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Wednesday, 29 September 2010


Bloodhound, of  SSC..
Pushing past, fast adrenaline zest ..
Gravity of G-force,  felt in motion..

Life is time,..
Time strides past; fast..
Life is time, in on fast lanes..

Effort set on stages drawn..
Blink,  laid crossed, across ..
Past marks, jet propel, in seconds post

Four in numbers, of  football fields..
This thus distance gauged..
Marked out in bench mark set..

Blood Hound..
Made Engineering of
The spectacle drawn..
Breakthrough ground steps
By science, in beauty of maths..

Did you see that..
At a 1000 miles, in 3D thrust..
Not if thy sight..
Was otherwise engaged..

And we set records..
And we break records..
While sat in Euphoria.. 
Of Utopia's creations..

Man is a milestone..
Step in evolution..
Time and speed..
On excitement joy..

And in Bloodhound..
We break the sound barrier; ..
To have our names ..
On history stands..

Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Death of Anarchy

I am no coward, believe me;..
I have faced, the hands that be.. 
The establishment order  
Made my stand and paid the price,.. 
In ways like, "keep the change"..
With my head, held high "keep the change"

I am a rebel, ..
I believe in an ideology, a  Marxist.. 
Yet,  at night into day, day break..
I conform to the establishment's order..

The status quo, like using the currency .. 
Of the Three Masons, for fruits and veg..
And bus pass too, phone calls 

For my hands are tied..
On bills to be paid ..
Fearful of the brown envelopes.. 

Butter in currency, in trade, 
For the wheel to move on survival guide 
Bureaucracy in classiest states  ..

Watched the old  Black beret  
Red star attached, revolutions  
Trade in trading places   
With the West in symbols, 
The market, the greed..

So what became, of the flower power ..
As liberals transform, into the far right..
And few go as far as standing on stages..
We once burnt down, in protest ..

Politicians will never change..
Handshakes seals signs..
Symbols of the transformation..
They preach, like hallow souls..

In my heart, I am a rebel ..
A renegade, a Marxist..
In reality, I have to pay my bills..
Truth be told, they are mounting up  

Call it my 40 days in the desert..
Till I am liberal, financially liberated .. 
In the true sense, of the word..

Not forced to live in the woods as free
And my chequescash books 
Checks and measures; 
Bill do balance in the black  

Who dare, blurs the line 
Of anarchy, with 9 to 5
Who, who; tell me who did,
In rebellious suits..

Not constraint by situations ..
Circumstance, reality ..
And Kings of the day ..
Demand their cut..

Offspring's ; ..
Demand their birth right. ..
Their feed, their warmth..
And my night bed is sacrificed ..

Candle I burns on both sides 
Ends in the middle.. 
Hoping there was more hours in the day 

In my heart, I am a renegade ..
"Excuse me, while I put the kids to bed
School starts, early tomorrow"...
Weekend food shopping to be made 

In my heart, I am a rebel..
At one with the course and this, thus becomes.. 
The reincarnation of  anarchy's death 

Viva la revolucion 
And it shall not be televised 
Sorry folks, something to do 
With the TV license not being paid
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Saturday, 25 September 2010

Free Verse,

Get a rush,..
Get a rush, rush, rush,..
Get a  weeeeeeeeee rush,..
Make a move, make it move, step it up,..  
Hit the hi high note...

Make it count, down, ten,..
Make it count, count, count..
Make a run, make it spin, dancing chairs,..
And we run, round around...

Then stop. ha! Hammer time,..
Make it stop,nope to the top, yep
Make it stop to the music, music beat,..

And it skips, dancing chairs, take a seat,...
If you still, still standing up, then you out, with a blink,..
Blank, make a run, run round, get a rush, dash,..
Move, fast, make it count, step it up..
Make it count now, now..

Make it count, to the bolt, and we flying, ha high,..
Now, I know, to the sky, heaven knows,..
Wow, make it run, hallelujah  
Make it rush, jet, propel, paw!, pass..

Did you, come down, here,..
Did you come, with a dancing shoes on,..
Did you come, did you come
Then do the, moon, moon walk,..
Michael Jackson, rest in peace ..
Do the moon, moon walk,..

Shake it off, watch the dj, do his thing,..
And the dancing floor, is alive, everybody doing,..
The do, do, 1,2  and a 1,2 step, step, step it up, tribal dance..
To the left, to the right , shake a leg,..
Move your butt, pump your shoulders,..

Here we go, go again,..
Dancing chairs! take a seat,..
If you still, standing up, then you out,..
Va mous, va va voom, voom, vooooom,..

Do the walk, walk of shame,..
I knew a boy, once called Shemas,...
He was just , just so shameless,..

Brave heart, he said, this and that..
Dust, dirt, don't stick, just brush it off,..
Brush it off, off your shoulders,..
Like a, Friday feel, of the week, ..
For  a friday, zeal.. 

But then you standing,..
So is your turn, term, time, now,..
Tap, rap, dance, bogey, to the bar,..
Get the drinks, it's your run,...
Run round around..

And it is all just for jokes..
Enjoy the weekend Peeps..
Stay blessed, peace, I am out!..

Friday, 24 September 2010


Decimals reciprocating..
Recipes of disaster..

And I am dammed and doomed..
Strategizing ways to climb..
Out of this pit ..
Of bottomless hole..

Wholly to be forgiven..
For my mere blinded ignorance..
Which fails to appreciate..

The dyer disastrous situation..
I find myself  in;..

In too deep..
I Say..
Who say?..
Who say..

Now, even failing.. 
To take note.. 
Of the voice within..
Who say?..

Stupidly asked, ..
With a commanding voice..
As if to get the better..
Of the one behind the voice..

But hold on, ..
Wait a minute..
A minute I said..

Indeed I am dammed and doomed..
For the voice I hear,..
In whispers, that whispers, whisper!..
Is a voice within, that speaks;..
Loud in whispers..

My inner voice;..
In hearing, to be volumized ..
My climbing steps, uplifted..
My sight seen, visualised in clear roads..

And now I know ..
In familiarity ..
With my inner voice, heard..
Loud in whisper...shhhh..

Sunday, 19 September 2010

Oh Johnnie Walker

In aspiration, inspiration, dreams to be..
If I flap my wings, the higher I fly..
The better I walk, the further I go..
The sunset, leaves me craving for more 

And they say, time flies by fast, when in fun..
So I must be having fun with life..
Air in balloons, air bubbles, laughing gas..
Confetti's thrown in for celebration..

 I am no longer inclined to ask..
Of, when, how, who, as to what was..
Pinned on my drawing board..
Blue print, mapped out, marked out, tactics..

For the scale is set, made architect of..
What paths, I take, I walk, I step, I am to be zenith ..
And for the builder, to put brick on brick..
Made castles of, to drink Johnnie Walker after..

So you know, the ball is in my court..
And my fortune cards, is with options..
And I choose this one, in choices made..
Thus it must be tailor made, to fit..

Fit for purpose, winds under my wings..
And I am jetting off,  on new found flights 
Second wind, set on dreams, in dreams had..
And I be made Johnny walker..

Friday, 17 September 2010

War with the Heart

Life is war, with what and all..
Most leaves sores, on memories doors..
Battle scars worn, as medallion plates..

Sargent Major, onto the retired Colonel ..
What nightmares seen, with the naked eyes..
Some comrades, still left on battle fields..

Life is war, with what and all..
School play ground, to find positions stands..
To be known by all, as the Mr popular, charisma..

And all the girls giggle, smiles and twinkles..
With blush on sight, for views; oh you showoff..
Except with the one, to have admired the most..

Life is war, with what and all..
Knocking on doors, to get a foot in doors..
Promotion stands, on obstacles course..

Life is war, with what and all..
Time and age, drawn on Mexican stand.. 
Mirrors reflections, to death door shown..

Life is war, with what and all..
But for the most fought, none so revered ..
Like the one with the heart, baseline rate..

Oh for my heart, my heart, my soul, my love ..
Some times, I  just find in conflict zones..
I am  at war, wiv my own heart, with what and all..

An Old Cliche

The softest of arms; smack, bang, wallops..
Can deliver, the swiftest of strikes..
The humble candle light, thatched, torched..
Can bring down an empire in burns "Curtains" ..

And it is said, in old tales..
That one should be, must be careful..
In care taken, with the smallest of cuts.. "infestation"
In the jungle's amazon, for it can kill "one-time, no joke"..

Single drops of trickle, dribble, sipping ..
Can fill a whole tank, in buckets full..
And thus flood a house to sink..
While stitches in time saves nine "mouse holes"..

Is the last straw to be blamed for breaking the camel's back..
Or the first that ever was, first strike..
And a maggot infestation..
Starts with a rotten carcass "something stinks" ..

To the age old cliché..
Of a word to the wise is enough..
Does one know, enough said..
Before the "had I known".."Always with hindsight"

And thus a question is asked..
Have we been here before spooky feelings..
Like deja vu, in "cliché " an old "cliche' "..
Opps! off goes the wee-seal; "again" ..

Relate, reflect, resound, resonate..
And it goes like this, like that, like;..
And another one, and another one..
If you don't know, now you know "facts finding"
Its a riddle , in riddle, of riddles .."riddle, riddle" 

Wednesday, 15 September 2010

In 3D

The red and blue lens, in sight seen..
Says even in 3D, ..
Dimensional to projections..
There are two sides to a coin..

And I toss mine up ..
Hope holds weights of gravity..
In thinking to manifest..
In projection's stands..

So in 3D, I see clear, ..
Still knowing, a coin has two sides..
Like the wise man's words ..
Like Sean and John..lol.."jokes"..

Like the south and north pole.. 
To give I, a gravitation pole..
On solid grounds I stand firm..

With my options, laid clear before I..
Stages set, for steps taken..
Arise and shine, sunshine!..

Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Judgement Stands

Am I to stand in courts..
Exchanging wigs with the hands of the law..
That dealt me a privilege to stand in docks..
He sits, robed up to cover his crime..

What stories his bed sheet..
Slept in, has to say; I wonder..
Sweats and mouths drips..
Left as evidence of what has been..
Said to the bleeding ears..
Of  the quite night..
Before he exiled..

Yet he is to throw the first stone..
Not for his lack of crime or sin..
He is not as white as snow..
More like cream, dirty white; one may say..
But to have been excused for the wig worn..

So he cast judgement on me..
And say “I am appalled by your crime..
And I sentence you..
To the duration of incarceration..
Throw him to the wolves"..

This should be a lesson to others..
The weight of the law has been...
Hanged over my neck..
By the man in robe, he wears a wig..
To announce, his authority on moral ground.. 

I stand on platforms stage..
To be thrown into the belly of acid waves..
Prodded by the swords of Edward Teach..
For he was the one with the judges wig...
He bared a beard that matched his robe..

Monday, 13 September 2010

Dear Love

When rivers run, and run and run...
Foreverness in flow, caught in the currents...
Denied the chance to know beginnings..

Riding currents, sat in the middle...
Time placed distance between..
I and the shoreline stretch..

And I rather the high currents, stand..
Solitary and guarded in trenches, dug..
As with the forts that stands on old century..
Long abounded by occupiers of before..

Then to the sudden breeze, southern breeze...
With strengths yet unknown, in depths of enigma..
Butterflies that flaunts, the status quo..

And breaths that pause on chests heart's realm..
Like the deaf with frustration of word; 
Stuttering, wait on explosions gasp..

It carries more frights,..
Than the high currents known..
To have surrendered to this feeling..
Summoned to know,  your butterfly's tender..

With strengths of the spider's silk..
Brought back to shoreline drawn..
To be at your love, in presence stand..
I love thee, in dear love told..

Sunday, 12 September 2010

Birthday Cards

Sun shine stars..
On birthday cards..
And stars are born..
On the 12 of the 9th..

Two a pair, as a pair..
We are blessed to have bestowed ..
Separated by moons of 12..

And sparkles by nature..
Are rays,  from the stars..
Acts of smiles in radiant's flow..
And attitude to match in character of nature..
To have been born, with elegance..

What lies, installed..
For the angels of virgo...
House proud before ten..
And reads all, likes a good book..

Daffodils, oh beautiful daffodils..
Wild with grace, tender in flowers..
So much joy to share with all..
Graced to be, as it is to have you be..

And to the family..
Another calander to be opened..
This time next year, after another 12 moons 
What drama to have witnessed from you ..

With presents and candles..
Lighted up on cakes,..
Blow a wish, blow a wish, with air..

Oh star sign of lady Virgo...
Happy Birth Day to you ..
To Vienna and Yrammy..
You are so much loved by the family
You are as gifted to us all..

My Sense of Smell

Flash, camera, action; frozen in stills..
Shadows of yesterdays reign..
Over-seeded by time of the now..
In minutes passing by..

Soldiering on..
Memory and scent do take a piece..
Like with the cake we ate yesterday...
Occasional remembrace of a smell..
To jog memories,in deja vu; a scent.. 

Oh how so missed such times spent..
With faded acquaintance..
And time do fly by fast..
With occasions to match..

And names of once known, into thin air..
But for the picture sitting, reshuffled ..
Into solitary confinement of incarceration..
Emerging to anoint with memories; that scent..
Once so dearly held, now lost to faded before...

And smiles, is set on sight that stare..
This time such memories, holds sadness too..
What became of old friends, after the fact..
Captured in time-capsules..

This time flash back, relapse.. 
Only last for a brief, in faded memories..
Overshadowed, up-staged ...
Like the guest who overstayed..

You've had your time in Saturday's summer garden..
Sunday is just set for, brief reflections in autumn.. 
In fading memories, gone by winter's cold..
Settings stages for Monday's spring..
Oh that smell of new, before flowers blossom 

Tears I Offer

I do not, scratch the bleeding tree..
For its tears, are not enough to go around..
I am a man ; Alpha, not steroid buffed up..
But all the same, same as, a man none the less..

I throw down banters, like the best of them..
With the rest of them, as the rest of them..
Medallions of paths walked, hangs set..
On my shoulders wear to show my stirring..

I am a man; emotions, promotion, demotions..
Into breakdown of uncontrollable..
When I am on my own
And rivers do flood to burst their banks  

Like two peas in a pod..
One leading to the other...
In actions taken, thereof
Composure falls like domino...

I know to stay clear from tears..
Such it is, that it triggers outburst..
Flooding my eyes, in IOU's..
In suppressed emotions  

That of fright, or loss..
That jumps me off my seat..
Like guilty conscience... 
Of post-traumatic calls 

But for compassion, passion
Allure, her beauty..
Shown by the delicacy of flowers..
I will spear a tear in trade I have to 

Trade offs, of trading places 
For her presence ADORED she is gone..
Stolen from us by the beast of man 
In such cruel manner robbed 

So I shed tears, out loud 
In public  I show such emotions 
For she is owed that, an Indian candle  
A blossoming flower caught too soon 

Friday, 10 September 2010

Forever in Laughter

When we are out, "jostle" chasing forever
Rushed off our feet, on the go with workout 
After milestones set in blue prints, of plans 

And never with, enough time
To look back in mirrors reflection
Until we see a stranger, staring

Made of shadows, that walk beside us
To have become, our transformation
Of sparkles lost, on standby; forgotten

So to strategies set, on quest 
You are summoned to give due to "fragrant" smell 
To the little things in life's appreciation 

Don't be greedy, and steal a candy from the inner child  
Remember golden fishes that swim in tanks
Needs feeding, like joys and laughter, food to the soul 

Now have you seen my dentures 
I left them next to my walking stick 
I am in need of more, in "remnant" laughter 

Thursday, 9 September 2010

Eyes That See

For the man crowned..
And rooted on cherry tops..
Silver cutlery and china plates..
Golden rails and chandeliers...

To show as grand, in gestures made...
Sat in palanquins, walked on carpet..
Ate from plates and saw no butcher..
Never saw sight of the crust of men..

This is in class regard, of status stand..
Like the haves and the have nots..
While culture comes to play a part..
In what it is, they do as tradition..

And even though they speak..
The same form in tongues..
Nonetheless such sentences formed..
Cast space gaps of cannons wide..

Until such time, when all men go back..
Between a wash and clothing wear..
When man is seen in birthing clothes..
Just then, just in that moment,..
Are all men the same in the eyes that see..

And vanity is not with value  
From what it is that one owns 
And life is not defined in that regard 
I just saw you naked  
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Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Man In The Mirror

I wanna be, just like you..
When I grow up, just like you..
When I wake up, just like you..
When I say words, just like you..
With so much confidence, just like you

I wanna walk, just like you,..
A slight bend to the left, just like you,..
I wanna be, just like you,..
Just as popular, just like you 
When people look, just like you..

When I go stunting, just like you,..
When I am loved, just like you..
Like a legacy to be had..
My ambition progressions stand..
In the mirror, just like you..

Hey look,..
I am looking at you..
Just like you, looking at me..
I mean; nah you, me looking at you..

Nah me looking at me, you in the mirror..
Just like you, just like me..
Me, you just like me...
I am the man in the mirror 
To have noticed me 

Picture By :http://www.smileto.ca/index.php?showimage=169
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