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Wednesday, 13 November 2013

The River Lady

A little distance as far and yet so near 
A little moment no sooner, yet long in waiting 

A little fruit that dangles on the tree 
Ripe and ready, but in paused state so not  yet falling  

The clouds as little though filling the sky grey  
The winds becoming cold in character 

Thunder lauds its voice in the heavens 
Day becoming night in an instant 

Filled with darkness, loosing its light  
Like an eclipse stealing the day  

The doors and windows all shut down  closed 
With extra nails running through to fasten hold

The trees going crazy,  acting all possessed  
Shaking their hair wild and out of control 

All the birds and the mammals in a rush 
Having to find a safe spot to hide 

Except for the one odd thing 
This old lady sat by the river 

This old lady sat by the river 
Would not flinch, blink, budge or scare 

This old lady, the river lady 
This old lady will not blink or be scared 

Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Refunding the heart

The heart is with a non refund condition 
Purchase before sell-by date 

It is as the underwear policy 
In the clothes shop set to stay 

A non return policy stands 
To the owner that gives it out 

To the buyer that wears it
In becoming that intimate and know 

I have observed, indeed I have 
This permanent tattoo   

That can not be undone  
Not even close to cure 

No scientist nor doctor 
Would waste time to undo 

It may turn into a form, so foreign 
And strange to what it once represented 

We may see it as a different entity 
And swear  an oath to it's authenticity  

But do not be confused my friend 
And see re-brand as new 

It is only but a reaction 
For the supposed lack of feed 

In life those we give our heart to
We can never take it back from  

We may be angered with them 
But truly never stop loving them 

It is not a choice to choose either or 
It has always been with a non refund policy 

As it stands, it stands, and it stands 
A non refund policy stands, it stands  

Because hate is just the darkness of love 
Like the darker side of t' moon we do not see

Sunday, 3 November 2013

Tic toc, tic toc, tic toc

Onomatopoeia of tic toc
Tic toc, tic toc 

Tic toc, is the sound I like best
Repeated many a times in my poems, tic toc 

Tic toc, thinkable for thinkers parade 
To the opened mind, tic toc 

Tic toc, a drop, a water drop 
A single drop, a thousand thirst, tic toc 

Tic toc, an emotional rain 
Tears that flows of my chin tic toc

Tic toc, time goes by fast 
Yet slow, just at tic toc 

Tic toc, an eerily sound  it must be
The wind on the washing line, tic toc 

Tic toc, my keys to turn open my door
Tic toc, opens sesame tic toc 

Tic toc, of foot steps 
On hills, her shoes goes tic toc 

Tic toc. tic toc, tic toc
Something always goes tic toc 

Tic toc, the world goes round 
And round and round, tic toc 

Friday, 1 November 2013

My personal trainer

I have spent some time now 
Observing my dogs 

Bingo the mother 
And her two sons 

A generation apart 
But they get along just fine 

Playfulness is their active call
As things they do in the day with time 

At night I am sure they sleep 
Like babies, not much really to do 

Always looking fresh in the morning 
They do their job, that I must say 

Bark when people enter the house 
And they do it well, woof woof 

Sundays are our days for walks
A long long walk through the estate 

They love it so, jumping for joy 
Just as I do, for the exercise benefit 

You see this brings me to 
My point to be made 

My dogs always stretch 
Before moving 

Which got me thinking 
Ha, my dogs just thought me 

An important lesson 
To stretch each muscle before 

Starting the day 
My dogs are my personal trainers 
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