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Sunday, 30 September 2012

The Boomerang Law

I will find a way to avoid 
Consequences that can be mitigated 

On account that, as it stands 
As it stands, in situations drawn 

For that is why the court of law exists  
To test the witness of mankind "your honour" 

That is why, there is always in notions  
A continual room for improvement 

As judgement in cases become 
In quote, "precedence in law". 

You see, on right or wrong 
On normal stand, proof is what is essential 

Blind is the sight of the law, like a bat 
Non prejudicial of character, if you may. 

What do you know, as such the goal posts 
Can be changed from positions when required 

Concrete it is not, as it stands as a rock
Of ages, when made by mankind in stone 

If done quick enough, smooth enough 
To avoid the sudden disturbance 

Of the status quo, according to 
The law of tolerance, a change is possible   

But then there is karma, even in law 
After the dissolution of double jeopardy 

Autrefois acquit in the books of law 
The  peremptory plea 

I call that the boomerang 
Of Stephen Laurence Got you!
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A Framed Leaf

Who is Murphy but to have made a law 
That stands, that says in sayings 

Everything that can go wrong 
Will go wrong at a point 

Simple says by nature 
Simple says by nature

A leaf would dry out, at a point, at a point 
And break bond with the branch that holds 

Gravity will drag such leaf to the ground 
All that starts well, ends well at a point 

Intention are as dreams are made "Good Faith"
Good faith as a continues quantum of belief 

Murphy says between the leaf living the branch 
And reaching the ground, a wind would blow 

The wind would carry the leaf to yards away 
A man would come along and pick the leaf 

Taking it a few more yards, kilometres, miles away 
It final resting place, still undefined yet 

But at this point a question is asked, at a point 
How did the leaf from the tree branch, get this far 

Who is Murphy but to have made a law that states  
Everything that can go wrong would go wrong 

To get you to this very moment in time 
This place, this act, this opportunity to have 

Picture from: http://www.bynaturegallery.com/Natural-Leaf-Art-Chinese-Pistache-Pecan-Frame-24x36.html
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Saturday, 29 September 2012

A War For Peace

War of attrition 
For the cause of peace as war
A battlefield drawn  

Thursday, 27 September 2012

The Week Long

I had this week down
As one with a good ending 
Why ever not, as not, would not have a place 

A place I had this week as planned 

Windows would open 
Doors would open 

As winds blow dandelion's luck to me 

And tree branches swing to acclaim  
I had this week down as one with glory 

Tuesday, 25 September 2012

To Die Happy As A Genius

How to live and die happy as a genius 
Bliss is a strange word, bliss is 
Bliss bliss bliss blessed bliss 

That proclaims a sense of happiness ordained 

But set on condition of deniable facts 
Or for a better word on phrase "THE BIG PICTURE"

I would have to be aloof ignorant to life  

I would have to be ignorant to relationships 
I would have to be ignorant to politics and religion 

All things being equal to a degree nearest 

Though of wise make to know in fact findings 
What gives and E = mc 2 still leaves room 

For the absent of the unknown, still undefined 

Schools still teach Atom and its gang of brothers 
ElectronsProtons, neutrons as the end game 

When the gods particles Higgs boson is at  least in theory 

Proven to exist at most colliding in particle accelerators 
Details, details, science of too much details 

To live and die happy as a genius 

Sounds like a shrink, a sofa and a note pad 
Who is paying the bill to Sigmund Feud 

Do not think too much my friend 

To wonder why the rain stops once it starts 
To ask does this deplet the cloud in size when it rains 

To ask of what make is of the rainbow  
If it is a half circle or round what of the said gold pot 
Details, details too much details   

How to live and die happy as a genius 
Bliss is a strange word, bliss is 
Bliss bliss bliss blessed bliss

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Saturday, 22 September 2012

Birth As New

All things starts a new 
New day, new life, new fruits, all
All starts on new birth 

Wednesday, 19 September 2012

A Heart Driven Dream

The standard constant is only given in paradigm 
Subject to change as evolution
Of the process, mutant gene 

Who would be the King Arthur 
To pull Excalibur's sword from the rock 
That holds this status strong as the norm 

I dare you to be different, to act different 
To think different to be a rebel
Against tradition's strong hold 

Though many a man would try and have a go 
On promises of wealth  or be it the princesses hand 
To wed, many a fool would try as foolish do 

Many on stampede that excite to compete 
So do be brave, me old son, do be brave 
On noble grounds, as such hearts are sure 

Sure to rekindle the lights of gods
That sit quite within  you
And be this a calling, a true calling 

As one embarks on this voyage to settle 
The hungered soul awakened by 
Honours yearning call. A heart driven dream  

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Sunday, 16 September 2012

Flying Out Of The Nest

Imploding concepts of internal turmoil 
As to the saying that stands, that goes 
Fighting one's own demons "fair fight not"

Cross roads are perpetual obstacles we have to face 
Decisions and choices all with their own inclined 
Small print of reasoning being that a justification is included 

So for the force-able future, that is just a given 
Customarily a grace period is ushered, as grace 
As ways to ease one in, into a role played "capulet oh thy Romeo" 

A manual then; the fools guide to indie rock 
As thus this is, to cover the basics, holding hands 
Past that eventuality "safety nets", you would have to rely 

On instinct and hope they are right 
Life lessons teaches as to live with 
The blown out fuse, as experiences gained 

When at that point the small print becomes 
So vividly clear, salvage brushes off, dirty on cloths 
Bruises as accolades to testament of  time 

And we walk on by
Walk on by, walk on by 
And we walk on by 

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Creative Minds

A great idea 
Is making something ordinary 
Beautifully unique 
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Thursday, 13 September 2012

The Make A Wish Foundation

Customarily candle lights are blown 
To make wishes, make a wish 
Make a wish and blow out the candle lights 

With your eyes closed, no peek, no peek 
Come now dear, dear,  make a wish 
And wish it to be just that true 

Fairy-tales and  dreams are made 
Of the same dust of  magic  from the heavens  
That made the earth, so make reality of your wish 

For this day, that and all the rest 
Make a wish, have a dream, close your eyes
Snap your fingers and believe it to be true 

By the time the day finds it ends 
With the sun out at sea, open your hearts  
And watch reality of your dreams come true 

Make a wish, make a wish 
Send an S.O.S to the make a wish foundation 
See my dear, fairy-tales and dreams do come true 

So make a wish on this day 
Make a wish, make a wish and have a dream 
Blow out the candle and make a wish, make a wish 
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Sunday, 9 September 2012

Breakfast Tables

Symbols in pictures appear to manifest 
Postures and gestures in sitting posts  

Questions question's mark signs  
Rain down, black on white canvas 

Impressionist's manipulating positions 
Of conceptual gaze, provoking thoughts 

If a chess board could be seen by observation 
Then I did say this would be a chess game played 

On breakfast tables, early yawns brightens new day 
A jag of hot tea or coffee served to wake minds 

I would meet you down at the cafe' shop 
Around the table for a breakfast fest of minds 
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Saturday, 8 September 2012

Melting Me Down

Can the body and mind, time melt 
With social science of chemistry wrangling 
Bones, thoughts, hair and skin of this craze 

Right beneath the grounds where I stand 
Will my blood boil and melt me down 
To do away with the stress that holds 

Can I be excused and be given an escape clause 
 A re-set button to start all over again again 
Like a clay sculpture crushed to be remolded again 

Would that be the reincarnation of me 
Mine revealed  to show the weight of source 
Unplugged sockets of accentuation to live  
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Pure Love

Love is a shared pact 
Where we render our hearts full 
To say love is pure 

Thursday, 6 September 2012

A Skeptic's Cake

Skeptics never see the cake bake 
Never when it is out in the fields 

When the farmer ploughs his fields 
And for each row he plants in sown seeds 

Not at 5am each morning dawn 
When he wakes to attend to his farm land 

Skeptics never smell the cake fresh 
Not at harvest time dirty old fields 

With the grains through the mill work 
To the flour made fine and ready 

Mixing the flour and the butter  to dough 
The eggs and sugar to be added to the mix 

Skeptics never lay plates ready dressed up tables 
For banquet; for what cake? baked? no 

The oven kept warm and just as right 
At the temperature best prescribed 

But when the curtain is drawn out to day 
Skeptics are always first in line to lay claim 

Skeptics never see the cake bake 
Skeptics never smell dreams fresh in the oven lay 
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Monday, 3 September 2012

A Strange Summer

This summer has been strange 
Never mind the weather's play 

For the might of Olympians was needed
To hold our lights study in the winds 

To withstand the push this path has taken 
That of hope and courage just to wish 

This summer has been strange 
Siblings, lovers and old friends fade 

The ins and outs to differentiate calender's post 
All held the same hand of cards played 

It felt as though winter never went away 
It just held a foot outside the door when pushed 

This summer has been strange 
This summer has been strange 

Sunday, 2 September 2012

Summer Night Dream

Most mammals in the sea are from the dream world 
Most dreams are of sea blue in dream state 
Psychedelic  illusions and slow moving creatures 

Mountains and hills, valleys with under current
Trees and rivers swinging on the waves 
In my dream I saw blue men with posture 

They moved slow and with lucid grace 
They pondered with arms to their chin hold 
Lamenting of yesterday, they held an aura of mystic 

Most days at summer night with the moon blue 
All just seems like the dream world of the seas  
When everything familiar becomes so alien 

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Wibbly Wobbly Wack

Wibbly wobbly duck, wack 
It is your turn to throw the red soft ball 
Buddy, you just got made, wack 

This would be a game for playgrounds 
Run run run around, duck and never get hit 
By the wibbly wobbly wack  

Wibbly wobbly wack, you just got made, wack 
If you run in a straight line, easy pizzy buddy 
That is just simply a wibbly wobbly wack

Wibbly wobbly wack, dear dear, wack 
It is your turn to chase us all wibbly wobbly wack 
With the wibbly wobbly wack, a red soft ball  

Saturday, 1 September 2012

A Drawbridge

Loving emotions 
Are access ways to my heart 
Drawbridge has options  
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