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Sunday, 31 October 2010

Tear Drops

There ain't enough tears, 
On pass around, in turn, my turn 
For what there is to cry for, 

So why cry, 
Oh young ones and old  
Why shed tears 

Yet there are plenty of laughs, 
In plentiful, laughs 
An abundance of laughters 

So why not enough moments; 
 Of, joy and jokes, 
To share 

"Funny you are", 
to laugh out loud

Oh well, so we comfort tragedy 
With laughters in humour, 
Laughing out loud

Smiles and grin, 
We carry on camping, 
Under the sun

A mile stone
Marking it down, 
In life lessons learnt 

Save our tears, on rainy days
To be served, on banquets
For the deepest of blue

Or be it joy,  
Laughing with tears, 
And afters, and afters
And there after..

Saturday, 30 October 2010

Friday, 29 October 2010

Free Verse, Lifeless

If life is for the lifeless, 
Count me out, 
On count down

Am no puppet, muppet 
On hooked strings, 
Dull like, lifeless 

I am lighter 
In light feathers, 
Gliding down on earth zone

I bleed blood red
Breathe air
Touch, feel, emotions

Turn me on, on spot light, 
Switch me on, to glow beam
Like different shades, in sparkles, glitter 

Stage light,
Lighting strike, 
Electric shock, on shock waves

Now you getting me all jumpy
Am, life vim, look 
Riding high on spectacles 

If life is for the lifeless, 
Count me out ..
Am all life, its all good, and groovy 

Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Burning Desire

Amnesia of the pain,
Comes at the aftermath 
Of the walks in deserts 

And I am tongue tied, 
Like the silence felt 
In spilt seconds before impact 

The forest woods 
Are thick with hedges, 
Scratch marks, lay siege on flesh

Edged on, road's paths
By that burning desire 
An antidote to the pain felt

The fields lie in wait, of pasturers 
Past, the obstacle course drawn
Destiny lies in different strokes...

And this is my burning desire
My saviour parie 
My burning desire 

Monday, 25 October 2010

I Know (Enlightened)

I make this, my prerogative, 
This is, in my time line, 
Ringer din don, set out the start line

The page turned, 
And now I am reading my rights,
My law rights, in black and white print

Printed on print sheet, out as fact,
Laws of man, cast in stone, 
On  foundations, of what they say

But I break rules, with my thoughts paths, 
Scrutinising, old tales to draw out, 
Throw down, make visible, blurry lines

Between old folk-tales and fact, 
Religion impact, and I sing in showers, 
Day light drawn on words 

And meanings in metaphors explained, 
Confusions done with, not again like before, 
This is new chapters, and I know my fears, 

And what is worse
The knowing or the knowing after
A paradigm of old roads walked on

Overcoming my fears, 
I laugh out loud now, 
On situations faced with,

Loud now, 
With the, on the, realisations, 
Its all a game now, always been..

And I chess play my part,
Keep my kings and queens 
Close to heart, on emotions

Sacrifice a few, as necessity demands. 
I know now, in clear day light, I know 
This is what, it has always been about now, 

It is now, and they all point fingers 
Still having the rest, point back on them, 
As unseen, in self reflection, 

All parts are the same in name calling, 
The learnered, educated, 
Still playing, the fools game

So we back to where it all started 
In clock works orange, of confusion 
But now, I know now 

Enlightened to spot, in-between lines 
And I am not the same, as before 
And my truth is different as well, I know now

Saturday, 23 October 2010

Paint Balling "Free Verse is a crime"

Fire a little tittle tattle...
On the bow and arrow's shot..
Good  shot for the blood stream..
In pressure,standing mounts..

And my doc says,
This and that to me, 
In speeches made, 
Read out loud to the masses, heard out loud..

Ma pressure points, levels 
Your pressure is down,  ..
And your valves lay empty; of steam..

You need to get your pressure up..
Get your, get your pressure up..
In up stages

Said I'm not of the running kind..
Sports never really my forte..
Pick a fight, pick a fight..
I know,  pick a fight..

Nothing gives,..
Such adrenaline rush..
Like a fight in battles whiska, 
Lets go.. Pick a fight, 
 fight                                             fight..

But for the law and rules.. 
To be adhered to, 
Break them not, or be prosecuted 

Other options, 
In measures, strategies..
To be looked at..

Paint balling,.. 
I know paint balling..
Oh, what a rush it gives,..
Feel adrenaline gust,
Past in explosion ..

And I just got hit
I've been shot, paw!
Paint, splatter, ratter
ta ta ta ta ta. 

Paint balling,
 I love paint balling

Thursday, 21 October 2010

My pictures that hangs

Defining my phantom 
Pictures hold, 
Such beauty of utopia
Distance stands, as safe guard grounds protected

Devoured from reality, phantom 
Escapism is our treasured delight 
Fantasy in our spare time, indulged in-between gaps ..

Illusion are set, as our getaway passes  
Paradise reflects, wanting in context 
The rich, the poor, all of needs, put in context 

Paradigm of life 
Bubbles that burst, floods our reality
Dreams are set, in sleep mood 
To recoil day strive, for nourishment

When things fall apart  
Love unfold unloved, rage destroys     
Stars  and the Moon, falls off the sky, unleashed  

Day dream, and night dreams
Entangled in nightmare  
Craziness unending, like day of the night 

While painted oceans on canvas 
Floods carpets, 
In down pour, like a horror movie  

As balance of weight   
Tilts, wobbling on sides  
Juggling, all to set off balance in life 

This is my dream, my patch
My Phantom 
My escapism   

This is my indulgence  
Hustling, striving, seagull's with uplift 
To keep things in accordance 

Pictures that hangs, set
On equilibrium fastened
On my wall, to stay as placed 

No funny business around here  
Messing with  my comfort, my friend
Put away abstract and surrealism 
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Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Mind Matters, Mind the gap

The mind, is a dangerous thing 
Things fall apart, as curb-webs invade muscles 
While legends deny themselves, their rightful place 

None but our selves can free our minds
Fears that imprison the lightness of our thoughts
Fearful of reaction, crippled into inaction 

Stack in a constant vegetative state, frustrated  
Denying transformation, caterpillars without wings 
And butterflies await their turn, glorious tag impatience 

Held back, like sunshine that awaits the clouds passing 
Be quick, sudoku, be quick already, I say 
Tic, toc, step up, match on, 1,2, 1,2, 1,2 

Pictures in images, visualise success 
Like knowing summer is six months away 
In hibiscus, from winter's December

Joy is, as it is, in the hands of the persona 
Battles do provide testimony 
And life is a passage of time and effort 

What's left, in left overs, on said matters
Mind matters, 
                                Mind the gap 

Monday, 18 October 2010

Sight Set "I see u baby!"

I set my sight high, 
So I need to grow, bigger wings,
Larger span, so I can fly high

Weights weighted on wing span, 
Meaning, I need to grow, more muscles,
My muscles, to up lift, on take off

Take that , run, run, run way,
 Flap, flap, now I am flabbergasted 
On areal views, sights

Clearly seen, on over elevated plans, planes
Ovation, in stands, like graduates in robes,
Suits for interviews, stripes on CV

Resulting in attainment, 
Achievement gained,
Recognised set, in class stands 

 I am growing muscles, now
Like buffed man,
Super man

Buffed man, in gym class, 
I see you baby,
              Checking my guns, 
                               Checking my style,
                                          Watching my wings,
                                                          I see you baby!...lol

Saturday, 16 October 2010

Words Said

All because, of words said
Its all because, of words said
Emotions felt, on words said

Act set, on moves made
Down to the, beats played
And on thus, on words said

All, all on words said
Mime, rhyme, with words said
Said words, in case made

If days turn, into night stands
All because of words said
And nights named and days named

All because of words
Words, words, words said
Like said words

Ready steady, go be the word said
Actions, follows in movement made
Stop signs on, traffic light 

Said word, run, run, run around
Sing, dance , love, hate
On words said 

And we running out now
Of words to say, in  said word
So bye, bye now, as on, words said..

Friday, 15 October 2010

Tapestry Explained. Free Verse

Threads, swing, swang in zig zag of tapestry 
Views set out, butterflies, in pictures painting
But not with ink, paint, print on; off on spills

Pins and needless, weaves on cloths
Step by step, as background formation
Set like poetry, with words of objects, positioned 

Some say random, set in abstract 
Till a step back, sight views, of back mirrors
Of what it is, in bigger pictures, shown

On the flip side, 
Of what thread marks, skid marks
Lay hidden, dodged away from view 

On art works, of tapestry 
Stands the netegrity of life, in life stories 
Staged in clandestine, set  hanged from view 

But who ever looks; why do you look 
At the back side of tapestry 
Sets sights eyes, on alternate universe 

Hence the phrase in words; 
Swept under the carpet, in Pandora's box, locked
The phrase is,  as, to, know it all,  is with troubles

Still in views, beauty of the tapestry
And it is by choice made, thus, by one's prerogative flip 
To have set sight on, what lies behind, closed doors

Truly I say, surely indeed
Life truly can just be, just like tapestry
And Class closed, for that is  all
In tapestry explained in full 

Thursday, 14 October 2010

Life Envisaged

Grey stands, as background drop,
Daily paths, set stood, in ink
Black and white, stands 
As the left and right wings 

But grey is said, to be the norm. 
So be it, that the clouds be grey, 
Yet for the silver lining - - - to be envisaged - - - - 
- - - - - - Marks breaks, in break point line

And a lift, set eyes on liberations, stage
Where rainbow colours, 
Gushes, floods the gaps, of halo 

Life is not just black and white, 
In borders laid, set on greys of stage, 
Plenty more, in sparkles that twinkle

Bright and beautiful, 
But it does, have a mark of grey to bare
Duty bond, for one to deal with.

Still, life is a step of discovery blast 
Memories, mark even old grey, bright
Humour, beauty and comedy, envision

Holds the brush strokes,
Painted vibrant, in colours
Life is more than just grey
Life is more than just grey

Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Missing You

I miss your smile 
Like, last of the summer's day 
Before awakening to see autumn's set
Dry leaves that line, lay, a-line  floors

I miss your joy,  your wondrous flare. 
Waving adieu to boats, adios 
Wishing farewell, set off 
Until you are back, with me again, in brief
Sealing off, to the sunset horizon, adios 

And are is as, a daughter. a mother 
A sister, as loved by another, a dearest 
A mother's call to a son in metaphor; a father
A father to a daughter;
My  precious princess 

I called your name, when the doves flew by 
Hoping they will, send this message to you  
You remind me of a reflection, so much
Mimicking in resemblance of mother 

But of course 
For you are a part of me and I, her
The cradle of the sun flower bright 
Daffodils, tulips and lilies, procession 
The joy you bring, your audience await 

You are with grace, your distance draws agony
And I miss you so, much I do with adoration 
My boo boo, my rain, my sunshine floret  
My darling, beautiful, beauty ..
I miss your cheeky smile ..

Saturday, 9 October 2010

The 3 Strike Rule.

Rule 1
Hearts Shown:
Wanting more, in bargain chips
Nothing more, in returned offers
Sat on tables,  stands on fury phantom. 

Stamping foot, with no array 
Like chi wa wa's bark on rottweiler 
Watch it boy! don't push too far.. 

Said in caution, given to the who
The who, the spot light drawn on, fixed 
Like the three strikes rule and sir you out. 

Rule 2
Side Turned:
Next; next in line to test rough waters
On off days, so it thus seem calmer than usual 
Fooled to think,  he is made to surf the highest waves

Waving out, bye, bye; help! 
SOS on sinking mood, liquid platforms
Help, help, I am drawning here

And the water stands not waist deep
With solid platforms 
No not until one reach the bottom's depth.

Help, help, he shouts
You fool; await in time precious
Rescue boats 

Rule 3
Back Turned :
I am still game, for a three strike rule
Move; Life it is, thus comes in three stages
For the last phantom

Just comes before the hour glass drained
Arrogance in announce 
Pomposity, he shows in swagger

Soon to be known, to thee 
What cards held, so close to the chest.
Make my day boy!  make your move

Fire away like the fool with matchsticks
Stood switch and lighted, in a pool of inflammable
And the rest is, to be seen as 

Well, who be, be you, who it be 
The reader, to add the last lines 
Before fool stops, and the rest is

Friday, 8 October 2010

Castles On Face Smiles

I built Castles, with my bare hands
Clock,  ticking, tocking, talking, 
Clock, clock, tic, toc, bird out

My brain moves, as worker ants do
Generating essence, serge in vigour 
Filling I with ambitious strive 

Eyes sees what I aspire
Legs walk the distance marked
Crossing zig zag of obstacle lanes

Destiny gives I, no affirmation stand
Of the promise land
No silver spoons, no jail free passes

A parallel world of choices
Like the chess game I play
Wrong moves and burnt marks
The shepherd’s dog to guide me

With chest out, I summon phoenix
Me Castle sits in me arms
That’s with the smile on, me face
When you ask, what is with the smile on my face

Wednesday, 6 October 2010

As Cold As A News Cold

So I had, a cold news
One of those things
One of those days
Those days, one of those days

Thrown in, into the machinery
Sent down, to be an obstruction
A clog in t' wheels, go round
That turns in spin to a halt

Round and round and round
So I had a cold news, clouded
Tender hearts, filled with tears
So shown, on believers emblem DARK

One of those days
It is just one of those days
Few words if any, to be said in mention
Act of posture, sat deep in thought

One of those things, contemplation
Any in numbers, to have witnessed
Tear drops, WEIGHTS in physical forms
One of those days

One of those days, days
One of those: not so accustomed
In acceptance, as a state 
But seasoned, none the less to deal with

It is just, one of those days..
Another one, to count ..
And a smile with a shrub do follow
Just one of those days

Monday, 4 October 2010

Assertion Stands; who the cup fits

It is not what we say now, last straw 
Words come long after motion, acts, starts 
Actions steps, reactions reaches the ground
And we standing firm, on solid grounds, stands, watch!

So do not look, for words
To establish, our mood of intent 
Just, concentrate on our inroads to see
Where sights are set on, do rest on..

Rest is, in choices made, 
It is with family pride, the hunger 
A legacy of the blood line 
Like with salmon's season swim, up stream

That be, that being said, sets the tone 
For what actions we take 
Like salsa music to the dance by a Cuban 
Foxtrot, and tango in Latino dance 

This is our assertion stand, watch 
And it is chest out, vim up..
This is our, commitment pledge 
Our dream line, our legacy, destiny

Destiny passed and on our offspring's, 
To look and learn to be inspired 
And carry the batons in seasons 

On turn times, its your turn now
This is the cup that fits, 
And we wear them well, with pride..

Assertions stands, 
And we are on assertions stands  
Who the cup fits 

Friday, 1 October 2010

What Is Ska

Ska, ska, ska,
Like a stone dropped  
On birds gather, together 
Scattering flights, of the fearful fright
Felt as chill on instinct run

On a buzz word, ska, dra 
Scabby, scobby, snoopy! 
And you know, you have to run 
On scot, dobby, dabby, doo..

Then came, a name,
A place in mind
Some where in land 
In the Queen's land set 

Who invented words in English  
 And brought a thousands more
In language used adopted from others 
To be, as spoken, in words said, writing 

Some so confusing, perplexing  
Cometh here-forth, on prerogative  
The big ones, in said words, used 
Scholars and pretentious, favoured rhyme

I like words, set in tunes
It just rings, in synchronised bells 
Like dominoes fall, holding hands 
On processions, off my tongue
                                                       Best on poetry rhyme

Not with names, with names
Sometimes forgetful, some names
I get so, very, very confused wrong  
In mix up, fix up, shipshape

Jig saw puzzle, puzzling me
To have found myself 
In the dog's house comfort
A few times sat, for slip of tongue..

On goes, the battle of reference made 
Who as thus, invented the three letter word..
On an Island jam, Jamaican clam 
Jamaica, Jamaica here in Jamaica 

#Ska, ska, ska,
And what it is, 
In meaning held,
Do tell, oh brother, do tell 

#Ska ska ska
While pondered minds 
Wonder around  for enlightenment 
Bless me here with knowledge known  

#Ska , ska, ska,
I will go on playing, my trumpet jazz
In search another for words ryhme  
Ska, in words, to be used

#Ska, ska, ska,
That rhymes on tongue twist
And starts  dance moves,
Ska, for dance on dance floors..

#Ska, ska, ska,
#pa da, ba da, pa da, ba da, 
#pan,  pan, pam, pam
#taaa, ta, taaa, daaa, da, daaaa, 
#rada, bum, bum ...
#Ska  ska ska..
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