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Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Morning Yawn

So little done, so much to do (Cecil Rhodes)

Morning yawn, morning breeze, 
Pulling and stretching the sleeping muscles 
Dew blankets and washes the morning leaves

Birds sing, harmonious songs 
To wake our minds,
Like worker ants tasked, matching orders 

Slowly we start the working day 
Cups of tea, freshly brewed
Helps the yawning minds to wake

Another mark to be made today 
Another hem sewed, for garment worn 
In the 9 to 5  of clickety clock

To earn our keep, clickety clock 
On pay roll clock, clock-ins, ch ching   
In the cycle of life, of the working week

Another clock works, clickety clock  
Tics, tocs, alarm bell rings, birds out 
Another working day to earn our loaf 

So little done, so much to do
With ambitions dreamed awakin minds 
Clickety clock, quick now, time goes toc 

Monday, 30 May 2011

Lessons Learnt

Do not assume the blind can't see 
So they can be excused
The laws of nature are kinder than man 

And for all other senses, like switch lights on
Are filled with vigour, 
Intuition and sixth senses 
Saddled like wild stallions to ride 

Do not not assume the man with few words 
Has not much to say, 
Proverbs are used by the wise, 
Where kids are to be excused 

Not all smiles are for  jokes shared
Some are just for the thinking cup
Analysing with evasive actions 
Like a poker game played

So do not assume on face value 
These are just life lessons, to be learnt 
Safer to assume I know karate 
Hey ha! kung fu, shoalin  style :)
"Adding light humour to reality"

Sunday, 29 May 2011

Becoming gods

Oh! hill! Atlantis,
Manifestation of man's will
And we shall reach the heavens

Apollo shines his eyes
Through built windows of  our majesty
We are to be made gods

Modern day skyscrapers 
Colosseum and castles our land marks, 
Between land and sea we conquered 

And while Apollo looks down 
With his light for our worship,
In summer's  day we do show gratitude 

It is to be known 
That one day we will be made gods, 
Sat in the heavens, with gods greed

Between Mars or the Moon
Or in distance light years 
On goldilucks planets 

Hopping before Atlantis fall
And Apollo gets too close 
To earth, before burnout

One day we shall be  made gods, 
Conquering the heavens 
With gods greed 

Saturday, 28 May 2011

RIP Gil Scott-Heron

Me and the Devil

The Revolution Shall not be televised

Friday, 27 May 2011

Surfing The Morning Glory

Shepherding the "flock" of ambitions 
Like queues of the morning glory
Lined up to be surfed 

The week has been long
Like a journey of epic voyage 
Trials and tribulations 
Dragons to have slayed 

Turbulence that threaten 
Birds without wings 
Man with imaginations, strive 
Stood tested, by virtue on my making

On days like this, stood in t' out back of wilderness
I wish to surf the highest winds 
Glide on the clouds, the morning glory
Between the heavens and earth. 

At this stage, in the process of defining a man
I am not ready to pass the bucket, 
Pack a suit case and join the heavens, 
I am King Leonidas, facing off the Persians 

Though I feel like a warrior after conquest
Coming off the battle field, with  fresh scars
Gliding the morning glory for a reprieve 
If only for a nights rest 

Still too much indulgence 
To be acquired on earth 
And love is still blossoming 
It is with what joy we look forward to

With stories yet to tell, many more to be added
As life experience, as the lives we lived
Yet between genesis and revelations on course
We yearn the need to come up for fresh air 

On days like this, calling "time out" on battlefields 
I wish to ride the highest clouds home, carried by the winds 
No wings to flap, surfing the morning glory on glides
To finish off the long and testing week

Thursday, 26 May 2011

A Bag Of Tricks

Do  not envy   
A stranger's shoes from a distant  
Trade yours in advance   
Before  getting to walk in his  

Test drive, up close 
It is full of holes left 
By the rat, that waits to make dinner   
When the sun goes down, lights out  

He smiles    
With a permanent grin   
Cry is too messy  an act   
To clean after   

Do not assume   
It is for the enjoyment of feast   
That the beggar ask for more   
In dinners served  

Hunger has no taste-buds   
To talk of, believe me   
And a thirsty man   
Will drink foul water  

But perseverance   
Has to pay off   
It is too high a price   
To pay for a bag of tricks   

Ownership has to be made of  
If not then why, the trade off  
The long journey to have taken
I sure hope, it is not just a bag  of tricks   

Wednesday, 25 May 2011

A Dying Art

Moral value, is like a dying art
Old trees cut off, carrots and sticks 
Some say, the good old days with a "grin"

This is where I earn my keep
Show some respect
Like shoes off before entrance please

Charity roots 
Marked like DNA
From the homes they came from

And the good do not chant
Death on their enemies, the "naked" truth
That is the line drawn btw'n them and us

Politicians are exempted 
Or so they think "proxy gods"
To wash their hands in public 

In Ga the saying goes
Is there no adult,  in your household
You should know better

Both hands up, one leg up 
For disciplinary actions
That was the standard prescribed 

If only I can take you back 
To school, teaching basics 
Crush course on actions 

Like the seat
To be given, offered 
To the oldest and the like and so on

Courtesy for boys and girls 
Is a book to be read
I am to be known as old fashion

In with the joy of value
Enrichment in moral value 
I would have my own to keep

For now show some respect, 
Hold back your "jumble" acts
This is where I earn my keep

My bread line in moral value
This is where I tell you off 
With a dying art (act) for bad behaviour 

Tuesday, 24 May 2011

In The Dugout

#"What if god was one of us 
#Just a slob like one of us 
#Just a stranger on the bus 
#Trying to make his way home" (Joan Osbourne) 

And for the journey, wake up 
This is not, a game, the game  
You play and be shocked  
In essence of disappointments son

We call missing link 
Contingencies planned for 
In risk management 
Oh you just f**ked up now son 

Planning for the glory, humour me
The wise will always prepare 
For the stumbles in life, on emotion 
Not taking chances 

Even the comedian, 
Would have to have a punch line 
Strategizing, the crowd have to love me
The audience have to applaud 

Do you fall on stumble 
Or quicken pace, flapping hands
To gain balance on elevation 
Just enough so not to fall 

Now there I am 
Sounding like a sales man
With a sales pitch, cold calling
Knocking on your door

Walking on strings 
Safety straps on for a reason, 
That would not be for the show off 
Jesters on parade 

Were you not told the rules 
Of engagement before green lights
Do not be caught wanting 
Eleventh hour rush 

Reading the manual 
Under fire fight at the front line 
The enemy at your door, knock knock 
It is the Ginger bread man

Is like competing in ice hockey 
Before one learns to walk on ice
Brace yourself for impact 
Too late, gravity is taking over 

Tooth fairies line up to collect trophies
Don't smile at the kids after
Nightmares of trauma that would bring  
Shrinks and therapist on overtime charging by the hour 

This is the fair game of unfairness 
Just calling it life stories 
It is the everyday air we breathe 
Absent to sight  choking on invisible particles 

Options of by passing 
Is negative in this realm 
Unless you have a silver spoon 
Dangling of a tree 

Well then you don't belong 
My privileged friend 
See that you get a refund by the exit 
Around here we do "The Haka" dance for warm up 
#What if god was one of us
#Just a slob like on of us
#Just a stranger on the bus
#Trying to make his way home
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Monday, 23 May 2011

Constant Nothing

Drink, dine, and make merry 
Be surrounded by music 
Be dressed in Victorian attire 

And yearn for nostalgia, but know this 
Only mediocre bares the illusion of safety,
And it is only the fool that buys into constant 

Strive says no condition is permanent 
And the laws of nature stands 
To be changed or to change present conditions 

Not so conducive, as the trigger point "to push"
The choice is made, by the first to make a move, time is clocks. 
And change becomes of  consequence, tic toc in sequence 

Even a mountain sheds skins like the snake 
Erosion and winds, situations bares the catalyst 
To constant shift in shapes; thinking, acting 

Hold not your thoughts, captive for long without acts
Seduced by procrastination, the fool on "time out" call
The laws of nature, is not known for its patience 

And change is a constant process 
Already in play, time as perpetual fuel, on locomotion 
In scenes of before and after.  Are you still stagnant? 

Sunday, 22 May 2011


Quite the ancient 
Echoes of whispering voice 
In my mind this solitude rest 

Flower Love

Her beauty, blossom portrayed
Held like the American Beauty
In classics, images that lingers
And I will be Kevin  Spacey

She smiles with delight, 
Surrounded by natures 
Symbols of fertility to pollinate, 
And I will be the bee to scent her

This is spring in reflections, 
Soft on the eye, green leaves 
Gives her wings on her behind 
Like a fairy with hips to admire 

And her eyes do smile 
Making the connection 
Between reciprocal and admiration
Like hippies with love to share

And India Arie 
With guitar songs to serenade 
She brings the Sunday feel 
Of relaxation to my heart

Saturday, 21 May 2011

Drinking Games

Some days fortune  laughs like 
A Scotch whisky, Jack Daniels
On old Tennessee Cow boy's choice
Sizzling in my throat

And London dry gin
It rains so much
Southern comfort to keep one company

Malibu with coconut tree
Sits like paradise to visit
Hawaii blue, margarita on island

And when one says vodka
No need to mention 
Origins of the Kalashnikov

Like the AK 47
Spreads around like a KGB agent 
Sat with fortune of contradiction

Some days fortune laughs
Like an old Mexican tequila 
Not by the borders crossing

That would be like 
Having the "depth charge" 
Absinthe, bourbon, 

Maker's mark, wild turkey
And Jim Beam, legless
All in one shot, not a good idea

Some days it rains fortune
In  my throat, bar man, drinks honoured
Saturday night makes it feel just right 

Friday, 20 May 2011

Healing Hearts

Testing still waters and tying knots
How many rounds, in rounds 
Does one make around objects
In tying knots, fastened belts

In securing lines, 
To get things right, 
To get things right
To get it right

Run a mile on cycle lessons, bike  
Third wheels off, from support
Scars on bandage tied in knots, bare signs of miles gone 
And life is left on repeat play, while rain pours 

In wondering minds, pondering  
If the rain that formed in clouds
Form from, the same that washed the earth
How come it is not with salt and dirt when it pours

As becomes of the heart that heals 
Like the pure rain, that pours
In streams, on us, from the heavens, recycled life lessons 
On repeat play and plays repeat, and less of the weight 

For hope holds, that it pours of rain so pure
To free hearts from darkened clouds
And set hearts free to love again
I can see clearly now; I am rain washed 

Thursday, 19 May 2011

Skinny-dipping hearts

Skinny dipping with my heart
In pools of your love
I went skinny dipping
With a splash, in your pool

Naturist, to have bared it all
Holding back, none on fear nor doubt
Shedding weights I threw my self in
Into your arms to be drenched

And while I drink I  am consumed by you
And while you lay passage in me
Running through veins to my heart
I am at one with you

Closed doors
Have their own stories to tell
That is for your eyes to see, to feel
To attest in emotion's hight

I went skinny dipping 
With my heart
Your pool felt warm 
Connecting with my core

So I  chose to settle in
A home for my heart found
Skinny dipping with my heart
Like a fish in paradise ponds

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

A Stranger's Knock

It is often said that, you know that..
Not all that glitters is gold "there"..
And books are never to be judged ..
By their covers, deceiving ..

The "damp" perceived notion.. 
Is always put to the test..
In the middle of chapters passage..
Let me walk round and see ..

Half way through restraint 
The man who attempted 
To walk under sea bed, on freedive
Succumbed to the need of man

He breathes desperate in air indulgence
Like a rush of a thousand bull
On cyclone, tornado on the word go
Into collapsing lungs

Chameleons only blend in falsely
Camouflage for a while "incensed "
Lashing bullet tongues out
In an instance, for predatory feed

While wolfs in sheep skin, itchy backs
Gives in to their hunger, 
Like leaches on diet, 
And their lust for blood

On the wagon, "skid"off the wagon
Now you see me, now you don't
Thought you had me, think again
Ok, ok, ok peek-a-boo!

So I query pleasantries, 
It is only wise to, 
Let me see, I wear glasses, clean ones
What you describe in abstract

Let me read to middle passages
And ask  of my opinion  
On observations after
That is when and where the story is told

The Great Escape

Dare devils are always on bikes
Stunting staging the great escape
To think vertigo is absent up on sky scrappers

The mind left will puzzles, admirers conundrums
In trying to understand, with reason juggling away 
Why craziness is the singularity in all heroes admired 

Two legged wheels, on assault course, wiggling on bends
With the winds behind ears, blowing lullaby melodies 
Escape into the fringes of realism edge, where madness resides

Just wear a helmet, "health and safety and all"
To slow, observers heart beat, cowards are no where near to be seen
Escape into adrenaline parkways, like a drug to be had on rainbow 

After all tomorrow is just another day to be had
Until death becomes of us all eventually like clock work 
And heroes die as legends with a stupid smile on their face 

Monday, 16 May 2011

Monday Alarms

Links from rivers to lakes..
To the big blue..
And for the best part..
All others are linked...

Like life and it stories told..
Some times we rather ..
Embrace escapism ..
Than to know it all as fact..

Pandora's box 
Is not that fun to look in, 
If that is all there is to do
So we indulge in the alternative for a while

The weekend came, 
Like summer on parks
From the 5days of winter 
And letting hair down was indulged, 

Back to the alarm wake, 
We have 5days to earn our keep
And sow the thread of days
Linking another week 

To the stories being told, 
Let it count and enjoy the linking week
Can a fresh water fish swim in salt water
My mind, goes back to override again
Finding the linked connection

Sunday, 15 May 2011

Life's Adventure

Ahoy, adventures and pirates; couples and lovers all on board..
We will travel through the night this day, through life this day..
So owls are asked to shine their eyes wide, bright
And lead the way, like the stars in the heavens, lead the way
No room for parrots
They talk too much 
Always giving away our hide out spots

The tide will go down after a while
The adventure, will slow down in it steps 
Poppy flowers, will be plucked surrender (ed)
To honour the dead in passing
And we will have many a story or two to tell
While sitting on old derelict boats or two 
Strolling hand in hand, looking out to sea 
And cherishing t' good old days we had together

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