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Sunday, 31 July 2011

Love In Words

If I stand close enough, a' I look into your eyes 
I can see the world in your eyes  
And where between stories I belong   

Like road maps between stories   
Where I come in to play my part
In your life stories told   

In your dreams, in your making   
Next to you, hand in hand, forever  
Wiping your tears, sharing your smiles   

Making avenues for future plans   
All in the twinkle of your eyes   
Like a view in a snow globe, hold   

If I stand close enough 
I can explain the perplexed mystery 
That surrounds the feeling we have 

If I stand close enough, just close enough
I can ease your daunting anticipation
And explain with acts, how love holds 

If I stand close enough 
Just close enough, I can tell you
How much I love you
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Saturday, 30 July 2011

Blame The Dog

I don't own a dog, in blame games  
Like the ones that run off  on streets  
At night chasing skirts, Casanova    

But sometimes, on pavements   
I step in their aftermath   
Slippery steps that leaves a stink   

It stays with you and desperation sets in   
I have been shamed by my own doing  
Where grass parks are found, I do try the feet rub   

This should never have happened, to be taken home   
It leaves a stink, I feel abused, feeling defiled  
Morally corrupted, in parts I played, oh and I know I did 

Oh for the dog owner, irresponsible owner  
Who left troubles on pavements, troubles
For my eyes, that paid no attention, distracted    

On what lies ahead 
And wondering sight seeing attraction    
Sometimes its seconds before the step   

Frozen in slow motion  tipping over  
Just  before feet lands, seeing the feet land   
This is troubles, metaphoric 
In metamorphosis troubles  

Friday, 29 July 2011

This is me defined

This is me defined   
Sperm, egg, that made me    
Weightless burden, entity, realisation     
And I swim through the sky   

Featherless, elevated  
This is me defined  
And clouds stands as  my 
Stepping stones

To the heavens   
I am welcomed  
Like back to home, what made me
What I am made of  

This is me defined   
Opened with glory  
I am celebrating   
In my moment  of being  

This is me defined, different strokes   
Individuality, personality, uniqueness   
Pictures, flash lights  
My crowning glory, identity   

Coming of age, destined  
This is my celebration   
My meaning defined  
And the character I am, defined 
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Thursday, 28 July 2011

The Sun Flower Worhsip

The mystery of the sunflower   
Lay bare, like a prophet with calling    
What we take for granted  

And I do worship the sun  
Believe me, I do, Stonehenge stands as altar  
The sun flower tells me to  

The colour of the sky tells me to    
The trees, the birds, in the forest  
And the weather systems tells me to  

And the seasons sing in praise    
Winter tells me to      
Beach benches tells me to    

Believe me I do worship the sun   
Like daffodils, bright in fields  
Spring tells me to, life tells me to  

I do worship the sun
I am a sun worshipper 
The sun flower worship 

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Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Cherished Substance

What if a man sees   
His fortune before his time   
What if  Vincent van gogh saw his price    
Before his passing   

How many a master piece   
Did he paint and scrap for fear in notion   
That people will not like, dislike in taste   

What gems do we lose   
Through circumstance of situations   
What if Jimmy Hendrix had lived past his demons   
And Amy did too, what if 

What a show could it have been, would it have been     
For Michael Jackson, the show man 
To have made the greatest come back of all time   

What if life was a bit fair, what if
And trails and errors made way 
For street lights, omitting wrong turns, what if   

What if tragedy could not be   
The definition of cherished substance, what if
What if weights we carry, are void of hallow substance    

What if love and passion 
Is not tested by sacrifice and loss 
To define its true value, what if 

And in the sky, what if 
Truthfully, truly  all is as 
Van Gogh saw it to be 
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Tuesday, 26 July 2011

The Princess Pride

Said I said I am sorry  
A thousand time and more   
Now you say, you going to have to    
Change the keys, your number   
Some how I understand  

Said, I said I didn't mean to   
Make you cry, humble you, your opinion   
You regret walking into my bubble  
And now, earth quakes and   
Bubble burst

I am with remorse  
You are with remorse   
And over night we have been  
Transported from paradise   
To nightmares    

I said, said I am sorry  
But it was too late, for conversations  
And the charm is gone, no magic in the air  
And the smile is gone, no jokes to share 
And we no longer look, in each others eyes  

And my presences repulse   
And I can't wait to escape   
And time watch, is given relevance  
In conversation we have   
A means of diverting attention   

But before we get to this stage
I awake at dawn to change course 
This was a nightmare, to be vanquished 
That I will distance from reality, as we wish
For you will always be my princess bride 
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Monday, 25 July 2011

Factory Settings

Quietly we start
Like bears from hibernation 
Snooze and alarms, treadmills, sunk into car seats

Quietly we start   
We stretch, coffee smells, says the wake up call  
And another week begins  

Quietly we start  
Activities and stories, to work with  
Clickety clock like ants on hills, matching

Change in focus and time on clocks   
Quietly we start lined up in factory settings   
And another  working week begins   
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Sunday, 24 July 2011

Fair Well OneStop

One stop, one shot, one's poetry write 
One stops to post a blog, on spot 
One shot, onestop, what happened to that blog 

Stranger's Knock

When a friend comes to my humble abode  
We celebrate with open arms  
To appreciate the love they bring  

When a friend comes knocking  
Darkness is  without shadows   
My door way lights bright   

And you will be greeted with open arms   
To gladly share, my sugar with, stories with  
Of what in script of your journey I have missed  

When a friend leaves to voyage on journey  
Half the moon goes with her   
Like a half locket we shared   

His and hers until we meet again   
To unify the bond we have   
And her presence, brightens my door ways always  

Saturday, 23 July 2011

My Daughter Amy

R.I.P Amy Winehouse 
Her love was pure, to all 
And one another, she touched souls  
She sang with a loving voice, such beauty blessed  

She lived fast on a fast lane, she needed me  
Taxi driver, to drive home, her friable mind  
What talent she had could be lost over night  

Replaced by blurry tongues, boozy antics   
And daddy's taxi will wait the whole night  
And daddy's worry will last the whole time  

If only I could take the curse of fame and success     
If only I could drive away her demons   
Of men with bad influence, they gather like vultures 

Will she still be my little girl,  my Amy Winehouse  
He wonders with pain and fears the worst
He says "In  my head I  paint a picture of worry"   

And daddy's taxi will carry her to rehab   
But then she was made famous for opposing with song   
And daddy's world would be turned upside down   

When he was  finally told, nightmare did manifest   
And that he can no longer pick her up to safety  
The angels have got her and news spread with shock  

The last of his taxi ride home to safety  
This time an ambulance awaits  
And the gods of luck are without answers  

This time the drive would be in a funeral procession   
And she will be celebrated, she was loved   
But to daddy she was just his little girl who never came home     
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Friday, 22 July 2011

Spoken Word

Wholesale, all go, all must go 
Make me an offer I can't refuse 
Set me a mark to reach behold 

Grant me an audience to call my own
Sat at Fada, Farrago host 
And I shall wow the crowd delight

Just nothing of it I could not make
With clay and stone a sculpture to build
I did become a poet on stage with words to mold 

Whole sale all go, all must go
Call me to stage so I can be heard 
All the crowd I did win over

Except for one, just for that one judge 
Who for role of the Ringwraiths, she did take
Boo, boo, she got from the crowd

Make me an offer I can't refuse 
Glad to have been on the stage this day
Whole sale, all go, all must go with a clap
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Thursday, 21 July 2011

Off On A Tangent 2

Eureka moment of enlightenment  
Boom, not bomb, silly you , Archimedes   
When layers of conundrums are stripped bare  

And a step, a stretch   
Is all it takes, open sesame, clap     
To unveil a master piece, there you have it  

Nothing comes to the lazy man, you lazy cow   
Who sits and wonders what if, if only, could have   
And turns to take a nap in day light   

Mitigating circumstance, when it is too hot  
The Spanish are allowed, it is to be called siesta  
Well what do you expect, try living in the sun 

Okay so like I was saying, lecturing, blabbering   
Who cares, shhh don't wake the Spanish  
The conquistador, they fight bulls  

Like I was saying burning dreams  
With sucked up energy, where was I    
Chain of thought, chain of thought 

Where was I, why was I, chain of thought 
Oh yeah, you know like a sink hole   
Strange that is, always leaves a sense of vulnerability 

Like a sink hole, Alice in wonderland  
There is a reason, in reasons given  
Why we grow out of, part ways with   

Our imaginary friends as adults, as grumpy    
And dreams are to be called ambitions  
Okay another eureka moment  

Grab a pen, ahh I lost it  
Off on a tangent 
Orbiting the earth 

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Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Some "Thing" Stinks


A case in point, say politics in pictures view 

Some thing stinks, scandal  yet no one says  

Some thing rattles yet no one hears  

Like the death by a thousand cuts   
By a thousand men and society bleeds  

Who am I to hold, for the crime inflicted, who done it  

And Julius Caesar will know such pain in betrayal  

Recent calenders holds such epic stories known "early"  

Bringing to light the rot in society  

Watching giants fall, taking a few others with them  

The cancer of corruption greed and power   

By the men who swore an oath to uphold  

Defending with pomposity such acid tongue  they "jiggle" with jibe

The indefensibly with a smug, my heart rages   

Morality is gone Barmy and the nut house is full  

In the concrete jungle a phenomenon arises   
Giants of trees fall in successions   
And the parrots Murdoch are tamed without voice

Tainted acts and by association, playing the power game   

Lining pockets, no one hears a tree fall in the forest  

If you did, then tell me, who among the crowd done it  

So with a thousand cuts who is society to blame  

Julius Caesar will know such pain, pain of affliction 

While democracy bleeds on hypocrisy and greed.

Tell me, who done it.

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Make Me Human

Light shines to break the hold of dusk   
Like opened curtains   
New days begins with dawn   

Before the last bell rings   
And days journey of trails and triumphs   
Ends with a tick on calendars, box archived      

Neither a borrower or a lender  
Should I be, must I be, shall I be, in form  
As a permanent state, cast in bronze   

I shall build up occasions to celebrate life   
For troubles stops when time stops  
When life is nothing but a faded past  

Let me bleed to testify my existence  
Let me strive to appreciate gain  
Make me mortal to appreciate living  

Let my tears run off my face like road maps
Let rain touch my delicate skin
So I can appreciate the senses 

Let me smile and frown  
Laughs and yell  
To build up my facial muscles  

Let me love and hate  
Admire, appreciate and envy   
Give me my shortfalls and strength   

Let me know the true essence of living   
And accept mountains as pillars   
To be measured by, as stepping stones

In between I mark calenders 
To celebrate life, when curtains open  
New day begins with dawn  
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Monday, 18 July 2011

Stranger Than Fiction

On mask worn 
Identity on spinning wheels 
To give false notions, emotion 

Thorns  on  narrow roads walked on  
Telescopes with blurry visions  
Compass spinning with no thought   

Of direction, purpose, sequence   
Giving way to none on blockade    
And the wind is on strike   

Even the lightest feather knows no breeze   
The elephant in the room, chasing his tail  
Braking chalices and china plates in the process  

No one knows what roads to take, delimma of actions    
To assert whether this is reality or a dream   
But some times, when ordinary gives way to surreal  

Life can be stranger than fiction   
Imitating art, imitating life, imitating art  
I am left without a voice when angels falls   
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Sunday, 17 July 2011

Heart Strings

Strings unfold, recoil, 
Yin yang sown  hearts endeavor   
Phantom and reality laced

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Saturday, 16 July 2011

A Vision Of Hell

For the quite sirens of ambulance cry  
Cry babies loud in faint infant voice, 
Not heard  so loud, so so loud 
The mother's ears can no longer hear  
The eyes that see, is set in trance   

Where mobs of wombs are reduced 
To pain of destitute   
Walking empty with diminishing hope   
Why has mother Africa forsaken me   
Trauma sits as the permanent marker  

Let the rebel find other roads to chant on  
Play macho on another's patch, not mine   
Food is our saving grace    
Aqua hungs as the sight of life     

And for me,  the author that be, 
An oath I make, I swear an oath 
I will never leave another tap running waste  
Ever again, never like before, in baths   
Now I know it's true value, to gain  

What became of the brothers  
The fathers, the husbands, honour  
Who seek respect holding guns and religion   
With no room in hands held out, 
For the value of life  

Is this not said to be the land of beginnings, Riches , green  oh so much to give 
How did revelations take hold of so many  
I will gladly accept what Babylon has to offer  
With open hands, please do give, for I am desperate  

While my child dies in my hands, I am helpless 
Watching hyenas laugh out loud on approach   
Babylon I beg of you to be my saving grace 
While Zion refuse to heed to common sense  

This poem is my entrance to the final One Shot Sunday at One Stop Poetry and 

I Saw Sunday - Week 44. Photographer by Rosie Grady, for the lady in the bath. I acknowledge that the poem and the picture is almost forced on each other, but this was the story I wanted to share, for its importance please visit One Stop Poetry for more poems.

Friday, 15 July 2011

The Concrete Jungle

Parables of the jungle   
To be caught off guard, loosing out     
Back to the end of lines food chains  

I live in a concrete jungle   
Mega cities of deep steel forestation  
With glass clouds of sky scrappers   

Where the very rich grow wings like birds   
And live on the tallest nest of concrete trees   
Safe and secured with comfort of paint-house view  

Sounds of cars and population chatter   
Echoes in these forest  in mumbling rush   
Like a wave's grand entrance unto shorelines

While pollution on the streets 
Is only matched by that of the cows 
With their moo and back farts, greenhouse gas    

At night fall the hunters do gather
Picking on the vulnerable 
Who missed a safety spot to lay their rest 

The wilder-beast who fell behind on migration.  
Crocodile tears shared in the pond of habitation, 
It is the vultures and eagles that lurk above taunting 

Surrounding encircling before invading lions
To catch vulnerability off guard  
I live in a concrete jungle 

That is just what it is, a concrete jungle 
Cars become birds with their horn blow 
Bicycles become insects with flyby 
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