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Friday, 18 December 2015

Sage's Wisdom

They already know, 
You don't want to know this, 
They already know. 

Sleep, sleep walking is preferred 
To the bright light, 
Light that would blind you. 

You don't want to know, 
They already know, 
You don't want to know this, 

They already know 
They already know
Yea they already know 

Here, hear, hear me now,
All eyes, all ears, all ears
Hear me now

If this was the matrix, 
And it was the matrix  
It would have made more sense 

To you, to me,  like analyse this
Context used to contextualize, analyze this 
Follow through wisdom scrutinize this 

You don't want to know, 
They already know, 
They already know this 

You don't want to know, 
You don't want to know this
They already know. 

Reality is stranger than fiction, 
Fix this mindset, curtains wide opened 
And should the glass be all see through, 

You don't want to know,
They already know, 
You don't want know this, 

They already know, 
They already know. 
Yea they already know 

We are all insane 
On pills of illusion 
Fearful of the awakening, 

Please don't pinch me please 
To awaken my eyes and see things, 
Clearly, clear as day break, please 

You don't want to know, 
You don't want to know this, 
They already know, 

They already know. 
They already know 
Yeah they already know 

This far from the edge is a tip, 
Tip toe, tip a step take another inch, 
This far too far, you already gone 

You don't want to know,  
You don't want to know this, 
They already know, 

They already know, 
They already know this 
Yeah they already know

Panic is our default setting, 
Anarchy and chaos is like a wild flower
Blossoming sparkles in winter's fire

You don't want to know,
They already know,
Yeah they already know

The Arab spring, revolution
Was just a rain drop teaser
Before the storm, that wld drench you

You don't want to know,
They already know this,
You don't want to know this,

They already know
They already know
Yeah they already know

Served on a plate is an essence in triviality
Keeping your mind plugged in
To the zombieness of relevance

Kardashian kidnapping reality check, check
Kanye faking enlightenment of consciousness
And the word genius is stolen in the process

This you don't want to know
They already know
They already know this

You don't want to know
They already know
Yeah you don't want to know

 #life #philosophy #culture

Sunday, 29 November 2015

The Calling

Saturday, 28 November 2015

Friend For A Life Time

Friend of a life time  
how many are there 
how many do you have 
how many have you got? 

Every time 
you knock their door 
it is with the same smile 
they greet you with  

No fronting 
no weird atmosphere 
like lost connections 
on my Wifi. 

How many 
are going to be friends 
for a life time, a life time 
friends for a life time 

How many do you have 
how many have you got   
even here, here  
on social media 

How many did take the time   
a second in seconds 
on your birthday  
to wish you a happy day 

Made easy with reminders 
by facebook apps to say 
hello, it has been a while   
hope things are, good with you. 

How many do you have    
friends for a life time 
how many have you got 
friends for a life time 

Not friends with benefit, 
or favor friends, favor friends 
always in with an angle, 
never around on a cloudy day..

Friends of a life time.. 
I see you, counting fingers 
and not to ten on count 
to run out of fingers to count. 

Prompting reflection 
of thoughts, thinking cup
on where all my childhood 
friends went 

Friends of a life time.. 
and sometimes we joke 
and smile knowing we are 
largely surrounded by frenemies  

A word that has gained more 
in meaning in recent times, 
than the word friend or enemy. 
best to have combined, I guess 

Friend of a life time, 
which one are you, 
how many do you have 
how many have you got. 

#life #culture 
#philosophy #poetry 

Sunday, 22 November 2015

Fallen flags

Word on the street, word on the street 
I hear the heavens, loudly protesting
What we do on earth in his name

Apart from diseases
No other act in nature
Kills so much in an instant

Humanity must be a disease
Infecting earth with such
Pain and suffering, death

 #art #culture #life

Refusing to take the medicine
Of morality that will cure
Us of our madness

Instead standing on our confused
Religious and political differences ideology
As cause for hatred

Ever filled, each time, every time
Another insane, asylum breaks loose
And pours blood on the floor

Like a piranha's taste of blood
That sends us into meltdown
Of extremism, paranoia and fear

To look out for those different from us
And unleash our rage, rage, rage, rage
On their poor souls

Domino, toy soldiers falling in succession
Politicians from the far right
Having a field day

Extremism is the order of the day
Pull a ticket and join the queue
Why don't you

A man just pushed a woman
Onto the train track for wearing
A head scarf "hijab", it is all your fault.

Flags out on empty patriotism, fallen
The moderate is shifting his stands
Ever so close, closer

A massacre with retaliation of a bombing
On both sides it is the innocent
That are left to wallow in tears, pain

I hope the preacher man preaches
About morality and honesty today
And not about salvation and the 10% tithes

#Religion, the franchise is not happy
We are at war with humanity
Word on the street.

Sunday, 11 October 2015

Salt and Sugar

I have tasted salt and sugar
Not salt mixed with sugar, mixtures

Though I am known
For concussion, I rather rather not

I have tasted sweet and sour
Yes sweet mixed with sour

I don't know why, oh why
It came with a Chinese food, I had

Along the line
In fast lane, going no where,  stops

And bitter sweet is a song I know
But sweet bitter I would avoid, I rather

Spinning round I do enjoy
But the world gets awfully dizzy, just when I stop

So it is that I once had a cup of tea
A spoon I took of white crystal to sweeten

The wrong crystal, so white
Mistaken to be sugar

A sip of this, oh my God
Oh my God, reactions reactions

I cannot swear, swear
I cannot swear; I swear, oh my God

Like the world getting dizzy
As sweet bitter to have avoided

A spit out with such rush gush
And water to wash it off my mouth

Don't make me feel so hated
When all I did was to lend you a hand

At my expense a hand I lent
Bitter sweet, I can handle

But sweet bitter, bitter bitter spit
Sorry I would rather avoid

If you don't mind, my mind
Boggling on cause and effect,

Why so, so
Oh why

Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Normality, Oh I Am Just Mad

What is normality 
Oh but, I am just that mad 
How would I know, what do I know 

The mad man does not want 
Society to cure his madness,
Believe me, I am one, I know

He only just expects society 
To understand and appreciate 
His madness, there is a method to it 

Unfortunately it is, as it is 
Long after the fact, that is
That society gets it 

Where he is coming from 
Not coco land, you know 
Set behind the mountains

Know this; am telling you
The average madness of society 
At a given time, is defined as normality 

Past that time it is termed as 
"what were we thinking" 
How could that ever have been

Fact is laws, laws
Would even be passed
To affirm the status quo,

Ask me how slavery
And Hitler's reign
Lasted so long a time

Ask me how was it ever possible
We got so close to a nuclear war
To burn the earth to ashes, ashes to ashes

And some say
The aliens stopped it, with prayers and UFOs
Just at the nick of time

What is normality
Oh but I am just that mad
How would I know, what do I know 

Saturday, 26 September 2015

I Am Forever Rasta

Take a glass of water and gently
Slowly sip through, feel all the senses
The taste, the wetness, the awareness 

The temperature, 
Feel the flow of it, as it is ...Yeah, Mon
As it goes through your throat

Feel the grip of the glass,
See the colour of the water,
Memorise every act you make

In drinking the water
In quenching your thirst
In being alive, feeling alive ....Yeah, Mon

We take so much for granted
Until we have no breath left in us.
When we die we remain still, stone as still

Stone as; where we had our last breathe
Until someone comes and takes us,
A love one, comes for us....Yeah, Mon

Organise a ceremonial burial
And offer us with that last dignity
As burial, my burial rite

We are nothing without love,
Nothing without companionship,
Nothing without empathy,  care...Yeah, Mon

Someone has to give you
Your last dignity of burial rites.
A passage to ancestral lands

But do not bring falsehood
To my burial grounds
Honour me your true feelings..Yeah, Mon, as true

When I am gone.
Speak of me as I was
My good, my bad and my ugly,

For Rasta will and forever always
Be a realist, no apologise.
I am forever Rasta, in loving memories.. Yeah, Mon


Sunday, 20 September 2015

What Is Abstract, Pablo Picasso

See I don't need to write
A bunch of jargon, complex wheeling wagons
To pontificate bluster, jab & perplex, wrangling
Devotional minds, don't disturb meditations

I would rather draw
Or leave brush strokes on canvass
Projecting my lunacy on view
Like graffiti on side streets

Are you with me, fingers snap
Like are you still with me, in the room
Snap snap, snap out of it
If not just say before we proceed

As we proceed
With a state of confusion
In a maze farm lost
Trying to wiggle out of disorientation

Lets go back to basics, basis
Baby steps on trail drive
Leaner's driver given
On the fool's guide to the universe

Images and maps posted
At vantage points
To bring lost sheep home
Are we there yet, they ask

Awaken with chants of bravado
Were you there
Present to see
Bared witness with sight

As the journey starts
Sleeping bugs bites to infect
Inducing a state of
Sleep paralysis, nodding off

Lets pray the one with his hands
On the driver's wheels, steering
Is still awake, for God sake
We pray, AMEN

Death is always close to sleep
And people that have come close
To it,  death's door that is
Always seems to testify of a dream state

Let me ask you a question then
Are you awake, asleep or dead, deader
Which one feels like the strangest of all
Life imitating art for forgery on Pablo Picasso

Are you with me, not on hypnosis
Like are you still with me
In the room or wondering
On day dreams of thought

I do not mean to confuse you
Sir, sir; Madam madam altered presence
Ghost on a day release, please take a seat
Calm down the asylum on prison break

It is Pablo Picasso
Go figure on
What is abstract

Friday, 18 September 2015

Politics, Rhetoric and A Voters Register

Sticks and stones on crush course, no seat belt 
And they said, we will not break, nor sweat as much 

But the police got offended 
Court injunctions before march on junctions 

Something about, someone said shouting 
Koti ooo koti, on demonstration with a cause 

Let our vote count 
Or was it new registration, some thing on rhetoric 

Graffiti splattered, plastered all around town 
Awareness, preparedness, excitement on adrenaline 

On both sides tension heightened mount 
Counting down on D-Day, today be today 

No shaking, we dey form, we dey 
Bravado sipping cocktails of adrenaline 

Something about, someone said shouting 
Protest, protest, lets protest on a hot afternoon 

Then someone said, shouting in response
Koti ooo koti on un-designated paths 

All hell breaks loose 
Skin to batons, batons to skin, for autograph's display 

Skid marks left for political talks on radio, Radio parrots, knock knock; who is there 

To be or not to be, William Wallace 
Aggrieved on judgement stand 

Society left standing on weighted average 
Waiting to see where the weight will drop 

We must be entering the election season 
Democracy, is demonstrating craziness 

Sunday, 13 September 2015

On Wishful Wishes

Quite, quite contrary & wonder, hurray  
Jubilation & happy wishful wishes, hurrah  

Hurrah, hurray 
Hurrah, hurrah 

Praise the stars bright lights 
And their constellation 

Each night I travel 
Through the sky into celestial sphere 

Hurrah, hurrah 

Andromeda , Orion, Aries  
Draco and Cassiopeia 

Happy thanks givens    
To celebrate gather 

Hurrah, hurrah 

Send my wishes 
To the fairy in the woods 

Tell them I gain 
From their blessing 

Hurrah, hurrah 

On wishes 
We wish for 

Happy birthday 
To the brightest star 

Hurrah, hurrah 

When stars gather 
The brightest star you are 

Send a twinkle my way 
To brighten my path 

Hurrah, hurrah 

Be my guide 
To lead me home 

Quite, quite contrary & wonder, hurray 
Jubilation & happy wishful wishes, hurrah 

Hurrah, hurray
Hurrah, hurrah 

Wednesday, 9 September 2015

The braveness of bliss

When you see the brave 
Flinch at the dark arising, 

Know it is because they 
Have faced the pitch dark night before 

Bruises are torn marks left 
For battling the night 

Baby soft skins are a novelty 
They do not last through the night 

Ignorance is bliss, like seriously 
Sleep sleep, do not wake the night

And stare the darkness in the eye 
Few have lived to tell the story 

Keep your ignorance 
And dare the darkness 

In bright day light, chest out 
With the braveness of bliss

 #life #philosophy #culture

Sunday, 6 September 2015

The Second Coming

Cry out when you see 
The clouds form, we have been 
Informed of the second coming 

Revelations, revelations 

Something lurks in the bush  
Like a shadow of old soldiers 
Who run wild, wild  

On this here 
Grass land 

Blood socked boots matching 
As heroes wandering 
The wilderness 

Where is home 
Where is home 

History likes to repeat itself 
Like an old record player  
That has been played a thousand times 

Yes, history likes 
To repeat it self 

Cry out when you see 
The clouds form, we have been
Informed of the second coming 

The coming, the coming 
The second coming 

Kiss the foreheads of your love ones 
And say a prayer 
For their safe passage 

This is going to be 
A rough road 

I testify with my own naked eyes
I saw the lifeless body 
Of a child washed up ashore 

This is the 21st Century 
Revisiting the mid-evil ages

Our heroes are those who take life 
And have theirs taken for cheap  
On battle fields, we worship  

Blood for blood 
Rivers of blood,  a sea of blood 

The priest will offer 
Them redemption 
After confessions 

A clean slate 
As clean 

And some will shout 
"God Is Great "
Beheading their victims 

God's own 
God's own creation 

Yes cry out when you see 
The clouds form  
We have been informed 

Of the second coming 

Picture by http://artunleashed.zoomblog.com/

Thursday, 3 September 2015

Money is a god

If you look at the world 
We live in,  vividly clear 
In its true colour and form,

It would be hard to believe 
In humanity a concept and 
What it is suppose to stand for. 

The asylum of country, 
Religion and politics 
Is being run by mad men. ‪

#‎art‬‪ #‎philosophy‬ #‎culture‬ 

We are all walking blind 
And money is a drug on overdose 
Being worshipped as gods 

Popping pills daily 
To maintain the delusion 

Sacrificing human beings 
On the alter of war
 Greed, famine and hunger 

To the gods of money
#capitalist thinking 
To the gods of money 

Sunday, 30 August 2015

A Colourless Summer

Wild flowers are free and blessed
The heaven's bless 
And keep them protected 

They bring with them so much joy 

With simplicity and love 
Angels among-st us with hearts so pure

White seems a dirty colour 

Placed so close next to them 
White is just as dirty 

They radiate and excite 

Sprinkling new colours into the day 
With their warm hearts  

My beautiful wild flower 

Like daffodils, yellow and white 
The perfect day in summer 

Shadows that cloud the beauty in day 

The loudest voice is with mime, tong tied 
Felt by emotional rain 

The heart is without its usual rhythm

Drums that excite like an African 
Drum beat under the sunset 

Now gone quite 

With the forest silent 
Without a whisper, a bird's whisper 

My little wild flower 

My angelic little wild flower 
My joy to the world 

I pray you find your colour 

Again to brighten 
This colourless summer 

Picture by 


Friday, 21 August 2015

Out and About, Staying True

Live with your flaws, 
Don't pretend they don't exist, 
Be true to yourself and all around you. 

No fronting, fronting 
#art #culture #philosophy,  
I left my shoes out, brushed my feet 

In front of the church house
Before entering for confessions 
For I have sinned 

Dirt under my feet got me here, 
The dust hangs on my trousers 
Like a worker's name tag, 

It comes with the territory
Walk in the rain a' you will get wet
It comes with the territory

I have been walking. 
This long a life on foot
A mile, on miles I took

Sorry I come without wings 
To stay a feet away, 
Hovering above the ground 

See, Aladdin said no, 
When I asked to borrow his flying mat 
So I walked through the desert 

That far, to get here 
A walk on foot 
That far, to get here

Go figure, 
I am no saint nor chief 
On a sinner's parade, 

Blurred lines 
I am just living with my flaws 
Dots on my skin, old like birth marks 

And mirrors do not 
Get to call me out,  
Putting me on a conscience blast 

Your strength becomes 
Your weakness, eating away 

When you become overwhelmed 
By your own success or failure 
It changes you, it really does 

Out and about, a life time on foot
Staying true to yourself
Living w' your flaws, a life time on foot

Saturday, 6 June 2015

Washing Lines

This is when I put everything on the line
And I pray it dries out just so
I can get something good to wear.

Memories eating away at the heart
Like a flesh eating bug
With no hold back on feast

Sponge foam, heavy like a good heart
Absorbing all the tears of pain
That rains from sorrow and joy
Reminiscing on long old memories had

Beautiful roses blossom
So bright from spring to summer
Weathering away, each petals
At a time dropping like rain drops in fall

Guide the last of the candle light
For when it is gone, it is gone for good
Becoming a ghost on replay fading
And no add ons to have

My feet has taken many steps
Into many lives and back
I have spread my self thin
Leaving behind a piece of me
In each door way I walked through

Some familiar names delude me
Though I am left with events
That they were a part of to remember
Half memories on flash back

On blurred roads
We travelled many a times
As routine routes taken
Watching the sunset

I do try but these names
Have long faded in my memory
Empty they remain
Gaps in between stories

It is a good thing,
Smiles are not like names
They keep me sane with glimpse
Even through the heavy heart days

I wonder how many
Remember me by name
I wish they would be the same ones
I do remember too

For without that
What value in essence
Is in the memories we hold
So dear as treasures to keep

Remember me
In all the four seasons
Especially in winter and fall
The coldest of the night

And I promise I will try
Very hard, my very best
To remember you too
That I promise an oath I swear

And sometimes it hits me hard
A father I am indeed a father I am
A role I played with all my heart
And all my love, still with all my love

An unended sentence with .............
Space left in its way, brakes in line
I am desperate to tell the youth
To slow down, age caches up so quick

I pray I do better in patience
With love this time,
All these lessons must account
For something in the end.

And not just pain
Hanged on washing lines
Praying it dries out just so
I can get something good to wear

#love #art #poetry 

Monday, 18 May 2015

The Three Sons Of Abraham

There is an old family feud, the oldest of all family feuds that matters to this magnitude and the most 
damaging because of the validity placed on its essence by rival sides.

Abraham (Ibrahim) is recognized as the father of the Jews, Christianity, as well as Islam since it is believed that Mohammed is a descendant of Ibrahim (Abraham). 
The three branches of the same tree, with its many sub branches.

It is sad to say that many have lost their lives on soft differences, never fundamental in justifying the relevance and truthfulness of one of the three branches against the other.

But not being the root or stem means, none of the three branches can claim to be the true religion.
The fact is their differences are all based on cultural norms than religious essence.

Relevance in all this is spirituality which in it self as the root sees religion as a mere path amongst paths
"the way a group of people worship" Lets not forget of Animist, Buddhism and all other religions.

Saddly though it is the tree branches (sons) from the same house of Abraham that holds to ransom death as a consequence for being a descendant
of a sibling in difference of belief #religion #life #philosophy  #culture

Wednesday, 13 May 2015

No Good Deed

Why do you have a smile
So loud, so so loud, so loud

Don't you know it is frowned upon
Unless you are in on the game too

No eye contacts, no sight to see
And starring will get you locked on violation

The eyes don't lie, so boring it is
The eyes can't lie, high on a truth pill

Fingers on the buzzer
Three strikes and you are out

Easy comes easy goes
The shadows whisper with voices

They come awake on the moonless night
Sounding so familair with haunt

Tinkering like tinkerbell
Itching a scratch on the brain

The clown is placed on a freak show
His eyes are made of horror

Save the last dance
There is blood on the dance floor

Roses with thorns
Like sharp knifes for back stab

Jesus Christ on a cross
A locket hanged on a thug's chain

No mercy is given so readily
In this ill gotten world

Every thing is at a price it pays to know
You will do well to know

They call it a dark country
A dark continent it is then

Where days never come, clock works
After the night's hour, remains an ungodly time

The sun out, no longer frightens
The cockroaches, bugs and rats to hide

Preachers only gifted with preview
A sight into the devils plans

On professes they give, pay per view
No remedy for redeemers grace

Unless its paid in full
With the devil's coin

For credit if wanted come tomorrow
On notices plastered all over the place

Just before the shop opens
Too late after the shop opens

Come tomorrow, just come tomorrow
Only know, tomorrow never comes today

No saints in a sinners crowd
No bond as brothers so strong to hold

Skeletons still fearing death
Long after the skin is rotten to the bone

Stack in death's box six feet under
Calling out on S.O.S

We are common people seemingly
Our shortfalls are all the same

Though some have become good at hiding
Their very soul from the wicker man

Fingers on the buzzer
Three strikes and you are out

Easy comes easy goes
The shadows are loud with voices

And this pace is making my head spin
Going round and round in circles like aaaah!

Friday, 1 May 2015

The Friendship Return Policy

There are some friends
That distance is only but 
A foot step away 

No matter how far or near 
They are, the love remains
 Solid as ever, never forgotten 

There are some friends
 A yard away, a foot away an inch away
 Turns you into a stranger 

And no sooner do you become an alien
Fading into ghostliness on passage 
Paths of time and distance travelled 

True friends do not fade 
Like a cheap cloth that shrinks
And wouldn't fit after just one wash

Looking for the receipt
To read about the return policy
 In the small print on store rejects

Which one are you
Sincerely don't fool yourself
Do you feel awkward when we meet

Wanting to hide as first instinct held
Too late you have been spotted, shame on you
Fighting so hard with your conscience

 #life #philosophy #culture #art

Monday, 27 April 2015

The Last Call

The pain is not in regretting  
On missed opportunities had 
No good crying over spilt milk 

The pain is in reminiscing 
On old memories we had 
A sunny day, a better day, a funny day

I see all the young faces getting older
Singles becoming doubles 
With plus 1 or 2 on the family tree 

It is like the last sip from the glass 
Staring long before taken, for prosperity 
Bottoms up, just to get up and walk on by

Life is a series of films
With you as the main actor, character
Always constant in the script you live by

Let tomorrow
Hold us in good standing
As today did in memories we have

We made it this far
Butterflies with wings
In against the gale force

See you when we get there
If we are lucky to, in this life time
The winds blow down south

If not, then in another to come
Be the stranger I walked up to
By the road side in passing

And with just a smile
We became instant friends
A connection as old as time

#life #love

Your face is a picture
Tattooed on my frontal lobe
Like a projected hieroglyphics inscribed

I see you each and everyday
Whenever I think of you
A replayed scene on repeat play

The pain is a  joy of memories we sit on lament
T' we get high on to hallucinate seeing stars
And time lords over all, nothing else matter 

Monday, 20 April 2015

Raising a fallen star

Tell the enemy 

To look at the span of my wings ‪
#‎life ‬‪#‎philosophy 

Do you see stars in the sky

Look close at the reflection of my image 
I am shooting stars 

Rainbows hold baskets with my riches

If you can find the end of the rainbow 
Like the elf's do

My wealth is spread like a flag 

Made by Theodosia Okoh
Colourful across the heavens 

Reflection like a diamond sparkle on water
Imagine how poor the world would look
With just black and white on display 

So we mix it up 

Sprinkle new colours into the day
In-between stories being told

Salt will only add to my flavor 

And not turn me into a statue 
Burning me on a stake

My soul will not perish 

My skin will not melt
My lungs can handle the ash that falls

Announce yourself 
To the sun like a butterfly 
In the meadows 

Do not waste time blaming strive

Breathe is the only bonus given 
For the night is like old age 

Only made of the darkness 

And a re-familiarity with the stars 
Making preparation to rejoin the heavens 

Make memories in the sun

Time is a journey following the sun 
As it rises to set

Good will hunting

It is an open field 
No hating 

Friday, 27 March 2015

OJ's on a Friday

Where do all  the men and women go
In the evening, to gather and be free
No one with judgement on moral stand

Shisha and ethanol in t' mix,  twisted hair
With shaved sides, skirts as short
And yet no one sits in judgement,  no one

The music misses no sound or words
Saying it as it is, with beats a' words like
Hoes, bitches, niggers a' fuck t' police, regardless

Expression on material things, vanity allowed
Cars in the parking lot, all large with persona
Half unregistered, illegal at this hour

Dance how you dare to, it's your floor
No eyes glued on shocks to adjust
Like mirrors that look with discontent

Middle fingers in the air
Like we don't care, yeah we don't care
Whoever, however, either way, we living it large

This is like, how the dogs meet at night
Yelling barking to the tune of crazy
To their own delight "who let the dogs out"

No miss goody two shoes
To judge on hypocrisy pointing fingers
And raising noises like a stink is in t' air

Where do all the men and women go
In the evening to gather and be free
No one with judgement on  moral stands

I think t' cops just stopped us on moving
Wheels, walking in straight line is not an option
To be asked to tip toe a ballerina

Using DV plates at this time of the day
A payment of sort, is required as custom
Penance of catch a' release t' cops are fishing 

Monday, 23 March 2015

A Fool's Paradise

We are friendly people
We are always a friendly people
We are fools living in a fool's paradise
With the sun out and the breeze so nice

The shoreline lies with so much beauty
The waves coming in with songs of joy
Coconut trees line the beach lines
As boarders to our paradise

The drum and dance of the land
Adds to the vibrancy this land gives
They all say my people are friendly people
We are friendly people

Akwaaba, akwaaba are welcoming sounds
To be greeted with on arrival, oh a' those smiles
Greenery from the old trees that stand
Maintain that sense of paradise we offer

But don't look close, not that close
To the streets and be faced with
The reality of what stands as naked
Clear to be seen by all

The politics and religion of the day
Feels like brain washed gibbrish, garbage of drama
T' is concocted up in a false sense of morality rush
Pushed down the throat of the masses, force feed

T' guilty a' free and bold, the innocent surfer always
So t' value t' request a' now short of t' bear necessity
Settling for "it cloud be worse than this"
A' "give it to God" (fa ma nyame) as comfort slogans

Our institutions are all ruled by self proclaimed
Kings, men who expect and believe in t' resolve
That standing on ceremony holds more value
T' dealing w' t' nitty gritty of t' problems of t' day

We are friendly people
We are always a friendly people
We are fools living in a fool's paradise
With the sun out and the breeze so nice

Sunday, 22 March 2015

Last Night's Dream


Angles protruding at the edge of reasoning
I was told to climb up the mountain
The wise man lives there

Dreams are explained by him
W' leaves mashed up a' placed in a cup
To drink and be told of your future

The clouds will open up to the sea blue sky
So we can watch the birds fly in formation
Following the sunset for sleep in the night

In the morning they will descend
The trees, mountains and hills, down the valley
In search of food or tweak to build t' nest home

Do birds a' mammals h' to deal w' conflicting issues
Family worries and sibling rivalry like humans
Do they h' to deal w' bad blood a' family pressures

T' are wet leaves left at the bottom of the cup
Looks like it is time for the old wise man
To interpret last night's dream

Picture by Salvador Dali

Friday, 20 March 2015

Butterfly In the Wind

Butterflies have wings
Like birds so colourful a' with allure
But butterflies are not birds, regardless

Though they receive t' same accolades
And are often overly praised
To that of their cousins, moths

To be treated like birds of paradise
Butterflies I am telling you
Are not birds, never have they been

Though they feed on nectar
And spreads pollination like birds
To add to their essence

Butterflies are not birds
And for those who are caught in an illusion
Of false thought, self worth a' a sense of security

Just because of the attention
They receive, get from parade
Butterflies I am telling you, are not birds

Pride spells bullseye on such creatures
Butterflies to be spotted with loud colours
By birds that feast on insects

To have made a meal out of you
My dear; butterflies are not birds, do remember
Dancing in t' winds, naively away from t' meadows

The bug of an old fool only finds out
After he has been made a meal of
T' as butterfly he was just an insect a' not a bird

Picture by http://www.dianamcalister.com/

Monday, 16 March 2015

A Broken Wing's Tale

Broken wings always feels
Sensitive even after healing
When in flight, a reason to be cautious

Or when the weather turns cold
Piercing itching pains in the bones
Like rheumatism with full grip

To make the strongest look vulnerable
Holding onto what seems like
Their very dear life

An old wound with scar
That holds old stories of a time
In the midst of the wilderness

I have seen angels fall
Broken all their wings
And walk the earth like destitute

A jump would even be a miracle
For once such powerful
Old kings from the heavens

They crouch when they walk
Slowly with fingers to the floor
Like Smeagol mumbling "my precious"

The only sign of who they are
Is from the dog's hysterical bark
When they sense their presence

Do not ever point and laugh
For ignorance on such matters
Is not bliss of blessing but a curse

For if the angels can fall
And loose their wings
What more of man w' nothing but ego

Broken wings always feels
Sensitive even after healing
When in flight, a reason to be cautious

Listen to the cautionary tales
Of the old folks and take heed
When they say, even t' mighty angels fall

What more of man w' nothing but ego
Building on quick sand so fast
A lego castle with haste, racing against time

Sunday, 15 March 2015

The Phantom of the Opera

Let the phantom think he is mighty
With smoke gather to form
A look of the beast so great

And scare the little ones
Running to hide under beds, yelling out
For Mother a' Father's protection

I had a nightmare, a bad dream
A monster appeared on the shadows
Of my bedroom wall

When I was young
I was always scared
Of the dark, it haunted me

Leave the light on
Allow my closed eyes
To catch them red handed

When I open my eyes
No dark shadows on t' wall to hide in
Only coming out when it suits

When I open my eyes
Will you appear
Phantom of the Opera

Will you appear
Phantom of the Opera
With drama to scare a' nothing else

Puff and you are gone
With smoke gather to form
A look of the beast so great

Saturday, 14 March 2015

A Quota for Heaven

Where do all the good
The bad and the ugly go
When heaven gets full

Queues long a' winding, bending
But only a few places left
As spaces designate

Is it by default
That so many souls
Would be damned

Or was it all planned
From the very beginning
How fair is that on a balanced scale

So what happens
If the scale of preference
Changes tipping to the right

And more than less
Are in for a good run
Keeping a clean sheet

Would the quota
Set as numbers limit
Be reviewed, a clause some where

To accommodate t' born agains
Or are they damned
Regardless of what they do

Are we elemental
So that we loose in weight
The more good we do

To become light as a feather
Do we shrink into tinny grains
Of sand to all fit into heaven

Or stay as large
As a haunted ghost
With sins and anger so heavy 

Thursday, 12 March 2015

The Face of Love

It has been long, truly
Since I saw the face of my love

Candle lights blurred to the visions I hold
Always blind in the darkness

My senses though heightened
To walk blind, my hands stretched as guide

Bats are to be my new masters, they see in t' dark
To use radar, while I bump into walls, head first

The night is a torture of relentlessness
Sweating so hard, I am dehydrating in my sleep

The early morning brings a sigh of relief w' breeze
Though sleep finally makes a claim on debt owed

And so I am late waking up as usual
The alarm bells made redundant even after yell

My office look, is ravaged with wrinkles a' creases
In my shirt, no iron hot enough to clean this mess

Looking out of place has become the norm
Back to basics like a time in the eighties w' no light

Work takes a better part of the day
Until t' evening dust releases me from slavery

It has been long, truly
Since I saw the face of my love

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