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Saturday, 16 January 2016

When Power Fell

Do not call to the night
And expect a response

The light of day was so given
For man to make hay

From the dew's shower
That grace the morning

Like face wash to awaken minds
Symbols of life so given

And the birds will fly after morning
Songs of praise to acknowledge their maker

The animals will wake and stretch
Their hibonated muscles to allow blood flow

The trees will photosynthesis
Getting drunk on our breath

And man will get the chance
To make memory in the day

To laugh and to cry
To feel and to touch
To hear and to see
To smell and to taste
To eat and to drink
To love and to hate
To smile and to frown
To crawl, walk, run and to swim
To fall and find our feet again
To make memory
Oh to make sweet memories

Do not call out to the night
And expect a response

When the light of day is gone
And we are no longer given grace

All that is to be done by day
Should be exhausted before the night

Do not waste a second in a minute
Do not waste a minute in an hour

Do not waste an hour in a day
Do not waste a day in a week

Do not waste a week in a month
Do not waste a month in a year

Do not waste a year in a decade
Do not waste a decade in a century

If you are lucky to live a century long
To be known as a centurian, for that long

If you are, mind you, a decade
Comes fast for ten to be complacent

Let your name be mentioned
And be known a thousand years

For what you were able to achieve
In the light of day, bright as day

Do not call to the night
And expect a response

For by then we are no longer
Blessed with grace

And it is only the haunted
And trapped that screams at night

Begging to be heard again
When all that live by day

Have long hanged their coat
For they have no business with the night

In Loving Memory of
Cornelius Korbla Deynoo
Sleep well through the night

Have no reason to wake
And call unto the night, sleep well.
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