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Monday, 31 December 2012

Coming of age

I will sweat more in this new dawn  
Climb higher, with each step taken 

Fill my palms with blisters I welcome 
Find steps in my dreams layer 

And bring to life such magic hold 
I will give skeletons their flesh 

Give footpaths their shape 
And live to my potential 

I will grow wings so colourful 
Bend my knees and fly off platforms 

I will see the moon and plant my flag 
I will come of age this dawn  

Saturday, 29 December 2012

How to welcome New

Birth to celebrate 
Dawn to awaken sunrise  
A count down to new 

Thursday, 27 December 2012

The End of Time

Another voice heard out from the box bellowing 
News media, another breaking news to follow 

News flash, heightened reviews  
Sound bites, every second that follows 

The cloud cover lost its greyness, blue sky 
It is all raining red, sky fall 

Meteorites falling out of the sky 
Rainbows fading in colour 

Panic buttons pressed on repeat 
Food hoarders out in force 

Guns loaded and packed with intent 
Do not call a man's bluff in anarchy  

Without a casket measured to fit 
Made by the undertaker just for you 

Own all, sell all, frantic markets, last request 
What rooms do pretenders have in these times 

Newsflash, I heard you came through the back door 
And your room is all packed up, lets have a toast then 

The fire place seems the only ground of refuge 
Not for escape, relief, but for the waited time 

Lets have a toast then, a toast  
Lets have a toast for the end times 
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Wednesday, 26 December 2012

St. Andrews Christmas Carol

St Andrews graced me with a   
Christmas carol last night   
On the park with Christmas lights  
And families that gathered to be serenaded  

Excited dogs and children  
Brightly bundled tumbled out  
Cold breeze with wrapped up jumpers  
Hands of wives and husbands in gloves 

On walks where joy was announced  
As lovers embraced to gather warmth  
St Andrews played me a  
Christmas carol last night  

Neighbours of old a' new en massed 
The music echoed out to distant blocks away  
And from further away many more came  
And followed the seasons festive call 

St Andrews played me a  
Christmas carol last night  
And on this night, this faithful night 
The weight of the day lifted and lightened  

St Andrews played me a  
Christmas carol last night 
And the magic of Christmas took form 
Hardened hearts softened a' the saddest faces smiled 

St Andrews played me a  
Christmas carol last night 
Last night St. Andrews played me 
A Christmas carol 

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Saturday, 22 December 2012

Christmas and Snow Angel

Fine sugar as white 
Flour smooth for bakers cake 
Christmas walks in snow 

Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Sending Out An Angel

I can not always, even with my magic
Pull a bright smile from your tears

I can not always make it rain, even with my magic
When the land around you goes so dry

I can not always make it daylight, even with my magic
Deep in the middle of dusk when nightmares surround 

I can not always bring summer, even with my magic
In the mist of winter, when cold besiege your world 

I can not always be there, even with my magic 
In person, even with my magic, even with my magic 

But in this special season, I am sending you an angel 
Stronger than my ordinary magic hold, a guardian angel 

To settle your heart, knowing distance will not stop me
From always loving you, for love is my greatest magic of all 

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Sunday, 16 December 2012

A Long Way Home

I have fought each day
I have broadened each road

I have crossed the valleys
I have sailed the wildest waves

I have witnessed Spring with its germination
I have watched flowers blossom

I have partied in the summer
I have reacquainted with old friends

I have traveled to festivals
I have danced and cheered this day

I have welcomed autumns fall
I have waved a sorrow wave to ones lost

I have dug a hole deep to prepare for winter
I have braced myself to voyage through the short days

I have, on the long road home 
With the rain and wet grass on my feet 

I have made it to the end of another calender's hold 
I have made it here again this far 

Saturday, 15 December 2012

Making A Wish

Blowing candles on cakes 
Dandelions with longing hope  
Pulling ox eye daisy 

Friday, 14 December 2012

Voices In The Wind

There is always a voice in the winds 
Blowing west to the south, east to the north 

There is always a whisper in the winds 
Echoing, distorted cacophony of chat 

There is always a ghost in the shadows 
Taking forms of the shapes to form 

There is always a scare a sense 
Of a presence, eerily and haunting 

There, yet when I look it stays empty 
There, thoughts and wander prolonged 

There and dreams are just the same 
Mystery that surround this world 
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Sunday, 9 December 2012

My route, mapped out

Found reasons on seasons  
To facilitate my observation's path 

Mapped out contours body art 
With topography on hills and valleys 

My palm is to be read 
As this tattoo of my habitation 

Earth is a line, drawn for directions 
Each is my own route map I take 

Jail break on thoughts baffles   
The avenue of my junctions 

Compasses are made from the stars 
On the globe I carriage on as a traveler 

Between time and space 
Each wrinkle, marks a passage drawn 

Tomorrow I will be with the cosmos 
As a stardust that once walked this earth 

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Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Statue At Prominent Spot

What makes a man a legend
Ordinary at birth, with no indications

Ordinary at school, never the star convection
Or the teacher's pet, no apples a day, table mount

Troubles is, what trouble, brings, gives, reputation  
He, oh he came with a bucket full and then some

Used up his three strikes rule as condition
And found a lop hole, just by a whisker of skin  

If skeletons were to tell tales, juicy to the ears  
Sat on Jeremy Kyle's show with gossip at hand

Lie detectors would have, I say
Their integrity questioned at length

Dead presidents would not make
Indeed, make him a frontline soldier 

Yet he became the fortune of legends
And had his statue at  prominent spot

Saturday, 1 December 2012

Stormy Windows In Utopia

Sometimes I feel soo
Close with excite, victory rains
Sometimes, storms brew haunts

Thursday, 29 November 2012

Rage against the machine

My working days, always start
Starts with an upset

Truth be told, as things stand
I have been denied a sleep, I am upset

Not that I am lazy, or lazy be me
Be it to some extent, granted

Alarm clocks with post beds positions
Given authority and responsibility

To order me out of bed, "sergeant major"
With yell, snooze is a brief compromise

Restbite, just before another yell so loud
An edge to strangle, this voice pronounce

To drag me screaming out of this comfort sleep
"Boy! go and earn your keep, the farm awaits"  

Who thought to give, such an audacious call  
To a mechanised nuisance, tic toc loud in my ears

To think the terminator is of fiction make
While unknowingly being a slave to the machine

My working day always starts with an upset
A revulotion, a fight against the machine

A rage against the machine
Rabia contra la ma'quina


Sunday, 25 November 2012

The Voices In The Walls

My front door is always opened 
My windows are as the same too 

To the breeze 
To the breeze 
To the breeze 

My floor is with daylight shades 
My floor is brownish in lay 

To the breeze 
To the breeze 
To the breeze 

My sofa is with delight 
My sofa is reddish and old Victorian fade 

To the breeze 
To the breeze 
To the breeze 

There is a story not being told here  
There is a story that sits in the walls 

To the breeze 
To the breeze 
To the breeze 

These walls have ears and they hear 
These walls have voices and they whisper 

To the breeze 
To the breeze 
To the breeze 

Saturday, 24 November 2012

Ink-less Pen

Dry ambitions, views 
Empty dreams, rainless lands, trees  
Writers block, desert 

Friday, 23 November 2012

Rotten Apples

Coconuts come in all shapes and sizes
Regardless of which season we fall in, notions  

Tempers flare and characters get animated 
A few gate keepers get excited, reasons 

Weights get thrown in, like fuel on rage 
Swords drawn; first blood crusade, choices   

Sides taken, are not always that clear cut 
Sheep in wolves' skin, wolves in sheep's skin, gains  

Anyone with a special interest, wanting to impress 
Vested in their own insecurity, to step on another 

Know this, in the King's kingdom 
The foot soldiers are known to bark the loudest 

Nameless to the King, like a chiwawa with threats 
Hooked high on rabies, barking mad  

Nutters disturbing the peace  
Announcing their valueless worth 

It is rather unfortunate, in this regard 
To find we came from the same valley 

Saturday, 17 November 2012

Trees Are Us

My stands are firm, roots 
My centre is trunks, aligned 
My hair, well trees, save  

Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Peace In My Soul

Granted when I put my head down 
To sleep in the cloud's pillow, soft 
And my soul opens up to feed on rest 

I am always now at peace, granted 
Though the dark clouds hover above 
And the sea with its temperament engage  

To rock my boat with white knuckles 
To show zeal as fuel required, tested, granted 
Call it my boarding pass, to reach the shores 

And make it my passage path compass 
With lighthouse drawn, granted 
Though I am far from the shores to engage 

My feet to its soil, sea sand on my feet 
My soul is now with peace, granted 
For I know what directions to head 

Tuesday, 13 November 2012

A Basketful of Words

Words are cheap 
Plain and simply bland 

Words are emotive 
Strong and provoking 

Words are silent 
Droplets of echoes that fall 

Words are grand 
Colourful sparkle of class 

Words are for lovers 
Ways to charm the soul 

Words are for wars 
Engaging with rage  

Words are for apologies 
Ways to undo a wrong 

Words are poetry 
Rhymes and sonnets to recite 

Words words words 
Tools of expressions with puzzle 

What have you to say 
With a basket full of words to pick 

Saturday, 10 November 2012

The Worthless Value of Ivory

Atmospheres set shown 
With dried out scenes of desert 
Echoes silence  loud 

Thursday, 8 November 2012

When Angels Fall Melcom

Just as we learn to 
Open our eyes from birth 

Just as we learn to crawl moving 
To find the sofa legs making our first stands 

Just as we learn to walk 
A' make our way out from mother's nest 

Just as far as we can to achieve 
We learn to run on our feet 

We learn to love, falling in love 
Just as we learn to laugh 

We learn to cry, shedding tears 
Just as sorrow overwhelms our heart 

We learn to leave with the aftermath 
Just when tragedy knocks and earth angels fall

We say a prayer for such departed souls, closed eyes 
Just for the heavens to embrace them home again 

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Sunday, 4 November 2012

Rescuing Birds At Sea

To rescue a bird out at sea
With battered flickering wings apart 

Loosing bright announce flamboyant colours 

Anchored with weights to strangle such rejoice 

And high winds with strong push 

And high waves that threatens pull 

Each with their own intentions

In knowing better than recipient 

That which is best for fulfilment  

In one's paradigm of identity 

Aqua and oxygen can not be sidelined 

If for life and breath to be lived in union 

Complexity entangled with notions drawn 

As with society, religion and family engaged to 

Would these candle lights, blow out on winds 

Just before bright the stars that it is made of  heals 

To rescue a bird out at sea

With battered flickering wings that hang 

Saturday, 3 November 2012

Nature as the Weatherman

Winds rains intervals 
Warm and cold with each season 
Weathered nature  

Friday, 2 November 2012

Firday In Fall Of Autumn

Friday is still the same regardless
Friday would always be the same on cue  

Though the sun may come down sooner
Than wanted and darkness will follow as usual

Vying for attention, rain and cold wanting  
To be known as residents most, of these times

In these seasons of fall, weathered autumn
Wrapped up with long dark coat twilight of dawn

And cheerfulness most found in thermal soup
Warmth of comfort eating to sunny the soul.

I like something warm please
Give me something warm  like Friday's feel

For all that changes and more in seasons fall
The feeling of Friday would always be warm

Except on the 13th, Friday the 13th
Friday the 13th is just superstitiously unpredictable

Thursday, 1 November 2012

The Singing Storm New York

Wind swept sea shore 
Brush a sea sand on my feet 
Sea sounds always in choir like la la shiiii 

Shii coconut trees and mexican wave 
A thousand voices heard out loud  
With the sea storm singing lala shiii 

Shii  coming to land some where near you
That then means surely there is something wrong 
Out at sea, spinning clouds la la la 

The winds are heavy with storm
LOUD to hear, singing an upset
Blowing a trumpet

La la shii, oh soon it would reach 
These here shores of ours, making land
Hopefully it would just be a brizzle 

And not fill a pond in land
Full of yellow cabs
New york, new york, la la shii

Wednesday, 31 October 2012

The Cat With Nine Lives

Oh now I get it, of course why else 
Would such set up be made 

Why give the feline nine lives 
Then set about on a mission 

Finding ways to kill the little meow  
A thousand ways to kill a cat meow, meow

A sack, drowning and the list goes on 
On and on and on, and on and on 

Barbaric signals alarming to the concerns 
Of the animal right's campaigner, meow

But curiosity is stepping out of ones 
Comfort zone to explore concepts 

Yet foreign to notions known 
Fraught with risk of danger

Dazzling the dare devil 
Curiosity kills the meow cat meow

Oh now I get it, of course why else 
Would such set up be made 

Why give the feline nine lives to meow
If not to try after fail and try and try 

And try again with nine lives 
Why not be so curiosity to know 

Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Day Break; Love, Coffee, Tea, Cocoa

Day break is like seasons new 
Every one has looks of innocence 
After sleep, a bit dumb diddle dumb 

Naturally like a computer system 
Taking a while to start up naturally   
Cups of tea or coffee turns to accelerate 

The process, a boost in the system fast pace 
Coffee strong or red-bull to the craze 
Who go for the extra strong to kick start the day 

I would love you for life, for life 
If for each day you wake up before me  
You awaken me with a cupper, a cupper  

Such acts of love holds so much to give 
For my gratitude to wake with joy 
"Oh thank you dear" with a smile 

If I am to wake before you
I would have the kettle boiling 
To perform the initial ritual hold of love 

I just landed a cup of coffee, tea, hot cocoa 
Next to you, on your bed table post 
This means good-morning love, lovely

A beautiful  day to begin 
A beautiful way it starts 
Morning morning, it is day break, love 

Monday, 29 October 2012

A Parable Of Complacency

I was told a story; story, story told 
That sought to answer a question 
I always had in mind to digest 

Lingering and needing a reconciliation 
With rituals of thoughts 
Pondering to find elaboration  

How can a rat chew the fingers 
Of a man and why not wake man 
From such pain, you fool 

How deep do you sleep 
To have been so unaware 
Of the bites, chewing deep into skin 

What is the greatest trick 
The devil ever played 
Playing fast hands to elude views 

And for each law that got made 
This ship of titanic gargantuan magnitude 
Slowly  slowly of hidden consequential 

Turned around on course to face the Iceberg 
While we danced ignorant of  change 
These sequence of activities impending 

How did the man not know 
That the rat had his fingers 
As chewing steak to the bone, to the bone 

Saturday, 27 October 2012

A Witch's Shrine

Do not step on stones  
Marked circles with ritual 
Voodoo bewitched  you 
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Thursday, 25 October 2012

Expiring Crimson Trees

When crimson becomes light 
Lighter than aqua, empty waves 
And holds no value to give no more 

When the essence of bond 
Is left without a strong definition 
And the weakest of southern winds 

Brings tree's family falling down 
Who would be there to witness 
These great forest plague in autumn 

Who would witness to tell 
These tales as caution on folk-tales  
Of the carnage greed holds  

To cause the death of a family tree 
When crimson becomes lighter than aqua 
And holds no value to give no more 

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

A Lucky Charm

You are like the beginners luck 
I make a wish and each time I see you 
A lucky charm, a company to enjoy 

I heard a whisper, faint loud from the winds 
That called my name, it called me out 
Named me with a tap on my shoulder 

Your aura precedes you, a sense of your presence 
So I turned a' looked, far and long, on instinct call  
At the personification of your whole emerging 

You are like the beginners luck 
I make a wish, each time I see you 
And hope you stay, just that long by my side  

Stand by me, hand in hand, my warn chocolate  
My lucky charm, my beautiful flower blossom 
My beginners luck, you are like my beginners luck 
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Monday, 22 October 2012

Ticking All The Boxes

My thoughts on dreams 
Feels so heavy, at times, sometimes 

As with the match past celebratory  
Safe grounds-end of greenery 

Into avenues where in lies the unknown 
Flights fright seem to be as free fall 

With parachutes absent on default 
And yesterday’s assurance set as void 

To be a man is to grow a beard 
To be a woman is at "that time of the month" 

For daily or monthly respectively, respectively  
Brings burden to bear, respectively, shave  

Discomfort becomes as prerequisite, on such 
Drive for achievement ticking all the boxes 

As thus for my thoughts on dreams lament 
I will have to be dead not to feel sometimes 

At times, so heavy with contemplation fear 
But such is a qualification on my dreams 

Sunday, 21 October 2012

The Beauty In Black

Black is the beauty bright
That enhances light's deem 

The contrast to reflection forms  

Black is the source of the light 

To give gratitude a yard stick 
Black is in shades of grey, shimmering 

In many colours, dark like chocolate 
Some blue so black, some grey as black 

Black is the fuel that burns 
To define life at its end, like candle burn 

Black is the dirt darkness of coal 
A crow's look of elegance   

Black is the new colour in all seasons 
This winter's wear, coat long on cat walk  

 A diva with attitude, the energy of coffee 
The beauty of mystery

 Black is thus so beautiful 
And alluring 

Have you seen Black 
Oh Black 

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