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Saturday, 31 October 2009

Questions and Answers

If Knowledge
is said to be
the back drop of evolution,
what percentage
of your mental faculty
are you using..

Tic toc, tic toc, tic toc...
Like to call a friend,
Go 50-50 or
Ask the audience?

How in tuned
are they to know,
if you don't know urself.
Q's & A's,

Who's got thier eyes
on the ball?
Q & A
Don't be fooled by ignorance

The Way You Sit and Stare

I like the way you sit and stare,
And say, no much 
Just that you do

I like the way, on occasion 
You shake your head and smile
For a joke you share with yourself, by yourself

I like the way you sit and stare,
Saying no much,
Just with a pleasing eye

The way, I like
Your eyes, that twinkle, with a smile
Like a shooting star, brighting the sky

I like the way you sit and stare
Hugs and hold, in squeezes of me
As if, it is the last time ever to do so

But just your way, in feelings drawn
Of saying good morning
All with a smile..

I like the kiss you leave on my lips
A cold refreshing feel, it leaves
Like ice cream on summer's day

I like the way you sit and stare
The way you, look me in the eye
When in saying, I love you, sincerely so, yours

I like the way you call on me
Like a hero to open the jar
Baby, I love the way, you sit and stare, in gaze..

But Most of all, I like the way
You respond to my love
And when I see you, sit and stare

Its an act, worth a thousand words
Like the way 
You sit and stare

The Question I ask

If we all Gods children,
then what is the worth
of the Reverend's words (T Kweli),

Religion creates division,
Should I?
Follow Judaism by following Christ
As he was Jew?

Where are the boarders
Of religion?
If Christianity, Muslim, Judaism, Buddhism
All have love as their basis.

If we walk on different roads,
But all roads leads to Rome,
What difference does it make
What path I choose?

Do we all wear
Different cloths
But are only worn to keep
Warmth and decency?

Am I the wiser
For the Questions I ask
If tomato and tomate
Means the same thing
Why should a life be lost
Defending one against the other

These are the Questions I ask.
What difference does it make

Friday, 30 October 2009

Name, Naming Named

I am named
Name, naming, named
From the cradle to the grave
I am named

The search for a name
Suitable for a child loved
By once parents

Days, weeks
Spent searching for a name that would
Last from the cradle to the grave

A few are played with and dropped
Not liked by the
Mom or the Dad

A football star, Nah says the Mom
A musician, Nah says the Dad
Now we find ourselves
In a Mexican stand

Bingo then finally
A name is chosen
To last from the cradle To the grave

A character is formed
Followed by a persona
And as I grow, with the name
Firmly placed as my subject heading

I am named
Name naming named
From the cradle To the Grave
I am named

Asked and Answered

Hours spent 
In front of the mirror
Mascara for special effect

On that eye, that eye
Needs to be worked on
And when she is asked

"The question"..

The question, for which
She feels, in need to protect
"False" perception of a good home

Answers that follows;,
"I walked into a door"
She says

'When did you become
So injury prone'
Friends wander, knowing

But not wanting to know
'Poking my nose, into foreign waters

Not my thing, my style, my want to know'

Silent of the frank, in questions
"She never asked, not really though"
Desperate eyes, cry in whisper

Just one more push
And I will tell, I want to tell
Please; in silent cry

Just ask, as in frank,
Frankly to be truthful.
But words go silent,

With a look of wander
After all
The question was asked
And an answer given
In asked and answered

Toy Soldiers

Rambo’s and J. I Joe’s
Cowboys and Indians
Toy Soldiers and Toy Guns
Sound bites made

ti ti ti ti ti ti ti ti ti ti
ti ti ti ti ti, Boom Boom,
Bang Bang

Scouts Boys and
Scout Girls
Badges of Honour
Given stage by stage

Recruitment day
Convincingly, attractively
Packaged, Candies given
As free gifts

Now on the Battlefield
The dream is not
The same


False supremacy

Fanatics and madness

Tables turns
Seasons comes and goes
Generation of people
Still fighting for a false belief

False assumption
False theory
Passed onto a generation of people
Who fail to ask
The simple and obvious question

Why then are there
Why then are we
Brain washed to believe
In false theory of empowerment

Lost lives
Lost on a sacrifice
To please a God
An unwanted sacrifice

Fact is in reality
The war can never be won
Neither by the supremacist
Nor the fanatics


Just another one
Biting the dust

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