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Tuesday, 24 November 2009

All Things Beautiful

                                                                      Woman With a Towel, 1898, Edgar Degas

If God created all things 
Bright and beautiful, flowers blossom 
Beautifully there is none so beautiful
As the beauty of a feminine temple

With soft and smooth hair
Skin that melts like chocolate, caramel in arms
With smooth voices that whispers
Lullabies into my ears, cloud nine 

From head to toe, I am enchanted
Falling in love, each time, every time 
With every curve, and contour moulded
Into position with perfection wants  
To the eyes of  the beholder, blessed and me too 

Caught without word in gaze, admiration    
Her eyes that looks back at me, with tease 
From the shoulders journey 
To the top front end of life's nourishment 

To the back, slowly hitting the
Back end that lifts up with praise 
Geography of poetic passion 
Contours, of sculpture that stands  

Down to the hips  
The front low end, of flower's blossom 
Drowned already suffocated
Enjoying being immersed, I 

By all things beautiful
Before being hit with the
Legs, in flamingo, lets dance 

What reluctant defense 
Can I put up, I as a man 
Born to be weakened and overpowered 
By the feminine temple, life on earth

If God created all things 
Bright and beautiful, flowers blossom  
None so beautiful, as the beauty of a woman 
Worshipped as a feminine temple 

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Could You be Loved

Classic! Could you be loved
And be loved? Bob Marley

A question is asked and answered
Yet a lingering feeling remains.
Is the answer a complete one?

If that be the case
Why the cold silence
That feels once mind
One which comes from the soul
And lives the answer
still unanswered

Could you be loved?
And be loved!!

Monday, 23 November 2009

A Poet on the Mic

Words that rattle, tattle, battle, baffle
Funnelling, Tunnelling, Channelling
straight through my ear drum

drum beats
shock waves,
like this me, here been shot
Shot with a dosage of the spoken word

Like a preacher man on a row
Rolling stones in avalanche
Converting all in his way
Hallelujah !!!!!!

Yes pictures of the words spoken
visualised in my metal Obbligato

Expressions carried on the face
with a gentle smile
twinkle twinkle in the eye
says to the man on the stage
your words
Like seeds fall on fertile land

Applauses that gather momentum
gathers ground
says it all

Me I just bow to the crowd
You are appreciated
Thank you
Thank you
Thank you for coming tonight

Saturday, 21 November 2009

To Mother's Womb

This is to the womb
That made me so
To the entity
That gave me, life
My first Day,

An appreciation
To the Big Pushers
And the push again
Come on, one LAST PUSHHH!!
To all the 9 months

The addiction crave
To the weird combination 
Of food crave, emotions yoyo
Stretch marks, don't you dare
The relief and joy, the first hold

From you I took my first step
Kiss on my forehead,
Gives me assurance
And am still walking.....

You are Appreciated!
Like the feel of the
First sunny day after winter
Much loved and cherrished

Thank you..
Thank you
Thank You Very Much
This is to the womb that made me so 

Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Death Of A Gaint

Tree trunk, truck, track,
layers of it, packed on trucks
death of some thing beautiful
some thing needed

As it lies cut and bruised
chopped into logs
where it once stood
a giant among giants,

A crushing sound announces
it massacre,  bleeding dead
through the forest heard loud
and clear

A few more unknown victims
victimized in the process
a birds nest freshly made
tells tales of what once was

Layers of it packed on tracks
feasibility study made, they say
economic necessity, they say
yet oxygen we need, they say

Looking up, an emptiness
where once stood
a giant among giants

I am robbed of a view
and some oxygen
layers of it packed on trucks
Shame that is, real shame, I say

Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Crippy Crawly on the wall

Crippy Crawley
on the wall
slowly crawling

Wow it's looking at me
crippy crawly
lifts it's head
head nods

As it says to me

I am on your case today
whoo ow

Crippy crawly
getting closer

Turned out to be
a fake

My Lamp's
shadow on the wall

Not funny you know
not funny at all

Monday, 16 November 2009

Love Triangle

Randy Rendell running reprieving
Abigail abetting areas of view,
Aborting moves

Albert’s eyes set on her
Dave dazzling Daisy,
For now that is a perfected move

Clive clinging onto Casey
Bernard on the bounty hunt
Bertha to be caught red handed, playing away
So now Bertha bettering her balance of play,

Name naming matches
But the problem is
Casey is into Albert
Albert has his eyes on Bertha

Abigail, Bertha caught in the web 
Of Randy Rendell

Randy Rendell eyes on Casey now
Albert, Bernard, Dave 
Slowly just loosing out

Lords Of War

Sn-if, Sn-if,
Guns shots
Blood on the floor

A fight to the death
A fight for a course
A worthy course

Blurry lanes,
Blurry borders
On which side we stand

We Stand firm on quick sand
Sn-if, Sn-if, Gun shots
Lord of wars, we are

Sides, we don’t choose
Guns we buy
Directly and Indirectly

Sn-if Sn-if, to the addict
Gun shots, fired
Bullets and Opiums
Financing the War

Saturday, 14 November 2009


Drum beats,
awaking the spirit of anew
Heart beats, feels the vibes
vibrating through souls

Something strange happens
I feel it coming
An out of, the body feeling,
My legs feel light, light as flight

 I am up in the sky
circling with strengths of an eagle
but floating gently and gracefully
like a dove,

I am one with the air
the land, water, fire
I am at one with the earth
and the heavens

I am at one with the
forefathers the spirits
of the now, the past a' the future
One with the spirit of time

I am one of the same
floating through the heavens
I am drowned in the moment
Ascending into enlightenment 

Thursday, 12 November 2009

A Dark Place

Thundering waves,
Darkened clouds,
Stormy weather,
Hurricane winds

I found ma self in a dark place..
Blurry visions, Blurry lines
Invisible boarders
Actions of a sane man
Turning into a mad one,

So today is a new day,
The cloudy mist is gone
Time to take stock
My reset button is set

Where it is due
I am back
Back to square one

Tuesday, 10 November 2009

My Northern Light

Northern lights 
Lights dripping of,  from the heavens 
Waterfalls with eternal flow 

Bright, light up the darkened heavens
Allying larva's  flow unending 
 From snow volcanic mountain

Not the easiest to get to
A treasured self worth
Worth the effort, to celebrate 

With unique vivid images 
That comes , conjured up 
Reminiscing the Northern lights

An inner warmth it gives
Feelings only to be attributable to
Magic , fairy-tales, and parties 
And happy ever afters

You are my Northern Lights
My southern light, curtains 
That engulfs my life 
Wrapped me warm to protect 

Sunday, 8 November 2009

Memories Of Summer

Fly away..
like a bird to escape the winter…
Fly away,

See you in spring,
when the flowers springs out,
Lets make it a date in summer
and go for a walk
down the park and the riverside,
with T shirts and Flip-flops on,

Lets make a memory in summer,
take funny pictures and make short films,
Because winter will soon be here
and U will be gone again.

Flying away like a bird
with the memories
we made of summer..

Saturday, 7 November 2009

Long Time No See (Cross Roads)


Long time, no see, no see  
Seeing you 
Like a ghost from past memories  
Unaware, till I see you  
How far, long, fast time flies  

Time gone by in memory 
When we shared a pact 
Secret handshakes  
Always together  
The show stoppers 
Playing to the gallery gallantry 

When did we fade into shadows  
Away from each others lives 
Small talk, now being made  
Last I heard you went
travelling the world

We use to talk for hours 
Now awkwardness gathers in the clouds 
Taking  precedence holding hostage 
And silence, takes centre stage 
After a few words said 

We have grown apart  
Drifting strangers, on voyage  
We have become in formation 

"See you around, see you soon"
As a ghostly haunt, echoing from the past

Knowing  very well, we would
Probable never, again cross paths

Our parallel worlds crossed
And  we caught a glance of each other 

At this juncture, pass this junction
Again we go our separate ways again

No longer reminiscing
Of the good old days
Replaced by the awkward silence
Of our last meet up that awkward

It has all changed now, forgotten codes 

Now, we are just ghostly strangers
Who's paths once crossed
On the journey of life  

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Now There Is Silence

Quiet the room stays, eerily 
No words spoken
Silence fills the air,

Yesterday there was liFe 
In this house a family
Three voices heard giggling 
Now there is silence

Arguments, Shouts, Shouts, Shouts
Doors banged, to shake the frames, structure  
The very foundations, of once called home
Over silly things ended by the silence

I have to have my say, to over burden you
Let me have my turn to talk, always I am right 
By default, it was your fault, always is 
Never good enough, is what you do

Now there is silence
Now you can have your say, in empty kingdoms
And perfect, all so wrong 
Save your arms and throat, from hard work

But the room feels empty, ghostly 
The emptiness and silence echoes, eerily 
In itself creating a burden of realisation  
Over thoughts of guilt 

Now you can have your way, your say
Perfect once so wrong 
But the silence feels,  fills 
Full the emptiness with misery 

Questions now being asked, on reflection
After the penny has dropped, was it all worth it
But the price has all so long been paid for
Now there is silence, ghostly silence 
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Thursday, 5 November 2009

Morning Light

Graced and adorned
By the rays of the morning light  
Bringing new life into today 

Fighting off the last breath of darkness 
That engulfed my yesterday reign 
Where the unknown freely roamed 

Sounds from the birds 
Echoing like an African drum 
Announcing the birth of a new day 

On this day I am born again
Coming out of my hibernation
Arms stretched to yawn with inhalation  

To be continued
A chapter unfinished
Before the death of my yesterday

Resolutions and audits
Made on the last breath
Of my yesterday 

Errors of my ways
To be resolved today 
As ambitions set for new chapters 

Morning light that
Brings the birth of my today 
You bless me with a new start 
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Sunday, 1 November 2009

Theatre Of Life

Theatre of life...
Politician, politicking
With lives of a Mother’s Son
Wars being called theatre
To sweeten the horrors of our nature

Flag drape coffins
Lining up the tarmac 
Heroes whose Mothers
Would have wished their Heroes

Were the one's...
That did bury them 
In their old age 

Now stand
In graveyardS
Overlooking gravestone
With inscription of their sons

Still, in these present times
We find ourselves
Faced with situations
That needs resolving
And our heroes are the ones
That are called for
In this theatre

We stand saluted
To the fallen soldiers
Who fell
In theatre
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