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Friday, 20 February 2015

What is time

What is time
But a resource with the most value to have 
The rarest of minerals that one can own 

What is time but the essence 

Of existence yours and mine 
To be alive 

Through birth on passage 

To have created an avenue 
For memory to engulf 

What is time 

I once met a rich man 
Who offered gladly all his wealth 

For my youth 

And to him that would have 
Still been a short change on me 

He said son,

I envy your youth 
A price I would love to pay 

What is time 

To sit and project on memory past 
What is time 

What is time 

To make da javu a distortion 
Between parallel worlds 

What is time 

To redefine or affirm an identity 
All to be allowed only by the virtue time 

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