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Saturday, 31 December 2011

The Last Supper

In my last supper 
I ask to have my table laid 
I ask to sit facing east  

I ask to have a banquet set  
With delight, a feast fit to serve a king 
In my last supper 

In my last supper 
Sat with friends on the eve of the night before 
And in waiting, who remains, who betrays  

In my last supper 
Before the cock crows to announce,  new calenders 
And a new paradigm is unwrapped, set on us 

On the eleventh hour of transformation 
Stood dressed in fine suits to impress 
I asked to be served my last supper, of this time 

This time, of this time 
In my last supper 
Indeed in my last supper of this time 

Friday, 30 December 2011

A rabbit hatching an egg

Is there a rabbit hatching an egg on the magic roundabout  
Is this a dream or wake on view, in viewing post, review  

Today I sat, deep in the land of thought, lamenting 
Sleep came and went before the midnight hour hit clock 

Still I had a journey, long in the land of silence to contend with  
I brought out my thinking cup, boiling to the brim, near overflow 

The clocks found their voices to whisper outrageous loud 
Yelling away in synchronicity, with the second's finger 

So that got me up, in the land of insomnia 
Hours before the new day was born to morning light 

Like a father in anticipation, pacing up and down  
The corridors of time and life in expectation 

Looking deep into walls, to be privileged with ponder 
First sights into rooms and what comes after 

Would the rabbit hatch an egg, wearing a pink tutu 
Would the mermaid, stand on catwalks in a beauty contest 

Oh what is to come, when the clock hits the hour  
And Grayson Perry got all dressed ready in waiting 

For t' second coming of Alan Measles worshiping a teddy bear 
What comes after, when the clock hits the hour 

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Thursday, 29 December 2011

Back to the future

A door stands in the midst of day 
Waiting to be opened  
I had a dog called who-nose  
Oh what does the future hold   

Knock knock is a step away 
A step close on door steps
From the future, back to the future 
Oh what does the future hold  

With time jingle on tic toc  
And events set to take place 
I had a dog called who-knows  
Oh what does the future hold  

The new is always wrapped in anxiety 
Jump jump on presents wrapped 
So much excitement, of things to come 
Oh what does the future hold  

To do thus, places to be, people to see
My dog was called who's nose 
This and that, etc etc 
Oh what does the future hold 

In these times, times like this 
The soothsayer is favoured the most 
With claims to have an incline on
Oh what does the future holds  

Beating around the bush on guess work 
More like with a sneak eye open to study reaction
Did I tell you, I had a dog called wholeness   
Oh what does the future hold 

To read one's body language, like a dog tail 
And say I see, oh yea I see, I saw, oh yea it's back 
Well of course you see, stupid 
Oh what does the future hold 

Now even the Mayan's are at it as well with 2012  
Oh well, but nah too fancy for me, much fuss is made 
I would own a dog and call it whoopees 
Oh what does the future hold 

In any case, we will all, all see 
Soon enough, just soon enough 
Bear witness soon enough 
On what the future holds 

Just like the days before and now today
And tomorrow follows with patterns of before 
The name of my dog is knows-how 
Oh what does the future hold 

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Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Shadows on the wall

Some times I find myself  in that zone of demolish thought  
Caught between entangled nets of confusion, abstract 
Between light, shadows and the objects they project 

Sometimes it is just ordinary entities, they portray 
Like a hand rabbit projected on walls 
Sometimes it is the others, more scary and wary 

That gives fright on walls in the finest hour of dawn 
Like seeing a shape of a man in the middle of the night 
Stood in the middle of one's bedding space 

Between sleep and wake, resolutions of know 
Illusion of thoughts, that sends shivers 
Delusion of grungier, on what fright they bare 

Some say t' day a' its hills, a' what tomorrow brings 
Holds excepts of our anxiety and fear, transformed in shades
It is these that travel through t' winds in shadows on the walls 

And appear in our dreams 
Shadows on the wall 
I just saw a shadow on the wall 

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Tuesday, 27 December 2011

How rich is a drop of rain

How rich is a drop of rain, or just a word  
I am going to follow its journey, in just words 
For just a drop, how rich is its worth 

It starts on impact with a bounce on leaf  
A trickle here, a trickle there 
A trickle, a trickle gravitating everywhere 

Slowly in the middle to forms of nectar 
The birds and bees do feed on trickles  
Pollen formed from a trickle, a trickle 

A trickle bounce a' bounce, a trickle drop of rain 
To the earth it falls, to the land sipping through  
To the roots, where it reaches, with riches to feed 

And the tree that stands to benefit, blossoms bright 
Green shoots of leaves to pronounce its health
And for its wealth, a harvest of fruits, and then some 

And then some, how rich is  drop of rain, I ask, 
Forget not I drank a glass of a trickle, a trickle  
The last of it, gave rivers for the fish to swim, the sea 

The last of it, went back up, like wisdom gained  
Into the clouds to rain again, showers to rain  
Rain is a drop, a trickle, a trickle another day 

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Monday, 26 December 2011

Capturing a flower

This flower, capturing this moment  
A stretch out to touch this gem 
This pearl, solidified to make fascination real 
Align allegiance with spectacular, this radiance  

To witness this moment 
To touch fairy wings and unicorn horns  
I have seen magic in its purest, in this life 
What delight of beauty ordained on nature  

When the heavens leaves open, oportune  
Curvature doors long enough ajar, this moment   
To witness paradise with such sight from earth 
And see rainbow radiate from within, this aura  

This angel, this moment, this smile 
This twinkle in the eye 
This star bright, this joy 
Forever captured, this flower  

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An Obsession (1 of 3)

I have an obsession with the night 
It draws me in, like a feed 
Every night with transformation  

Oh, what mystery the nights holds 
From the earth to the heavens and beyond 
Darkness surrounds the blueness of  sky 

It leaves my defined ideation clouded in lost 
It says it all and says nothing at all  
Infecting my  mind to wonder madly 

Between  the safeness of dreams 
And nightmares haunt, that follows 
Surrealism conjures images and thoughts 

Insomnia would not excuse, as escape  
Invasion of thoughts that ponders wildly 
Orging with pleasure and of guilt and scare 

Drawn into hallucination with opened eyes wide 
Blearing borders of reality and dreams
Compelling with tacit, holding grounds at night 

I have an obsession with the night 
It wakes my primal being 
To tickle my senses 

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Sunday, 25 December 2011

Merry Christmas

Christmas carols 
Ding dong merrily merrily sang 
By the beautiful choirs of ordinary people  

The angels look, they listen with delight 
As this day the heavens and earth 
Are synchronised to rejoice  

Family reunions, presents and gifts  
Bickering to the side, time out on call  
Lets all hug and make up, as one 

A feast for all to rejoice in 
Love, health and hope to share 
Have a merry Christmas, me dears 
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Saturday, 24 December 2011

Having a warm soup

We all meet up in the middle sometimes 
When the seasons are right 
We all brush off the mud on our boots 
On the doormat, that spells out welcome home 

Walking out of the cold into the warmth 
An empty chair seats idle  
With our names imprinted on, reserved  for
Like a movie director's chair with comfort 

Here take your coat off 
Here have a seat, here a warm soup 
Or coco, have some bread to fill you up 
And do tell us stories of adventure 

And trepidations, dragons you have slayed 
 At some point, I feared I wouldn't make it 
Nightmare rings awakening, like alarm clocks 
To my sleep awake and I sweat the demons out  

Words do, belittle experience to talk of 
But hold on, it is a lie what was spelt out  
In the beginning so bold, like prophecy 
And infested with assurance that mild  

We do not all meet in the middle sometimes 
When the seasons are right 
Some never made it back and empty seats 
Remain around tables in advent 

An old friend passed away 
He will not be here this year 
An old friend changed alliance, false start   
He now stands at the front line with the enemy 

An old friend lost his map 
He sits in the cold in street corners begging 
Without direction on course to take  
The magnet in his compass is without life 

So I hold back my speech of travesty 
And look into the hamper bag I carry  
To bring out presents of merry, I carry more of those 
Don't be fooled by t' size of t' bag, it is like the Tardis   

The most valuable of all, is to have made it here 
In the middle sometimes, when seasons are right 
To brush off the dirty on our boots, on welcome mats 
Hang our coats and have a warm soup 

NB: If you saw the baby in the picture above 
you have good eyes and Merry Christmas 
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Friday, 23 December 2011

I am an oddball

Stupidity begrudges wisdom 
When what is said is abnormal  
And cannot be related to  
In the conventional sense "sage, says"

Normality can then be argued  
As does so often given in evidence 
To be the bedrock of wisdom 
As was wise not to have tried any different " you chicken" 

Walking on water on a surfboard  
Wise to say the earth was flat 
To save one's skin, stupidity of Galileo 
#Galileo, Galileo, got himself hanged 

But every now and then in new lights 
The scale of uniformity goes the opposite direction  
To start a new dimension of paradigm 
Like new seasons and green is the new black 

Which can only be instigated 
Under the auspices of abnormality 
A concept needing a dialogue  
An out of the box thinking "barmy" 

Most geniuses are then often classified 
Easily as being abnormal, in right of way 
Both in the sense of their ability to change 
The normal convention of the status quo 

And their peculiar characteristics odd 
That which helps to define their uniqueness 
And excuses their ability to be different 
In being eccentric in ways like Bobby Fischer  

So try this for size in funny woven jumpers 
A horrible Christmas presents forced to be worn  
After feasting on the Christmas turkey 
With sudoku for calorie  brain burn and t' Queen's speech 

If energy can never be destroyed 
Then it goes to show, that before, the before 
That before the big bang,  that was, there was energy
Before the beginning, energy did exist as the Alfa  

If energy can explode yet still 
Never be destroyed, but rather 
Take on matter to be mass in atomic energy
Stupidity begrudge wisdom, "bare with me"

Come on, stay with me on this, energy is God
Do you get, where I am going with this? 
Get with the program, who cares its Christmas 
And I am an oddball 

Follow the chain of thought 
Until the Christmas turkey digest 
And gym membership 
Comes back into fashion again 

#Galileo, Galileo, got himself hanged 
And science and religion finding their missing link
Has just been explained.

I am an odd ball 

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Thursday, 22 December 2011

He went to war

I can not hold this thought in me, no more 
It will sink the vessel that stands 
Under this strain in half at Bermuda  

I can not tell the mother that wave  
Your son will serve at the front line 
Of wars at Normandy where the enemy stands 

And I promise to bring him back in one piece 
For Christmas, I swear I would, indeed I would 
Without any scare on hearts, oh sure I would 

But batten down the hatches tonight 
Just in-case, the earth should crack at Omaha beach 
And I am only to have, his dog tag in toe 

When I knock on your door this late 
Oh, but he was a hero, made of brawn  
Who fought for this land he called his own 

I will make sure he gets a bronze statue with rose 
Stood firmly in Trafalgar square with poppy 
For he went to war with the bravest of heart 

And fought in the fields, to free love in hostage 
He found a spear, right through his heart 
That left him bleeding, emotions gust 

I can not hold, this thought in me  
It weighs too heavy, on my weakened chest 
While I wait outside, your door to announce 

What words, am I to start of with   
It weighs too heavy on my weakened chest  
I can not hold t' thought in me 
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Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Grinch with crystal ball

A doubt is known to be more corrosive 
Than any t' weather, acid, water  
Salt, nature, can put in one's way  

And Philippe Petit feared nothing 
More than doubt. Oh, what he would 
Have done without, such thoughts 

To have doubt cynically with brush 
Invade thoughts when walking on ropes 
Across the twin towers that was 

Why set doubt in the minds of the young's "belief" 
And kill Santa Claus dead in his tracks 
Why begrudge utopia with curse not needed 

And tell the little one 
Santa is too fat to fit in a chimney  
And for that, Santa is not coming this year 

I often wonder, left to contemplate, a hint of anger  
What wrong was done to the fortune teller 
Who conveys nothing, but bad, bad news 

To say Santa will not come this year in "rumple" truth   
"I foresee, in my cards, in your palms 
In the crystal ball, I foresee"

I bequest t' King to ask for the banishments 
Of such false prophecy and doubt of the grinch  
I bequest t' king to demand, Christmas back 

For Santa Claus to come again, bearing gifts 
And put a big old smile on the face of the lovely 
Why set doubt in such "festive" spirit, grinch  

Why kill the spirit  with your corrosive doubt 
Under the Christmas tree on boxing day, darling 
Look close dear, for your wishes would come true 

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Tuesday, 20 December 2011

The contract

This is t' contract of relations, relative to knowing 
I have come to the realisation, to the know 
That this here, is a contract of negotiation, on balance  

Where goal posts are never 
Positioned on permanent spots 
And the sway of the bowl of fulfilment  

That which carries content of liquid formations 
Is kept at a constant swing to maintain balance 
For solids are made brittle in endurance of bonds  

Do not look out to be favoured by events 
Not always,  at all times in having a way with 
This is t' conditions of grounds, made ready to build on 

As intended based on the subject of negotiations
Compromises made prominent to attention on balance 
And courtship and friendship is to hold this as basic 

I have come to realise, in part, in ways 
That in forms in bonds formed, no one is to take spoils
Winning all every-time on roulette tables 

Not if for the enrichment wished for 
Is to be graced with the fortitude of longevity 
And thus, not a flash in the pan, upon pacts signed

This is a contract of understanding  
On what relationship's balance are  to be formed on 
Say I do, say I, to roll up one's sleeves and engage

This is the contract of relations 
I have come to the realization, on centered mind 
That this here, is a contract of negotiation 
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Monday, 19 December 2011

Festive promises

The winds blow, gently with breeze  
The sky stays, blue with chill stare   
If we are lucky, and luck have it be 
It would be, as white as snow this Christmas  

All the trees give way, to the one   
For the festive pine, with Christmas lights  
Props and decorations, with twinkle stars 
All t' trees give way to t' pine, for t' pine to have its day  

Scotch pine, Douglas fir  
Fraser fir, Virginia pine, Balsam fir   
And not the least, the last  
At all the least, white pine, polished as furniture    

Seasons greeting, turkeys hunt   
Cakes, biscuits, Christmas pudden   
Bottles of wine, to push harvest down the belly  
A feast to celebrate, seasons for another passing year  

Mistletoe, with excuses for kisses  
Christmas poppers, paper huts 
Old dusty board games, X box and Wii players
All out to be played with, no age restrictions here given 

A quick nap for grandpa  
All that wine just went waterfalls
Upside down straight through his head 
And fun and games and teasing old stories told  

This time next year, with so much joy 
Hope we all make it here again, all in one piece 
With many more a story to tell, to tell
To tell, to tell; all in one piece, this time next year 

Hope this time next year,  you spare the turkey 
Hope this time next year,  you plant another tree  
Hope this time next year,  you give to the poor 
Hope this time next year, hopes of all hopes 

Who was it, that made resolutions  
Before the year changed it's name to new
I have been tasked to hold you to account 
To make sure you pledge, on promises made

To make sure, dear 
You keep to your promise
For promises made in festive seasons 
Are the most, that need fulfilling 

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Sunday, 18 December 2011

Who is the author

Flash lights, flash, flash 
Captures images of subjects 
Click, click, click 

Flash, who was it 
That held cameras, on focus 
Who was it that, clicked click, click

Who would I have to, flash, click 
And credit the authorship to 
Flash light went, click, click, click 

Always the mystery man 
Never to be known, flash 
Always the mystery man, ready to click 

Until now, click, click, flash 
When flash lights click 
Click, click, to capture shadows 

Got you now 
Flash, flash, click, click 
Got you now, Mr mystery man 

No more hiding 
Behind the lens, flashing away 
No more being so camera shy 

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Presents wish list

Christmas cards, and presents wrapped, inkpot opened  
What is it, you want for Christmas 
Dilemma, dilemma, of what to get you  

Would you like, what wrappers hide 
Or would it end up, just like all the others 
Neatly stacked up, dust and curb-webs, up the cellar 

Presents, presents, oh what to get you 
Stress this is, in reading one's mind
Let me know, please do let me know now 

Let me know, before the inkpot  goes dry
It been sat here opened and ready, for far too long
On thoughts of what to, ink down on gift list  

What to get you, to please you the most, most of all 
To fill the empty Christmas tree, with props 
Please let me know, do let me know, before the ink goes dries 

On what I am to write on cards and presents 
On what I am to get you, on boxing day 
To have you have the biggest smile, to show to all 

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Saturday, 17 December 2011

Flashing colours

Don't blink to confuse colour codes 
What do you hold, in fingers held behind 
I want to know, show me proof 

Provide the clarity to withstand my test of doubt 
Painted replicas do not count, would not stand 
Mounted glass still would not count for certified rocks

If I am to step on diamonds you attest to 
Would it be glass squashed, to shock naked of jewellery  
Dirt like the true value of content it holds  

Show me proof of what you are made of 
Show me your worth, in what you bring 
Do not blink to confuse colour codes 

Not this time my friend 
A gentleman's handshake would not do 
Not with 419 so much in style   

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Friday, 16 December 2011

Taking stands

Is it, far from me to say, what it is to say 
Am I not to hold, my own to assert 
When the need arise, to establish contentions  

And voice displeasure, on conditions 
Would you not want to know 
And in that sense, that way 

Avoid recourse of discourse  
Where broken vases can  never truly 
Be put together again, on mantelpiece 

It would fool no eye 
Not even that of the blind 
It would fool no eye 

Who would pretence be to please 
Desolate with sieving  anger, insanity of enragement 
Wretchedness of truth with identity 

Left hollow to discard wet currency 
Who would pretence be to please 
Holding wet currency to trade 

Tell me, it is far for me to say 
What it is to say
It is far me to say 
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Thursday, 15 December 2011

Sweets wrapped

Confectionery presented presents, I want 
Packaged with ribbons, its seasons greetings 
Someone wrapped me a parcel sweet 

Candies comes in a mixture of colours 
Grab me a paper bag, extra large 
Scoop me a handful, varieties to have 

Hold me  an edge back, greed to want it all 
But for this occasion in celebration 
Allow me, to grab me, a mouthful to have 

Save me, tooth from rotten hold 
Keep t' tooth fairy away, I pray
Allow me this occasion to celebrate free

Give me, taste bud sweet 
A sensation so great 
Allow me sir, a bag full of celebration  

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