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Monday, 22 February 2016

Road Kill

Our roads are a slaughter house, butchery
And all farm animals are to be spared

Lined in rows on speeding wheels
Cuts and bruises are the norm

Death trap metal mangled up
Going fast past the speed limit

Breaks replaced with blowing of horns
A crush is preferred to a stop to save lives

Selfish greedy personalities queue
Each morning on the roads in waiting

Before the day ends rest assured
The morgue will be full to the brim

Pot holes, dotted on the roads
Traffic lights incoherent acting gaga

Road lights absent where needed the most
Road signs lost in time with meanings expired

Oh and at night and at night
High light drive in crowded areas as usual

Blinding all, all is blinded driving blind
Blinded men behind the wheels

Our roads are a slaughter house, butchery
Like an abattoir, ready for the slaughter

Last I heard there was a threat of mass burial
The morgue is full and there is no where left

Just enough meat for the Friday night
Wake keeping party, hungry mourners to feast

I heard someone say it was God's calling
Their time to go to heaven, they have been called

Oh but the farm animals are to be spared
Just the humans, dogs and cats for road kill

Our roads are a slaughter house, butchery
This week close to a hundred came in as meat

Just that a slaughter house, butchery slaughter
Lined up in rows and rows for the road kill

Sunday, 21 February 2016

The JB Danquah Murder

A politician lost his life
We are in dangerous times

Count down on voters parade
Clans and gangs with their colours out

On your door leave a mark
To be identified by, being colour coded

If you are lucky you will be spared
That is, if you are lucky, that is

All the same, turn off all the lights
Put the dog in his cage, ssshhh! on the barking

The cat has its own sense of independence
That is unless it has been pampered spoilt rotten

And wears a scuff keeping up with vogue
Then it will be snobbish to the rat meat

And will not last a minute
Out in the wilderness

Sorry, a politician lost his life
Where was I, where was I

Oh yeah, a politician lost his life
Sorrowful this is, to comprehend

He left behind a young family
But he was well to do, so they will be fine to do

Now to the two opposing sides, clans, gangs
Pointing fingers of blame, like fuel on flame

Looking for political points to score
Like a board game with bets on play

Along the line an accused got arrested
He sure looks guilty, motives are just not so clear

Coincidence it may be, it can be, but
It is t' sensitive time that holds worrying thoughts

It is an election year, its an election year
Nothing can be taken for granted now

Count down on voters parade
T' clans and gangs are out with their colours

Something to do with winner takes all
It is that serious on stakes

Nothing is to be left for chance
Not when there is this much to loose

Lets just hope the election observers
Are seriously up to the job, being all fair

A politician just lost his life
We are in dangerous times

Rhetoric, rhetoric, suspicions
And propaganda fuels the paranoia

Tuesday, 16 February 2016

To Pimp A Butterfly

Compton is in Africa, true story
If you don't know, now you know

The greatest man that ever lived
Never blew his own horn

Somebody tell Kanye
Kanye we have a new hero

And he is down for the fight
On the greatest stage he let it rip

Somebody tell Kanye
Shades included "we gon be alright"

We have Kendrick Lamar
So we gon be alright

We gon be alright
We gon be alright

Chains on, broken chains off
Mental prison incarcerated minds

To pimp a butterfly
To pimp a butterfly

Fearfully shameful of our heritage
Badges worn as passports to belong

Denial infront of the limelight
Acceptance away from the limelight

Kendrick made us know
That campton is in Africa

For black is Africa
And the struggle did not start

From the middle passage
But from the main land Africa

To kill a mocking bird
To pimp a butterfly

Relevance relative to notions
This is the essence of poetry

And true rap has to be poetry
To have value  and be valued

Let the listener feel awaken
Knowing we gon be alright

We gon be alright 
We gon be alright 
We gon be alright

Saturday, 6 February 2016

Losing a bet

I lost the battle of wits
I lost the relevance it holds

Indeed I came last on the count
Indeed I did not place at all

I lost the right to be named
I lost a seat on the table

I lost a bet tossed with a coin
I even lost the coin that was used

I walked blindly naked in a crowd
I was crowd shamed on a stage

I lost my bravado to a bet
I took a chance and I lost

I wished the fortune teller
Had told me earlier

That one does not play
A betting poker card game

Chips on the table mounted up
With tarot cards

No matter how good one is
No matter how good the odds are

I lost the battle of wits
I lost the relevance it holds

But my pineapple hair looks nice
A least so I am told

Friday, 5 February 2016

The Great Debate

It was always going to be
Just a matter of time

Truly if the stars are aligned
And the sun is our candle in the dark

Like which side of the roll
Is the right path, this is important

To say the earth is flat
And not round, am told it is still debatable

Rapper B.O.B says it so
He stands by it.

John deGrasse has his work
Cut out for him, "do I really"

Frustrated for having to argue
The point all over again

Synopsis and discoveries
Sensation and conspiracy theories

The Jester is now considered
The most famous in society

And in today's society
Fame is attributed to essence

Blanket relevance
The masses give credence

And we are all left dumb founded
Blue pills or red pills

The Professor and the jester
Debating on weather the earth is flat or round

Thursday, 4 February 2016

Cupid's Grudge

I am unlucky in love
Cupid has a grudge with me

Sending arrows and arrows of
His middle finger to my direction

Something to do with
He asking me to be patient

And I just jumped the gun
Curiosity got the better of me, sorry

So I picked his arrow
And pierced myself, that easy

Didn't want to be waiting
Around for ceremonies

The story is that Cupid
Had a secret serum I didn't know about

That he places on the tip of his arrow
Before shooting for effect

I missed that part when I stole
Cupid's arrow, that is now a problem

I am unlucky in love
For Cupid has a grudge

And he is not accepting my apologies
My heart felt apologies

Didn't know he was that emotional
Way too emotional if you ask me

Acting like a kid
Come on Cupid, I did say I was sorry

No need for the double middle fingers
Especially with the tongue out, no need

Tuesday, 2 February 2016

A Zebra's T Shirt

I saw a zebra's head on a T shirt
It is too early for mind games

For a second I thought
I had forgotten to take my pills

Then I remembered I have no shrink
To have prescribed me with such

Was there more to it
A zebra's head on a T shirt

Maybe it is better I stop thinking
It may help, may be

Before I really start needing
To see a shrink and be drugged

My life's perspective have changed
Way too many times to remember

What notions I had from the start
Have long gone and then some

I have seen the weak become strong
And the strong become weak

I have seen it all
The reverse mode of life

The shift of power
And the resulting character change

Reality is based on the current state
Of affairs on the surrounding factors

All subject to change, lucid fluid dreams
De ja vu and hallucinations

Was it a zebra's head on a T shirt
I saw this morning

Every thing is subject to the moment
The shrink and pills just delude the essence

Emotions, but when you pinch me
I do feel the reality of the pain, just saying

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