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Monday, 31 October 2011

After the Storm

The fact that you saw the world 
Affected all your decision (Wayne)
To see pain ignite rage, combustible   

But hold on 
Don't burn wings of guardian angels 
They protect you from the worst 

Like the magnetic fields of the earth
Against sun storms that rage 
And you are not alone, to feel alone 

To lock yourself in isolation  
Cutting off all invisible bridges
To the eye of the storm 

Wishing on the end 
What ever kind, it be, to be 
Be done with   

Becoming cold 
A stranger to yourself , reflection  
Holding contempt  

While in the process 
Draining off refiling tanks 
Half full, half empty in parables 

The fact that 
You are faced with frustration  
In circles feeling dizzy, seeing no way out 

Does not mean 
You have lost  your sight for good 
Hold on, let it all come to you 

Allow the dust storm to settle 
It always does, it is the rule of nature 
And see clear, with no regrets after  

The worst of it all 
Is just a phantom state of the mind
A  temporary lapse of good men 

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Saturday, 29 October 2011

Ghost and Gothic

Ghost Gothic wanders in corridors  
Adam's family haunted with stories, whoooo whooo 
Dead of day zombies walk  

Friday, 28 October 2011

Illusion of thought

I see a thousand lies titillating
A thousand more hanging  
Told in history books to accept 

And science presents me   
With factual, factual lies  
More of the same in stories told   

I see a thousand lies 
My eyes, at it, conspiring to tell 
In pictures view in optical illusion  

And religion holds the holly grail  
Of all that is said, in chinese whispers 
Two thousand years, of some whispers 

I see a thousand lights 
Different colours of creed  in view 
To be against, differences we share 

Yet with fingers stretched  to the point 
Held between the pictures view  
Both top and bottom, becomes the same 

I see a thousand lies
My eyes plays illusions on view 
And others go fanatic on beliefs 

But most I see 
Most of all, close on view 
Is a shape of truth, though be it abstract 

Looking close enough 
It sits in clear view 
Hidden by optical illusion 

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Thursday, 27 October 2011

Touch Wood

Touch wood 
If I ever, touch wood  
Say so, say no , touch wood 

 Just in case, the case evolve 
 Found myself, deeply involved   
Enlisted, like drawn in, enrolled on 

Blemish, they say, I have got, shadows 
Double, they walk, beside  
Hanging on my, in my, foot steps 

Clouds, they form above 
Thunder the sound to announce 
Lighting they strike to inflict 

Pain it's felt so deep  
Cuts, within the skin  
Bleed, within the cuts 

Falls, stumble without a stop 
Down, without a break 
Bruises to define the fall , define the fall 

So just in case, touch wood  
Just, just in case, to avoid 
Do without the bad luck 

The bad luck

 #I don't wanna see the rain 
#come down, to drench, before 
#I am ready, I am ready 

#and I don't wanna be, caught out side 
#when the storm inflict 
#no, no,no 
#no, no, no
#no no no no

# not before , I build my shelter 
#and I am ready 
#I am ready, I am ready

Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Simple Says

Inclined, try hard, like it's no body's business 
Simple says, if it is meant to be  
It is meant to be, glide to land on solid grounds 

Sweats are a necessity  
No doubt, to define a character
Call it preparation to be crowned  

But know this, in parables 
Careful all the same, wise thoughts 
Figments, blurry lanes lie on routes to destination 

Some walls do not have invisible doors 
To manifest, like open sesame  
They hold illusions pretence, mirage  

Vulnerable, don't break your fist, in  the process 
Trying to break down walls, in the process 
Options lie as avenues given in procedure 

Knowing when to walk 
Is the sign of opportunity set 
To be taken advantage of, gifted  

Try all the same, as oppose to 
You suppose to, believe me, blow on wish 
How else, if not so, to find measure 

But simple says 
This is a philosophy to be had 
At the back of the mind, thinking 

Simple says
If it is meant to be, it's meant to be 
Don't break your fist, chasing mirage, options given

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Tuesday, 25 October 2011

The People's Manifesto

Thank you, thank you, thank you  
Ladies and gentlemen, please, please, be sitted 
To your attention I usher thee, presences  

Thus be, I am not into politics 
You talkative, attention   
You best know, believe  

I represent a Nation 
No, not a notion of fallacy, dreamt up 
Built on this here principles entangled 

Long lost before dawn, day break 
I don't have time for the buffoonery flaunted 
I see past, the promises  made to wow the crowd 

I feel the rain drop on my shoulders, sensitive  
My senses are sharpened , bright  
To detect blindness, my vote is with meaning, value   

I analyse their speeches, so wrong  
Irrational thoughts on subjects, baseless  
They lose their objectives, goal greed  

So I am not into politics, spinning 
To fall in line, with the party's manifesto 
I represent a Nation, to question the manifesto  

Hear, hear you wranglers of cooperate interest, listen 
This is to the house of commons, sense 
Parliament for the people in chambers

The house should not be at rest , rested
Work to be done. sweats and blood, sacrifice  
A Nation to build, hear hear, a Nation to build 

Note: Read the words in red as a  second poem on this page 
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Monday, 24 October 2011

Monday Calls

They put more obstacles in my way
Than the average Mr Joe
So I jump high 

Highlander, swerving missles 
Like a Nintendo play game 
Who is looking 

Watch this,
I just made it onto the next stage
I am digital, running on sound bites follow 

And I just got given another life 
As bonus, laser quest 
High score, who is counting 

I am dressed top to bottom 
As Mario, but I am no Italiano  
Still call me super 

Mr fix it, with tools in hand 
Who is asking, Monday calls  
Hold on, Monday calls, let me fix it 
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Sunday, 23 October 2011

Love Sponge

Sponge is squashy held in my arms  
The feeling of love, so wild and tender  
Love sponge, we will always be together  

I Kid You Not

Sitting in the high seat of the gallery  
Making commentary, giving tactical advise 
 Is not the same as standing on t' stage, to face t' audience

You have to be there to know what it gives  
What it takes, what it means  
To testify on a life lived 

You have to swim with dolphins 
To know what it's like  
Not sat in the boat, paddling waters 

You have to have lived a life
Seen it with your own eyes
Felt its closeness and trepidation

Yearn your last to give, like greed 
Felt the feel of the last few steps 
Before mountain summit, to own t' stories told 
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Saturday, 22 October 2011

Write Off (Free Verse)

Sitting alone listening to the silence ;
You see me, mirror says, I messed my life up  
and found me in the process, rebirth, new me  
and the critics, stand back with amazement,  
write off, like I was, never made  
to amount to much, much I  
do, much I did, brought  
tears in rain wash,  
many men, cursed  
to, see 
of me,  
talk of me,  
like I was the  
end game, see me done,  
see me done now, write off,  
good riddance, they took my file, and 
burnt it,  faders, ashes, to  be made of 
me. Being through hell and back, I paid the 
price , phoenix, me that, now I step, foot steps left 
in ashes, watch germination, shooting stars penetrate through, the ozone, 
layer, to make an entry, with burns on 
the back of the doubters, doubt this, new 
era and I say no sorry,  nada, 
regrets nada, this is life lessons 
and it made me stronger 
made me stranger, green 
lantern and to 
the observers 
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Friday, 21 October 2011

We Are The 99%

There is no democracy  "Limp up"
If my vote for the left or the right   
Leaves me out of pocket and without a job, no joke  

When the police see my right to demonstrate 
As an act of aggregation towards the state 
And not a wake up call to the cry of it's citizens 

There is no democracy when private institutions 
Puppet the machinery of society's  fabric 
To their own private gains, fooling the masses   

When secret organisations are formed  
Within governments and titled special privileged groups  
With a get out of jail card to walk on water 

And who is to take the moral high ground 
When the west sleeps in the same bed 
With all that, we as a civilised society, should stand against 

Are meant to be differentiated from  
There is no democracy when communism  
And capitalism blur the lines of who owes who, I O U  

So today, I will wear my Guy  Fawkes mask 
And march to Tahrir square, The Wall street, Hong Kong 
 Leicester square, in Greece, Japan, in Thailand 

For I am one of the 99 percent, left out
And I demonstrate for my right to be, let in 
To hold the institution of governance to account 
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Thursday, 20 October 2011

Faded Tapestry

Drum rolls, pictures fade on project-al, slowly   
Faded memory of prime, lovers that came a' went  
There was a time, when I used to swing and lights sparkled 

Playing gallantry with the dance floor 
I made the earth vibrate down to its very core 
With such foxtrot moves, I conjured up tango and danced 

There was a time, in not too distance past
When my stands brought novation, adored, stage light bright   
And I charmed the most pessimist to believe in miracles  

Occasionally I walk past walls, such walls 
That once captured shadows of dance, in my prime 
In my prime, in my prime, oh in my prime 

A song in my heard, tap tap, foot movements 
Tempts a come back, with dim lights flickering 
And I heard an old soul calling 

My brittle bones, fights to escape 
This captive surrender, rose cottage signal signs  of an end 
I fight so I can be  a matador again, 

To bring shadows back to this life again 
To bring shadows back to this life again 
Drum rolls pictures fade on  projected walls 

Acro dance partners execute a Lawnmower, one o...Image via Wikipedia

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Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Wearing Bankers Costume

Hey, Mr Banker, sat between metals 
On the fast lane, looking good , to "breach"  trust  
Looking down at the worker bee , I see you 

Fear mongering, with biggity, uppity, in attitude given  
I know an extinction of a kind, it burns "ember"  
I know your kind 

All emperors fall, like Rome , life is "tentative" 
Even high priest loose their status 
For taking the piss, mickey, my wallet  

And you think you are to be any different
Otherwise the wiser, holly anointed  
For you've been made the care taker of the blood line 

Holding chalices of society's veins  
Confused of your status given 
Acting like the naked king 

Why does the fool always think 
He can put a wool over my eyes 
Wearing costumes to fright 

We only just made you, saved you  
And no one crowned you 
Holding society to ransom  

On the account of your essence 
I know an extinction of a kind 
I know your kind, deja vu of a kind  

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Tuesday, 18 October 2011

A Foot In

The show must go on, I insist  
I bought a ticket   
I spent a penny, I am in for a pound  

A door way manifest in corridors, lurking    
Where once laid nothing, emptiness in silence    
Of visions in tunnels, no light in sight  

And a miracle is prayed for   
Trapped like a mouse on funeral service
In a sealed hole, trench warfare  

A door way manifest on corridors 
Bridging gabs between two worlds  
Like a wormhole, solidifying alternate universe   

And I am foot in, blocking closure 
The forces that be, will have to let me in
Before this door is closed , I swear

The gods must be joking 
To think otherwise; I doubly swear
Believe me, to think otherwise    

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Monday, 17 October 2011

Fugar's Theory








by: Carlos Fugar

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Sunday, 16 October 2011

Ducks Can't Fly

If birds had feathers they will not hang  
On grills, spiced up, roasting aroma 
Feeling the air, with juice  

My taste bud, ready to engage  
Consumed, my lips left with evidence  
Of my indulgence   

If birds have feathers 
Oh but they do   
Well before being unplugged   

Oh but they do  
If birds had feathers to fly 
They would not hang on grills

For they will know to fly 
And not walk, or run, slow enough 
To be caught, by the man with no feather 

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Dancing to the Beat

Vibrant sounds echoes from distance
Hibernated energy awaken in the souls of man
Dance brings movements, celebrated hour
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Saturday, 15 October 2011

On What Basis

This is pay per view, like pay as you go 
So listen, on account 
That I make this a preview 

Mine comes in words, selected so few 
To summarise lessons in view 
And leave them in parables 

Not much needs to be said, wall street 
When flash lights  image emerge 
Like probe, of the subconsciousness

A thousand ignite, discontent with match  
Disapproval of the run 
By the powers that be 

Ten thousand more 
Become flammable with thought  
Watching politics, bankers in pictures view 

Rage of the common man
Cry of delusional futures 
Rome burns, New York and Japan, storm  

The elite gather their stock  
And they hold in captive 
Greek and Hungary hostage 

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