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Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Crossing the Bridge

 I don’t care, on this God’s earth 
If you could turn my bronze into gold 
It is dear to me, just the way it is, at easy

You see I, I see value in the crinkle it holds 
In broken glasses, scrap yards treasure
Turning them into beads, collage, colorful  

It is beautiful, simple to form of beauty 
Extras, I get light sparkles bright 
Forming forms, from the nothingness 

It gets framed, and kept in my pride of place 
That is how I avoid the seven year curse 
And I am always to be found at it, pushed with demand

Chipping away like it’s a coal mine 
Dirt to define how deep I have yet dug 
Crawling out from the earth on all four.  

Do you mind stepping away from the edge 
Of disturbance, with worrisome panic so loud  
Breathe easy, and don’t look down 

It’s the only way to navigate this bridge standing 
Gold or bronze, one has to make it out of the mines 
Crossing over this bridge to add value 

I don’t care on this God’s earth 
If you could turn my bronze to gold, jolly man  
Get what you can ,out of this mine in the black country
Across the bridge and lets talk value

Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Clarifying a word to Watson

I hate comparison, greedy eyes holds 
Such hunger, perpetually starving 
Wanting and needing, green eye monster 

I have seen the wickedness in man 
For just by greed, of wanting more 
To have brought down a nation 

Corruptness of the soul 
It even invades the holiest places 
Of man made to hold our moral compass 

But you see, my dear Watson 
A conundrum of the coin rule 
Springs to mind, coins and their two sides 

For how does one set a bench mark 
Without the assistant of what stands 
To glorify, as heights reached to aspire 

You see, Watson, I hate comparison  
Where in lies, the claws to envy 
Poking out from ten fingers, nails 

Allowing greed to set up stool
In one's comfort "casa" with hate 
Like cancerous cells, spreading fast  

But never when, it stands as a light house 
Navigating through the midnight fog 
On, with my sailor captain's hut 

Aye aye, to reach harbors, without shipwreck 
Do not confuse my word, Watson 
When indeed I say I hate comparison 

Sherlock Holmes http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sherlock_(TV_series) 

Monday, 27 February 2012

The wage rate

Boss man, boss man, an arm and a leg? 
This will cost an arm and a leg ?
I will have to pay an arm and a leg ?

An arm and a leg, everything cost an arm and a leg  
I would  have to search every nooks and cranny 
For fruits and veggies, does cost an arm and a leg 

Oh and every crumbs would count for sure 
Every crumbs that falls off the table, I say 
Every cheese of it would stick, for sure 

Life will cost an arm and a leg
I would have to save every penny, an arm and a leg 
That falls in the pot, and piggy bank, an arm and a leg 

Stitch in time to save nine, an arm and a leg
To save myself an arm at least 
A leg at most, an arm and a leg 

For this would cost an arm and a leg 
An arm and a leg, and a strand of hair  
Did you say an arm and a leg?

Life would cost an arm and a leg 
Tell the boss to pay some more on wages
Boss man, boss man, on wages and more 

For life does cost an arm and a leg 
An arm and a leg, an arm and a leg  
Oh this would cost an arm and a leg 

Sunday, 26 February 2012

BOGOF by Andy Warhol

Bogof is buy one get one free 
In the shops, ways to entice, consumerism 
Size of packages, along the al , buy buy buy  

Neatly stacked, packed to size, art of sort 
Just to entice, offers they give 
On limited time only, so buy buy  buy now 

The weather and seasons always dictates 
How the customers behave to rush on shops  
The shop owners always stacks to reflect 

To see, a shop rush 
Just wait until you hear 
The weather man say it will snow 

Some always buy more than they need 
Some always look for the best bargain to buy 
Some always, just buy with their eyes, just buy 

But every one gets excited 
When the shop starts, the best offer of all 
Buy one get one free, just to entice. 

And Andy Warhol 
Was no different at all 

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A modern pink

I don't know when it started  
How old is pink on soft spots, like honey to a bear  
I don't know when it started  

When pink became the candy soft  
To the eyes of the one's so precious to love  
Sat in castles, beauty besotted as Princess  

All Princesses like their pink  
Just don't argue on that account, like honey to a bear 
Pink tutu, barbies and toy prams to push, when young 

All princesses like their pink, but as they grew a' took to form
I observed like a bird watcher on posts, I stood 
And noticed, the swift decline of pink on board

Then I noticed a new form of pink being ushered in 
The modern pink, with spots on paw, they wear  on shoes 
In cloths, bags and jewelry, every where I saw it in vogue 

The leopard print, on cat walks, shops and everywhere I looked 
Oh this was a discovery of the century, where fairies hide   
Finally I knew, the leopard print is the new candy soft 

A modern pink, like honey to a bear 
The ladies love their leopard print 
A modern pink, like candy soft 

Saturday, 25 February 2012

She wears a purple mask

Welcome to her world of roses, purple mask
Smiles and cheers, tulips to merry make
All is well, all is well, indeed all is well
She will try and make this work for you
Look deep into pretense set and pick
Find the words, flair to sway the crowd
All is well, I say all is well
All is truly well and good 
She has the words, truly all is well 

So then, then then thought then turned 
To speech to be made, hear hear I say 
To have all the wrong words, blurring out 

No, no, no, not  for this 
This is not what she had in mind 
Crisis crisis, call to order 

All was meant to be as well 
Quick now, find the words, words that find 
Find the mask to hide emotions 

Purple mask, mask of purple, purple mask
She wears a purple mask to hide her self
For no one knows who she truly is 

Beneath that smile, and beautify 
Beneath the adoration of roses 
She wears a purple mask  

Spring of new

Shots  of germination, trees with fresh leaves 
Seeds projecting through the ground, flowers bright  
6am shines with light to say spring is here  

Friday, 24 February 2012

Tears on ration

Cracked grounds of drought land, do let out tears 
Sunken to the  very core, deep beneath shallows 
Dry tears break dams; the eyes can not hide such zeal 

Roll your neck in, don't let the vultures surround 
It is never a good sign on karma to show weakness  
They leave dark shadows on procession  

If death was non existent and birth was as present 
I doubt this would spell out paradise on earth 
Just imagine oh boy, a thousand years without death 

So pain of loss is necessary, remembrance day 
To validate joy of new birth and all beginnings, caution
The sack can only hold so much, the rest queue in waiting 

After the twenty-one gun salute ring sounds, into the heavens 
We send one more up, tell the angels to open heaven's gate 
Tell them to let one more down, we await patiently 

Flowers are given; with tears and sorrow, we have been here before 
Cracked grounds of drought lands, do let out tears 
Sunken to the core, deep beneath shallows, dry tears break dams 

Do not be stunned to see the absence of tears wet 
On funeral grounds, though you will be forgiven to wonder why.
I have seen too many six feet under and the vessels they carry 

Death of one thing or the other, to spell out endings 
It is the natural ways of this world we occupy 
Were you not told, there is a drought and tears are on ration 

Thursday, 23 February 2012

A memory box

As part of the route 66,  through life 
Nightingale signals that, there is one we are tasked to
Ordinarily it seems impenitent, effortlessly required  

But it has to be honoured  that is the deal  
With the price required of one 
On inevitability, it has to be paid 

Not so heavily on one's stock 
At a go, of such price required  to see 
Hence its absence, the realization of commitment  

Pushed to the background, like breath 
With easy, unassuming and unimposing 
Settle with repertoire and without macho 

Yet it exists in ways that comes to light 
Manifest when need be, and it is called upon. 
One of these days you will come to know such notion 

When you are tasked to recall on account  
You will realize, that every passage in life
Takes from one and gives of its own 

In transformation as necessary 
Just as the nightingale sings 
On beds of roses to change colour  

Every individual or occurrence  
Leaves an imprint of their memory 
And take that of one, as exchange of gifts 

Sometimes seen vivid in daylight apparition  
You came to mind, deep from my sub-conscience 
Like a ghost from once upon a time on route 66 

At night when the nightingale sings
In the pre-dawn of darkness, you came to mind 
Her music pours out memory, you came to mind 

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Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Do not anger t' gods

I will try not to look too pleased 
Maintain my composure and "cancel" jubilation 
As quiescent as calm waters 

You would not see, waves on frozen ice 
Not even by freak of nature or by chance 
Stealth mode, that is what we going for 

I will not look too pleased "elastic" with ecstatic 
To have you, read my cards 
So open, and curse my success 

But why should I not look so pleased 
I started where you did and "labored" my opportunities 
You buried yours, with fear and stood solid as statue 

You rained your doubt on me as foolish 
And said "this my friend would amount to nothing
You predicted my downfall and said I was foolish to venture 

So why should I grace you the honor 
Of holding back my excitement 
Just to give you, a quiet exit

To say you deserve that respect, tradition bequest it 
And to avoid your curse on my success 
Is that something new from your old rhetoric 

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

A Consent I did not give

Stop all the clocks, no man can be ruled 
Without giving concessions of sort 
No bully is game, and found so exciting 
Without the cooperation of the bullied 

Act and reaction is the concept that stands 
And for the man who knows not his value 
Will give in before knowing what was expected of him 
There are ways to face down a bear, you know 

There are ways to walk down on a lion 
And bravely steal his hunt, it is that easy
I have seen it done in the grass lands of Africa  
No oppressor stands without cooperative fear 

As it stands, there is always more to a man 
Who knows his value, on principle and belief 
And sees this above self preservation, to die is normal  
Know this, no man can be ruled without consent 

Options are given in every concept of life 
Do not let fear tell you otherwise 
And sit as a thousand with conscience
Overruled by a handful. Have you no value as man 

"The world suffers a lot. Not because of violence of bad people 
But because of the silence of good people " Napoleon 

Monday, 20 February 2012

Crossing over Realms

Touching physical objects, slipping through my fingers 
I had a dream last night, it felt so phenomenal    
And in my dream I fought many a demon 

They came with faces, so familiar 
A sensational anger so vivid, it felt overwhelming 
I had a dream last night, where fogs took physical  forms

Stood lying asleep by the neon lights in phone booths  
Surreal with psychedelic lighting probing my mind 
I spoke with a stranger with a familiar voice 

I walked from one realm into the other  
Where most I found my comfort sleep 
They followed me, to disturb my core 

I had a dream last night, it felt so physical 
And I woke the morning exhausted  
It felt so vivid with such familiarity

Of stranger's faces and places 
I seem to know 
All I seem to know

Sunday, 19 February 2012

From t' Cradle to t' Grave

We were born to die
Graciously we were born to be of end
From day one, it was all set
We were born to expire in the rose cottage

But between ancillaries of life’s demands
We get to live a little, subject regards  
Smile a little, play a little, in milieu
Have a little more enrichment to nourish

But we were born to die, we were born to die
Owning wealth, owing debt, prospect of birthright  
From day one, it was all set, as an eventuality
As a process to complete, we were born to die

We were born to perish and between all that
We get to live a little, smile a little, play little

Run a little, chase a little, climb a little, a little, a little 
Have a little more essence to live for

Fall in love and out of love and back in love  
Fall into relations and make some friends
Lose some friends and cry a little
Have some good times a' some bad times

At the end it would all be worth this journey
Because we were just born to die
From day one, it was all set to be
We were born to die, fun serves as bonus  

From the cradle, to the grave
We were born to die regardless of status
For that is what makes living worthy
For we are on a path that ends at the rose cottage

Saturday, 18 February 2012


Land of illusions my thoughts awake  
Awaken imagination to harvest my visions 
abracadabra, life as a magician's stage 

Pick Ten Items or Less

Pick ten items or less to define you  
In any form in relation, in regard  
In any condition present to be found in  

Not what was lost on yesterdays quest 
Or what tomorrow promises to bring 
It is for the now that this rule applies 

And it is ten items or less 
Less is more, for where this is going 
One has to find a bond so strong 

With ten items or less picked 
And when one is done with sincerity  
On such choices made, of course w'out hold backs 

Allow me to put you into a different setting 
Alien to your surrounding so comfort 
Would your life crumble, so foreign   

For one's misjudgment of what one did pick 
Trivial as so dear in one's basic survival pack 
Pick ten items or less and make it count 

Then free your self, like a nomad 
In pursuit of happiness, 
To walk the earth a free man 

No excess baggage in the wings 
Weighted on one to carry
To be a hero of your own dreams 

Pick ten items or less 
To qualify you on this journey 
And see where this leads 

Friday, 17 February 2012

An Office Bulletin

Occasionally we find ourselves 
On days like this, ordinary to be labeled 
Ordinarily leading into the weekend, no fuss 

Celebration of  events set on dates in the first quarter 
Of the year, is over and done with, empty wine bottles 
A' chocolate wrappers, roses in vases h' started wilting

Yet for being a Friday we celebrate, on cue 
Every week an occasion to look forward to 
For being a Friday, is the meaning of life defined 

To get to spend more of the time in t' day with family 
Around loved ones, and be relaxed  at best with it 
Avoiding t' office tyrant, t' terrible bosses a' t' extras  

For being a Friday, who cares 
It's the celebration of the little things season 
Taking it cool, is the order of the day 

You know I told you so and so 
After the midday lunch, tic toc 
The count down begins, tic toc 

For being a Friday, is heaven sent 
Thank God it's Friday, tic toc 
Who is buying the drinks pick one 

Who's round is it any way 
You know I told you so tic toc 
You know I told you so and so 

Thursday, 16 February 2012

Dim Lights "Whitney Houston"

Is tomorrow the judgement day  
Stood at t'  front line, rows of candles, to account to
To answer for, what I did with this life  

Memories, bubble joy and a life lived  
I did say in my time, in my time, I saw many a face   
I traveled the world, and knew love 

I knew love, that cared I mothered one, fathered one 
And walked a thousand red carpets 
With masked emotions, finding myself  

I fought my demons, that shadowed my blessing 
An angelic voice lost to this world 
A soul free, bird's flight 

My star is now dim slow burn on candle lights  
Is tomorrow the judgement day 
For I feel light, on weight, drying out leaves 

And being relieved of the burden I hold 
I bathed in waters, immersed bubbles 
To cleanse my soul, before going  

Though as it stands, on reflection
 If tomorrow is the judgement day 
I will not be looking back, with sorrow 

This life was just a passage, and I enjoyed it steps 
And yes, for the love and songs we shared 
It would take eternity to break us, so don't cry 

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

A value this small

On occasion doubt sends  
A sway so strong, so griping 
Like the dust storms of the Sahara  

To envisage a passage through  
Seems, close to the unthinkable  
And madness line a front row  

So it came to be, that all was lost 
And funeral processions as last rites 
Held the last dignity in honour to have 

But you see, seeds planted in the earth 
Takes a while to germinate, their way of doing things 
To hold court, naturally to announce their credential

And naturally, passers by unaware of seeds planted 
Would not no miracles  set to emerge to form  
Do not place a value this small on another 

Not before spring shows its window 
And a new day is upon us again 
Some take just this while 

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

A Valentine's Day Msg

Cards and twelve roses, a wine in hand  
Candle lights setting, the valentine mood 
Something red, I like something red 
Details, details, something red babes

Words by the lover who turns into a poet.  
Kiss me, kiss me, darling kiss me
Your beauty, your eyes 
Darling kiss me

I adore your presence 
The aroma, of your scent  
Kiss me, kiss me, darling kiss me
I love you this much  

Woo, woo, arooo 
I love you this much
Darling kiss me  
Woo ooo

Monday, 13 February 2012

Dreams to remember

Surround my dreams, rest my mind 
Rest my body, soft on a thousand strong 
In the morning let me have memory of this dream 

Saturday, 11 February 2012

My Beauty Desire

Spring brings beauty to admire 
Tulips add colour to the land  
Oh for your beauty valentine I desire  

Friday, 10 February 2012

A Gentleman's Agreement

Do not foster me a favour of sort 
Have I got writing on the wall 
To say indeed I require, I require 
Such gesture to define my being 

For this is Babylon and one has to be 
Alert and able to read between the lines 
For this is Babylon and nothing is what is seems 

I am indeed a stranger on a strange land 
Where customs of similarities are only but vague 
And in that light seen as of a class 

To be of a class below par 
You say, you think, presume to be 
A blood of foreign, thus a caste below par 

Though not for my skill, strength or ambition
For definitions of a man, is the same in any land
To be found on, and for my worth, surely not my worth

So gentlemanly I decline a favour so kind
So not to fuel conceptions made on
Such gestures to define my being

For in my land I am noble
And a curse would be to accept
Your favour offered kind on judgement

Have I got writing on the wall
To say I require prejudice of your caste, forgive me Sir
I respectfully decline your favour so kind 

Thursday, 9 February 2012

The Price For Life

Eventually death makes misery of loss   
And for the last breath, the last gust 
The stage is complete, empty shells 

To pick the mind of a dying man 
A' seek to know what hangs, on one such mind  
Would be to know, the true value of life 

It is said that one’s life flashes before one, like burns  
Just before crossing over to the other side 
To see in pages, memory in pictures, a life lived 

So to my stock, of long before gather as harvests 
In sacks that weigh on memories before coat hang 
I will look in and fetch, what memory to flash so precious   

I cannot for my life, see memory of sorrow  
As one a dying man would pick in sacks to flash 
For even a man on death row, is allowed a preferred meal 

To pick the mind of a dying man 
And seek to know what hangs, on one such mind  
Would be to know the true value of life for price 

And what in life  priorities are to be held so dear 
Bought as much in memory's harvest for each day lived  
With life so precious to live  

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

A place a time season

A place for everything to stand 
And everything for a place to be 
Like the bars on clock, an hour at a time 

For two will always know to come after one 
And the seasons follows, seeds before germination 
Roots to the soil and the leaves to the heavens 

A place for everything to stand 
And everything for a place 
To be in sequence, like the seasons   

If for the world was created as perfect 
And time was exact, always to a "T"
If for nature’s freak in weather 

Or otherwise in ways, or otherwise 
Was not known, given as evidence 
To show in light, a' winter was always with snow  

And some roots rather in choices made 
Opt in avenues to be present above the soil  
And some human nature goes against sway 

A place for everything to stand 
And everything for a place specified 
Up close the wall of constant as seen steadfast 

Are shifting with time, like the great walls 
Of the glaciers, out in the poles steadily 
Shifting blind to the eye of the impatience of man 

Soon a new paradigm will surface to grace us 
A place for everything, stand in, is change 
Everything for a place  and change is constant  
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Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Finding Answers

Is this the life I wanted 
And could never see 
For life is perplexed in ways to man 

The depth of indebtedness 
With madness attaché like a bug 
Where no value in monetary terms 

Can in any shape, form or step 
Relief an enduring gust of hunger  
Though try as it may, in superficial regard 

From out of the blue, it comes into light  
And with such light so strong, so yield  
Overwhelming with addiction of its kind 

To find roses sat in chest cavity 
Guarded by t’ thorn of ribs a’ bladed leaves as muscle 
To alarm motionless, what tender required  

And it seeks more of accompany  
To share a union of life in memory 
For when absent, life in meaning is left corrupt  

Sick like madness 
Caged in the chest and mind bewildered
Where destitute begs to be hanged   

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