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Thursday, 23 October 2014

The Waiting Game

Rusted fingers on rusted arms 

Rusted ink on rusted paper 

Who is looking, watchers watch.

Allow occasion to present it self 

I have been waiting 

Like tables booked 

And to the restaurant 

A place reserved 

Some where by the window 

I have been waiting 

For so long so far in time 

That curb-webs have 

Bequested the spider 

To honor build on prime land

On fine prime real estate 

Strings pulled from left to right 

The cranes out and structures built 

Now a company kept with the curb-web 

We have both been waiting 

Waiting for all this time, longevity on parade

For time has joined the course on pause. 

We have been waiting 

Waiting waiting waiting 

Watching paint dry on this here wall 

We have been waiting 

Then suddenly a flush spark on light 

Sparkles twinkle and motion resolve  

Life is no longer on stand still 

The machinery of life is back on the wheel 

Rusted edges brushed off 

Oil in the joints and we are back in motion 

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