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Sunday, 17 September 2017

City of Angels

City of angels but no wings are needed here, through the tunnels we all get dirt on our shoulders.

Those with wings shed them off
it is no use in the gutters of life.

We shed skins but that doesn't make us new as born, again born, clean slate

Snakes with bite marks crying out for fair play.. stones are thrown with guilty conscience, confessions to those that have more to confess to.

Do not wear white to an all white party, you will be the only one with the odd cloth on, at the end of the night.

I bleed but I have no cuts on, it is all internal, my cure is laughter.  Laugh out loud like a mad man on therapy

Don't ask the priest what I said, he is tongue tied to carry my off loaded burden. How fair is that to push my weighted average on him to carry.

Then day breaks, everything gets swept under the carpet. You have to learn to let go, it is the only way to make it to dawn.

Amnesia has more in blessing to give to help forget and carry on. Cold nights are a nightmare.

Shedding weight, and the fat guy looks like he who ate all the pie, trouble is, there are so many fat ones around.

Beggers strike in protest and Joseph is being economical with the interpretation of pharoah's dreams.

Friday, 1 September 2017

The red mist

The red mist is the devil to the wise man's peace.

His reasoning and patience, his calm and his toughts.

For such storms explodes and fires lighting strikes

That are purposeful to sabotage, good reasoning

I have sat with sage too many times to have forgotten what he looks like.

But sometimes I just walk past in a hurry with such speeds

In search of him, when it matters most

Watching a fish drown in its own habitat

Today I found my medicine after yesterday's red mist

We are wise, yes indeed we are, the world knows we are

But foolish at the edges where stitches that hold our strings  together become undone

Sage warned me about this, he said he experienced it himself

That to all wise men, be careful of the red mist.

It is the devil to a wise man's peace

It is the devil to a wise man's peace. 
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