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Tuesday, 30 November 2010

In The Know

No man was born with know
No man died, crossed over
To the other side, as master
No man did as slave

And I came to know
To love and bare witness
To call as my own
To live with and appreciate its glow

No man, was born with know; listen
To love and to hold
To commit whole heartedly
To open up, with honesty

No man, gained in wholesum
While stood a feet out from wash
No man felt love, real love
Without appreciating love's burn 

While feet hangs in paddle, 
Dangling indulgence of  what 
Water gives in comfort 
Scared to get in for fear of drown 

Non ever so enjoyed, 
Really enjoyed like the feel 
In dive down deep, naked 
In rivers for a dip  

No man lived and knew love
While sat commiting half baked
No man did know joy
While holding back to misery 

While holding back to fear 
And fantasy no man got gained 
While holding back to emotion 
Like stone motionless, for just in case
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Monday, 29 November 2010

The Guardian of Fire

To be with you is like I am dreaming…
I need you to feel your kiss, your loving…

Never leave me alone, 
When the World turns against me!...

Give your hands out as  an extension 
And make me feel secured and free!...

Tease me more when I am past crazy, already…
Nestle me more, when I am almost turning dizzy…

Agonize me more, when I am already gone…
Love me more; when it seems you can't love any more!

Bare a flower, a white tulip as golden 
And I will know I belong to thee 

Fix the Sun above, adjust it positions 
That it will shine on us, always and forever.

I want to feel, it define of 
Each and every colour of the rainbow 

Guard the fire between us 
So no one can blow it off!

Be the guardian of our fire! 
The flame of our love 

Friday, 26 November 2010


#Oh my is cold outside

Packed up, wrapped up 
In layers  of Caribou, 
Muskox, seal fur, 
Polar bear skins,  and more
Many more, much more 

Faced up in competition 
With the onion layer 
Who's got layers, yea yea
Tell me who's got layers

I do mine with layers on T shirts 
What else can be put on, goes on
Second layers now feel 
Like nakedly dressed

#Oh, my is cold outside
#I mean like really cold outside
#Shivers with cold, outside 

Gosh, its cold outside 
No joke,  its cold outside

I am packing, racking
Folding, on jackets
On Jackets, on Jackets
Like Jack and the fat man
The fat man, am packing, to become 

Summer was a bore, boring
Refusing to show it's cards, selfish
And the birds stayed in, half clothed
Still protesting to come out and play

Oh no not winter, 
Eskimo!, RussiaAntarctic

#Oh my is cold outside
#Really really cold outside
#Shivers with cold, outside 

Eskimo !
She held no hold backs, 
Eskimo in styles I had to dress in
For park plays, park walks, cosy feel
It became a requisite, Eskimo! 
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Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Casting The Dice (Aftermath of Thanks Giving)

I can make a thousand people happy
But only a hundred rich, with baskets full 
While I cast seeds scorned and dried out 
To foster and germinate riches from harvest

It turns into cry for the masses
For a dollar for a thousand  
Is a 1000 in dollars for one in rolex and some 

And desperation need not want not 
Carries a greater weight in return 
Of appreciation and recognition 

They say, the poor man 
In the sun is richly happier 
Than the rich man in winter 

He learns to only want 
What he needs, and craves, none 
"and winter is cold to the bone without warmth"
Not what is beyond his need, his cup

Appreciates the gravity 
Of what earth stage he stands on 
Relativity is the golden rule

Pareto says, no party can be better off 
Without making another 
Worse off by the same amount 

And the rich is with greed, and more
For he has acquired the taste for it 
And the poor is with need, for just his feed

I can make a thousand people happy
But only a hundred rich
Who then values, what gift I offer more
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Tuesday, 23 November 2010

My Pin Up

We look out to see 
What crystal balls hold   
And we day dream over  utopia 

It is better that way, leisure away 
Time so precious, indulging   
On alternate universe

My pin up girl  
Like the stars afar  
In the distance of the heavens 

Set as background  drop
For your spectacles of beauty  
But do not transform into flesh  

For with that, in reality 
I will come to know your imperfections 
Your weakness, your darkness 

Be forever in my desire  
Please do not come close  
Your star nearing earth to have gravity 

Spare me the reality of your actuality  
Allow me, to just day dream of your perfection  
A fine figment of my imagination  

Stay lined, aligned in parallel worlds   
Be Hollywood, be glitter, starstruck      
Allow me to day dream, my pin up girl 
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Sunday, 21 November 2010

Carnival Prayers

I want to write a poem of words 
That start with a notion 
Inscribed on emotion

Pen my ink, with fantasy, day dream 
Set my imagination on wishful thinking
Buy a book, write a book, of dairy pages

Plan a plan of scope to see forth 
Build my self a prince's castle, 
On top of canyon mountain stands

Place a beautiful princess inside 
To be my queen, my all, my other half 
To fill the canyon's holes, left wide gapped

I want to write a poem of words
Set it out, in hope, in wish, like a prayer 
To have my dreams come true to light

While I stand on high, on joy 
Over wishful stands on canyons lands, 
Where dreams are made to fill this gap 

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Friday, 19 November 2010

A New Star

On reflection,
Letters from the stars, 
Met a soothsayer yesterday 
Three, like the three wise men

Crystal balls are hard,
To come by these days, 
So they made due, 
In makeshift, crush course 

With the palms that, 
I man came with. 
Like joke, like play, like joke 
To cast shadows, dark on my blessing

On the eve, of a new star to be born, 
Pondering minds, left on time clock worry 
On count down, tic toc, tic toc, 
To my new birth awaiting 

How can thee start with doubt, 
Fear and worry, trepidation 
Be locked on descend 
Even before ascension

Nah, this was not the script written 
Someone went and got tempered with
Then to the third, came unannounced 
With calmness and assertion  

A complete stranger 
On first sight seen. 
To have come from no where.
Set stalls and called out, where thou at

Set alight a sparkling star,
"Your lines, are strong, strong and bright "
Vanquished darkened clouds, tales in between their legs 
With affirmation, just in the nick of time. 

Then came confirmation, 
A letter from the womb 
That made me so...
To have read, on the dot of birth

'How many years now, 
When on a cold Monday afternoon, 
A seed was planted, an angel set stood on guard,
You are a winner, born with wisdom'

And so a new light is born, 
While the old die out 
With the shadows that threatened 
On the eleventh hour before birth

Yes, a new light is born 
Planted in thee, this is my life
I am the light, the path, the story
Destiny is mine, for me, myself and I
And I shall rule my destiny 

Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Am I Radical

I am not radical, as a man 
Half the time, I turn a blind eye
Too far fetch, on box set  

I read books seen through 
I like them and I get carried away
To worlds away

Politics is a bore
Indulgence, by the overzealous  
I am not into politics 

As a poet, 
Maybe just border line
I can't help myself

My thoughts run wild 
With notion of rational
To my finger tips, where 

Key pad, click, click, tap dance, 
Next to my knowledge, the story line drawn, 
And to the reader myself as one, to take in notions

To have been, thought provoked
In what I read, in my own words
In what I think, in analysis

I am not, radical as a man 
But am afraid, in confessions 
My subconsciousness   

Bares the label 
And calls freethinking
His own, to thought provoke

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Monday, 15 November 2010

Some Times

You know; sometimes 
When the bell goes, 
Ding dong, ringer din din din din
Change place, change positions, 
Change the damn script

The movie man; here watch him
Caught napping, snoozing 
Left flips of end tapes running 
On projections. 

You know, some times, 
Enough said, put a suck in it, 
Or clot to stop bleed, 
For crying out loud, 
Be done with it already 

You know sometimes 
Even the fish,
Has enough of the sea, 
And its salty taste, 
Ever seen a flying fish before

And the sea bird, that got wet 
From splashing out on waters
To catch fish, just says
Fuck it, am going home

Just some times
I am just saying 
Just some times...
Ringer din din din din don 

May be I should  
Change clothes in rolls played
And become a poet 

Bobby McFerrin - Don't Worry Be Happy

Sunday, 14 November 2010

Suu Kyi's Burma

Shackles, I have fought, many a time 
The belly of the beast, draped in uniform, Well ironed, many a time I have fought 

They seek and demand 
To be called by honour 
Yes your honour

'Salute and respect, the badge I wear
Yes your number, your gun, your threat 
Sorry your honour, your Junta

So your honour ; Junta
Why am I to sit, in house arrest 
Like a caged bird, arm's length 

While the peaceful monk
Do protest, in defiant 
Yes your honour, your general, your Junta

When you swore to protect the people of Burma oh Burma 
Who's badges you wear, for your honour 
Junta numbers lined in queues of generals 

Sorry your honour,
To have ever questioned 
Your integrity, Junta to salute 

Another one, on vote counts
I guess now, close to unchained shackles 
I can step foot out, among my people 

To serve my people, the Mother land
With your permission of-course, Junta
With your eagle eyes, paranoia a' weary ears

With your permission, your honour, of course
To fight against your oppression
Yes your honour, with your permission 

If only to say 
Yes your honour, to Junta 
But how could I, yes your honour, Junta

I  will I promise say words, 
Which may end me, locked up in birds cage 
For that is the price of freedom

While my people protest on Tuesdays 
If this is our destiny to protest 
Gladly we shall 

No your Junta, your honour 
The cage can't hold my wings
I am Suu Kyi, of Burma
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Friday, 12 November 2010

Bubble Gum Love

Thrown down 
On pavement paths, 
Stepped on, step down,
Too many a time 

And to have seen 
The man who done it, 
Who done it, 
Why done it, bubble burst

And to say no more,
 I am not to be loved, 
And to love, no more,
No more 

To have given my heart
To another no more. 
Never again 
No more

But never was just a word 
Made to hang, 
That was the case 
When the man of art 

Went down on one knee 
On request of  
Moulded the bubble gum relish
That lay stack, on pavements paths
Into shapes of heart, love and tender.

And claimed thee as his love
Never was just a word
Made to hang, on ill feel
And never was never again, no more

Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Promises Made

#Just be good to me,
#Is all I'm saying

On ocean waves,
I arrive, barefoot, on ocean's blue
Beach sand in between, my toe

Romance, of the landscape
Built on anticipation, 
Nothing but paradise 

On thoughts that coil 
Around my dreams. 
This is to be, my happy ever afters

Smiles from tender face
That looks back, on starring reflection  
Stood like the mahogany of love me

Love, strength and care
Positioned like the awaited legacy
Proclaims, this in joy

#You are in my world now
#Oh my precious 
# You are in my realm now

Welcome to my shore line, 
Allow me to guide you 
Through the in roads, of this Island

Let me build you a hut, 
To lay your head rest
For the sunset hibernation,

Let me hunt your food, 
For breakfast, served
With fruits of my harvestation

She looks back with smiles, 
A stroke on starring face, in reflection
And she says, 

#Just be good to me
 #oh my darling,
 #Just be good to me
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Sunday, 7 November 2010

Marwan ElKadiri

My child is born..
My heart awaken,..
A love is born,..
Emotions drawn...

New birth of tender,..
New lights in day,..
Spring season drawn,..
On autumns day..

A mother, a father,
On quest in nurture
So in love, entwined in care
Delight to be made of

For you I will cradle,
Serenading melodies
I sing, for you,
My joy, in you

Enjoy my heart
Lay your wings,
On my shoulders cradle,
Sleep with comfort, in my arms rest

I will be at your guard
Day and night, and nappies too
You are my mission.
My life in meaning

You are my light
My beckon of tender,
My heart's feeling
You are my blessing,

My love's manifestation
You are my life 
My love, my tender
You are my all and I love you so..

Dedicated to Ismail and Christelle El Kadiri
Congratulations , love and joy...

Saturday, 6 November 2010

Thing About Me Is

I am nice, 
I'm Sweet, am caring
I'm the one, in your corner's post, 

The one, you want to see, 
Strapped up, 
Ready to set stampede

Of light flash
In jokers corner
On laughters jokes, 

Activities set,
The flash card played,
I'm all smiles, am so nice. 

Am so sour, 
With piercing eyes, 
And jagged edged sphere

Am so sharp, 
Laced, sliced tongue 
With acid rain, am so dark

Clement to inclement 
In weathers stand, am so drawn
I am so cold, am so warm

But am just, the man
You want, in your corners post
Am so wrong, am so right 

Friday, 5 November 2010

Treading Needles

You know I told you so, 
And so, strings, ropes and connections
Putting a tread in precision's spots

Through the eye of the needle's dot, 
Held in the hands of being human, 
Man, woman; patience me dear

Always requires, 
A few goes at go. 
#You know I told you, so

Once in, in touch, hooked and tied
 A stitch will always save nine, 
Nine before ten tons, when done in time. 

This Thus, lessons learnt,
In life's context, 
From the doing in act

The living in life, 
The stumbling, in ways
#You know I told you so, and so

A few misses, misspell, 
Before bonsai 
Is the order of the day, 

You know I told you so
It is just life stories,
And so and so and so 

Printed down, 
In the rules of life's book
Set out, stamped out, in abstract setting 

You know, eventually, 
The needle would be found, in the hay's stack 
Even after all the suffering 

By the man, who went back, 
A 1000 times, to look in search
# You know, I told you so, and so..
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