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Sunday, 6 March 2016

Independence Ghana

Why should we honour a ceremony
Why should we stand on ceremonial grounds

Be seen in our best costume attire
With marching shoes and laces too

Flags and confetti waved up high
Lines and lines of row we adorn

Drums, dance and songs we sing
Poetry recital and libations we pour

A priest on board,
Some high dignitaries too

On this day we celebrate
On this day we were made citizens of

For our forefathers that came and went
On this day their blood we honour

On this day we take stock
On this day we self reflect

On this day, this far we have come
On this day, is this how far we have come

Though true to the word
So little we have done in our generation

Some even protest, a' ask for shame a' wonder
On how we could celebrate this our indifference

But it is besotted on us, we own
It is a legacy we are required to pass on

So on this day the Big Six stood
On 6th March to announce, we announce

We celebrate our independence
Invited guest from far and near

Would all be with us to self reflect
What it is we have added on

What it is as a legacy so great
Would we be passing on, on this day

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