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Wednesday, 31 October 2012

The Cat With Nine Lives

Oh now I get it, of course why else 
Would such set up be made 

Why give the feline nine lives 
Then set about on a mission 

Finding ways to kill the little meow  
A thousand ways to kill a cat meow, meow

A sack, drowning and the list goes on 
On and on and on, and on and on 

Barbaric signals alarming to the concerns 
Of the animal right's campaigner, meow

But curiosity is stepping out of ones 
Comfort zone to explore concepts 

Yet foreign to notions known 
Fraught with risk of danger

Dazzling the dare devil 
Curiosity kills the meow cat meow

Oh now I get it, of course why else 
Would such set up be made 

Why give the feline nine lives to meow
If not to try after fail and try and try 

And try again with nine lives 
Why not be so curiosity to know 

Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Day Break; Love, Coffee, Tea, Cocoa

Day break is like seasons new 
Every one has looks of innocence 
After sleep, a bit dumb diddle dumb 

Naturally like a computer system 
Taking a while to start up naturally   
Cups of tea or coffee turns to accelerate 

The process, a boost in the system fast pace 
Coffee strong or red-bull to the craze 
Who go for the extra strong to kick start the day 

I would love you for life, for life 
If for each day you wake up before me  
You awaken me with a cupper, a cupper  

Such acts of love holds so much to give 
For my gratitude to wake with joy 
"Oh thank you dear" with a smile 

If I am to wake before you
I would have the kettle boiling 
To perform the initial ritual hold of love 

I just landed a cup of coffee, tea, hot cocoa 
Next to you, on your bed table post 
This means good-morning love, lovely

A beautiful  day to begin 
A beautiful way it starts 
Morning morning, it is day break, love 

Monday, 29 October 2012

A Parable Of Complacency

I was told a story; story, story told 
That sought to answer a question 
I always had in mind to digest 

Lingering and needing a reconciliation 
With rituals of thoughts 
Pondering to find elaboration  

How can a rat chew the fingers 
Of a man and why not wake man 
From such pain, you fool 

How deep do you sleep 
To have been so unaware 
Of the bites, chewing deep into skin 

What is the greatest trick 
The devil ever played 
Playing fast hands to elude views 

And for each law that got made 
This ship of titanic gargantuan magnitude 
Slowly  slowly of hidden consequential 

Turned around on course to face the Iceberg 
While we danced ignorant of  change 
These sequence of activities impending 

How did the man not know 
That the rat had his fingers 
As chewing steak to the bone, to the bone 

Saturday, 27 October 2012

A Witch's Shrine

Do not step on stones  
Marked circles with ritual 
Voodoo bewitched  you 
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Thursday, 25 October 2012

Expiring Crimson Trees

When crimson becomes light 
Lighter than aqua, empty waves 
And holds no value to give no more 

When the essence of bond 
Is left without a strong definition 
And the weakest of southern winds 

Brings tree's family falling down 
Who would be there to witness 
These great forest plague in autumn 

Who would witness to tell 
These tales as caution on folk-tales  
Of the carnage greed holds  

To cause the death of a family tree 
When crimson becomes lighter than aqua 
And holds no value to give no more 

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

A Lucky Charm

You are like the beginners luck 
I make a wish and each time I see you 
A lucky charm, a company to enjoy 

I heard a whisper, faint loud from the winds 
That called my name, it called me out 
Named me with a tap on my shoulder 

Your aura precedes you, a sense of your presence 
So I turned a' looked, far and long, on instinct call  
At the personification of your whole emerging 

You are like the beginners luck 
I make a wish, each time I see you 
And hope you stay, just that long by my side  

Stand by me, hand in hand, my warn chocolate  
My lucky charm, my beautiful flower blossom 
My beginners luck, you are like my beginners luck 
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Monday, 22 October 2012

Ticking All The Boxes

My thoughts on dreams 
Feels so heavy, at times, sometimes 

As with the match past celebratory  
Safe grounds-end of greenery 

Into avenues where in lies the unknown 
Flights fright seem to be as free fall 

With parachutes absent on default 
And yesterday’s assurance set as void 

To be a man is to grow a beard 
To be a woman is at "that time of the month" 

For daily or monthly respectively, respectively  
Brings burden to bear, respectively, shave  

Discomfort becomes as prerequisite, on such 
Drive for achievement ticking all the boxes 

As thus for my thoughts on dreams lament 
I will have to be dead not to feel sometimes 

At times, so heavy with contemplation fear 
But such is a qualification on my dreams 

Sunday, 21 October 2012

The Beauty In Black

Black is the beauty bright
That enhances light's deem 

The contrast to reflection forms  

Black is the source of the light 

To give gratitude a yard stick 
Black is in shades of grey, shimmering 

In many colours, dark like chocolate 
Some blue so black, some grey as black 

Black is the fuel that burns 
To define life at its end, like candle burn 

Black is the dirt darkness of coal 
A crow's look of elegance   

Black is the new colour in all seasons 
This winter's wear, coat long on cat walk  

 A diva with attitude, the energy of coffee 
The beauty of mystery

 Black is thus so beautiful 
And alluring 

Have you seen Black 
Oh Black 

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Saturday, 20 October 2012

I Am Awake

Awaken senses 
Engaging my surroundings 
I am conscious  

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

The New Religion

The new religion is not for the masses
Masquerading a form of identifying notions 

It is not structured and ruled 
It is not rubber stamped to fit 

It is not of a singular sign held holy 
That warrants the results of opposing sides 

It is  not of monastery on distance hills  
From the nearest civilisation 

Nor is it of this civilisation set 
On material gain to class cluster 

It is back to the fringes of society 
Taking shape in soul searching 

It is the modern art and boundaries it break 
The self help books for self discovery, realisation  

The graffiti on the walls, as street arts that engages 
It is the rediscovery of hi-pi without the ho-ha 

An enlightenment of understanding, your soul
Found in alignment with the heart and mind 

The new religion is not for the masses 
But for t' one who found how to live, life at peace 

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Tuesday, 16 October 2012

I Am Made Of A Material

Not with money, nor anything money made 
Money bought, money gained, money acquired 

Not with wealth as riches of man 
Not with castles built, nor sky scrappers hanged 

Not with luxury of design wear, Prada not
Coco, Gucci not, nor with Louis Vuitton 

Gaga of defined hallow status 
To say I am a made man

When the pertinent question is asked 
Thus to describe, explain, analyse; sir elaborate  

What you are made of in context 
Tell me, in a simple  four letter word 

To define a concept of your being 
That would stand the test of time 

I would not change course again 
This time I shall be firm on this road 
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Sunday, 14 October 2012

I Half Forget Half The Time.

Amnesia (Chumbawamba song)

If not for amnesia my pain would be too much 
But then I forget "say what?" I half forget 

I soon forget, my troubles and despair 
I once slept paid on a friend's  floor 

And not by choice or casual play 
Like drunk on outings, on a Friday night

God, I am so forgetful at times 
What of the time that "wait a minute"

I can't remember, wait; it will come to me 
So again I find myself in such cast of play 

If not for amnesia my pain would be soo much 
In tally, but then I forget, its natures way 

Experience could have been a better teacher 
If it stayed in my memory long enough 

"Room for improvement"
School report, but then I forget 

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Saturday, 13 October 2012

3inch Shorter

A length wrapped cloth 
Shorter than my height before 
I shrunk at old age  

Thursday, 11 October 2012

The Jimmy Savile's Story

Open your palms, let me read you
It is hard these days to take a man's
Word for what it is, fearing short-change

When angels walk the earth with blonde hair 
With gold chain worn that dangle glim 
Shim-erring to create a persona, pink glasses  

Charisma would come so easy with charm 
It is to be  expected to be ordained 
And be a hope to the world 

Walk on paths, where the soul of  the masses 
Stand in need to bring light and say 
I am of flesh but of angel make 

I am an angel of man 
To walk this earth and be celebrated 
At death; tomb stones with poetry 

And charity names inscribed  
This is for the angels 
That walked the earth 

I saw a horn grow out of  his skull 
And wings as white as snow 
With dirt corrupt and burns like the devils 

Did we allow the devil to walk 
Free amongst us, only to claim 
He was the devil in person after death 

To stone a grave and uproot a tombstone 
On mob attack from the masses 
Not from the victims but you spectators 

Who jumped on the band wagon 
I knew this, I knew that 
I knew of  Jimmy Savile and said nothing 

All this while, shame on you 
All this while and said nothing 
Only to jump on the bandwagon today 

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Monday, 8 October 2012

Blue Bird Song

Blue bird blue bird 
Up on the tree with the morning light 

Would you not sing me a song
And call me your tulip, daffodils and roses
Describe me as your joy of summer

Would you not sing me a song
Would you not sing me a love song

Knock on my door and recite a love poem
Would you not be just so lovingly romantic 
Would you not sing me a song, to tingle my ears 

That which you wrote, just with me in mind
And my name as the first word to note 
Would you not sing me a song to awaken my heart 

#Lullaby that flows with rhyme, mine 
To have the first and last words as my name
With such passionate mention pronounce  

Would you not sing me a love song
Would you not sing me a love song 
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Sunday, 7 October 2012

Dodgy Stickers Political Tag

In a land of pretense and who you know 
No no no; it has all changed now 
Political correctness, now as it stands 
It is, who knows you to be precise 

Though name dropping can be as effective 
As tools for blagging one's way through 
Closed doors, and unpicking locks  
Walking through walls, like Houdini 

Attendance, as is by special invitation only 
To know the right words and people 
And to say the right things, as secret codes 
Dropping names as passport holds, opening doors 

Do you know who I am, as certification to have 
Dodgy stickers in a land of pretence 
And presumptions, special interest as a norm 
Who sent you, to establish grade of position 

Anas, Anas is on the tail of dodgy stickers 
Out to catch plastic figures with political tags 
Questionable moral grounds, a wolf and a sheep 
At least someone is out to get them, dodgy stickers  
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Breathe Easy

Breathe easy and not in  haste 
Hastily you might breathe a chunk and choke 

The air is full of such particles to avoid 
Attracted by the eagerness of haste 

Time out, if all seems so overwhelming 
Time is only but  a passage path 

The routes are different 
All with their own angles 

Ask the man with a rush down the road 
How he got his rushes 

Breathe easy and not in a haste 
Hastily you might breathe a chunk and choke 
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Saturday, 6 October 2012

A Douechebag The New Vogue

Wiggle a wincy dincy wiggle 
Cute as a cat's tail striped 

Fluffy fury worn for a cocktail in fashion 
Lupe, dopey, animal rights chasing Gaga 

A friend I know, I would have to know 
To be a friend, dum dum diddle dum 

Said just call all such kind as 
A douchebag, a douchebag  

To say such a word is in fashion too 
A douchebag, a  douchebag on a Paris catwalk

What or who is a douchebag  
Is it this season's designer bag in vogue 

Seriously I had a poem in mind 
Just don't know where it went..

A douechebag, a douechebag 
Guess that makes me a douechebag 
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Friday, 5 October 2012

To Meet The Buddha

Don't write anything, don't say anything
Don't let your mind be with any thought

Don't ponder, don't wonder, don't lament 

Don't reflect, don't analyse, don't diagnose

Don't say anything, don't think of anything 

Don't be of thought as concentrate 

Clear your mind of any envision to warrant 

Be like the sea, without a breeze, subtle stand 

Have an awaken, an out of body experience   

A  natural high, be as free as a bird, to elevate 

That is the only way, in this way prescribed 

You are going to get to meet the Buddha 

Plus bring some dosh, you know, ching ching

That would be for me, man's got to eat 

Buddha or not, man's got to it 
Say 10% what do you think 

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Thursday, 4 October 2012

Mr Potato Potato Pot with Friends

Mr Potatoes, potatoes, pot boiled potatoes 
Mr Mashed, with Mr Gravy on the sides  

Mr Potatoes has a big bulge head, I say
Mr Potatoes has an egg smooth head, slide

Mr Potato, potato sprout potato, brown potato 
Mr Chips came to dine with Mr Fish, fish and chips 

Mr Vinegar appears, with showers to sprinkle
Mr Salt in toe, exceptions are not to be made here

Mr Walkers, walkers Mr potato head
Mr Sweet potato, fried potato, pancake does it too 

Mr Potatoes has a big round eyes, with lashes that wiggle
Mr Potatoes has movember, with ears that match as wide

Oh here comes Mr French fries 
How have you been, you little devil with beret 

Mr Meal deal, of mix a' match a' sandwich pack  
Mr Crisp; God! does every munch have to have potatoes  

Mr Potato, potato to complement the complimentary, howdy!
Mr  Gary Lineker, always seems to think so, and so it is  
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Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Subject To A Subject

I feel connected when 
When I am with you 

I say! what an interesting take 
You have on the subject 

Subject to the subject on stand 

Of notions I once had, subjective 

Acquired on the basis of assumptions

Made before hand, show of hands 

Had I known, would as well be 

After, after conjecture 

Okay "judge quick!" that eager 

But was I not to have an opinion 

Who ever doesn't as instinct  

At first sight concept before know  

Subject to a subject as subjective 

To be set in context, who ever doesn't 

I say! what an interesting take 
You have on the subject 

Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Othello Othello

Othello, Othello, the question I ask is 
Who would hold firm, solid  
The foundation of this house 

Never open your palms to a fortune teller with tricks 
The future is made of many parts in manuscripts 
Before being presented on production stage as play 

Re-writes are constant and winds change directions 
That is why the weather man, finds it hard 
As noble men do, to have a sound reputation 

To be cast in the same light as a politician 
Othello, Othello who would hold firm 
The foundation of this house 

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Monday, 1 October 2012

I Am With Happy

I am simple minded, I am with happy 
Happy go lucky would be a close friend 

Most days, I have a smile on my face 
Most times, I am with joy 

I like to think I am easy to be around 
I like to think I am full of life 

And for life I have a dream 
A dream for life I aspire to fulfil 

I am simple minded, free with spirit as spirited 
Happy go lucky with a planned dream 

Did I say I was with happy
Oh yes, I am with happy
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