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Monday, 19 February 2018

Who is Ebony Reigns

I am from the colourful side of the planet
But we are often all just so colour blind
On these visions

Short sightedness, seeing
Long sightedness, vision 20/20
None sighted this

Potholes on our road rolls,
Rules as the status quo, hills and valleys
Turns are sharp, eager to bite

Peddle to the metal
And it is a mexican stand
On face on collusion

My story, rest in peace
Now the dead are not left in peace
To be at peace

Vultures out in their numbers
Like uninvited guests with a sense
Of entitlement

What should I title this?
Chapters, open in books
Of condolence

What are you doing here?
To sign your attends to witness,
Confirm my death now, I am dead now

Glad now, be glad now
Your false prophet's prophecies
Just had a lucky break on the lottery

On my account
To bankrupt my time on earth
I am dead now, be glad now

I am dead now, gloat now
Many men wished death upon me
Enemies, frienemies all feeding of my name

Yea you know, even in my passing
They still  can't let me lie,
To rest my eye

I am dead now
Be glad now,
But not for long now

In another life
I will be back again
It is me again

I was just given a free pass
To heaven and back again
So feel free, bury my body

For God said
You can have anything to try me with
But for my soul, is protected, I am good

Still the Bad gyal from the nineties
No appologies
No appologies from this Bad gyal

Oh and I was with friends
I left with friends to the other side
Oh and I was with friends 
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