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Friday, 6 September 2013

Trotro stories #10 The dead fish

Details details, trotro 
Memories on smells that lingers 

A dead fish, a smoked fish 
An invasion of my nostril 

Must I be tortured through 
This journey home, I plead thee 

Squeezed on both sides 
Smell that engulf like physical approach 

Chocking on each breath I take 
Must I be tortured for my peswa 

Oh but who would be brave 
To vent a comment, a hero 

Come out of the cowardly stay 
And say something, say something 

Like must we suffer this torture 
Of lingering smell, dead fish, smoked fish 

Something odd that smell, so funny 
Invading my personal space 

My nightmarish voyage 
On the trotro with smell 


  1. You certsainly don'ty make it sound appealing!

  2. smiles...when heading home i want to smell home, not some dead fish...we were at a picnic yesterday and someone had dumped a fish in a bush by the tables...it was a nasty smell for sure...

  3. Definitely sounds unpleasant to me. The smell of dead fish is nasty.

  4. Hi again, original and stimulating work - has real vivacity, which is no easy thing to pull off... With Best Wishes Scott www.scotthastie.com

  5. With a smell like that it is hard to think of anything else. I can hear the desperation!


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