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Thursday, 31 March 2011

Treasures in Mud

Found a message in words
I didn't choose to be..
God made me, am glad to be..
I am blessed to be ..

I stress, I worry, be that it may be ..
I wonder, and look for resolutions..
Bucket full sweat to carry ..

But every day, like bless ..
I pray for another day added to be added..
Thank nature for another day added..

While I sat surrounded ..
By few I know, and family and friends..
On funeral occasion, the dead go silent ..

Thank God for another day of stress ..
Remembering to jot down in memory box ..
What fun it was to go through ..

And I just lived through ..
Another day, that's me ..
Just to be, am blessed to be , that's right 

Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Mirrors Reflections

Pictures paint a thousand words "loud"
Beauty of  riches, stories
It holds to tell, bares for all to see

Not all of them to be taken 
On word, sorry to spoil it all for you
Pictures paint a thousand lies 

Persuasive air brush, photoshop, to suit deception
Tabloid, mags, before a' after, to fool the masses
Glamour misspelt by notions painted

Teenagers "poor child" buying into illusion
Falling into lines of dominoes , they all fall down 
Ads, as facts; spin doctors, puppet masters "strings" 
Pin up posters, of flawless drawn 
Celebrity culture and plastic skins under
Content lost on the face of  fantasies glitter

Pictures paint a thousand words
Be wise enough, enough to know 
What is what, like what is lies

Looking into mirrors reflection
Pictures paint a thousand words
And flaws are natures own gift to bear

Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Multiple Choices In A Hat

I saw it in a mirror
I saw it on my face
So I stack my hands in a hat
And made a choice, like lottery 

Will I run like a stallion
If I had leg muscles like horse 
Break the land record of 
Jamaican  man Bolt 

Will I sing like Pavarotti 
If a had a voice 
To fill an opera house
And capture an audience 

For standing  ovation, 
I bow back with gratitude 
You are beautiful

Thank you, thank you
Thank you all 
For coming this evening 

When I was young, I was asked
What I wanted to be when I grew up
Like pick a path in a bowl of choices 
And that becomes yours to have 

So many Doctors and lawyers 
Everybody wanted to be 
But hers is not a dream 
On court stands, no your honour 

I better not break the law
For few I know 
Are sworn to the Bar
To wear wigs to defend jail birds 

What do you want to be, when you grow up 
And when you did grow up
No doctors line up to queue 
Like hands up in classrooms "all the Doctors"  

Open early morning doors
On alarm clock wake 
To start a day on career hours
'Oh he does get on my nerves'

Did dreams come true
Picked in a hat of multiple choices
Of childhood ambitions
"When you grew up"

What did you want to be 
When you grew up 
I am not a poet
A blogger as a hobby,
My soul food to feed

For now that is
I play with words
To test meaning 
In comments made

Monday, 28 March 2011

Silent Dance

When words sits on silent lips
Thoughts on one's mind hold
Refusing to be made mention of

I remember some childhood dreams
Where I felt the need to yell
But lost my voice on religion

Stolen by the  hands that crawl
Under my bed, the faceless shadow
The fright of fall, drawn and buried

When webs tie down weakened ankle 
And ballerina dance halls lay silent empty
Faint claps from audience past echo, follow, hollow

The fear of failure, justification of stand still
The weakness of drive, strive and shiver
The strangling of dreams by doubting hands

Unchain the meandering grip 
To find directions with vigour 
And find road's arrows of calling 

I found my passage path
On route plans, my feet flair on dance floors
To have found my voice on words again 

And see Mona lisa smile again 
With admiration 
And grace is adored 

Sunday, 27 March 2011


Hush; hallow empty sounds
Quite the birth of nonsense pinokio
Ok louder hooray, beauty of reasoning 

What Is Waves

At the edge of the shoreline
The journey of the waves end
It has travelled far, like Columbus 
To finally end with the sounds of splash 

Crystal sparkles sparks the sense of life 
And if you look closer, you did see diamonds 
While Venus and Mars looks on to earth 
And wonder why not them with such bless

The waves have travelled far
Energy seen in forms of visibility 
Denied us that of sight by radio to micro waves
But for the sea waves, I see energy in form

If energy can never be destroyed 
As the saying goes, and science accept
And I do believe this as so 
What becomes of that, that rides the seas

If energy is made of man
Do ours join the surfers of the sea waves
After we die, to hear the faints whispers
Of old beings, on orchestra splashing the shorelines 

I heard my grandmother speak to me
I heard a thousand more sing to me
On the beach, where waves do end
I saw energy in form

Saturday, 26 March 2011

Off On A Tangent

Nothing new under the sun
This I hear on repeat play
"There is nothing new under the sun"

Took me a while to digest 
Such sentiments, to rational, "you rationalize" 
I mean; do explain, please do tell

Such confused statements
To have authored with bold
Without reference made, what authority 

So for a while I sat, to mine meaning
I had to, such parables, puzzling puzzles 
Haunt me to find meaning, to free my thoughts 

Is it for the primary element of sentiments 
That such boldness are authored 
For it could not be for all things 

To spit in the face of inventions
And great minds celebrated 
I could not phantom common grounds 

But the 60's are back, the 80's too
On cat walk and to the masses  
Boots and skirts," to the moon" walk of Micheal  

And it is on realisation, of what already does exist 
We deem as discovery celebrated, discovering America  
Like gravity, and relativity as laws

OK so to some reference given 
But none for inventions made 
Like microchips and light bulb flash LED 

Yet I find such grand statements, too bold to stand
But for emotions, I will have to allow
For lust, love, grief and joy, betrayal too.

There is nothing new under the sun
But for the occasional asteroid fall 
And man's desire to invent wonder 
From the elements that surround 

And as with poetry
I would have to allow romance 
To be the defining notion, war and peace  
There is nothing new under the sun 

What is that stack under my boot?

Friday, 25 March 2011

Facebook Connect

Facebook connect, friends request, nearly friends
It is  always interesting on observation
How a friend of a friend "like I know you"

Is always just a friends of a friend
In mutual friends, common acquaintance
And they pop up, out from all angles, like Houdini 

Countries holds no borders boundaries 
Like rivers connect from Timbuktu to the Avon
Friend of a friend, facebook connect

Friend of a friend, 
Am out in Alaska on common grounds
Adding weights to the saying, friend of a friend

Like mathematics in evidence
Proof in the pudden; pardon me,
While I spell out, in reference made

Friends on links, always just five friends
Or so they say, away from every one else, they say 
In friends known, small world, in marble blue, they say

And another 6 million, in entangled pot noddles connect
Facebook friends connect, 
Like spider's web connect on the worldwide web reach

Friends request, they pop out, 
Like party poppers on surprise mode 
Hi, hey friend of a friend, on friend request

Friends denied, 
Just cos, doesn't mean buddies to be
Not always, sorry, not always, on preference, reference  

Friends connect, facebook request
We had a mutual friend on facebook connect
Some one just asked for a friends request

Note: I am happy to befriend anyone I feel a connection with
This is not written to be offence to anyone, my apologies if
it does offened

Thursday, 24 March 2011

Spring On Carnival Parade

Did you look out to see
The bloom on daffodils today
Like the princess bride
Flounting on carnival's parade

The sun flower, flower  
Follows the sun rays
On axils drawn like for like
On queues, of  the sun worship

The painter, strokes his brush ready  
On rolls of canvas to paint on
The poet is at it too, with scribbles
Turning splendour adored into words of beauty

I knew there was something, something  
New in the air, the feel of its vibrancy
Echoes of  birds awaking earth
With drum rolls on song's say so

And the dew on plant leaves
With face wash, to highlight its colours  
And shine on processions
Bright as requested

Spring is the ceremonial attire
Worn by nature with grace  
Multi coloured like an african fabric
In carnival seasons

Did you look out to see
Daffodil's yellow, white in some and some
Oh what a beauty Mother nature offers  
To sweeten my delicate eyes on carnival 

Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Stood For Presentations

There I was, drapes worn in ceremonial attire 
Today my brain is tired, my legs are too, 
Stood for presentations, my sweat glands empty 

Stress pours out of glands, to replace sweat
Like the fountain flow, Victoria falls  
Tic toc, tic toc, in a dual rush

Tic toc, tic toc, identical of time before go
While time shows its face, in numbers volley
Counting getting closer to my call on dot 

Dead line set on multiple stages
Like targets practice lined up to be shot 
One at a time, before the other, after another 

And I tell myself, sat at 3am
Elevating my metal know how
This is the last one

Masters is all I need
This really is the last one
I am too old for this school in academia

Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Repeat Sentences

I know so many words
From alphabets in letters play
To make words

I know so many words
Put together in form to form sentences
Phrases, into wise sayings

I know so many words
I say so many words I know
Put together to forms, in phrases, analysis 

But then mine got quoted, to me 
In wise saying, reversed order
Bequest advises, that I had

I was referenced in  a speech
Speaker's words spoken
By another directed at me, at my attention

I was referenced in  a speech 
To be the recipient of advise, "be attentive" 
Of lessons to learn, from words of wisdom

Then I asked with surprise, the wisdom it held 
To know the author of
Such wisdom, 'who said that'

"You did", replies in consequential 
"You did, don't you remember"
Replies ripples, echoes through ear drums
Sudden light switch in brain matter "awareness"

I know so many words
Like the preacher with verses
But some times, it all becomes foreign to comprehend  
Until repeat sentences,  I know so many words

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Monday, 21 March 2011

War Is Bad

Sword fights, commands 
Chaos and anarchy into play
The innocent always surfer

Sunday, 20 March 2011

My Bird Of Paradise

A bird I see in my window, my Bimbi bird 
She sings a song of love awaking
She wakes me up from sleep

Every day, it's the same bird
Every day it's the same calling
That wakes me from sleep

Her feathers are made
Of fine attire, this is elegance
In canival colours, to reflect her heart 

If the heaven did have a voice
It surely would  be the sounds she makes
And every day she calls on me to wake

My sweet awakening
My bird of  paradise
And everyday, she gives me joy to wake

Saturday, 19 March 2011

The Sun Is Out

Now the sun is out
Down on St. Andrew's park
The kids are out to play, 
From hibernation

Like prison break, they rush out 
Great escape, from indoors
The smell of grass, 
Flaps of butterflies, on nursery rhyme

The week has been long
Stories that made it through 
The grape vine, no hold back
Sent chill on warm hearts

But time holds healing hands
Sparked by smiles on innocent faces
T' joy they share, "inseparable"
From healing hearts  

Now the sun is out
Down on St. Andrew's park
And for today, joy is bestowed
Hooray to all 

Friday, 18 March 2011

True Colours, " Broken Earth"

The spirit of the people 
Few I know can look in the eye of oblivion
And keep their calm, in the face of adversity 
To have kept their cool, they are with patience 

In my backyard panic riddles rules
Like birds flight on stone throw
And the shops go empty
From the word go

On rush, no bread, no milk left, panic buy
On the weather man's call "snows expected"
Self preservation becomes the order of the day

Few I know, can hold onto dignity
They panic, like nut case, to default of craze
But for the people of Japan my hat goes off to

Who queue in patience, no rush necessary  
To epitomise civilisation, to be defined by act
After earth's tantrum, lay siege on their hearts

Not to have been defined
By default of chaos on panic attack
They kept their cool, in the face of  nature's raft
To define their being

So for the people of Japan my hat goes off 
You are more than just ordinary
My prayers for you, everyone must
My hope for you, a better tomorrow

Thursday, 17 March 2011

Sand Castles

He walked a thousand miles....
With his head in the sand....
Did I not tell you the wild....
Can never be tamed?....

False security, with too long a time....
Spent without signs of threats....
So he chose to make a stand....
On the path of the raging bull....

Let sleeping dogs lie,
Alright!!.... sarcastic yell
Oh well,
My breathe is mine....
And his is his....
But a sleep is not the same....
As a dead....

And I just saw tale movements....
Bruises left on flesh and hearts
By the circomstance mist
Evidence gather, ..
It’s too late for words now....

He walked a thousand miles....
With his head in the sand..
Did I not say the fool
Can never be thought

And wise words falls
Wastefully on death ears
While he laid burried
Under sand castles

Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Friend Oh Friend

Friend oh, friend; you know, some people
Some people, are known a life time long
Some come and go, and lost to memory
Some stay to love, tickle and care they do

You see, some people
Some love to be loved, have to be loved
But none to give, in short-change  greed
Those I call my "favour friends" always in after gains

Some people I know, some people
Break all boundaries with breeze
And in an instant, life long friends, to have become 
Oh friend, oh brother, to walk shoulder to shoulder 

Some people, you know some people
 Never make it past acquittance 
We laugh and joke we share a path
But never the same, as bonds to be had

Some people , Oh, some people
Are just eluded by empathy  
Always just a step short away
Always, lost on intent did

Some people 
Are known a life time long
Some I keep a watchful eye on
Slippery things they are

Some are just mellow, some people
Breaking all boundaries, beautiful people
To show their care a' want for none in gains

Those are the  friends I love to have
I will build bridges to where you stand
To you some people, just to you

Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Last Request

And before I die, on last request
Do not stand on my buried earth..
And weep..

Do not ask, how I was in my last days..
Don’t break glass in my honor..
Don’t talk of me in joyful memory..
Don’t shake hands of old acquaintance..
Don’t dress in the finest silk..
Do not mourn my
My death..

Do not collect silver to bury me..
Don’t sit in silent wonder..
Don’t cuddle in condolence..
Don’t ask the priest for last rites..
Don’t speak well of me in eulogy..
Don’t write list of stranger’s names on
My obituary..

Do not bring pretence to my burial..
I want no tears from the crocodile
It is my last right to be

Monday, 14 March 2011

The Arising

The Making of a Man
He who walks, blisters gather 
Through fire, the fire burn
Shall stand tall

Is the weapon of choice!!!!!!!!!!!!!
So I emancipate myself
And free my mind; let go, brush off, off 

And I eat the food,
Before I touch the meat
Is a life skill worth acquiring
So I acquire, like investment bonds 

And I tell myself
Great Men
Are not born great,
They are motivated
By the desire to achieve

Pain is temporary,
So I  will walk through fire
To stand tall on shoulder's of giants 
And attain my rightful crown
This is how we made it

Sunday, 13 March 2011

Ascension On Foot

One with the heavens
Sky, stars, to form my stage
I will need no wings

Saturday, 12 March 2011

Earth On Tantrums

I feed
From the seas around me
Drink from the rain drops in rivers
And farm the land

I fear being drowned
By that which gives me life in Japan..

And the earth cracks
Beneath oceans on tectonic plates 
Like two bulls, in head butt, red rage 
Repels of energy, they send waves on stampede

My hakama cloths torn by the forces
Comfort challenged by nature , and it rains
My land lay cracked and desolate
My soul in rage, my terra firma, burns 

Still  not long after I pray in clamminess 
The heavens will cry on me
To quench the thirst, I need its tears
I look to embrace the seas, the land, nature

Just so I can feed
The dependants of my soil
This is my understanding with nature

Friday, 11 March 2011

The Weather Man

The season is long
Night and darkness
Day is missed

Could it be that the weather man 
Forgot to change the plugs 
On last year's sun fuse blown

This is what powers day
He went to bed a' left 
Darkness to gloom on light

Spring is late,
The sunbirds are not heard 
Singing in such sweet voice, known

Silver and gold can not
Buy the need of man
Too many of us to satisfy

The season is late, 
The sun, the giver of life 
Is much needed 

For the candle of life 
Is on the brink of burn out, 
It sits in flicker of melted wax 

And few walk with smiles 
On their face like holiday, 
The weather man is to be told

Spring is late, joy is owed
Happiness in tow
Flowers to blossom

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