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Sunday, 22 November 2015

Fallen flags

Word on the street, word on the street 
I hear the heavens, loudly protesting
What we do on earth in his name

Apart from diseases
No other act in nature
Kills so much in an instant

Humanity must be a disease
Infecting earth with such
Pain and suffering, death

 #art #culture #life

Refusing to take the medicine
Of morality that will cure
Us of our madness

Instead standing on our confused
Religious and political differences ideology
As cause for hatred

Ever filled, each time, every time
Another insane, asylum breaks loose
And pours blood on the floor

Like a piranha's taste of blood
That sends us into meltdown
Of extremism, paranoia and fear

To look out for those different from us
And unleash our rage, rage, rage, rage
On their poor souls

Domino, toy soldiers falling in succession
Politicians from the far right
Having a field day

Extremism is the order of the day
Pull a ticket and join the queue
Why don't you

A man just pushed a woman
Onto the train track for wearing
A head scarf "hijab", it is all your fault.

Flags out on empty patriotism, fallen
The moderate is shifting his stands
Ever so close, closer

A massacre with retaliation of a bombing
On both sides it is the innocent
That are left to wallow in tears, pain

I hope the preacher man preaches
About morality and honesty today
And not about salvation and the 10% tithes

#Religion, the franchise is not happy
We are at war with humanity
Word on the street.

1 comment:

  1. Back here after a long gap, the title, the chosen words, and the theme got me into the poem. It is true that we are at war with humanity. And I wonder, what and when this will end?

    Someone is Special


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