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Sunday, 7 December 2014

A Voice in the wind

Their souls remain with you, oh kind heart
Your heart is where they reside, do not despair
Their love is your memory, hold on to it.

But tears are needed so strong
In these times to help settle agitated souls, 
Calm-down, calm down, the night will soon end

A candle in the wind, battling the gale force
Carrying whispers of a faint voice  
Calling calling, calling

That calls one out
Yet when you turn, there is no one present
It is a feeling, a sensation a sixth sense

A realization of knowing 
Someone was standing just behind you
That strange feeling

Hands on your shoulders
To comfort your weakened heart
Always and forever by your side

You will always and forever be loved
Mama says don't you worry son
Mama says every thing is going to be just fine

Take heart, 
My soul will be your guardian angel
And you will always feel my presence around you

Take heart

Written as condolence for a Friend

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