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Thursday, 26 June 2014

Rising Star

Rising stars on the tip 
Of mountain stands 

Shooting across the heavens  

Light years away, I see phoenix 

And at night I can see the cosmos 
Read all the stars like horoscope  

Count all the constellations 

Until I fall asleep and travel 

Like a rising star 

Up in the mountain stands 

Across the landscape valleys 

Unto the ocean waves

Seeing the moon tip the sea 

Sparkling each wave  

If sight was made for anything 

It has to be just for this 

Rising star on the tip 

Of mountain stands 

I see the greatness in you 

The child that stands mounting hills 

Rising stars on the tip 

Of mountain stands 

Saturday, 7 June 2014

Old Souls Second Chance

Now is the most illusive of times 
I might have just captured magic 

But like the winds that freely 
Sieves through my palm, fingers wide 

Before grip, I hold it as empty 
To have just missed the moment 

The magic, the awakening 
A paradigm of paths 

On cross roads eastbound 
Awaiting for forever and ever 

We are not descendants 
of old souls, buried and gone 

No, not that as the paths laid 
We are old souls reincarnated 

Taking traits of our old beings  
Our looks, our characters 

Our emotions on repeated play 
You remind me of your grandfather 

You are so much like your grandmother 
Looking just like your aunt, uncle Peter 

Now is the most illusive of times  
Magic moments that are rear to witness 

But somehow we get the opportunity 
All over again, a face time with now 

To witness the magic it holds 
Should my soul remember  

We have been here before 
Like deja vu, all over again, like deja vu 

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