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Tuesday, 18 September 2018

The Storm

"what" this is just gonna be a blood bath
"what" did I stutter
"what" did I stammer
"what" did I mumble.

Ok ok again ok again,
This is gonna be a blood bath.

Knee deep, in the trenches of blood
"what" rivers of blood

"What", like Vampires, all out to feast,
Like its hunting season, on the whales
And the Scandinavians and Japanese
Are all out to hunt.

"what" red is the colour, red is the soil,
"what" red is the clouds, red is the water
"what" red is the air
In my nose when I breath
The taste on my tongue
In my throat when I swallow

The eye of the beast
The heart of the monster
The soul of the devil

Now if you need me,
To paint a better picture,
Then go back to, verse one


Weather's play, on the weathers forcast
And the weather man is told
Not to "F***" up
"Blood, don't "F***" up"

The doors have been shut
The windows been bolted
The roof is secured

Still best to dig a hole, under the house
With 6inch thick concrete, as a bunker

I just saw the brightest day
And thats a worry,
It is always just before the storm
Reaches us, that's a worry

In a distance, quick approaching
I see the eye of the storm
The beast is awake

Who thought it was a good idea
To poke the beast in the eye
The beast is awaken

And S*** just hit the fan
Like the beast is awaken

If you get to live past this stage
And make it to see tomorrow,
Then granted, you get to live
To tell the story

Like a storm chaser
You get to say
There is peace in the eye
Of the storm

You've been there to know
To attest to it,
You've lived through it all

But don't go making
Too much of a noise
To test faith

For it is a myth
That lighting does not strike
Twice at the same place
So please be warned

And this is a story
Of life in a  nutshell.
In a nutshell, a story of life.
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