act you make

In drinking the water
In quenching your thirst
In being alive, feeling alive ....Yeah, Mon

We take so much for granted
Until we have no breath left in us.
When we die we remain still, stone as still

Stone as; where we had our last breathe
Until someone comes and takes us,
A love one, comes for us....Yeah, Mon

Organise a ceremonial burial
And offer us with that last dignity
As burial, my burial rite

We are nothing without love,
Nothing without companionship,
Nothing without empathy,  care...Yeah, Mon

Someone has to give you
Your last dignity of burial rites.
A passage to ancestral lands

But do not bring falsehood
To my burial grounds
Honour me your true feelings..Yeah, Mon, as true

When I am gone.
Speak of me as I was
My good, my bad and my ugly,

For Rasta will and forever always
Be a realist, no apologise.
I am forever Rasta, in loving memories.. Yeah, Mon


Sunday, 20 September 2015

What Is Abstract, Pablo Picasso

See I don't need to write
A bunch of jargon, complex wheeling wagons
To pontificate bluster, jab & perplex, wrangling
Devotional minds, don't disturb meditations

I would rather draw
Or leave brush strokes on canvass
Projecting my lunacy on view
Like graffiti on side streets

Are you with me, fingers snap
Like are you still with me, in the room
Snap snap, snap out of it
If not just say before we proceed

As we proceed
With a state of confusion
In a maze farm lost
Trying to wiggle out of disorientation

Lets go back to basics, basis
Baby steps on trail drive
Leaner's driver given
On the fool's guide to the universe

Images and maps posted
At vantage points
To bring lost sheep home
Are we there yet, they ask

Awaken with chants of bravado
Were you there
Present to see
Bared witness with sight

As the journey starts
Sleeping bugs bites to infect
Inducing a state of
Sleep paralysis, nodding off

Lets pray the one with his hands
On the driver's wheels, steering
Is still awake, for God sake
We pray, AMEN

Death is always close to sleep
And people that have come close
To it,  death's door that is
Always seems to testify of a dream state

Let me ask you a question then
Are you awake, asleep or dead, deader
Which one feels like the strangest of all
Life imitating art for forgery on Pablo Picasso

Are you with me, not on hypnosis
Like are you still with me
In the room or wondering
On day dreams of thought

I do not mean to confuse you
Sir, sir; Madam madam altered presence
Ghost on a day release, please take a seat
Calm down the asylum on prison break

It is Pablo Picasso
Go figure on
What is abstract

Friday, 18 September 2015

Politics, Rhetoric and A Voters Register

Sticks and stones on crush course, no seat belt 
And they said, we will not break, nor sweat as much 

But the police got offended 
Court injunctions before march on junctions 

Something about, someone said shouting 
Koti ooo koti, on demonstration with a cause 

Let our vote count 
Or was it new registration, some thing on rhetoric 

Graffiti splattered, plastered all around town 
Awareness, preparedness, excitement on adrenaline 

On both sides tension heightened mount 
Counting down on D-Day, today be today 

No shaking, we dey form, we dey 
Bravado sipping cocktails of adrenaline 

Something about, someone said shouting 
Protest, protest, lets protest on a hot afternoon 

Then someone said, shouting in response
Koti ooo koti on un-designated paths 

All hell breaks loose 
Skin to batons, batons to skin, for autograph's display 

Skid marks left for political talks on radio, Radio parrots, knock knock; who is there 

To be or not to be, William Wallace 
Aggrieved on judgement stand 

Society left standing on weighted average 
Waiting to see where the weight will drop 

We must be entering the election season 
Democracy, is demonstrating craziness 

Sunday, 13 September 2015

On Wishful Wishes

Quite, quite contrary & wonder, hurray  
Jubilation & happy wishful wishes, hurrah  

Hurrah, hurray 
Hurrah, hurrah 

Praise the stars bright lights 
And their constellation 

Each night I travel 
Through the sky into celestial sphere 

Hurrah, hurrah 

Andromeda , Orion, Aries  
Draco and Cassiopeia 

Happy thanks givens    
To celebrate gather 

Hurrah, hurrah 

Send my wishes 
To the fairy in the woods 

Tell them I gain 
From their blessing 

Hurrah, hurrah 

On wishes 
We wish for 

Happy birthday 
To the brightest star 

Hurrah, hurrah 

When stars gather 
The brightest star you are 

Send a twinkle my way 
To brighten my path 

Hurrah, hurrah 

Be my guide 
To lead me home 

Quite, quite contrary & wonder, hurray 
Jubilation & happy wishful wishes, hurrah 

Hurrah, hurray
Hurrah, hurrah 

Wednesday, 9 September 2015

The braveness of bliss

When you see the brave 
Flinch at the dark arising, 

Know it is because they 
Have faced the pitch dark night before 

Bruises are torn marks left 
For battling the night 

Baby soft skins are a novelty 
They do not last through the night 

Ignorance is bliss, like seriously 
Sleep sleep, do not wake the night

And stare the darkness in the eye 
Few have lived to tell the story 

Keep your ignorance 
And dare the darkness 

In bright day light, chest out 
With the braveness of bliss

 #life #philosophy #culture

Sunday, 6 September 2015

The Second Coming

Cry out when you see 
The clouds form, we have been 
Informed of the second coming 

Revelations, revelations 

Something lurks in the bush  
Like a shadow of old soldiers 
Who run wild, wild  

On this here 
Grass land 

Blood socked boots matching 
As heroes wandering 
The wilderness 

Where is home 
Where is home 

History likes to repeat itself 
Like an old record player  
That has been played a thousand times 

Yes, history likes 
To repeat it self 

Cry out when you see 
The clouds form, we have been
Informed of the second coming 

The coming, the coming 
The second coming 

Kiss the foreheads of your love ones 
And say a prayer 
For their safe passage 

This is going to be 
A rough road 

I testify with my own naked eyes
I saw the lifeless body 
Of a child washed up ashore 

This is the 21st Century 
Revisiting the mid-evil ages

Our heroes are those who take life 
And have theirs taken for cheap  
On battle fields, we worship  

Blood for blood 
Rivers of blood,  a sea of blood 

The priest will offer 
Them redemption 
After confessions 

A clean slate 
As clean 

And some will shout 
"God Is Great "
Beheading their victims 

God's own 
God's own creation 

Yes cry out when you see 
The clouds form  
We have been informed 

Of the second coming 

Picture by http://artunleashed.zoomblog.com/

Thursday, 3 September 2015

Money is a god

If you look at the world 
We live in,  vividly clear 
In its true colour and form,

It would be hard to believe 
In humanity a concept and 
What it is suppose to stand for. 

The asylum of country, 
Religion and politics 
Is being run by mad men. ‪

#‎art‬‪ #‎philosophy‬ #‎culture‬ 

We are all walking blind 
And money is a drug on overdose 
Being worshipped as gods 

Popping pills daily 
To maintain the delusion 

Sacrificing human beings 
On the alter of war
 Greed, famine and hunger 

To the gods of money
#capitalist thinking 
To the gods of money 
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