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Sunday, 28 February 2010

The Wind surfer

I choose to surf..
The wings of the furthest branch..
I was alive..
I felt alive..
I am alive..

I danced with every

That rained on me..
This was living, excitement adrenaline..

No I would not Hosay..
No way would I Hosay ..
Be like the bulky tree trunk..
Fitting in pigeon holes..
Only to be moved..
Once a while by storms
Mine was a short life..
This was my gift from time..
So I surf the wings of the furthest branch..
And when I weather, browned and fall..

I know mine was a life lived..
I felt alive..
And danced with the breeze..

Saturday, 27 February 2010

What is Blue, In shades of Blue

Contradictions of one's thoughts...
A symbol of calmness..
A' of despair..
A coin of two sides,..

A ying and a yang,..
A spilt personality ,..
A clear sky,..
A feeling of blue...

Of veins that carries..
My vital fluid of Being..

Everyone ascribes..
To its ray in parts,..
It is natural,..

Symbolises warmth a' melancholy..
Embodies T' good, t' bad and t' ugly..
In names of films a' chips..
In oceans and seas..

Oh I,..
T' contradiction of thy pigment..
Is nothing more than a totality..
Of human nature,..

With lighter moods brighter it's deem..
Fixated in darkened moods..
Darker it's deem in darkened grip..
What is blue, in shades of blue..

Friday, 26 February 2010

Beautiful Marble

Cometh is thee, like enchantment..
Who comes unannounced..
Breaks padlocks on chains,..
Conjures up concretes ..
Of old Berlin..
A' makes of it fluid again,..
To be moulded into..
A beautiful sculpture..

See new colours through grey,..
Cradled grey just lies within..
T' clouds..
Past it,..
Blue Skies,..
Beyond the Sun..
Above it all..
Out there,..
To beautiful..
Marble of Earth's blue..

Mirror reflection of..
Benevolence delight..
Carried in thee..
Look past t' clouds..

Letting Go

Only adds to weights, ..
Stock taking and clearance..
Spring cleaning ..
Is for good measure, reasons..

A rotten apple is like cancer..
In a bunch in baskets in doubts..
If not eliminated on time, in time ..
Spreads blues of calamity..
Stands t' reason for expiry dates..
Before actual expiry, ..

Best before, best to let go..
Of dead weights, weighted down ..
Grow wings on thy flesh,..
Allow these wings to, fly..
Feel the lightness of horizon winds..

Letting  go of ownership anchors..
Of rotten apples, the bad ones ..
Just let go , just let go,..

New fruits are ready n waiting..
In fields to be harvested ..
See new colours through grey..

New light in rainbow..

Thursday, 25 February 2010

Fools Paradise

The stunting of time standing by slowly..
Like a domestic bliss..
Abused, fearful of consequences..
Frozen fingers into inaction..

Days unending, in "illusion"..
The sun, as you were..
Nightfall, falling out of the Milky Way..
It leaves no shadow on the day..

In endless days..
A fallen apple never reaches t' ground..
Suspended in space..
Waves reversing upstream..
Against currents..

Feeling stoned on LSD without draw backs..
Roads with no signs, no turns, no T junctions..
Caught in perpetual roundabouts..
Lego houses of t' same..
Size shape colour all in line..

"Evident" of actions without reactions..
Courses without effect..
No price paid..

Jerky, kooky, loony, "tragic"

Ludacrous  in thoughts and actions
A fool's life living in a foolish paradise 

Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Streets of Accra

Sounds on t' streets, like chaotic mix,..
Mashed up, into echoes of melodies, vibrant melody,..
Being alive, feeling alive, blowing horns in ears..
Personal space, “what personal space”,..
We are not in t' Queens chambers, oh Qs men ..

Circles, circles, Nkrumah circle, Rawlings park..
I stand in Makola, this is t' battle ground drawn, ..
Freedom to dance to t' beats, ..
Freedom!, freedom is yours forever!!..
Prepare to battle in walk, ..
Stages set on heads for shops..
Where shops n roads ends in undefined ways.

Seas of ocean waves of people, ..
Fishes of cars, survival of t' fittest,..
Find your riddim and dance to it, ..
Swaying through like gladiators, ..
Instinct becoming sharp, reflex is an art form...

If you bleep, like blink on momentum,
holding hands, you out, search the crowd..
I will await for you on t' other side. ..

It's a wrestling march, be it a wresting march..
Pushing and shoving, bravados and bluffs ..
“Charle aden, me niaba ku-wa ku-wa”..
Get stack in it m8 or stand still till dawn,..

Being pushed and shoved ...

That is just, to get on t' wagon wheel..
No grounds for superiority,
Nor special treatment for the elite..
Young, old, rich, poor, man, woman...
All in it with adrenaline, sweat is perfumery ..

And when I get to t' other side of  the waterfalls,..
I can't wait to get back at it again...
That is the streets of Accra
The streets of Accra for you, chaotic mix

Tuesday, 23 February 2010

I don't ask for Much

I Don't ask for too much,..
Coz then u get too much,..
T' u have to do much,..
Rematch, re-do,..
Just to get it right, righteo..

Much I do to get on by,..
By March we getting close to spring,..
Springs in my steps, steps taken to proceed,..
Proceeds got to be saved,..
Served secrets of how the rich got richer,..
Ask Richy rich, his richly rich..

Still I don't ask for too much,..
Greens are nice like cash money,..
Green eyes are not,..
Like not funny monsters...

I am content with the contents,..
In containers that contains..
What I have got,..

My contains are cryptic, in incognito..
T' rest of my containings, are concentrate..
“n please concentrate don't let me loose u”..
It is to be diluted hence,..
Populated to realise it's full glory..

Still I don't ask for much, too much,..
Just much, in aqua n air..
Is all I need, to get on by..

Monday, 22 February 2010

The Bout

Commiseration claps..
A' Encore répéter ..
Wet floors before t' rain..

Dreams are essential..
So we dream..
Conquest in conquistadors..
Comes after t' ..
Rumble has been jungled..

Walking to your winnings
The ring will be made use of..

That was t' whole idea of building it..

These glorious crowns are..
Yours to wear, but first ..
You have to walk to it ..
Before you get your crowned glory..

Sunday, 21 February 2010

My Trouser Positions

When I am with grey hair..
I shall wear my trousers, up high..
I shall always have my shirt, neatly tucked in..
I shall wear wool, wool lots of wool..

I shall have two glasses..
One to see and one to read..
I shall wake early, earlier than I ever did..
Because I fell asleep on the couch..
Earlier than I ever did before ..

I shall wake early, 
To greet the milk man..
When I am old ..
I shall walk slowly..
But always have time for the park..

For on the park..
I shall see the generations that wear..
Their trousers, well below their waist lines..
street cred” they say, for the street cred, they say..

And those before them that..
Wear theirs on their waist line ..
And then for those, those of my age..
With theirs  well up high ..

Then it will occur to me,..
those of my age, had shrunk, shrunk alot..
Yet wear the same size trousers, same tailor made..
For they carry sentiments, memory and joy 

It will all, then make sense to me, ..
Why I have my trousers so up high..
That is why I will never stop wearing my, " size 36 long".
My medals to hang on the chest pockets, with pride..

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Saturday, 20 February 2010

The Holy Church Mouse

I walk in toes in-between..
Legs of the faithful..
I hear their praises ..
Hallelujah song, sang  high..

My domain is a castle..
Crosses stands as my emblem..
I hear their voices..
Words of love they share..
I see their faces, ..
Body language of caring..

In silent rooms,..
I hear their confessions..
Remorse trembling with every word..
Said, spoken in whispers ..

Thee, you are forgiven
Joys expressed over burdens lifted..
Light as a feather ..

Though, I know not to..
Show my face,..
It scares them all..
I live in this house..
My domain is a castle..
My emblem Crosses..
My reputation still casts..
Shadows on my holiness..

Friday, 19 February 2010

I Love Life

I love life,..
Wish youth was forever..
A' death was never known..

I fight off the dying day..
It brings me close to deaths door..

I sing loud this joy of noon..
This would be a good memory..

To have..

Did I hear t' Buddhist, ..
Speak of reincarnation..
I will change my religion..
To that of his..

In me sits an old soul..
Older than the sculpture..
That embodies it's breath ..

Something tells me ..
This is just a chapter..
More of it to come..

Does t' cat knows..
It is blessed with nine lives..
What will be t' fun in knowing..

Like the Queens appreciation 
For my last penny, 
She knows not what it feels like..

I Love life ..
Wish youth was forever ..
A' death was never known ..

Thursday, 18 February 2010

States of Mind

I lost everything, still got everything..
Coz everything I lost was just ..
Materially linked, zest in umbilical cord..

Linked like life line, no stress..
Dress press to impress ..
In it we stand ready to proceed..
Start line, again!..

Face to face with this mess..
Along this line, it’s brave heart,..
Building up Soul’s momentum..
We are about to explode ..
Its a necessity ..
Call to arm, call to duty..
Duty bound, proceed!!..

Boots worn,..
Ready to be scarred, mad!
Pressed dressed worn..

Not for the parade!..
This is emotionally charged..
Thus adrenaline taking over..

We crossing Dover, in a rover..
Leave a poppy flower..
Out for me, through bad weathers..

My vim is my umbrella..
On a full moon, manifestation..
Of my zeal to win..

Success is a state of mind..
Mind already made up ..
Now for the walk, walk on!..

Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Old and Grey

When I am old, old 
With dentures in my mouth full..
Sat caressing by the fire place..

When most I know
In my time of hay..
Have sailed away, this passage through..

When faces and names, 
I am expected to know..
Play hide and seek in my memory box..
Just shy of my tongue, just shy of recollection..

When my bones are without muscles..
Frail and pain engulfs, each step I ask..
Of them to take on walks to have..

When kids shout out, i
n patronising talk..
Thinking if they speak softly, in normal tone ..
I would not hear, so deaf to hear ..

In my grey hair days..
When my love awaits, this world no more..
But on the other side of the fence ..

I will sit and wait for the wave  ..
Of periodic gush of memories I saved..
Of the good times I had in my hay days..

While I  patiently wait with content and smiles..
For the un-driven train that goes down south 
Knowing this has been, a
 good life lived..
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Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Pancake day

Wrap it up, 
Pack it up..
Stack it up, ..
Zrooooom goes t' van..

Park it up,..
Drop it up..
Down I mean..
Signed sealed delivered...

 Swing it up, 

Shake it up,..
Flap it up, Flip it up, flip it down  

Roll it up..
Its a pan cake day

Knock knock, who is there 
open the door, open the door
Don't drop it up,..
Down I mean..
For the floor is slippery..

Pan it up, 

Mix it up,..
Oozing it down, 

Warm it up,..
Plate it up,..
Honey drops drips,..
On it slides, smooth slides 

Its a Pan cake day,..
Eat it up, 
Yaaam it down..
Munch it up..
Gorge it down

Just pack it up,..
Plates I mean,..
Wash it up..
After you yaam it all in..

Nice, nice 
It's a pan cake day!..

Then its all done,
Done deal,..
Pancakes for handshakes,..
All in for the happiness.

My Childhood Memories

I remember, I remember..
The mango tree..
Where it stood majestically..
In the back garden..

Not sure when I first,  made climb..
But always knew the best place..
To rest, was on the branch ..
That hangs to the west at noon..

I remember, I remember..
My fast feet and sticky fingers..
Like spider man, super hero..
I was the mango tree hero..

On top of t' world when
I reached t' highest branch
I was the wall lizard, ..

Quick like bolts on tracks..

I remember, I remember..
T’ peanut cake candy..
With melted sugar..
I man, the chef in the kitchen,
It left a scarre on my feet..

I remember, I remember..
My childhood memories..
When all I had to worry about..
Was who, got to the ripest mango first,..

I remember, I remember..
The joys of ..
My childhood memories..
So long gone, but so close to me

Monday, 15 February 2010

Her Tango Romance

I was never out there looking..
She just caught me on fire..
She threw her candle wax in, slowly she burned..
Displaying spectacles of seductive batting..

Colours of her flame will s'd any man into trance..
Even the most cynics amongst men..
Will free fall in weakness..
I was never out there looking, you see..

She danced an African dance,..
Throwing her arms in the air, like hypnosis..
With her colourful mask worn..
She danced like a ballerina, on her best night..

I never went out there looking,..
She just caught me on fire..
And I felt her heated wax, it warmed me..
Slowly it raised my temperature a' inflamed my heart..

I was never out there looking,..
That  moonlight night when salsa and tango..
Formed the common grounds..
For classical and tribal dance fusion..

I was never out there looking,..
To have found a gem, that shines so bright..
In the end I was just caught on fire,..
Warming up into her calling out..

I responded with delight, aplauda aplauda
And moved my feet, strong like a conquistador

As we danced the night till dawn..
The next morning she was gone, just like mystrey

Sunday, 14 February 2010

Would I lie to you (Happy Valentine)...

Would I lie to you (Precious)..
Fingers crossed behind my back..
Never Love,..
Never would I lie to you (Darling)..

A box of chocolates..
12 red roses..
A bottle of wine..
A reservation at t' Michelin restaurant..

Would I lie to you (Dear)..
The shoe box under the bed..
Is not for you..
The dinner dress you saw in the shop..
Is still there ..

Oh I forgot it was valentine..
Would I lie to you (Pumpkins )..
The hire car company,oh that was..
Just the wrong number(Babes)..

Would I lie to you (Hun )..
And build a fountain of romantic joy..
Right under your nose ..
And hide it from you..

This 14th would I lie to you (Sweetness)..
So I can surprise you..
With romance..
Just so you know..
I am Mr Romantic, oh yea..
A sucker for Your Love

Still would I lie to you
My Beautiful Gorgeous Bo

Saturday, 13 February 2010

Love's Quest

When did love become my quest..
When was it my heart  started to yen..
For this feeling, of love's romance ..

When did I,  first have a crush..
For food to stay, on tables tops ..
While I day dream,  a dreamers desire
Hoping and wishing, on wishing wells ..

Just for a glance and without words..
To have known, my love, for you..
Save me, the mumbling chat, 
With broken nerves, oh once so grace 

When was it, we first walked on courtship..
The playground paths, 
hand in hand ..
And knew in feelings felt on chemistry ..

What we  have is just between us two..
"friary tales, we could make our own"..

When was it I first tasted apples..
How it felt, in my felt mouth's joy..
With every bite, my teeth sunk into..
Pleasure in companionship, set on priceless tag

When was it, I  became overwhelmed ..
With the beauty, of a feminine temple...
And skins as soft as silky touch...

When was it, I came to know..
Love of romance, and it's grip on I
To have known my life as now..
With loves grace, so  freely offered ..

Like the sun light, sun ray, to man ..
When did Love
Become my Quest

Friday, 12 February 2010

Three Amigos

Snow holds, ice frozen, in  photographic shot 
Two and a half women stands for a shot
The memories of old past, three amigos
Timely remainders, of life in  black a' white captured

Steps on frozen river's ice skate 
Joy captured in time capsules 
Some  amigos are long, long gone now
Some  are long forgotten now

Life on time cue cards  
Playing balancing act
Of who to have in memories 
What with so many new amigos born

The parks are silence
No longer encroached by 
Old Victorian fashion 
Their lives our of alien thought to us

Until the  black and white picture 
Brings snow trio amigos back to life again
A  posture with smiles on their faces 
Like a silent  Charlie Chaplin movie seen

All we can do is watch and imagine 
Of what good times the old amigos
The lost once, had before silence 
Became of their youth

Thursday, 11 February 2010

Paradigm of Love

Have you ever loved,lost and loved again..
thinking you have learnt from mistakes..
only to have lost again..

Have you ever found yourself so paranoid..
about loving, refusing to give your love away..
again, oh not again..

Have you ever been around the one you love..
left it too late, with stutter and watched another..
Sneak in like a theft at night to be ..
The one with her love..

Have you ever felt an emotional pain in your heart,..
that feels so physical, it seats on your chest, like forever..
Have you ever loved and lost and lost hmmm..
and felt that was your true love gone..

Have you ever given up on love ..
only to be blown away..
by the smile and spirit of new love..

Are you filled with loves experience..
from having to have ever loved..
Then you know, you have loved..
lost and loved again in loves paradigm. ..

This is no ordinary, sales man's call
No cold calling, just tailor made to fit hearts
Love's sales call, in special offer
Cupid in suit by the door
Ahhhh, how it feels to love..
And love and love again 

Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Love in Necta

Love is entwined,..
Caramel a' chocolate,..
Melting in one, in t' mouth..
W' creamy silky juicy feel to it Hmmm,..
Ahhh, like cashmere robe..
Worn on a rainy cold day..
Indoors by t' fire place ..
W' room cushy soft slippers..

Love is like the nectar ..
Of flowers, full of sweetness,..
But never enough to get drunk on..
It is like t' bees that make t' honey..
Taken out of t' equation, there is no honey..

Love is moonlight, but before,..
T' sun will have to shine..
Like t' last and first dominoes,..
That completes t' falls..
It is dependent on t' in-between domino..

Love is like t' rose stem w' thorns t' holds t' flower,..
It is genesis of struggles, sacrifice included..
It is t' end, that is celebrated ..
Like t' 14th, coming after 364 days..

Love is like t' bee that stings..
To protect it's honey ..
It dies in t' process ..
Love is shared a' expressed..
To be experienced a' felt ..

Tuesday, 9 February 2010

London to Vince with Love

We will set sail on waters through t' city,..
Exchanging bumpy potholes for floatation..
As we swim in boats , in gentle melody..

Entwined, like caramel a' chocolate in one melt..
Chauffeured along by Pavarotti, he sings..
Lovers songs, collaborations with t' rivers voice..

T' good old lady, with old romance..
Will smile, with content of t' love..
We share, she will tell us of t' best..
Spots in t' city, to caress as one..

We will walk the narrow lanes 
That brings us closer together..
In alley ways, with perfect spots for our first kiss or two..
On steps that symbolises growth in love..

I will capture funny memories of you ..
On cameras and you will of me..
A stranger will gladly do us the honour..
Capturing our moment of tranquillity,..

In-front of the unending web rivers of love..
We will wear mask and dance in ballrooms..
We will dine at t' river front, overseeing t' sunset..
We will have caricatures painted of us..
By t' old man, who sits at t' edge of bridge..

We will stand in front of t' old church,..
A' pledge our love to each other..
We will day dream of our future together..
How many babies to have 

A' make plans for joyous memories..
We will say these are t' stories our ..
Offspring's will come to know..
When we went to Vince 

We will wish to be no where, but right here..
By t' edge of river, hand in hand..
With time stood still, lying in each others arms..
We will make love memories, in Venice..

Monday, 8 February 2010

A Kiss in Paris

Oh la la..
Off to Paris leaving behind..
Old rainy London, ..
We sail in minis,on seas of asphalt,..
tar-macing on voyagers maps..

Oh w' beauties behold..
t' old English countryside..
with moos, baas and oink, oink,..
grazing on contours,..
of carved earth in flows floatation..
cruising as we do, long way to Paris..

Summer hippies we are,..
flowers in hairs,..
Old songs, sang of love a'..
#cam a, cam a Camilla..
In distorted symphonies in karaokes..

Destination t' Eiffel tower..
but for now, Faulty towers..
serves us breakfast,..
in beacons and barked beans..

Oh la la , on on we ride..

Such fine wine in French vineyards awaits..
under the sunny blue sky, dotted clouds ..
Mapped directions of t' Eiffel tower..

Love waits in impatience..
A kiss under t' tower bridge in Paris,..
on the 5th day at noon in June..
was le pari love made in winter..

Across borders..
onto ferries a' beyond to Paris..
A sneaky kiss under t' Eiffel tower,..
Is worth the journey of old romance in blessed love..
Oh la la..

Saturday, 6 February 2010

Love's feeling

Shimmering shadows..
Of unforeseen deeds..
But the Q’s still remains..
Was it really unforeseen..

Hunger blinds the taste buds..
A few sour grabes swallowed
Leaving bad tastes in t' mouth

From the side of an eye..
Evidence of what was..
To come lingered,..
Like clouds before the storm..

While I sat watching..
Suddenly being overwhelmed by
Every emotion this feeling is giving..

How far we have come on this voyage, ..
Now I am losing my senses..
I am without reasoning..
And the heart feels heavy..

Sweats engulfs my awaking sleep..
Painfully wanting..
For more of this crave..

When finally the morning comes..
I will scum to the weakness ..
I am feeling for loves want..
A' be consumed into perpetuity..
In loves arms..

First Love

He will break glasses 
To allow tensions 
To shatter unspoken verses..

Quite was the room, 
Silence engulfing 
Lips stitched together..

Stamped with padlocks,..
Awe with mouths

Opened up ajaw..

Ghosts are not seen 
In daylight, it is an unwritten rule..
So he blinked twice to assure himself..

These eyes are not telling porkies..
Pica boo, in hide and seek
Now you see me, now you don't

It has happened before..
Once when he saw a match..
Could have sworn, it was her, 

Who he knew, from before..
So he called out in names ..
But the shadow walked on..

Like a deaf man being sang to..
He made chase, 
And tapped stranger's shoulders,

Sorries followed after..
' Your shadow reminds me of an old flame'..
He said in apologies

He had every reason to be cautious ..
It has been ten calenders, in a decade ..
Since he set eyes on her blossom beauty ..

The one that, first flew, 
His love's nest, 
Her knowing he never forgot 

His sweaty palms confesses ..
First love never dies..
First love never dies 
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