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Friday, 21 August 2015

Out and About, Staying True

Live with your flaws, 
Don't pretend they don't exist, 
Be true to yourself and all around you. 

No fronting, fronting 
#art #culture #philosophy,  
I left my shoes out, brushed my feet 

In front of the church house
Before entering for confessions 
For I have sinned 

Dirt under my feet got me here, 
The dust hangs on my trousers 
Like a worker's name tag, 

It comes with the territory
Walk in the rain a' you will get wet
It comes with the territory

I have been walking. 
This long a life on foot
A mile, on miles I took

Sorry I come without wings 
To stay a feet away, 
Hovering above the ground 

See, Aladdin said no, 
When I asked to borrow his flying mat 
So I walked through the desert 

That far, to get here 
A walk on foot 
That far, to get here

Go figure, 
I am no saint nor chief 
On a sinner's parade, 

Blurred lines 
I am just living with my flaws 
Dots on my skin, old like birth marks 

And mirrors do not 
Get to call me out,  
Putting me on a conscience blast 

Your strength becomes 
Your weakness, eating away 

When you become overwhelmed 
By your own success or failure 
It changes you, it really does 

Out and about, a life time on foot
Staying true to yourself
Living w' your flaws, a life time on foot

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