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Friday, 31 December 2010

Resolutions on Clocks

Will power is the be all 
And end all of greatness 
Dreams are just blue prints

We fly; space be the last frontier 
And legends are born common
Like peas in a pod 

Who stand out, on rainy days
Last day, of what could have been done 
This year, that year, was year, 2010, is past tense 

Like yesterday's feast on turkey 
Resolutions are made by the masses
Like praise and worship

By the all saints
All holy, all sinners
If man was without sin

Lawyers, coppers
Thieves, priests, jail house; 
What will life be like in an alternate universe   

Who broke the first vow
Sat on relapses' daisy
Who said the first Oops 

Oops-a- daisy 

Half way to June, before June 
In summer we take stock
In May, may be, next year

Pilate exercise on halt, 
Will power lost
Be all and end all, case made

Today I will let my hair down 
Tomorrow will be a new year 
But resolutions are not mine to make 
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Thursday, 30 December 2010

To be a Citizen of Rome

To be a citizen of Rome
Pay my tax and live the life of Rome
I share lands with the Emperor

Colosseums, and gladiators pay homage 
With sweats and blood and we chant
I am a citizen of Rome; a privilege that comes with

I am with royal
Not by royal blood, but by association
I am a citizen of Rome

What price paid
To have my harvest ransacked 
And be left with emptiness of wealth

I am a citizen of Rome
To be made privileged by wisdom 
And be insulted by the same

I gave to Caesar
Life and religion, had their share
But Caeser has got new ideas now

Brain box ticks, lights on
To rob me of my spoils, 
20% to rob me of my value added

Did I not pay with my grains
Before leaving the fields
He takes 20% of my bread, after bakers bakery

For what reason, I know not why
To have been bleed dry, like a gladiator
Just to be a citizen of Rome

Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Sankofa Old Stories Told

Long, long ago, when  grounds were laid
Paths marked and old century announced
Blue print to be followed, like the 10 commandments lost

Long forgotten roads, once walked on
Memories fade and old stories die out
Someone forgot to announce to the young 

What stories were to be told, what history hold
Someone forgot to turn up by the fireside 
Under the tree, to pass on, the chalice

He died with it, in hand and that night
Marked roots of old grounds laid lost
Gone with the wind

Sankofa , birds sings in the morning
Before the break of dawn, like ghost try to be heard
Words of the wise still faint but alive 

Leaves echoes in the winds
Sankofa the old tales of before
Like old Greek poems rediscovered 

To be brought to live by speech
Like old Roman roads, to be walked on again.
And proverbs of old  Nubian Kingdom, still with wisdom

Today assumptions fills the gap in-between
Like go-between of  what is known 
And what is to be made up; tales to fit

Osagyefo shouts from winds whisper
Sankofa where old stories were lost
Rediscovered, like old Roman roads 

Tuesday, 28 December 2010

A walk in the Park

A light post stands, flash lights
A bin can fenced annexe; dogs bark, woof, woof, in excitement
On hill tops squirrels hang on tree climbs, nut crackers

This is  parks lay green on green grasses
Hills and contour, forms waves of fusion
A man on walks in solitude, slowly he steps
Indulged in his own thoughts

While run man, rains sweat, jogs off on parks 
Tries to escape from thoughts 
Turned in, turn on,tuned in, into ipods
Sounds blast, private concert in ears listen

Beyond hills lies, concrete trees, concrete jungles
Where reality stands, ready to battle
Round two; I unpredictable, he chants 

For now, the park is my sanctuary 
My piece of mind, my calming place, serenity my regroup
My escapism, take me to another place
It is the dream, of day light, eyes still wide opened

Take me to another place,
Platform on green green grasses 
Indulge me into escapism

Take me to nature,
Let me clear my head 
While time is called out,
On reality's thirst 

Monday, 27 December 2010

Black Gold

Winds gust are faceless 
While effects on cause 
In times, sometimes, are baseless

Suited and booted
Is my new found gold
Blacker than the berry, rich as that 

In my fathers house 
Rain of fortune once did fall in blessing
I pray to God, this be not, my flash flood curse

My neighbour bares scares 
Of what chest of treasures, once opened with joy
My neighbours fish choked on oxygen devoured 

Will this be me, my Midas luck, of golden touch
Watch what becomes of good men tested 
I pray to God on effect on cause

Leaves me not with darkened rivers 
Will effect on cause be my misfortune 
I pray to God, my land, black star be wise

Sunday, 26 December 2010

Tip toe, tip toe Shhhh

Charlie, don't rush, don't rush, go slow
One step, two step, go slow
Tip toe, tip toe, shhhhhh

Don't wake the kids up, on sesamme street
They are off, to the dream land, on santa's slegde
Onto to fantasy land in distance poles 

Fellow; rockabye, rockabye baby
Tip toe tip toe, shhhh
Don't wake the baby up

Go slow, go slow, don't wake the brace-band
Don't rush, don't rush go slow, go slow
Oopsy daisy, its too late; 
Bang bang, ching ching po pooooooo 

Now lets just go Ice-skating
Round  around, Christmas trees
Tip toe, tip toe, shhhhh
Don't go waking the baby now

If this didn't make any sense, it wasn't meant to...:)

Blue Bird, Blue Bird

Blue bird, blue bird
What became of my seed spent
My served seeds, on straws pulled

My stands made; what became of, my stands made
What's with the trickery shown
Buffoonish jesters, in tailored suits 

Why you taking the piss mate, the piss mate
Blue bird, blue bird; how old are you mate
Why you taking the piss mate

Waste my time on asked and answered
Called to court, on spectacles drawn
Contest in contest your beauty in context

To have been asked 
On beauty contest, dancing chairs
On choices made

To have me come close, but lose on crowns
Who lose, you lose; Oh blue bird, blue bird, 
Why peck my skin mate, just for the fun of it 

What became of my spent seed,
Straws pulled; rock, paper, scissors
What becomes of my vote cast..

Saturday, 25 December 2010

My Haiku Christmas

When all there is to be said is said
All that is said
Is a Merry Christmas

Friday, 24 December 2010

An Inmate Of The Cell

Disconcerting truth, truth be told
Nah save that for the commentary
I criticise every thing, not like grumpy, like grumpy 

I am against the school that stands
I see two colours, hate transformation
Nah, I see rainbow, utopia and paradise 

Take me back to two colours
And they are not doing things right
So something needs be done

Don't ask me, I criticise every thing
Its me against them
Its me against the world

But don't push me
Put them in positions I stand
And see their sweat

Good fellows, miss goody two shoes
Reality would not conform (1 + 1 < 2)
To what life dramas they play in theatres

Don't bend my back 
Ask of me to draw straight lines
I am an inmate of the cell, I am the cell

For I am a critic, not like grumpy, like grumpy
That's my job; truth be told
Nah, save that for the commentary

Thursday, 23 December 2010

The Exchange Student

Someone else walked in my shoes
Lived a long life
And was known by all

Had a family
Had a lover, had romance
And had some friends too 

Worked from 9 to 5
Paid his tax
And longed for Saturday's feel

Someone else worked in my shoes
He lived  a long life 
And was known by all

Went through troubles
He went through joy
Felt betrayed and accepted  by all

He had regrets
He had rejoice
He left his mark, on all he met

Someone else walked in my shoes
He lived a long life
And was known by all

And when he was gone
I came as new
And walked a life time in his shoes

And this would be my family tree
Someone else walked in my shoes
He lived a long life
And was known by all 
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Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Cinema in words

Cinema in words
Take a seat; doritos, cap cakes
Ice creams and pop corns, sweet or salted
Do have a fizzy drink, to push things down

Phones off, lovers behave
And no  pirate filming on projections shown
Silence all, lend me your ears
Food crunchers, silence; if you may

Let me take you into a cinema of words
Onto a land of imagination realms
Triggered, like hypnotics on pictures drawn
By the words I speak; rattle, ra ta ta ta taaaaaa

On occasion, Parental advice; objection advised
On occasion, not too late, not before bed time
Horrors do manifest from,
Stories told into dream worlds

On occasion; laughters, and jokes
And smile on comedy, to have been educated
On occasion, a real connection found,
 "I was moved" on responses gave

Let me take you into a cinema of words
Where poetry, seats on directors chair

Tuesday, 21 December 2010

The Have Nots!

My dear Santa
This is the happiest of day, the saddest of  day
The loveliest of day, the loneliest  of day

When gifts wrapped up, 
Sent by you, through Rudolf the reindeer
And seven others that follow
Are opened and shared by the fortunates

And thinkables,  and Abba songs 
Are sang with joy
This time next year 
Where will we be

And those life gave and those life took
The saddest of day, the happiest  of day
While Christmas carols are sang with joy
Love ones, hug and kiss with animation

And feast are served in such abundance
But for the man who lived without none
This day stands, his loneliest heart
 Is filled with sorrow in the coldest of spots

For Christmas makes
The unloved heart 
Feel  the loneliest of all
So share a thought for t' loneliest of hearts

Monday, 20 December 2010

Snowy Christmas

Oh holly night,
Oh coldy night, in Bristol stay
When snow falls drops
Like crystal balls

And white laid carpets
All around winters day
Slippery roads, and sledging hills

Wishing for a white Christmas
But hoping I get home
Before am snowed down

Oh holly night
Oh coldy night 
Hold back the snow
Until I make it back home

Sunday, 19 December 2010

Oh, December

December, oh December 
Friends and family do gather
Christmas trees and turkey made present

Uncle Jack Daniels, with family of wine
Sits on  tables in patient waiting to be greeted
By the faithful; our lips are dry

Jokes and fun games, Christmas jumpers
Miles-toes; and if we were to be caught under it
A kiss is mine, its only tradition

Not to think, not to say 
Not to see January knocking on doors
Not to think, on the 5th, my course work, bids me fair well

Not on this day, in December 
I am to be graced, the spirit of indulgence
I am to be graced, if only for a while

Saturday, 18 December 2010


Drawn out, my weakness
Constant remainder; its my
 Strength I am yet to know

A pact with Dreams

I dreamt big, 
Laid my plans on tables,
Naked for all to see

And picked from one to another 
Until I got to the better best, 

Don't ever rest, I prayer for that
Not for doubt or recoil 
When the going turns tough,
 And the weak in role support; just falls off, 

Like the leaves in autumn,
That desert the tree's GRACE
You are on your own

We light now, slim trimmed, 
And we know and we feel; 
It's hard now; all out for the broke, 
Wishing the better best. 

#But don't let me down, 
#Don't fade away, 
#Don't change my role, 
#And let me go

I have been dreaming for so long
I have being walking on this path
I have being seeing you forever
And forever you've always been my dream

My ambitions
And my want
And for you, I dream some more

#So don't let me down
#Don't go away 
#Don't say am done
#I have to get, to you

I dream big
And you became my dream
My dream to fulfil 
That was the pact I had with dreams

Friday, 17 December 2010

A Son of Wales

From the South, cross borders to the Valleys
Came the wise across the bridged rivers of Avon
Oh great sons of Wales, Rugby loved, Villa fun
From humble lands, laid symbols of the great dragon's stand

Red dragon that graced the landscape green on white sky 
His words were wise, deep and thoughtful
He travelled the world, and acquired its knowledge
Worked as another, shared feast, chips with open arms

His words were wise,  a green man, beer can to match
This was the fire of old dragon's know
That breathed deep thoughts of conscience
His words were soft, yet imprinted on man

He came from the lands
That bore symbols of the red dragon
He stood in galleries, to testify his legacy
I knew a son of Wales, he came from graceful lands

Thursday, 16 December 2010

Nature's Gift

Three Kings in a manger
Three gifts they bare
On festive times, when snow flicks embrace trees
Behold a King is born, behold a life to adore

2000 years after, again the story is retold, 
In winters wonderland, alpine trees welcomed indoors
Three Kings in a manger
Three gifts they  generously bare

New seasons drawn, morning lights adored
New birth onto us; holy behold a King is born
Four friends became fathers
Four in Kings and Queens were born

Blessed; Donald, Eugene, Ismail and Peter
Were made guardians of new lives
A Father's joy, of fatherhood welcomed
Much love to share, and show to all

A Mother's love, of nurturing care
To new Kings and Queens born
2000 years after, in natures gift wrap
Again the story is retold

Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Dyslexia Disjointed

Don’t call me stupid
Don’t stare with bewilderment
To say as, say this, say in whispers heard
Mention a word and spell with ease

To check, and check and check again,
My keys, my phone, words spelling too
And still not see, where things do lie,
Where letters disjoint, in forming tête-à-tête 

Look and say; what's wrong with him
Its not by choice, am not a dunce
Don't patronise me so, gesture as jester
And call me stupid

I am, the word-smith, dabbler you came to know
I write, I utter and to you; thoughts provoke  
Such metaphoric connections, 
Your intellect bow to, in appreciation's gestures

In sing songs, such masterful sounds of music sang
In painting, always a master piece to hang
My speeches are moving, I utter with grace
Effortlessly in doing so, it brings smiles to faces

But then, in spelling bee, to have become lean
To spell they as there,
Their as thier, exact, as exert
Don't call me stupid, its not by choice

To my mind, its what it sees, and reads as so
Being forgetful is not by choice regard 
Sorry to have to ask, again again 
Your "name", your "name", please again 

To maths, I am brilliant, 
To maths I am not sometimes pulling out hair 
In my mind, its entangled in abstract
But don't call me stupid, its not by choice

For Information: http://www.fsc.yorku.ca/york/rsheese/psyc1010/wiki/index.php/How_does_dyslexia_affect_children_of_primary_school_age%3F
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Tuesday, 14 December 2010

The Gym Membership

Life like the gym membership
New resolutions, made with conviction
A need, a reason, a justification for that change
A reward, a desire, a picture drawn on blue print

A step, steps, stepping
A change in attitude 
A focus drawn on targets
A new found confidence 

Then the question: 'Why did I not act all this time'
Time, time, time; oh, time of past procrastination
You deprived me, of such joy, of so much

The realisation; a percentage more of the 
Brain box, being used on marching beat box
Motivation, I am sitting on high

#On wards 
#Christian soldiers
#Marching on to.....

Relapse, self doubt, self worth
Ask the addict, why after the realisation 
Of cause and effect, effectively 
He went back to shots in veins

And the alcoholic may be synonymous 
To the term, falling off the wagon 
I tell you; so too can  be said, of the man
Who dreamt of building castles    

I am not giving answers
Mind you, mind the gap...
I am asking questions 
Answers; I have none, none to suit, I am no tailor 

Who out there solved the parable of strive
Made the difference between
The many that started
And the one that finished 

I am not giving answers 
I am asking questions 
I tell you this; still seeking answers 

Monday, 13 December 2010


Life imitates 
Life depicts life is art, 
Delicate, puzzles in abstract

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Sunday, 12 December 2010

Timeless of time

Time is timeless, spiraling into black-holes 
Until in context, framed on subjects 
Dates are baseless, nothingness
Until on benchmark settings

Set on targets, count down
Deadline set, stop clock ticks
Time in context

Time in purpose, time on target
This time set, to act on essence 
Clock works ticks 

And to be, and to stand
To make a pact, 
On time, with time

To stand set on ceremonies 
On times marked X 
Time mark a place to reach 

And time is timeless,
Spiraling down a black hole 
Until such time, put in context
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Saturday, 11 December 2010

Dangerous Minds

Picture from: http://blog.sierratradingpost.com

Spring box, wallabies,
Kangaroies, on beauty contest

I am stood on spring box setting
Light a bird, nah light as a feather
Jet set, strapped on, to go on, fly bys

#Come fly with me
#let fly,
#let fly again

Sudden weight on add ons
Thoughts left wandering

Gaining debris
The rule is don't look down
Ops, told you don't look down

The mind is a dangerous thing
Setting doubts on ambitious strides
Can I, will I, Could I; ha haaa, told you

Yet no man, made it past first post
Without hindrance
Lucky strike, still needs follow ups

This is preparation
Brain train, sudoku
Step 1; know the mind is a dangerous thing
Step 2; Maintain that self belief
Step 3; ..........it is a dangerous thing
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