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Wednesday, 13 May 2015

No Good Deed

Why do you have a smile
So loud, so so loud, so loud

Don't you know it is frowned upon
Unless you are in on the game too

No eye contacts, no sight to see
And starring will get you locked on violation

The eyes don't lie, so boring it is
The eyes can't lie, high on a truth pill

Fingers on the buzzer
Three strikes and you are out

Easy comes easy goes
The shadows whisper with voices

They come awake on the moonless night
Sounding so familair with haunt

Tinkering like tinkerbell
Itching a scratch on the brain

The clown is placed on a freak show
His eyes are made of horror

Save the last dance
There is blood on the dance floor

Roses with thorns
Like sharp knifes for back stab

Jesus Christ on a cross
A locket hanged on a thug's chain

No mercy is given so readily
In this ill gotten world

Every thing is at a price it pays to know
You will do well to know

They call it a dark country
A dark continent it is then

Where days never come, clock works
After the night's hour, remains an ungodly time

The sun out, no longer frightens
The cockroaches, bugs and rats to hide

Preachers only gifted with preview
A sight into the devils plans

On professes they give, pay per view
No remedy for redeemers grace

Unless its paid in full
With the devil's coin

For credit if wanted come tomorrow
On notices plastered all over the place

Just before the shop opens
Too late after the shop opens

Come tomorrow, just come tomorrow
Only know, tomorrow never comes today

No saints in a sinners crowd
No bond as brothers so strong to hold

Skeletons still fearing death
Long after the skin is rotten to the bone

Stack in death's box six feet under
Calling out on S.O.S

We are common people seemingly
Our shortfalls are all the same

Though some have become good at hiding
Their very soul from the wicker man

Fingers on the buzzer
Three strikes and you are out

Easy comes easy goes
The shadows are loud with voices

And this pace is making my head spin
Going round and round in circles like aaaah!

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