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Friday, 1 November 2013

My personal trainer

I have spent some time now 
Observing my dogs 

Bingo the mother 
And her two sons 

A generation apart 
But they get along just fine 

Playfulness is their active call
As things they do in the day with time 

At night I am sure they sleep 
Like babies, not much really to do 

Always looking fresh in the morning 
They do their job, that I must say 

Bark when people enter the house 
And they do it well, woof woof 

Sundays are our days for walks
A long long walk through the estate 

They love it so, jumping for joy 
Just as I do, for the exercise benefit 

You see this brings me to 
My point to be made 

My dogs always stretch 
Before moving 

Which got me thinking 
Ha, my dogs just thought me 

An important lesson 
To stretch each muscle before 

Starting the day 
My dogs are my personal trainers 

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