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Wednesday, 31 July 2013

A Russian Roulette

Are we afraid of the dark 
Or is the darkness afraid of us 

Calling your bluff 
If you sneeze you lose, brain cells

Blinded for a minute, closed eye 
Hold your nerves, under water 

And see how long you will last, count down 
Slow air bubbles, burst in succession  

Buddha must be high, to stay so calm
I want what he is on, please I plead thee 

Don't hold up the rotation, revolving 
Grab and pass, next my turn 

I wounder why we lost our tails 
Travelling through the path of evolution 

Someone must have shut the door 
In a hurry, losing their nerves  

Causing me to be without my tail 
That extra hand could have been of use 

But imagine a fine lady in high heels 
With a tail waving at the back, there is a name for that

Just imagine, imagine "imagine all the people"
Maybe the brain would have adopted to appreciate 

This was not suppose to make sense 
If  you are looking for the sliver lining 

Well, at least not served on a sliver plate 
Make of it what you please, I do insist 

There is reasoning somewhere,  possibilities  
Like why a Pi of a circle numerically is infinite 

Saturday, 27 July 2013

Medusa's Mind Games

I have not cried for so long, "dried out wells
I fear I would not know how to wipe my own tears 

I have not laughed for so long, "locked up jaw
I fear I would no longer know how to smile again 

I have not danced for so long, "cobwebbed legs"  
I fear I have developed two left feet tripling on the floor  

I have not jumped for so long, "concrete grounded
I fear when I squat I would not make it up stack midway 

I have not dreamt for so long, "empty visions"  
I fear I would not find my way back if I do venture 

I have not tried learning how to swim for so long 
I fear I would drown if I try to, "a fish out of water"

I have not loved for so long "Missing hearts"
I fear I would break the pulsing vase from touch 

Between all that, each day I wake "ticking clocks"
Each day I live, each day I am as I am no other 

Each day I am and I do get on, just fine "the status qua
Only when I think such thoughts am I weakened 

Only when I look into the eyes of the mind "distorted mirrors"
Medusa of thoughts am I with fear, I fear I would, but not me 

Wednesday, 24 July 2013

A Secret Flower

Crushing daisy petals dropping on the floor like confetti 
Crush of the stars shining sprinkling rays on earth like showers 

Deep intense stair of the galaxies consumed 
Draws out the core of creativity enrolled like gift wraps 

And in the "day's eye" encoded with twinkle sparkles
The secrets of the universe are revealed

Alarming heart beat follows shivering of the soul
In excitement and expectation 

The stars are a snub to artificial lights
Coy and un-revealing, mystery of awareness

Richness of depth of undiscovered soul
Thus layers of definitions of an ora projecting 

Zen reads radar of buzz, gauge malfunctions on sage 
Visions and instinct at pair with intuition

Crushing daisy petals dropping on the floor like confetti 
Crush of the stars shining sprinkling rays on earth like showers 

In shooting stars there is one that shines the brightest
And in alignment with sight, smell, feel, taste and hear 

On this journey through the universe on a quest 
Keeping an eye out, sat on the earth's axle spinning 

Sunday, 21 July 2013

The third dimension and me

I have lived through time and space 
And between space in quantum aligned span 

Jumping hoops, strings, circle  
Naked I come, make me human 

I have traveled to distant lands 
Through passage paths into alternate universe 

I have had many lovers, Hmmm counting down 
We made plans for many different dreams 

Charting a course of time travel, leaps and frogs 
Into the future like road maps to paradise  

I have been transformed into many beings 
Of characters played each with its own course 

Each fit for the time duration given, expired cards 
Of need be, like a jigsaw puzzle and game play  

I have traveled through space and time continuum 
Numerous dimensions of  my existence on sequence play 

Has confused the soothsayer with surrealism  
Scratching her head perplexed of illusions seen  

Looking into my future to attest as facts 
With binnacles to say what would become of me 

Subtle breeze  changes the winds on my course travel  
A thousand possible outcomes and I am still being defined 

I am a travelling man through time and space adjustment 
And space aligned, flaunting the parable of the parallel universe 

And when I am no more then finally then I would be truly defined 
By historians after my last breath, after the fact 

Saturday, 20 July 2013

Time on fading memories

Memories of you  
Fading through space continuum 
Once my  focal point 

Friday, 19 July 2013

A death in the family

We had a funeral today 
With yelling and waling of tears 

There was a death in the family 
Black as mourners' cloth worn  

Money is no more an object 
We have to celebrate this lost life 

We had a funeral today, casket crowned  
Friday always seems the best days  

To defrost the dead and dress them good 
A frozen meat laid in state for wake keeping 

To see if our dearly departed would wake 
From this lumber mood of sleeping dead 

Wouldn't that be a sight to be seen 
The awaking of the frozen dead 

Mourners would cry through the night 
And take breaks to have, catch up chats with friends 

Old lovers would bring their pretend love to bear 
"Oh" they say "I miss him so much" they say 

And have time off on sorrowful linger  
For the refreshments served 

There has been a death in the family 
The elders sit to take stock with tired eyes 

Quarreling over assets to share before 
The dead rot in the ground 

Why don't they just burn the dead to ashes 
Save him the disgrace of un-visited grave stones 

Doubt of the accountant's conflicting figures 
Of what donations were given at the funeral 

There has been a death in the family 
Whose turn is it this time 

To be made a fool of, in dead clothes 
Lying in state as the joker on parade 

Saturday, 13 July 2013

Swing, just a passing day

Motions drive me 
Movement with position 
Adjust to fine tune 

Saturday, 6 July 2013

Sand in an hourglass

When the sand runs out
Of the hourglass, it is time
 To turn it over again

Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Mutombo Da Poet - I For Talk ft M3NSA

A spoken word  of culture, relationship, romance, troubles and a guy
trying his best to be honest about the way he feels

Mutombo Da Poet is at it again

Monday, 1 July 2013

The miss-understanding of Pareto

Pareto's principle stands
And all that know appreciate its value
Truly as it states, life follows I follow 
A 20-80 rule of participation and return

Ok back to basics, elementary
I may be putting the carriage in-front of the horse here
So allow me to start from the beginning a dot on plain sheet
A discovery of one of the golden rules of nature

Pareto states that we spend 20% of our time
In achieving 80% of the work to be done
And this is true, a blue print of formation
Nature's rule 101 as we proceed 

This principle can be interpreted in all sorts
Of situations, from relationship to work
20% time spent cuddling a love one, romance
Makes up some of the 80% of what relationship is about

Though this leaves us with 80% of the time
For 20% of the work left to be done
And most would think, well now
More time for R&R or procrastination 

But the most essential bit of the work
Lies in the 20% of the work left to be done
I call this the fine tuning stage, adjusting to fit
A correlation, synchronization, the final polish

This 20% of activity, believe me  
Needs all the 80% of the time left and more
If it is an essay being written 20%
Is the editing work to correct any mistakes

If it is a house being built 20%
Is the final finish of tweaking
The stage of wearing a blue bag on the shoe
When walking around the house

The 20% is the face value 
Which we as humans hold very dear 
The attentions to details 
Adjusting the mirror on the wall 

The value of the whole product 
Is set in the 20% of the activity left 
Without which appreciation of the work
Done would not be granted 

This is what I call the misunderstanding 

Of the Pareto's principle 
Quoting the 20 - 80 rule 
Is misleading without an appreciation 

Of what the 80 -20 swing of opposite ends 

The purpose and value of my appreciation 
Of what the car looks like 
Before considering its functionality. 

Note: My editor does the 20% of the work on this page 
Bear with me she would get round to any typos 

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