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Wednesday, 25 September 2013

The Calling

Do you hear the early calls in the morning 
That wakes you before the alarm 

Do you sense the yearning in your heart 
When you sit to gather your thoughts 

Do you dream about it constantly 
And each time it is the same old dream 

Do you see, visions of it gathering form 
Clouded days, loose their clouds 

Like the sunflower that follows the sun 
Do you feel yourself following the path 

Are you engrossed in it totally 
Deep dive and into depths of drown 

Yet still able to walk the sea bed chest out 
Like the water has not yet replaced the air 

And your options are not very limited 
That the last breath is all you hold 

Are you that person, you see in the mirror 
Looking at yourself, back at you with smile 

Do you speak the same language 
Of perseverance even when you are scared 

Have you got what it takes, have you 
Does the fire burn solid in you 

Then I would say to you, you have the calling 
You are  blessed with the burden of a dream 

Anything else, old friend don't bother  
Look for something else that matters to you 

Just don't bother without a calling 
For you will fail carrying this heavy load 

The calling, this is the calling 
Live life true..............

A response poem to Charles Bukowski (Live True)


  1. if you have the call it will haunt you til you head it..

    and if you dont have the call...dont try and fake it...


  2. when we are true, we have nothing to fear:)

  3. I LOVE this, Kodjo, especially "you are blessed with the burden of a dream". The very best way to live!


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