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Monday, 21 December 2009

My Spotlight

If I am the spot, ....
your love is the light that shines on me......
Spotlights, lights, lights, that glimmers on ........
.. ..
To love is to share; your love, my love.......
light flash beaming in my corner, like sun ray,....
my back born solidified, from your love, my love ....
by your presence in my realm......
and the spotlight is on you, it’s on me  
Let your light shine, shine....
Shine bright
.. ..
Together we walk the distance, ....
forever hand in hand, ....
till the sun comes down, 
curtain calls ....

Spotlights, lights out....
till the sun comes down
Your love, my love
Our love

Sunday, 20 December 2009

My Working Day

Bed, Alarm, Up,

Up, Brush, Bath, 

Tea, Door, Keys.

Keys, Car Keys, Sit, 


Park, Car,
Walk, Door,
Door,Jacket, Hang,

 Chair, Sit, PC, Type, Type, Typo

 Lunch, Lunch, Bag, Jacket,

Phone, Chat chat chat 

Back, PC, Typo, Edit, Work, Finish

Walk, Doors, 

Keys, Car,

 Vroom, Vroom

Door, Hello, Hello, 

Dinner, Catch up

Brush,Teeth, Bed

Zzzzz Zzzzzz...Zzzzzzz...

Who is that snoring next to me..

Saturday, 19 December 2009

Chinese Whispers ...The grape vine

What got said
Who said what, what
Who heard what

And said what, 
What to who
Who went on to say what

Heard what 
After what, what, got said
What, was heard, what!

Who saw what
And said what, what
Along the line of what!

What pictures becoming blurry
What stories changing 

Like what, what

In the end
Who said what 
And saw what, what

What! did I hear what 
What, what
Can no longer recognize

What got said
Along the line of , 

what what 

Who saw what
And said what, what 
The grape vine, Chinese whispers
What, what

Friday, 18 December 2009

Beetle Bee ( A man and his Bug)

Beetle bee,
Nice like the Beatles music
Smooth, rides smooth
A culture, a way of life
A society

Art work expressed,
On a moving canvas
Individualism shown,
Expression, expressed

Beautiful and varied colours
Sprayed painted on

Waves by strangers,
Bounded by the beetle
Body sharp like pregnancy
Inside as I ride,

Succumbed in comfort
Like a baby in a womb
Beetle bee
Like the Beatles music
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Thursday, 17 December 2009

Theatre Of Life (War)

Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Street Lights My Path Way

Arrow stands, on direction, this directions, this movements
Stick, sticking on things, like insect sticking on lights
Lighting up my path way, that way
Forward movement, moved in formation
Formed arrows giving directions

Informed, I am directed in ways of a chosen path
Side steps made on my path way
Alarm bells rang on misdirection
Back on my path way

Streets lights, zoom, zooming past
Lighting up my path way
Signs past by, on my pathway
Symbols of my past ways,
Of my pathways

Brake, braking, foots on brake pads
Breaks taken on lay-by
Time out on lay-bys
Bye , byes

Back on my pathways
Stick, sticking on my pathway
Zoom, zooming past street lights
Through life's, path ways..

I am in the zone..
Sight set, clocked, fixed, locked
Gauged, visualised 
To set balls rolling, I am in the zone

I am in the zone, in the zone..
Streets light, lighting up my path ways
And I am in the zone.

Tuesday, 15 December 2009

In The Queen's Land

Palanquin seats with silver roses
Red carpets
and golden shoes
China plates, and cutlery for service  

"Welcome your honour" 
With white gloves and long back coats
He leads I follow

Green as nature
With carpets of green, green grasses
Trimmed to an inch of perfection
Fountains of endless flow

Cups of tea
Would Sir like a cup of tea?
I would, but its midday
Not to worry Sir
In the land of the Queen
Time has no boundary on cups of tea

Silver tray’s China tea cups
Kilt wearing short breads
Ginger bread men and Cad-bury chocolate
My comfort is an ocean of dreams
I am Royal, dinning with the Queen

Crumbling crumpets 

Of shattered dreams
Still  with dreams
Nightmare holds underlining words

This is not the agreement we had
Buckingham Palace
Was what  we agreed on
Marry Poppins and flying beds

My Fair Lady 

Gave signals, signs of disturbance  
Cold rooms, with shrinking walls
Home is paradise deserted   

Dusk to dawn of slavery for penny
Nothing but the beggar's last coin to gain

This is the harsh pill of reality 
Given to swallow
In the Queen's Land

Before making it past 
The beggar's post
In the Queen's land 
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Monday, 14 December 2009

What is Afirmation...

What do you Know about romance...
Holding hands, affections, kiss kiss
Snug,  snuggles, cuddles, 

Hunny, bunny, baby, sweety, darling ..

What do you know about love...
Joy’s of song sang, praises of her name...
No longer conscious of the audience
They look on, that looks on, keep looking

While he shouts out loud from Everest..
Happiness she brings to his heart..foreverness

What do you Know about commitment,..
Inseparable, togetherness,
Through thick and thin in bad weathers ..
Forgiveness, trust, loyalty ,care..weight gain, wrinkles..

What do you know about the home..
Where the family is made, memories of living .
Me casa where his heart resides with her love's  su casa..
What do you know about love's affirmation

Sunday, 13 December 2009

Childhood Memory

My childhood memory
Is always just a step away
Never kept in a distance
Never under lock and key

Like a branch to a tree
My roots are where once
Soft clay was moulded

My childhood memory
Always bring joy to me
Like manner to the starved

With sugar to cane
I am because I once was
Adventures seen through
The small virgin eyes
Of yesterday calling on it
Like an SOS to rescue me
When I am Low on
The fuel of yearning

Never under lock and key
The good, the bad, the ugly of it
Is my redemption today

Saturday, 12 December 2009

Dreams and Fantasy

I do dream,
Words that flow from my poetic pen
Sometimes aware that 
It is only of the dream realm

Still I indulge 
For dreams
On ceremonies, occasion 
Bear fruits of joy, in escapism 

In bad weather, nightmare
I  awaken 
Say my prayers 
And have a glass of water

Leaving nightmares
In the dream realm
Force fields up, stop button pushed down 
Secured and running, safety nets  

These gates 
Cannot be crossed
Shall not be crossed
Yes; on occasion, I do dream


Why does sleep not come to me..
When I  am in need of it the most..
Did I speak bad of it,
Like Chinese whispers in the King's chamber..

What ransom is it, am I to be held to..
For kidnapped are my dreams, ..
Of ghostly setting..
In the quite hours of dawn..

With frustration my mind wonders
Never calm enough
To cast the spell of dreams
Sleep in such regard, in so high regard

So much sort for..
While Caesar’s of the day
Demand their take,
Like pimps to a whore..

Why does earth refuse to take back
What was dug from it,
Always leaving soil on my feet..
Like a farmers steps on front marts home..

What price is asked of me, to pay
For the grave yard shift, am locked in
While sleep I do, among the wake
And wake among the sleep I do...
Why does sleep not come to me?

Friday, 11 December 2009

Head In The Sand

He walked a thousand miles....
With his head in the sand....
Did I not tell you the wild....
Can never be tamed, like the waves?....
False security, with too long a time....
Spent without signs of threats....
So he chose to place his hand....
In the mouth of the  hungry lion....
Let sleeping Dogs lie....
Oh, oh well my breathe is mine....
And his is his....
But a sleep is not the same....
As a dead....
And I just saw tale movements in calm waters....

Bruises left on the flesh and heart by the heartless....
Evidence gather, ..
It’s too late for words now....

He walked a thousand miles....
With his head in the sand...
And found himself ship wrecked 

Wednesday, 9 December 2009


Before the cock crows,
The first bird fly’s off  trees.
Before the morning dew dries out
The heavens opens it door to the morning light

You were there, the one that kept me warm
Through the cold night
A blanket of your warmth, you wrapped me with
While you exposed yourself, such sacrificial lamb
To the hash unforgiving piecing cold of the night

A perfect stranger you were
Like the breeze from the south
Not sure when you touched me
At one with me, it feels like you have forever being here

Thoughts of loosing you, breaks my heart
Even before you are gone with the wind
That day is known to me and it saddens my soul
While you are here, I treasure the memory you leave
It burns me deep, to know our time is brief

Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Why Ask

Nostalgia of derailed train
Moments of emotions past
Like Christmas goodies of
Yester years, packed away
Curb web covered and lost
In time

How have you been?
Simple questions that
Pierce and dig into foreverness
Of a passage in thought

Do I choose to remember?
Do I choose to say?
Do I choose to indulge?
Or do I...., do I?

Easier to shrug off petulance
I refuse to relive in such times

'How have you been?'
Why ask questions, for which
Answers are not wanted

An Asthmatic forced into a dusty room
Fire to snow, snow to boiling water
Imprisoned in my own sweat
Yet for courtesy, keeping up appearances

Customs demands it, its "Tradition"
So I am forced to indulge
Never really with the truth
That wasn’t asked for or wanted
Just an answer will do, will do

Came the question,
How have you been
Answers that follow;

Oh, I have been great
Just got back from climbing "Everest"
Just any answer will do, will do

Tear Drops

I feed
From the seas around me,
Drink from the rain drop in rivers,

I fear being drowned
By that which gives me life..

I still wish it would cry on me
To quench the thirst
Of my dry cracked and desolate lips
Of dusty soul, my terra firma

I can feed
The dependents of my soil
Who look starved and deserted
By my own deeds

Monday, 7 December 2009

I Envy The Butterfly

I envy the butterfly
With it's bright and beautiful colours
Flies freely with grace
Effortlessly through the wind

Free from the gravity of past deeds
Past lives lived
That tries to hold I down
Anchoring I to the earth
Like chains to a slave

Dragging I to the jaws
Of earth with dirt and mud
Ready to consume I
Taking back from I
That which I was moulded from

I envy the Butterfly
Gracefully and beautifully
Majestically flying off
From the jaws of past lives 
I envy the butterfly  

Lambs To The Slaughter

Lambs to the slaughter....
They were queuing up ....
Gallantly queuing up with smiles on their faces,....
Jumping queues just to get to the front....
.. ..
Promises were made and the promise land....
Theories of it anyway, sounded too tempting....
To stay back and wait on others to go come....
Come back and tell stories ....
.. ..
Pressure! ....
Family Pressure ....
Now being applied on one....
.. ..
You have to go my child....
So you can build a house ....
As big as Magda's....
And make your family proud....
.. ..
You have to go my child....
For we cannot continue Living like this....
Looked down upon by all our neighbours....
.. ..
Lamps to the slaughter they were ....
Queuing up, gallantly eagerly queuing up ....
With smiles on their faces, ....
Jumping queues just to get to the front....
.. ..
So now the apprehension is dealt with....
Now it is all about, tunnel vision....
The money asked for, has been paid ....
Well half of it anyway....
.. ..
Tears, kisses and hugs, Bye, byes said....
More bye, byes, 
Said as the coach moves off....
.. ..
Lamps to the slaughter they were ....
But on the promise land ....
There were no rivers of gold, 
No silver spons....
.. ..
Friends that came before them....
Looked very aged, even though they were....
Of the same age, 

No trees with honey flowing of it....
Cramped rooms, cramped cold rooms....
With no privacy ....
.. ..
She looked around; then she asked....
So why was the story told so beautifully....
Only to find ourselves,  from pillar to post
Having moved ....
From the frying pan into the fire....
.. ..
She has no papers and after the many ....
Exchanges made on the way....
With men whispering at each other....
Staring at her....
.. ..
She has just realised she has been....
Sold into prostitution ....
Lamps to the slaughter they were ....
Queuing up gallantly eagerly queuing up ....
With smiles on their faces, ....
Jumping queues, just to get to the front....
.. ..
Her refusal to work as one was dealt with, ....
With slaps, months, chains, drugs, more drugs....
And death threats....
Now she just open her legs and lays there....
.. ..
When she gets the chance to escape ....
She just doesn’t see the need any more....
She has been broken....
Lamps to the slaughter they were....
.. ..
Back at home a new group....
Eagerly ignorantly waiting ....
Jumping queues....
Just to get to the Front ....

Saturday, 5 December 2009

Lend Me Your Ears

Lend me your ears oh friend
As the Ice rapidly melts
A raging angered bull, stampeding
Dripping, gushing into oceans

Greed waste and inaction
brings us close
to a point of no return,

When as usual lardy lardy da
we look back in time,
wishing we had done something,
when we could have.

How sad it is,
that we choose to ignore
the ticking time BOMB of climate change.

Blind of the seeing eye
Deaf of the hearing ears

Time and tide waits for no man
and the tide is coming in.
It is a disaster waiting to happen
Wake to the realisation oh friend

4/5 of the forestation in GHANA has been lost,
91% of the forest lost in the Amazon

Friday, 4 December 2009

In You I See

In you I see, 
A bird free of the superficial 
Chains, that holds one down.

In you I see, a smile
That says to the world,
I am me, this is me..

In you I see
A life lived, 
Still living, breathing.

In you I see
The morning star
And the evening's sunset.

In you I see, 
Love, romance, small talk
Of lullaby, sweet melodies, I hear

In you I see Joy. ..
Joy bestowed on me
For that is the love we share

Thursday, 3 December 2009

When It's All Said and Done

I am now, I live in the now
my presence of being as it is now
is what I am defined by

My dreams are many
a vast array of check list
Things I have to do before

Before is not for tomorrow
but in my presence today
No longer am I given the luxury
of holding back till tomorrow

My priorities are to be changed
who comes first,
my time is of the essence

What is it in life
can I do without this day
This minute, the eleventh hour 

Who is it that I think of so dear
That I feel the need
To spend my last breathe on

Do I become brave,
And say the words that
I seem to never find,
Just when it matters most

Looking you in the eye,
I am flooded with emotions,
Finally realising

It is you that matters most
And for you, I will spend
The rest of this day with
When it is all said and done

Wednesday, 2 December 2009

My Existence ( Being Alive)

Someone knocks on my door
A call from missing friends
'I was just thinking of you
You  just came to mind'

We only exist
Because someone 
Somewhere, is missing us 
Is thinking of us

That is the beauty 
Secret's of LIFE...
Immortality is made of  man
On burial grounds 

I laid a flower
In your name, in your memory
Something nice, something nice said
You just came to mind

Who would have me, in their thoughts
To all I have in my thoughts....
You just came to mind
In wishing you well

I  just, thought of you
Stay alive, be alive
See you soon, someday soon
You just came to mind

And that would just be
An icing on the cake
Always with me
Always on my mind 

You just came to mind
I was thinking of you 
You just came alive 
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